a version of the truth

People will always believe what they want to believe, about you. This is due to the fact that people wish to create their own truths; anything but the truth that’s real. My creed is simple: Let them! Their beliefs don’t alter your truth. Moreover, your attempt at altering them won’t do any good for you.
—  C. JoyBell C.

like even if you forget everything about history and whatever we know about what happened with the Reynolds affair, like, there’s this line of the musical:

“My husband’s doing me wrong, beating me, cheating me, mistreating me”

I don’t care if Maria Reynolds initiated the cheating or not tbh, I don’t fucking care if an abused woman cheats on her abuser, he threw the wedding vows out the window a long time ago if he treats her like that, even just from the things stated in the musical Maria is not the one to put the sole blame on as people just keep doing

The Truth pt.1 (Male version)

Request for this scenario:

there is this song called “the truth” by bei maejor and I was wondering if you could write a smut scenerio using that song where Jungkook steals you frm rapmon?

Group: BTS

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (Male)

Genre: Smut

“Please understand” Namjoon begged. His fingers wrapped around your wrist as his eyes melted, pleading with you.

“Understand what? That you’re putting your ex-girlfriend above me?” you asked. Namjoon sighed and the thought of slapping him crossed your mind.


“Your current boyfriend? You’re ditching your future for your past?” you said, talking over him. He just stared at you, his eyes still attempting to beg you. Why had he been so stupid lately? Were you speaking a language that he couldn’t understand?

“I’m not ditching you, okay? I can’t stand the idea of having her hate me. We used to be best friends, ___. I love you and you know that” he replied, sliding his grip down to hold your hand. Your eyes looked down at his hand and you raised an eyebrow.

“If you loved me as much as you say you do, you wouldn’t be acting like such a dick to me. I don’t care if you work on your relationship with her but it’s not okay that I have to watch your foreplay-”

“Foreplay? What are you talking about?” Namjoon questioned, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

“What am I talking about? You haven’t noticed the way she touches you? I’m surprised she hasn’t dropped to her knees yet-”

“Okay, ___. That’s enough” he cut in, voice a bit escalated. He was yelling at you now? You gave him a look and he groaned before starting up his usual apology. You snatched away from him and he stood up, trying to get you to come back to him.

The door opened and she emerged from the darkest pit in hell. “Namjoon are you really going to miss your own birthday party?” she asked, eyes slowly moving from your face to his.

“-are you really going to miss your birthday party” you mumbled, mocking her little voice as you walked out of the room. You heard Namjoon calling your name but you just kept walking. You needed a drink. You needed a walk. You needed your boyfriend to quit acting like a clueless dumbass.


You turned around and watched as Yoongi walked to meet you.

“You know, usually, when you scream someone’s name you’re jogging to catch up with them” you criticized.

“Yeah, yeah, sure. You and I both know that I am not going to run just to get you” he responded.

“Truly the greatest best friend in the world” you said sarcastically. Yoongi smiled in his drunken state and smacked your shoulder. His arm draped over your shoulder as he walked with you to the open bar. He sat with you before frowning, using his Jedi-Yoongi tricks to read your mind. He ordered a few drinks and passed them all to you.

“What did he do now?”

Before you could answer, a loud roar of applause started up and you both turned your heads toward the door. Namjoon walked into the room with his dimples flashing and the she-witch glued to his arm.

“Ahhh, Medusa again?” he asked, stealing one of your drinks.

“Cruella” you responded.


“…Jafar?” he struggled. You laughed and he smiled.

“I couldn’t think of anymore evil chicks” he explained. You just shook your head and downed a couple of the drinks. Your eyes cut back to the two of them and you felt your jaw flex, your teeth pressing together. You turned back to your drinks and quickly drunk the rest before taking Yoongi’s.

“Maybe you should try not being an alcoholic..?” Yoongi said, watching you.

You ignored him, asking for another drink. Who was he to judge? He’d been drinking too.

“I think it hurts more that it’s a girl because I literally can’t do the things that she can do for him” you vented. Yoongi frowned in confusion and you sighed.

