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@minolyn submitted the video and write-up for this week’s hiatus video:

Tonight with Ylvis episode 3: Vegards favorite name is Cockel   

I struggle with watching the end of this episode because of Bård’s fumble with the top 7 lists, and the way he chose to leave the set.

A thing I’ve noticed in unscripted Ylvis stuff (be it Norges Herligste or behind the scenes things like the 24h livestream) is them constantly questioning whether or not what’s happening is funny and/or “good TV”. They are constantly striving to be entertaining, if not to the audience then at the very least to themselves, and I was interested (although uncomfortable) to see the guys choose not to courtesy laugh at Bård’s uninteresting lists, but instead call him on it. I do wonder if it upset him and triggered his storming off, or if it was only Vegard’s nerdy remark about fleece (we all know he’s not above playing the ‘shitty little brother’ card).

Point if interest no. 1: THE PEPSI BOTTLE

Paying close attention, you’ll notice that Calle brings in most of the drinks and snacks, and takes care to bounce around with them and drop them clumsily around the small table. My assumption is he had purposely done this, to mess with whomever ended up opening the fizzy drink. Vegard seems to have noticed this, however, and uses it to declare the opening of the episode.

QUESTION: Have you ever pranked a friend by shaking their bottle so it would explode when they opened it? Do you find it sneaky and funny, or mean and wasteful?

Point if interest no. 2: ANIMAL IMPRESSIONATIONS

I loved Magnus’ interpretation of the game, “translating” what a rooster would be saying, were he able to talk. Vegard’s dolphin wasn’t bad either, and the face Bård made to make the whale sounds had me thinking at first that his expression was a clue and put me in mind of something like this:

External image

(fun fact: the blob fish is also nicknamed “The Lazy Frowning Granddad”)

QUESTION: If you could slap Vegard, Bård, Calle or Magnus, which one would you choose? How hard would you slap him and why?

Point if interest no. 3: INTERPRETING TOP 7 LISTS

I’m just imagining being the person who has to watch this footage and type up these top 7 lists into something more or less coherent to be displayed on screen for the viewers at home, playing some of the answers several times, trying to understand what the heck they’re saying and how it has anything at all to do with the subject matter they’ve been given. Half of the time, the humor is also in the typists choices (“CUARK?”)

QUESTION: to quote Vegard, what do we think of this guy Bård?  Do you think the way he left was uncool, or was it perhaps humorously on par with the book-page-eating incident in Hvem Vil Ha Denne, making a boring moment more interesting with conflict?