a very chubby boy

Reasons fat/chubby boys are gr8:

  • There’s no such thing as a bad hug
  • Big belly = Big pillow
  • Snuggling is really soft and warm
  • Pudge of all quantities is cute as fuck
  • Did I mention belly pillow
  • Stretch marks, which are beautiful and strong <3
  • Good at being both the big spoon or little spoon

Some Nameless Ghoul peets for @hungrymentor 

Thank you so much for the patronage. Helped me get a chunk of my ticket for the upcoming San Fran ritual. AND this was a total blast to work on. <3 

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lil historical tidbits that i think everyone should know

• angelica hamilton was severely mentally ill and was completely out of touch with reality from the age of 18 onwards
• john church hamilton was not ashamed of his father’s relationship with laurens, and named one of his children after him; the letters were censored to protect his father’s legacy
• mary ball was extremely emotionally abusive to her son, and publicly embarrassed him countless times during his time as president
• james reynolds was a known abuser and caused maria at least two miscarriages
• george washington often fantasized about his own death and was “prone to gloomy apprehensions,” especially when sick
• margarita schuyler was a known narcissist who regularly tore other women down to build herself up
• louis xvi was a chubby boy, and marie antoinette was very tall (and gained some pudge after her second child to the point that she was considered to be fat)
• both harriot washington and john parke custis were noted as being remarkably lazy and rebellious – harriot begged her uncle for a guitar with the excuse that everyone else had one and it would be easy to learn, while jacky was even taunted by the priest tutoring him
• george washington wrote some of the most sickeningly sweet poetry in the universe
• angelica schuyler church and thomas jefferson became close friends after meeting in paris

This is account is for naughty Saiyuki doodles. Most of the time there’s going to be drawings of the boys being very chubby. I just wanted to have an official warning for this blog!

I am sorry I have brought this onto on fandom, but hey some folks seem to be okay with the art, so why not share it?

The portal is restarted.

Ford Pines steps out of it.

He’s expecting to see Stanley and to be able to punch him in the face for restarting the portal.

Instead there is a very short, chubby boy in a blue suit and poofy white hair with his father, a man Ford later realizes is Fiddleford McGucket, and some others he doesn’t recognize.

The boy prattles on about how he’s the author, he has to be, he has six fingers.

“Who’re you?” Ford asks.

“Gideon Gleeful! I’ve been admiring your work and - !”

“Where’s Stanley?”

“Stanley? Stanley who?”

“Pines. Stanley Pines, where is he?”

Lots of raised eyebrows and confused looks all around.

“I’ll have someone look into that for you, Mr. Author. Oh, my goodness, how rude of me! What’s your name, sir?”

“Stanford Pines.”

“… Stanford Pines?”

“Yes, that’s what I said.”

“… I see. Well! Welcome back to Gravity Falls, Mr. Pines!”

When Gideon’s “number 1 fan” Sheriff Blubs returns with a file for “Stanley Pines,” all it has is a car accident resulting in death.

It takes Ford a really long time to realize Stan, two children, and a handyman are living in Gideon’s dollhouse.

It takes Ford slightly less time to find out Gideon even has a dollhouse.

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Some ryouma and f/kamui based on the summer dlc. With him in his fundoshi and catching fish in order to impress her and maybe something with the kids.

You were never really a fan of fish, to be honest. They were gross, and scaly, and didn’t taste all that fantastic. However, when Ryoma insisted that he was capable of capturing them with bear hands, you reluctantly agreed to go down to the beach to see him prove it. And that was only because your two sons had literally begged, and then used the puppy eyes (your one weakness).

To say your boys were fraternal was an understatement. Despite being born with only 12 minutes between them, the pair couldn’t have looked or been more different.

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Hello friends!

To all the chubby boys, the long-limbed gangly boys, the very skinny boys, the shy boys, the trans boys, the ‘effeminate’ boys, the short boys, the boys with acne, the boys with long hair, the boys who wear makeup, the boys with disabilities, all of you (yes you!) ALL the boys who sometimes get insecure because society tells you there’s one right way to be a man and anything else is undesirable: *blows kisses* I’m sending smooches your way cos you’re all excessively cute.


*DISCLAIMER* These are not all of my pictures.

Sasha Pieterse said once that someone has a twin sister on the show, but not Alison. That was a while ago, and due to the writers inconsistency I wouldn’t take anything they say to seriously for long. Tammin Sursok has said twice recently that someone has a twin sister on the show. With all the clues and references to twins on the show, I am 99% confident to say someone must have a twin. My theory? Hanna and Ali are twins. It’s a little messy so bare with me.

Sasha said to take a good look around Alison’s bedroom, because there’s some really big hints in there. So, let’s take a quick look.

External image

This poster in Ali’s room with two similar looking blonde girls titled “Les Petites Filles ont tout le plaisir” which translates to “little girls have all the fun.” The caption doesn’t really mean anything, but I thought the two girls on the poster might have been a reference to twins..

This picture from the season 3 Halloween special. It appears to be Jason in the middle, Alison, and then another girl who everyone swore was Alison’s twin… but maybe Hanna.

The plaque underneath reads, “C’est le double du rire et de doubler le sourire et double la peine si vous êtes bénis avec des jumeaux.” In English, it translated to “It’s double the giggles and double the grins and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins.”  Pretty much speaaks for itself.


External image

Twin story Ali told to Hanna

External image

"ghost twin” at Hanna’s house in the season 3 Halloween special

twin girls in red coats in the season 4 Halloween special that only Hanna sees!


Ali knows this, Hanna doesn’t. I think Mona knows this as well, and that’s why she tried to make Hanna into Ali 2.0 after she disappeared.

Also, let’s not forget the comment the guy at the funeral home made about Ali and Hanna looking alike in 5x03. 

I always wondered why Ali chose Hanna to be part of her clique. Her and the other girls were very pretty and got all the boys, while Hanna was a chubby dorky girl (although I still think she was just as beautiful as Hefty Hanna as she is now) and was the odd one out of the group. Ali only wanted to socialize with attractive, popular people. So… Why did she choose Hanna? If she was her sister, that would make sense. Despite bullying her all the time for her weight, she still loved her because sisters are supposed to be your best friend whether you like it or not. 

Why would they be separated? It could be for any reason. Maybe their mother couldn’t afford to raise twins or didn’t want two babies so decided to split them up. Or one of them had some mental illness she didn’t want to deal with.

Now, as to if they have DiLaurentis or Marin blood, that really doesn’t matter for now, but here are some possibilities.

Let’s say Jessica DiLaurentis is their mother. When her and Kenneth DiLaurentis got a divorce, we all assumed it was just Ali’s disappearance that drew them apart. But what if Jessica never told Kenneth about the twins, and when he found out he had another secret daughter she never told him about he got angry and divorced her? We know Jessica cheated on her former husband once with Peter Hastings, how who we all know and love as Jason was conceived. Maybe she had ANOTHER affair with someone else and brought along Ali and Hanna. And Kenneth divorced her because he found out he was NONE of his children’s fathers. Lol, that would be crazy.

Ashley Marin has said numerous times that her past isn’t perfect and she’s made a lot of mistakes. Well, true. She doesn’t have a very spotless past. From her theft to sleeping with Wilden to get Hanna’s shoplifting charges dropped… However I’ve always gotten the feeling she’s guilty about much bigger things. Like Hanna has a twin sister she never told her about, or she’s not her biological mother. 

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hello i am a (kinda) chubby boy and i just want to say thank you for the chubby boy positivity, you are very nice :>

I want chubby boys to know how handsome they are!!!! Male body positivity is not present enough.