a very chubby boy

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Minhyuk’s Kinks


  • Oh gosh.
  • Boy is very into chubby girls.
  • TBH probably into tit fucking.
  • He’s lowkey a hoe.
  • No one ever talks about that.
  • He likes to be dominated sometimes, but won’t admit it.
  • Though he certainly loves to fuck you as much as he wants you to fuck him.
  • His hands seem to never leave your body.
  • Loving to feel it and play with your boobs.
  • Sucking on the sensitive skin around your neck.
  • Griping your ass.
  • He wants you to sit on his face.
  • Eat you out until you’re trembling.
  • Begging him to stop.

The portal is restarted.

Ford Pines steps out of it.

He’s expecting to see Stanley and to be able to punch him in the face for restarting the portal.

Instead there is a very short, chubby boy in a blue suit and poofy white hair with his father, a man Ford later realizes is Fiddleford McGucket, and some others he doesn’t recognize.

The boy prattles on about how he’s the author, he has to be, he has six fingers.

“Who’re you?” Ford asks.

“Gideon Gleeful! I’ve been admiring your work and - !”

“Where’s Stanley?”

“Stanley? Stanley who?”

“Pines. Stanley Pines, where is he?”

Lots of raised eyebrows and confused looks all around.

“I’ll have someone look into that for you, Mr. Author. Oh, my goodness, how rude of me! What’s your name, sir?”

“Stanford Pines.”

“… Stanford Pines?”

“Yes, that’s what I said.”

“… I see. Well! Welcome back to Gravity Falls, Mr. Pines!”

When Gideon’s “number 1 fan” Sheriff Blubs returns with a file for “Stanley Pines,” all it has is a car accident resulting in death.

It takes Ford a really long time to realize Stan, two children, and a handyman are living in Gideon’s dollhouse.

It takes Ford slightly less time to find out Gideon even has a dollhouse.

Hello friends!

To all the chubby boys, the long-limbed gangly boys, the very skinny boys, the shy boys, the trans boys, the ‘effeminate’ boys, the short boys, the boys with acne, the boys with long hair, the boys who wear makeup, the boys with disabilities, all of you (yes you!) ALL the boys who sometimes get insecure because society tells you there’s one right way to be a man and anything else is undesirable: *blows kisses* I’m sending smooches your way cos you’re all excessively cute.