a very chubby boy

Reasons fat/chubby boys are gr8:

  • There’s no such thing as a bad hug
  • Big belly = Big pillow
  • Snuggling is really soft and warm
  • Pudge of all quantities is cute as fuck
  • Did I mention belly pillow
  • Stretch marks, which are beautiful and strong <3
  • Good at being both the big spoon or little spoon

Some Nameless Ghoul peets for @hungrymentor 

Thank you so much for the patronage. Helped me get a chunk of my ticket for the upcoming San Fran ritual. AND this was a total blast to work on. <3 

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Sometimes you don’t fall in love with someone at first sight. Sometimes it happens over a period of weeks, months, years; sometimes it happens over and over again.

Alternatively: Vivi Swore She Wouldn’t Write Angst Anymore but Here She Is, After Watching Hyunsik’s Swimming MV, Full of Regrets (ok there isn’t any angst in this first part thank god it was too long so i chopped it i swear)

  • Eunwoo’s parents making month-long annual trips every school holiday to Eunwoo’s mum’s hometown by the sea 
    • Baby!Eunwoo gurgling and laughing when wet by sea spray 
    • One year old Eunwoo holding a smol crab in his hands, eyes wide in awe
    • Two year old Eunwoo making smol footprints with his dad in the sand 
    • Three year old Eunwoo stacking rocks and happily talking to himself 
    • Four year old Eunwoo sticking his feet in the sea and squealing loudly for his mum to pick him up because it’s cold, mama it’s cold 
    • Five year old Eunwoo holding his brother’s hand and clutching a fish and beaming at the camera 
  • And it’s on this sixth trip that Eunwoo’s mum winds a silver chain around Eunwoo’s neck and brings him to a neighbourhood jewellery store 
    • It isn’t so much of a jewellery store as a trinket shop that happens to carve sea glass beads
    • Eunwoo’s mum gets a new one every year and only swaps it out when she heads back to her hometown, almost like a renewal of sorts, as if telling the sea and the sky that she’ll keep them in her heart and she promises, promises, promises that she’ll come back the next year 
    • And even if Eunwoo and his brother don’t grow up with their feet in saltwater and sea breeze in their hair, she wants them to have at least something that reminds them of her own home 
    • So every year she intends to bring Eunwoo and his brother to the store to let them pick out colours they like and swap out the previous year’s charm for a new one
  • And so Eunwoo is five when he stumbles into the shop for the first time 
    • He’s entranced by tinkly windchimes and odd-shaped mirrors, hands wandering over soft cushions and old silver boxes, surrounded musty wood-lacquer smell and a stronger, overriding smell of the sea 
    • Eunwoo stopping by a quaint little mirror 
    • Eunwoo blinking because this doesn’t seem like a mirror 
    • Those aren’t his eyes and that isn’t his hair 
    • And when he reaches out a hand his not-reflection blinks and moves out of the way 
    • Eunwoo blinks
    • Eunwoo: “you’re not a reflection" 
    • Not-Reflection, blinking back: 
    • Eunwoo, stretching his finger 
    • Not-Reflection squeaking and scuttling off 
    • Eunwoo, jumping back slightly and scrambling to find his mum 
  • And he sees Not-Reflection sat down on a glass counter, small chubby arms wrapped around a woman’s neck and head tilted so he can monitor Eunwoo out the corner of his eye 
    • Eunwoo raising a hand to say hi 
    • Not-Reflection ducking his head and burying his nose in the woman’s shoulder 
    • Eunwoo’s mum cooing: "awww he’s shy, isn’t he? Eunwoo was like that last year too" 
    • And suddenly the two women are talking like old friends, gesturing and using Big Words and stuff until the woman lets Not-Reflection down to the floor
    • The woman: "Go make friends, Binnie!" 
  • Cue Binnie peeking out from behind the glass counter, big eyes blinking at Eunwoo 
    • Eunwoo doesn’t know what to do????? 
    • Eunwoo: "Binnie? Hi?" 
    • Binnie peeking at Eunwoo: 
    • He raises a hand in greeting like his teacher taught him and Binnie immediately ducks back behind the counter 
    • Eunwoo pouting until he notices Binnie poking his head out again 
    • Rinse and repeat until Eunwoo notices Binnie starting to giggle each time he pokes his head out 
    • Oh
    • They’re playing hide & seek 
    • Eunwoo grinning because he’s good at this!! 
  • Except his mum is calling for him and asking him to choose a bead 
    • Bin pouting because does this mean he can’t play with his new friend anymore?
    • Eunwoo’s mum setting his brother down on the glass counter and letting him point at random beads and babble 
    • Bin’s mum lowering a tray of beads to the floor so Eunwoo and Bin can kneel over it and pick
    • Eunwoo carefully scrutinising the beads before settling on a cloudy white one 
    • Bin beaming and shaking out a thin black corn from under Binnie’s shirt because look !!! 
    • The same!!!! 
    • Binnie & Eunwoo can match!!!! 
    • Eunwoo’s mum laughing 
  • Eunwoo leaving his mum to discuss with Bin’s mum how she wants the number 6 carved on the bead since it’s Eunwoo’s sixth year visiting in favour of poking Bin’s cheek 
    • Very squish, Eunwoo approves 
    • Bin looks mildly offended before prodding Eunwoo’s too 
    • Eunwoo, giggling a little before offering a slightly garbled: "my name’s Eunwoo!!" 
    • Bin, with his finger still buried in Eunwoo’s cheek: "Eu Noo?" 
    • Do you remember when Bin used to tag his 달콩 photos with 으누 instead of 은우 I’m so weak
    • Eunwoo, gently dislodging said finger: "Eunwoo!" 
