a vast improvement

alright im just gonna come out and say it. y’all might block me but whatever!! i dont care!!

two handed swords are too slow and clunky - sabers, rapiers, & other such single handed blades are vastly superior imo, and also you can wield two entire blades one in each hand which is twice the amount of blade, a vast improvement on one sword per two hands

sure! okay! technically every sword has its strengths and its weaknesses and no sword is truly better than any other as they all serve different purposes, but two handed swords are just not for me!!! so there!!!!!

I wanted to make a background for this one and turn it into a print, but I spilled calligraphy ink everywhere so the paper its on it ruined… (;´Д`)

Also as you can see I smudged it several times as I’m still pretty new to using a dip pen… Still!! This is a vast improvement over where I started!! (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧

(pleeeease full view :c)

The Meaning of a Lily, part 8

So sorry this took so long. I hope you enjoy it. x

Chapter Eight: Of Morning Glory

In the days following the Padres’ New Year’s party, Mike makes an adjustment to the hierarchy of things in his life: lazy days on the couch move down the list when replaced with lazy days on the couch with Ginny.

Watching a movie with her is vastly improved by watching a movie with her stretched over him, even when she falls asleep with his t-shirt clutched between her fingers.

Cooking is improved by being able to steal kisses between cutting up vegetables, or making out against the counter—even when that means having to call for takeout because of a burnt dish.

Life with Ginny as his…something significant, is a vast improvement on his life before they become this new version of something not yet defined, and yet in essence not all that different.

It even prompts Ginny to ask a question of him. “Were we already dating?”

Mike’s eyebrows shoot up. He sets down the butcher’s knife he’s using to chop a red onion for the guacamole and turns to her.

“I only ask,” she continues as she draws nearer to him. Her fingers tangle in the hem of his Henley, just above the edge of his favorite sweats. “Because nothing seems that different.”

“Really?” Mike asks before he swoops down to kiss her quick. “Nothing?”

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Going in the right direction

The First Trailer of Tangled-Before Ever After has been out, and after watching a couple of times I am impressed with the animation quality.  The 17 second teaser animation gave me serious concerns on the quality.  The teaser was giving it a flash animation look, it lacked some of the movement clarity and polish we see in the trailer.  However, will the Series Animation be as good as the BEA animation?  That is a good question, a lot of this stuff is getting out sourced to Canada for this series which puts a big unknown factor on consistency and quality control.  DTVA isn’t known for both of these things.  Granted there has been vast improvement over the past five years…  It is only a short part of their history.   I am looking forward to seeing more on the newer characters, Casandra for one seems like an interesting choice for Raps new best friend.  Less handmaiden more shieldmaiden, which is an interesting choice.

I am annoyed about how many people are upset about what people are calling continuity issues with the hair, and the return of the hair in general.  The story of Rapunzel is all about the hair…  Yes Raps is a beautiful brunette, but her 70 feet of hair is core to her story.  Also DTVA has been screaming from the roof top that there will be a reason for the return of the hair, that it is the main plot to the series, and will all be solved by the time the series will end.  Which will make sense, because Rapunzel’s hair is the same length three years after the end of the movie, and the short.  Unless she kept it short, which would be something a noble of that era would never do, or she was forced to cut it.  So this explains the continuity, not hinder it. 


I was looking at some old drawings of scissor, and felt like drawing/sharing an updated look on how he looks without his casings on (that fully disguise him as the crosshatch unit.) He mostly always wears his casings to hide his true identity (obviously) but he does have them removed in private sometimes/when he needs secret repairs. It is sorta suffocating to wear them all the time but he’s fine with that!!! I enjoy how he added an extra layer of ‘skin’ while present day Knife mostly travels around skinless. Its a fun dunno… parallel they share to me.
Anyway, He’s quite happy with his new body! He thinks its a vast improvement to be a cyborg robot. :)

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I dunno if someone's asked this before but what's your opinion on Tom, Sparklez, Sonja, Tucker, and Wag?

Tom: not half bad, but he needs to remember whom Dianite actually chose
Sparklez: Ah, Mr. Butts. He’s an okay ‘dude’. A vast improvement over Spark
Sonja: reminds me of my daughter
Tucker: Too much like Jeriah
Wag: He makes Martha happy. That’s all that matters.

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you said you were gonna start watching shadowhunters - fakr warning season one, in terms of acting and writing, is pretty meh but season two is a vast improvement

Apparently the plot is ridiculous but i’m Here for this

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Should I watch sailor moon?

I would suggest reading the manga first, and going from there. If you don’t mind filler episodes in anime, you’ll like the 90s anime. Sailor Moon Crystal follows the manga so there’s no filler episodes, and while season ½ animation is a little off for me, season 3 was a vast improvement.