“We don’t have the same parts?” you tried again. You could see that he still wasn’t getting it.

“A vagina. I do not have a vagina. I am vagina-less” you said, spelling it out for him.

“Well, she can’t give him what you can. SHE DOESN’T HAVE A PENIS. SHE IS PENIS-LESS” he shouted. You clapped your hand over his mouth and smiled to the people who’d began to stare. He mumbled something against your hand before licking your palm, forcing you to snatch your hand away.

“Seriously?” you asked, wiping your hand on him.

His glazed eyes were a sign that you’d clearly underestimated how much alcohol he’d had. He was officially beyond his limit and you needed to get him home.

“Let’s go” you sighed, standing to help him up. Yoongi allowed you to help him through the crowd, his smile thoroughly worked into his face. Namjoon saw the two of you leaving and he hurried toward the door.

“Is he okay?” he asked.

“He’s fine. Carry on with your party” you replied, not even glancing at him.

Ursula, being Namjoon’s shadow, moved to his side and asked the same question.

“He said that I’m fine, you dick-less homewrecker” Yoongi said. You held in your laugh as you continued out of the room.

Yoongi shuffled his feet along, making it a little easier to help him out of the building.

“You’re an idol. Why don’t you guys have your driver with you at all times?” you complained. Yoongi slapped his hand to your face and you slapped him back. He laughed and put his finger to your lip, telling you to ‘shhh’.

Yoongi tripped and you were barely able to catch him in time. He laughed as he went down and laughed even harder as soon as you caught him.

“You need to get me home before I die out here” he smiled. You just shook your head and continued down the street with your arm around him. As you approached the building, Yoongi had gone from laughing uncontrollably to singing at the top of his lungs. You tried to quiet him down but he was just too far gone to listen.

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bushrat sounds like the full on general hercules “got me little house out here in the australian bush” version of junkrat but the truth could not be any hairier


Sitting alongside the delicate and subverted boyhood of Mashrou Leila is a real anger - an anger at a country punctured by militarized checkpoints, an anger at a country that has held onto the scars of a civil war that, like all things in Lebanon, was less a civil war than it was the boiling point of the region’s larger geopolitical tensions. History says the Lebanese Civil War ended in 1990, but no one in Lebanon lives this version of truth. The truth is that everyone got tired of fighting in 1990, and they all retreated to the segregated neighborhoods the civil war had drawn: Sunni, Shia, Maronite, and Druze. The leaders fashioned by the Civil War are still at the helm of the country today, and for a whole generation - Mashrou Leila’s generation - there’s almost nothing to do but to wait for them to die, and pray that with their death, the sectarianism they sowed and fanned is finally laid to rest.

In El Hajez (The Checkpoint) and Min el Taboor (From the Queue / Line) this anger is wry, tinged with a dejectedness that has been at times, difficult for me to listen to. From California, I can’t properly understand what the loss of hope looks like in the banality of everyday life. It’s one thing to feel hopeless about the general course of a generation, the course of a government, the course of a city, the course of a war, but another to go through the motions of daily existence - to fill gas, drink coffee, smoke a cigarette, make plans to meet, clean the bathroom, check the mail - and feel, in your body, the senselessness of it all. That meaninglessness, that vacancy creates a new psychology, one I’m not sure I’m in a position to cling to or even understand. All I can do is recognize where my comprehension ends, and make room for everything else. 

Both songs are ultimately about acts of utterance. In El Hajez, our narrator is stopped at a checkpoint, “this is my home, I’m not here to bomb it,” he sings, “But I hold my tongue, my mother’s tear is more precious than him.” In Min el Taboor, a song about the agitation of a restless citizenry festering to get out, Sinno writes:

We’ve been fighting for fifty years
the same war, we can’t forget.
And the country is like a waiting room
And the queue reaches the airport
We’re fed up (disgusted) with religion, tired of humiliation
Aching for hunger, sick of eating shit
We’re fed up with religion, tired of humiliation
Aching for hunger, sick of eating shit
We’re fed up with religion, tired of humiliation
And our tongues are sharp.