    • And as his mother’s taught him to greet new friends, Bin reaches up to Eunwoo on his tippy toes and presses a sticky kiss to Eunwoo’s cheek 
    • Eunwoo blinking 
    • Eunwoo breaking out into a smile 
  • And this is how Bin ends up stuck to Eunwoo’s side the rest of Eunwoo’s visit 
    • Down to the wooden-plank pier? 
    • Bin’s trailing behind Eunwoo, talking Eunwoo’s ear off about how that one time he saw a bird as huge as a monster fly down and scoop chips from his dad’s open hand 
    • At the candy store? 
    • Bin pointing out different candies he really likes and Eunwoo using his extra height to scoop more of them to shove in a bag 
    • In Bin’s mum’s shop? 
    • Eunwoo’s reading aloud to an increasingly sleepy Bin until Bin’s cheeks squish against Eunwoo’s shoulder and Eunwoo dozes off too 
    • In Eunwoo’s grandpa’s garden?
    •  Eunwoo’s pointing out different plants and giving them random names like "the Terminator” and “Butt” and Bin’s laughing like it’s the funniest thing he’s heard in ages 
    • Eating snacks? 
    • Eunwoo’s counting the number of marshmallows Bin can stuff in his cheeks without them bursting and Bin’s giggling because Eunwoo looks so focussed 
    • Both of them yelling in dismay when all this gooey, pink marshmallowey gunk starts spewing from Bin’s mouth as a result of him giggling 
  • The month winding up way too soon and all of a sudden Eunwoo’s mum’s packing up Eunwoo’s stuff into luggage bags 
    • And when the day comes for Eunwoo to leave their mums promise to stay in touch and Bin’s looking at Eunwoo like he doesn’t understand the concept of a year 
    • Bin: “How long’s that?" 
    • Eunwoo, thoughtfully: "Long." 
    • Bin, suddenly fiercely hugging this boy with bright eyes and beautiful smile who ran his fingers over boxes and sauntered into Bin’s life 
    • Eunwoo being slightly stunned but smiling and hugging him back because he’ll miss his friend 
    • But it’s okay!! He’ll see him in a year and that’s really all that matters
  • Except they don’t really know how long a year is
    • Bin, two days after Eunwoo left for the city: “Ma, when’s Eunwoo coming back?”
    • Bin, three days after Eunwoo left: “Is a year up yet?”
    • Bin, four days after Eunwoo left, picking at his fingernails and refusing to look up: “Why isn’t Eunwoo coming back?”
    • Bin’s mum answer’s always: “Eunwoo’s coming back in a year, baby” but Bin never knows how much that is 
    • Bin, rolling on the ground: “Is a year up yet?”
    • Bin, face squished against the glass counter as his little feet kick the air: “Has it been a year yet?”
    • Bin, rubbing the pale white stone around his neck: “It’s been a week and Eunwoo isn’t back yet, when’s he coming back?”
    • Until one day Bin’s mum hands him a calendar and a marker and tells him to cross off the days and once he makes it through an entire calendar, he’ll see Eunwoo again 
  • And of course Bin starts on it right away 
    • He crosses off every single box every single day for a month 
    • And then promptly loses his marker and forgets all about it 
    • Because Eunwoo or not, life as a four year old goes on and Bin has things to see and places to explore 
    • Until a year rolls around and Bin’s curled up on the sofa in his family shop tinkering around with some wind chimes 
    • And a boy with a white sea glass bead on a silver chain barrels into the shop, yelling: “BIN!!” 
  • And just like this, Bin and Eunwoo fall back into place, side by side, hand-in-hand, running around and falling asleep and eating and yelling and playing hide and seek and doing dumb things
    • Bin: “I dare you to eat sand.”
    • Eunwoo:
    • Bin:
    • Eunwoo:
    • Bin: “no actually you’re right don’t do it”
  • Eunwoo picking a pale blue sea glass bead and Bin picking an exact same one and both of them staring curiously as Bin’s mum snaps a magnifying glass on and starts carving a small 7 on Eunwoo’s bead’s smooth surface
    • Eunwoo smoothly sliding Bin’s bead onto his black cord and looping it around his neck and tucking it into his shirt 
    • Bin’s chubby fingers sliding Eunwoo’s piece on Eunwoo’s chain and Bin beaming with pride when he hands it back to Eunwoo 
  • And this time, when Bin sees Eunwoo off, he presses a small glass vial, half-filled with sand and topped with seawater (prepared by Bin’s mum under Very Careful Supervision by Binnie himself), so “when you go back to city life you’ll still think of me!”
    • Eunwoo throwing his arms around Bin and laughing because look!!! his friend made a thing!!!!!!!
  • And there it stays, on Eunwoo’s windowsill in the city 
    • Eunwoo looking up from where he’s playing on the floor when sunlight streams through his window and the seawater makes the light dance 
    • Eunwoo lying on the ground and squinting at the shadows and rainbows the bottle casts
    • Eunwoo adjusting him position on the ground and watching sunlight filter through the bottle on his windowsill right onto his hands 
    • Eunwoo watching the water ripple sometimes when a door bangs somewhere in their apartment and pretending it’s the same way his best friend’s eyes sparkle when he’s talking about something he loves
    • Eunwoo sometimes pulling the bottle from his windowsill and feeling its soft, small weight in his palm
    • Eunwoo pretending that here, this is it, this is an adequate replacement for him holding his best friend’s hand, going around with sand beneath their feet and salt in their hair and cheeks flushed red from laughing
    • Eunwoo smiling because yeah, he just got back from holiday but suddenly he’s really looking forward to the trip next year again

