a very darren life


Ok, so today I saw Amélie the musical in LA (cause I live out here) and it was very good. But we are here for the story.

So, I went with a friend and we are hard core theatre geeks and go to an arts school and everything. Anyway, we are heading into the theatre and I’m talking to her and she suddenly stops responding. After about 15 seconds she whispers “it’s Darren fucking Criss”. Of course I immediately look around and she points him out. We both freaked out because we love him and OMG STARKID AND HEDWIG AND GLEE. So he was in line for tacos and we didn’t want to bother him when he was about to eat but we couldn’t miss this chance. We went up to him and said we were fans and we’re seeing the show (he was too) and how we were so excited to see Phillipa Soo and Adam Chanler-Baret. He then called us “hardcore theatre kids” and we died cause we just got called that BY SOMEONE IN THE INDUSTRY. Ok. Then we mentioned our school and it seemed like he recognized it. We then split off (unfortunately no pictures with him but we saw him later and I took a pic of him from the back lol ^).

We then saw the show and afterwards went to the stage door to meet everyone. We met the girl who was little Amélie and she seemed kinda familiar and I found out about an hour ago that she is LILLA CRAWFORD’S sister (Annie in Annie and Little Red in the movie version of Into the Woods). We met the rest of the cast including ADAM CHANLER-BARET (Henry in Next to Normal) and PHILLIPA (Eliza from Hamilton) and got pictures with Adam but not really Phillipa cause she was in a rush but this was probably one of the best days of my life. (Pictures up top)

C Games

Talk about plausible deniabelity. I just listened to Lost Boys Life. Wanted to wait till CD for “good” listen, but ytube will. Chuck’s song…really. Sounds like Darren to me. Putting it out there before his CD at end of year so it could not be mistaken for someone elses. No wonder Computer games came on so fast with so few songs. 


So I took a stab at writing out the lyrics. Not my area of expertise feel free to correct me, but they are mostly right. 

This song gives me such strong Listen Up vibes, The full on I am straight and love my leach of a gf tour.  And how he must have felt at night, when the lights went down and he was alone in his room.  And I do believe that was one summer he and Chris were mainly apart (for the record I think they are together a lot more than people think). 

This song is stunningly beautiful. It is about a life Darren has very much led. No disrespect to Chuck, I have said many times I think he is mad talented. But you cannot convince me that Darren did not write the lyrics to this one. And saying Chuck was mainly responsible is plausible deniability at its finest.

Every night in a different bed, the ceilings look the same
Every light leaves a memory, I swear they’re tracing out your name
A couple hundred miles from somewhere and another couple more to go
Ask me what I remember, I said I really don’t know
I was living a lonely life, until I feel for you
I was living a lost boy’s life, it was all I ever knew
And every morning the sun comes up and the darkness fades away
I was living a lost boy’s life
It was all I had to say, it was all you had to say
Looking back it was Black and White
The picture couldn’t fade
Think about all the words we’ve said
And everything we made
So go ahead and take a photograph
Take whatever time will allow
Thank you for all the good old days
They’re happening right now
I was living a lonely life, until I feel for you
I was living a lost boy’s life, it was all I ever knew
And every morning the sun comes up and the darkness fades away
I was living a lost boy’s life
It was all you had to say, it was all you had to say
I was living a lonely life, until I feel for you
I was living a lost boy’s life, it was all I ever knew
And every morning the sun comes up and the darkness fades away
I was living a lost boy’s life
It was all you had to say, it was all you had to say
It was all you had to say
It was all you had to say
It was all you had to say

i was thinking

Do you know because Jordan Roth still produce Elsie Fest? Because he knows how much fans of Glee and Darren are still attached to his old role. We often tell that Jordan is a tinhatter like us about everything regarding Darren and Klaine and Chris.(and if i have to be honest i suppose it’s the truth because he actually knows Darren very well in real life). But he knows well how we all respond to some kind of things and totally knows how to mix Broadway people and Glee fans in a single “extravaganza”.

Despite our “fandom” differences we are a fan base who like to spend money on our favorite people… to meet them. And Jordan, bless him ‘til the end of time, knows that.