That line between holding your tongue and knowing that same tongue is sharp, eager, itself militarized by years of repression and being held, is light, and the burden of carrying it heavy. It creates a psychosis whose horror is expressed in both songs’ sonic landscape. Both songs are more classically rock, more about yelling, but both harbor an instinctual harshness familiar to us like a horror movie soundtracks. There’s an unexpectedness to the sound, an ominousness, a Hitchcockian chord, like the next corner, the next verse, promises to creep up on your, stun you, and kill you. 

El Hajez does end in death, “I’m dying,” is the last line. Min El Taboor’s death is different, more about ghostliness, about being temporally, existentially, eternally displaced: 

It’s like I know this place
But I’m in the wrong time
It’s like I know I’m here
But they’ve forgotten it’s today


ONCE UPON A TIME : the reboot
by drew and menelaos

season 1, episode 8 : Heart of Gold

present : Having been taken into custody and growing desperate in the face of her upcoming trial, Mary Margaret agrees to Mr. Gold’s persuasions to allow him to be her lawyer, despite skepticism from Emma and Graham. Mary Margaret pleads innocent before Judge Lyman but the evidence against her is damning. All seems lost in the court room until Gold calls Sydney Glass to the stand, who falters under pressure until one small missing detail leads to the unraveling of the truth: Regina ordered Sydney to murder Zoe, plant the evidence, and falsify the DNA reports to frame Mary Margaret. Sydney confesses to disobeying Regina and locking Zoe away in his basement, tied and gagged, and using the heart of a deer instead. Zoe is rescued, Mary Margaret is set free, and temporary custody of Henry is granted to Emma while Sydney and Regina are locked away. Gold visits Regina in her jail cell and a conversational stalemate between them leads to a shocking revelation: the fairy tales are real, and both Gold and Regina know the truth.

past : A heart-to-heart conversation between Prince Charming and Princess Luciana leads to a journey to the edge of the deserted kingdom of Camelot to the Lake of Avalon. The waters of Avalon are rumored to break enchantments and Luciana hopes to use it to save her true love, Golidlocks of Dun Broch, a knight who was turned into solid gold by the touch of the furious King Midas. The protector of Avalon, the Lady of the Lake, transforms herself into Snow White in an attempt to seduce and drown Charming, but he avails and they collect a flask of the lake’s water. When they arrive at the site where Goldilocks is frozen, Midas arrives and gleefully drinks the Avalon water. Midas is horrified when he realizes that the water has broken his golden touch, killing him, and Luciana and Goldilocks are reunited. But everything is thrown into chaos when King George arrives and takes Charming prisoner, charging him with high treason for the murder of Midas. Luciana and Goldilocks find Snow White and they begin to gather her various friends to embark on a rescue mission.

‘once upon a time’ stars : Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Emily Rose as Emma Swan, Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Henry Cavill as Prince Charming/David Nolan, Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket/Dr. Archie Hopper, Richard Madden as the Huntsman/Sheriff Graham Buchanan, Naveen Andrews as the Magic Mirror/Sydney Glass, CJ Adams as Henry Mills, and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

guest stars include : Michael Emerson as Judge Lyman, Kylie Bunbury as Princess Luciana/Zoe Nolan, Mia Wasikowska as Goldilocks, Peter Mensah as King Midas, Emilia Fox as the Lady of the Lake

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a stained glass variation of the truth

a doomsday ficlet

This is the truth: Rose Tyler died in the Battle of Canary Wharf.

This is also the truth: Rose Tyler is alive and with her family in another universe.

Sometimes he caught glimpses of other timelines, fractured variations of that day’s events and aftermath.

(Rose hitting the wall just as the void closed, a horrifying crunch reaching his ears before silence filled a room that was missing her heartbeat.)

(Rose falling into the void, into the place he had named as Hell.)

(There were a thousand million ways in which she died that day. He’d yet to see one where she stayed and survived.)

Sometimes he forgot which timeline was the true one. They muddled together in his grief-blurred mind and there were whole days that he wasn’t sure if she was alive or not.