see i told you there wasn’t any angst (yet)

PSA from transdudeproblems

just because you arent the tumblr tall white skinny very masculine boys you see doesnt mean youre any less handsome!

chubby trans boy? handsome!

poc trans boy? handsome!

short trans boy? handsome!

feminine trans boy? handsome!

long haired trans boy? handsome!

pre-t trans boy? handsome!

cant transtion trans boy? handsome!


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Honestly would love a headcannon list where reader gets migraines and how sincerely three deal with em when reader gets them

Okay, I’m gonna preface this by saying I don’t get migraines super often (although I’ve gotten a couple recently, so…that’s been fun). In other words, I have kind of limited experience with this. However, I do have PCOS/what I’m guessing is some kind of chronic illness like endometriosis or a thyroid problem, which make my periods utter hell and do sometimes give me migraines (although like I said, I don’t get them on a very regular basis). So basically I’m gonna have this be a reader with migraines/miserable periods/implied chronic illness (? Sort of? You can interpret it how you want, but that’s what I’m thinking of as I’m writing it because projecting is so much fun, hahahahahaaaaaaa). I’m going to do it this way because I feel like I have more to work with this way and I’ve been wanting to write something like this for a while (and like I said…projecting. It’s great.).

Oh, and speaking of projecting, a certain chubby meme boy got (a very small portion of) my emetophobia. How nice.

So…I don’t know if this is exactly what you wanted, anon, but hopefully you like this. :)

(slight emetophobia trigger warning. nothing is described graphically, it’s just mentioned that the reader gets sick.)

Sincerely Three x Reader with migraines/bad periods/chronic illness

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You are very good at making people feel better about themselves. That chubby boy ask actually made me feel way better after a shitty day. And you shared some positivity with me a while ago with the whole acne thing. I don't wanna throw a pity party but its really refreshing to get something positive thrown my way. You are incredibly nice and sweet. I love you frog lord. Thank you so much.

Omg ahhh thank you!! AHH .. you guys are so nice to me. It’s not a pity party! You all can come to me about anything and I’ll do my best to offer some kind words or advice. I mean it may not mean much or I may not be able to really help but at the very least I have no issues with people telling me about their problems or whatever and I’m happy to “listen” and give advice if I can, ya know? :3 Yea. Anyway. I hope you have a good one anon! <2

ok i can’t really draw but i wanted to do a quick ref for the boy’s human teen/adult body types. it goes hue, lou, then dew and as you can tell they’re all very soft boys 

hue is soft chubby that’s fairly evenly proportioned 

lou is a muscle chubby boy who’s v strong and v soft. the biggest of the boys but also the strongest

dewey is a bit leaner but still v soft. light muscles with a bit of chub around the tum/hips

The portal is restarted.

Ford Pines steps out of it.

He’s expecting to see Stanley and to be able to punch him in the face for restarting the portal.

Instead there is a very short, chubby boy in a blue suit and poofy white hair with his father, a man Ford later realizes is Fiddleford McGucket, and some others he doesn’t recognize.