Yup, having to work with Mr. Incompetent Rollins i suppose it’s hard but in the end… money are gained and people( and producers) are satisfied.


Well fellow CCers, the dreaded Halloween has come and gone.  As predicted a weekend full of stunts. But honestly, so much better than anticipated.  Before I start, I want to thank the amazing people in this fandom who put this all together. What I have to say is pieced together from so many things that were said by others. In particular @hopelesslydevotedshipping who really helped me to figure out the meaning behind Chris’ costume, @wishingonstarsanddaydreaming for making a critical connection. Also for multiple people who filled me in on Stranger Things especially @flowersintheattic254 and @lynn76

So Saturday night we get Chris and the PA going to the Strangerflings party dressed as characters from Aliens.    Absolutely brilliant.  Chris representing the frame to allow Darren to fight the evil queen alien.   And there is no question in my mind that Cabbage Patch Kid represented Darren. Yes, the brown curly hair can be attributed to the character in the movie.  But not the shoelaces (I am obsessed, I actually gasped loudly at my parents when I realized this and had no explanation that would make sense to them). And having Will play the part of the Evil Queen, fantastic use of the PA.

But there was one character missing. Where was the blonde girl the doll was protecting?  

Meanwhile, as Chris is partying at the same place as beardy (I hope she watched her drink all night), Darren was running around San Fran with a rainbow necklace with a Hedwig Shirt which was like a big flashing neon sign, look at me I am Darren Criss taking  lots of photos with boy after boy after boy.

Move on to Sunday.  For the second time in the four week run of Hedwig in San Fran, the return of the Col-Fur Joke.  But not just the Col-Fur joke as originally stated.  Darren being Darren, he had to change it.  Instead he said “MY CHRIS COL-FUR”  Could he be more blatant?  Or more possessive?  He is being very deliberate in choosing when to use the joke and in the words he is choosing to say.

And now Halloween night itself.  Last night Darren was crowned the King of the West Hollywood Parade.  And no surprise, his beloved of 109 years was by his side (dressed as a nerd, somehow I doubt that was her first choice).  He came dressed up like Eleven, a character from Stranger Things.  He actually put very little effort into the costume which I suppose can be attributed to having no time.  BUT he was making a statement in his choice of character. Make no mistake about that.  A character who also happens to be a Little Blonde Girl.  

What I have been told about Eleven: Eleven is someone who was kept captive by people who abused and controlled her,  who escapes but then sacrifices herself for to her friends.   Eleven is also a character that struggles to communicate.  At the beginning she has no voice at all and has to be kept hidden.

Wow, doesn’t that sound familiar?  A character who had no voice?  Who was kept captive by people who abused and controlled her? And Darren made the choice to play the character as she was in the beginning of the series.  She actually becomes much stronger and tries to fight the government forces.  

In and of itself, the choice of Eleven speaks strongly. There are so many parallels to Darren’s actual life and how he has been essentially held captive in so many ways, forced to hide a large part of himself, having to lock away his true self.  And make no mistake, Darren has been very abused by so many in his life.  And so many times has lost his ability to speak and communicate.  But he is talking now.  And he is talking loudly.

But what makes this costume truly brilliant is how it circles back to Chris and his choice on Saturday.  Because we now have the Blonde Girl that is being protected. And I think the point is, Darren has to be the hero to save himself. No one else, not even Chris, can do it for him.  He has to be the one.  And he is trying.  And he is fighting. And he is talking.

I was too flimsy and weak so my sister took my art and was like ‘IMMA GET YOUR SHIT SIGNED DON’T WORRY’ bless siblings ; H ;


Darren seemed to like my art YEE! He said that he liked that yitzhak was smoking a blunt LOOOOL and he also asked what hedwig was licking liKE CMON IT WAS THE MIC! 

also he signed the klaine book! but my oldest sister didn’t get it, he pretty much said ‘OHH the klaine kids!’ and signed it LOL

OH and he said he’d never seen me before/might have seen me before ??like yo we’ve never met until now but WE CAN MEET AGAIN PLS. 

ANYWAY thank you so much to the nice people who let me through!!! AND A BIG FROWN TO THE JERKS WHO STAYED THERE EVEN THO THEIR SHIT GOT SIGNED THANKS A LOT