(Did it matter? he thought. She’s gone either way. Forever.)

Every potential timeline held a version of the truth tinted a slightly different color.

Every potential timeline led to him losing her and that was the only real truth he could find in it all.

This is the truth: Rose Tyler is alive and well and living a fantastic life without him.

This is also the truth: Rose Tyler is on the list of the dead instead of with him.

I don’t know what holiday your country celebrates today, but we come together for the good ol St Micolash running up to your house, howling and then stuffing your stockings full of unbearable eldritch truths 

Micolash is the anglicised version of the slavic name for st Nicholas and it cracks me up

I finally got caught up on Shadowhunters and wanted to take a moment to write down where I think or hope session 2b will go. Keep in mind I have read all the books so there will be spoilers.  

  • Valentine is captured and the clave is celebrating. Those in charge pretty much have the attitude that the war is won and all that is left is the cleanup and finding the sword, which they are more than willing to use creative measures to get out of Valentine.
  • Some version of the Seelie court scene reveals the truth that Clary and Jace are not actually siblings. Clary’s pissed that he didn’t tell her earlier, Simon’s upset that now that Jace is back in the picture romantically, but more than that the revelation leaves two big questions for the group: If jace isn’t Michael Wayland’s son, and he’s not Valentine’s, then who is he? And what ever happened to the real Johnathan Morgenstern, the real boy with demon blood?
  • The inquisitor comes back to get onto Jace, perhaps because he activated the sword or, more likely, because he let the sword disappear. He explains that he thought he was destroying it but since they don’t have the sword to compel the truth, Imogen refuses to believe a word he says. In short, I just want a chance for her to be a complete cunt to him like she was in the book.  
  • The shadowhunters of the NY institute were decimated in the battle with Valentine so the show has the perfect excuse to introduce more characters as the clave transfers more people there to replenish the numbers. That’s probably the excuse they will use to bring in Sabastian.
  • I want to see him integrate so perfectly with the group that no one ever suspects him of anything. Play up the friendship Will and Dom already share and make Seb and Jace become easy friends. Seb calls him Angel boy teasingly. Have them become not quite parabatai close, but enough that Alec is definitely feeling a little neglected, especially since Magnus is busier then normal in his role as high warlock trying to clean up Iris’s mess. It could also set the stage for the Dark Parabatai plot line if they want to go down that road eventually.
  • The clave doesn’t trust Jace and the gang because of all the times they have broken the rules, so have Sabastian be the sixth ranger. The new member of the team that is in good standing enough to run interference.
  • Once the clave gets their head out of their asses about Demon boy being a threat, I want them to put Sebastian in charge of hunting him.  Have Sebastian send them in circles so expertly they think they are going somewhere while in reality they are just running circles.
  • One other character I hope we get to see is Amatis, Luke’s sister.
  • Clary doesn’t trust her at first because the last time she trusted someone just because they were Luke’s sister, it came back to bite them in the ass. That changes over time, especially when she is one of the only ‘grown up’ that is willing to help them with finding Demon boy and Jace’s family.
  • They could even have her and Luke reconcile while dealing with whatever happens to Cleo, whom I think is going to be forced to go through some form of Amatis’s Endarkened storyline from the books, which they have already kind of hinted at with Valentine’s experiments and what happened to Dot.
  • I would like to see Amatis as some sort of Shadowhunter detective; something to parallel Luke in a way. Maybe she even eventually becomes close to Clary almost like and Aunt or surrogate Mother now that the show killed Joselyn. Even if they don’t go that road, I would like to see her be something active rather than just the moping divorcee they made her in the books. Amatis was a great character but casserole dish didn’t give a role worthy of her.
  • On the other hand I do want Stephen to be a ghost this season—not an I see dead people kind of ghost—but a presence all the same. Have Amatis’s broken marriage mark be visible. Have Imogen take Sebastian under her wing because she sees in him everything her son could have would have been if Valentine hadn’t gotten his claws into him. Have Imogen and Amatis fight because she thinks that if only Amatis could have kept a hold of him, maybe she could have convinced Stephen to leave the circle when he realized what Valentine was up to. Which is shit, Amatis reminds her, because as much as she loved Stephen, he was a grown man and made his own choices.
  • Because I am a twisted little shit, I want Amatis to be the one to figure out who Jace really is. It wouldn’t be too hard especially if they made her a detective, all she would have to do is ask which pregnant women were close enough to Valentine that he could experiment on them. And which babies have disappeared. That would leave only one choice.
  • I want to see Imogen try to go from a complete terror to a doting grandmother the moment she hears the truth, because Jace’s reaction will be priceless. I want to see that relationship develop in a way the book never gave it a chance to.
  • At some point I would like to see at least parts of Stephen’s letter to Jace used as a voice over at the end of an episode.
  • Simon would be one of the only people to see that something was a little off about Sabastian but his concerns never come to much because he is dealing with all the vamps wanting to either kill him for being a daylighter or figure out how he did it. He only gets a little screen time with Sebastian.
  • I would like to see Simon and Izzy get a bit more screen time together. If they don’t want to go down the Sizzy road just yet, that’s fine but they could still explore the dynamic between them. Maybe Izzy is having a rougher time getting sober then she thought, and in a moment of desperation asks Simon for a bite. He remembers the taste of Jace’s blood and is tempted but refuses. Maybe he could be there for her, even if just as a friend, while she is there for him after he breaks up with Clary because she is in love with Jace.
  • Throughout the season Magnus keeps trying to place Madzie with a warlock family, someone to love and care for her but for whatever reason it doesn’t work. Maybe she’s too strong for them magically, maybe she just doesn’t fit, or maybe she finds a good family and something happens to them. Either way, I want her to stay on the show. That little girl is just too good of an actor (she’s only four!).
  •  I don’t think having Magnus and Alec adopt her outright at first is a good idea, them having just said ‘I love you,’ but I would love to see Magnus be like a godfather to her, teaching her magic on the weekends and the like. Eventually I would want it to be Alec to voice the idea of raising her. It would be a spur of the moment thing, something he hasn’t had time to talk himself out of, and they both knew Magnus was thinking on it.
  • Finally for the reveal of Seb, in the books he kills Max but I don’t think they will do that on the show, since it is owned by Disney. However I do think they will need a death to make it hella personal for the group. The most likely victim to me would be Maryse. She’s a character the audience knows and is a mother figure for a good chunk of the characters.