The boy prattles on about how he’s the author, he has to be, he has six fingers.

“Who’re you?” Ford asks.

“Gideon Gleeful! I’ve been admiring your work and - !”

“Where’s Stanley?”

“Stanley? Stanley who?”

“Pines. Stanley Pines, where is he?”

Lots of raised eyebrows and confused looks all around.

“I’ll have someone look into that for you, Mr. Author. Oh, my goodness, how rude of me! What’s your name, sir?”

“Stanford Pines.”

“… Stanford Pines?”

“Yes, that’s what I said.”

“… I see. Well! Welcome back to Gravity Falls, Mr. Pines!”

When Gideon’s “number 1 fan” Sheriff Blubs returns with a file for “Stanley Pines,” all it has is a car accident resulting in death.

It takes Ford a really long time to realize Stan, two children, and a handyman are living in Gideon’s dollhouse.

It takes Ford slightly less time to find out Gideon even has a dollhouse.

Hello friends!

To all the chubby boys, the long-limbed gangly boys, the very skinny boys, the shy boys, the trans boys, the ‘effeminate’ boys, the short boys, the boys with acne, the boys with long hair, the boys who wear makeup, the boys with disabilities, all of you (yes you!) ALL the boys who sometimes get insecure because society tells you there’s one right way to be a man and anything else is undesirable: *blows kisses* I’m sending smooches your way cos you’re all excessively cute.


*DISCLAIMER* These are not all of my pictures.

Sasha Pieterse said once that someone has a twin sister on the show, but not Alison. That was a while ago, and due to the writers inconsistency I wouldn’t take anything they say to seriously for long. Tammin Sursok has said twice recently that someone has a twin sister on the show. With all the clues and references to twins on the show, I am 99% confident to say someone must have a twin. My theory? Hanna and Ali are twins. It’s a little messy so bare with me.

Sasha said to take a good look around Alison’s bedroom, because there’s some really big hints in there. So, let’s take a quick look.

External image

This poster in Ali’s room with two similar looking blonde girls titled “Les Petites Filles ont tout le plaisir” which translates to “little girls have all the fun.” The caption doesn’t really mean anything, but I thought the two girls on the poster might have been a reference to twins..

This picture from the season 3 Halloween special. It appears to be Jason in the middle, Alison, and then another girl who everyone swore was Alison’s twin… but maybe Hanna.

The plaque underneath reads, “C’est le double du rire et de doubler le sourire et double la peine si vous êtes bénis avec des jumeaux.” In English, it translated to “It’s double the giggles and double the grins and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins.”  Pretty much speaaks for itself.


External image

Twin story Ali told to Hanna

External image

"ghost twin” at Hanna’s house in the season 3 Halloween special

twin girls in red coats in the season 4 Halloween special that only Hanna sees!


Ali knows this, Hanna doesn’t. I think Mona knows this as well, and that’s why she tried to make Hanna into Ali 2.0 after she disappeared.

Also, let’s not forget the comment the guy at the funeral home made about Ali and Hanna looking alike in 5x03. 

I always wondered why Ali chose Hanna to be part of her clique. Her and the other girls were very pretty and got all the boys, while Hanna was a chubby dorky girl (although I still think she was just as beautiful as Hefty Hanna as she is now) and was the odd one out of the group. Ali only wanted to socialize with attractive, popular people. So… Why did she choose Hanna? If she was her sister, that would make sense. Despite bullying her all the time for her weight, she still loved her because sisters are supposed to be your best friend whether you like it or not. 

Why would they be separated? It could be for any reason. Maybe their mother couldn’t afford to raise twins or didn’t want two babies so decided to split them up. Or one of them had some mental illness she didn’t want to deal with.

Now, as to if they have DiLaurentis or Marin blood, that really doesn’t matter for now, but here are some possibilities.

Let’s say Jessica DiLaurentis is their mother. When her and Kenneth DiLaurentis got a divorce, we all assumed it was just Ali’s disappearance that drew them apart. But what if Jessica never told Kenneth about the twins, and when he found out he had another secret daughter she never told him about he got angry and divorced her? We know Jessica cheated on her former husband once with Peter Hastings, how who we all know and love as Jason was conceived. Maybe she had ANOTHER affair with someone else and brought along Ali and Hanna. And Kenneth divorced her because he found out he was NONE of his children’s fathers. Lol, that would be crazy.

Ashley Marin has said numerous times that her past isn’t perfect and she’s made a lot of mistakes. Well, true. She doesn’t have a very spotless past. From her theft to sleeping with Wilden to get Hanna’s shoplifting charges dropped… However I’ve always gotten the feeling she’s guilty about much bigger things. Like Hanna has a twin sister she never told her about, or she’s not her biological mother.