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”
(Matthew 21:22 KJV)

@ anyone making Cuban Lance art

I know that there are a lot of people making some really great Cuban Lance fanart out there, and as a Cuban, I’m beyond thrilled to see every single piece. 

But, please please please do not draw Lance wearing a Che Guevara shirt, or dressed as him, or mourning Castro’s death or anything that has to do with the revolution in a positive light in general. Che Guevara has been painted a symbol of liberty and revolution by communist whites in popular culture; THIS IS A LIE 

Do not take the idealized version of Che that has been circulated as truth. There has already been a few fanarts depicting him wearing the infamous shirt of his profile and honestly, as a Cuban, that is the most disrespectful thing. He was a murderer and a terrorist, not to mention, not Cuban. 

Please, if you’re not Cuban and you want to make Cuban centric Lance art, please do research or ask a Cuban. I’m happy to give any information you could need 

Five things VKM has confirmed:

1. Yuuki has only ever desired Zero’s blood since having been turned into a vampire. (VKM4)

2. Ai has only been told the ‘child-proof’ version of the trio. When she found out the truth about their feelings and the reality of her existence she wanted to disintegrate into a million pieces (VKM7)

3. Kaname’s love for Yuuki was unrequited and has been explicitly paralleled with Ai’s unrequited love for Zero. Yuuki has also determined that Kaname’s love was an empty, bottomless and twisted love that plunged the world into darkness (VKM8 and VKM3 respectively)

4. Confirmation that Kaname’s actions were a direct result of Yuuki being unable to love him the way he wanted, and thus was his way of ‘dying’ because he couldn’t ‘be with her’ and ending his pain and not because of him attempting to be some kind of ‘saviour’ to mankind. (VKM8)

5. Yuuki’s love for Zero, who was the one that she could lean on and had the same feelings for her as she did for him, in conjunction with her desire to protect Ai, was the reason she was able to live on and be happy after the events of VK93, despite Kaname dragging her into 'the depths of Hell’ and despite her decision to turn Kaname human (VKM8).

Just pointing out that these are all things that Zekis have been saying for years, which have now been completely and utterly validated.

Thank you, Hino!

Spain’s word of the year

Fundéu BBVA (Fundación del Español Urgente) is  responsible for clearing up any misunderstandings pertaining to the Spanish language, and it’s used mostly by journalists who need it. You can also use it, if you are in doubt you can send them a message and they’ll reply (and they’re fast). Fundéu chooses the word of the year.

The nominees for “Mejor palabra del año” 2016 are:

  • sorpaso. In politics, when a political party gets more votes than another party that has always been voted by more people. example: “Party A had always been in the second position, but in these elections Party B got more votes, so there was a sorpaso”
  • bizarro. Weird
  • youtubero. A person who posts videos on youtube
  • populismo. Said of some political ideologies. with a bad connotation. Example: Marine Le Pen
  • LGBTfobia. Hatred or discrimination towards the LGBT+ community
  • posverdad. Spanish version for post-truth, Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year.
  • abstenciocracia. In politics, word used to talk about how important abstention is becoming in elections
  • cuñadismo. Comes from “cuñado”  (brother-in-law). At family gatherings, el cuñado talks as if he knew about everything, despite not knowing anything. With cuñadismo, you talk about a behaviour where someone thinks that they know about everything, but they don’t. The person doesn’t have to be a relative. Example: Trump
  • ningufoneo. To ignore someone who is with use while we’re on our phones. In english: phubbing.
  • vendehúmos. A person who has utopian suggestions
  • papilomavirus. Human papillomavirus
  • videoarbitraje. In sports, being able to do a referee’s job with technology.



2015 winner: refugiado (refugee)

2014 winner: selfi (selfie)

2013 winner: escrache (a protest which consists in demonstrating in front of a politician’s house)

Butterflies and Being

Let’s talk about Butterflies.We fawn over their colors, their grace, their tiny lives.

But what if we’re butterflies to something else? Something more grandiose, more complicated than a human being. It’s duller, less natural, in that being’s perspective. They would say, “oh, look! A human, shhh! Don’t let it know we’re here, it’ll run away in it’s little box! This one’s hair is so pretty, I have to take a picture!!”

Let’s talk about Being. I think of “being” as “a state of what you are”, the answer you would give to the question, “what are you?”

But how do we really know? Perception, the way we see the world, is so fragile. Nobody can truly and completely define what is real, what is common, what is truth, unless they are outside our version of consciousness, of perception. For example, if someone were to say, “I am sky”, you would say, “no, you’re not. You’re human!” But, that’s your perception. In their reality, in their life, they are sky. And who are you to stop them, if you don’t see the same way? One of the most powerful statements mankind holds is “ego sum”, “I am.” For that statement alone holds tremendous power. You are defining being.

I am strong” or “I am weak”
I am beautiful” or “I am hideous”
I am important” or “I am worthless”

All of these, whichever you speak, becomes your truth, your perception. We form beliefs about ourselves through experiences, through other people telling us “you are”. But, what they say “you are” has less power than what you say “I am”.

You have power. You can say “I am” and change the entire way you see life, see yourself.

If you were to say “I am sky”, who is there to stop you? What they believe “you are” has less power.

Others cannot define you. The greatest power you have is the ability to choose exactly what, and who, “you are.”

Here are some suggestions, though:

You are (I am) powerful.
You are (I am) beautiful.
You are (I am) meaningful.
You are (I am) important.
You are (I am) enough.

Say it with me: “I am enough.”

Because you are. And if you were to say, “I am enough” it has the same power as “I am sky”. Nobody can truly change what you see that you are. So please, see and perceive that you are enough. Because I do, but only you can truly make that your reality.