Assorted thoughts on press opening of Something Rotten! in Boston, January 18th, 2017:

- the ensemble was actually stellar tonight!! They felt like a family. The energy was super high and they brought individuality to their ensemble roles in a way I missed on Tuesday!

- Autumn’s act one is still rather weak to me - I really dislike how she plays Portia as a dumb blonde - but her act two was a vast improvement tonight! I also think Autumn has a crush on me - we bonded Tuesday night over our mutual short gingerness and she was super cute and giggly around me at stagedoor tonight.

- Tour Jerry Scott Cote is still the best new cast member. He didn’t do “exit Jeremiah!” tonight but he still got more laughs than anyone!! Also he gives great hugs.

- Rob and Josh are honestly too good for this world. I love them.

- Maggie Lakis continues to floor me. Definitely my personal favorite Bea.

- Kevin McCollum hugged me at intermission and said he was just in town to see me. Yeah, right… oh Kevin. I love you. Please hire me.

- Karey and Wayne love the fact I have heard every publicly-available incarnation of the argument song. They also asked me about my actual father and if he’s seen the show.

- Adam is better on tour than he was on Broadway. Way more confident. He’s still growing on me, but I’m glad he’s Tourspeare.

Workouts: Training Legs and Core

As a dancer, we spend a lot of time in the studio honing our skills and training ourselves to perform. However, I felt like I could do more. I wanted to take my training to the next level as an athlete — because we are athletes.

Ever since I have started training seriously in the gym, I have noticed a vast improvement in my execution, performance, stamina and confidence. I was training my entire body to perform, rather than just the muscles that were being engaged in practice. I learned to combine them to get the “best of both worlds.” 

I have received a request from claddaghstrong and several others to discuss some of the exercises I do in the gym. I decided to list a few that focus on our legs — the most crucial part of the body in Irish dance.

I’d like to mention that this is a mix between numerous fitness videos created by experts in the industry, dance exercises and, of course, adapting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s own workout (with lighter weights for obvious reasons). So please feel free to do your own research to find exercises and workouts that work best for you


1) Calf Raises - Smith Machine

While some people choose to do these on the stairs to use their own body weight, I choose to do them on the smith machine so I can use much heavier weights in a controlled environment. I do these to help get extra power and height in my jumps.

Quads and Hamstring

2) Leg Press

This is a great way to target your hamstrings, quads and glutes. I was also able to recover from my quad injury after nationals last year by doing these exercises. I would recommend starting at a light and gradually adding more as you continue doing these. Personally, I press about 290 pounds (this includes the weighted bar) and do 3 sets of 10 reps.

3) Lunges

You should never underestimate the power of a good lunge. You can easily add weight to make them more difficult.

4) Platypus Walks

These are a great way to work your inner thighs while perfect your turnout. My mom found these on YouTube from the Victoria’s Secret Angels trainer. It also makes more a great laugh if you are working out with a partner — we have many hilarious videos of us doing these forwards and backwards.


5) Boxjumps

I will warn you now — these are tough. Luckily, you can start these are a lower height and gradually work your way up to increase the difficulty. It’s also an incredible “mind over matter” exercise where you have to focus. If you psych yourself out, you won’t be able to do the jump. That being said, I would recommend having someone stand in front of the boxjump to spot you. Using a spotter can ease your doubts and ensure they grab you if you start to lean backwards.

6) Weighted Box Walk-Ups

Using the same boxjump mentioned above, doing walk ups using weights. This is a lower impact cardio move that still gives you a killer leg workout.


7) Frog Jumps

As awkward as these can be, they are an awesome way to mix a jump lunge with a squat. It also engages your core and forces you to use you center of gravity to balance.

8) Squats

If you have a spotter, you can use the squat racks. If you don’t have a spotter, use the assisted squat machine. Start with a lighter weight and ease into the heavier weights as you get stronger.

Tricks to the Gym

I would recommend having a gym partner to go with you. As partners, you can push one another to succeed and prevent each other from giving up. 

Despite training with two gym partners, I always have music playing in one of my ears via my bluetooth headset. Adding music to your workout can make all the difference in the world… especially when it’s an upbeat and powerful song that makes you want to push through your sets.

For those of you that are attending or about to attend university, I would recommend checking out your school’s fitness facility. It’s a nice way to kill a few hours between classes without losing a chunk of your evening. 

As I mentioned before, these are just a snippet of what I do. I hope this helps! 


  • Cedric Alexander vs Noam Dar: Fast start for Cedric, then Dar works on the arm and tortures Cedric to impress Alicia Fuuuuuuuux. Good, substantial match. The angle sucks, but it’s WWE, what can you expect? I also hope they stop doing shit like this, but we’re not there yet. We have so much further to go. I do like the match a lot, though. Fox costs Cedric the match by “accidentally” moving Dar out of harm’s way, then looking CONFLICTED! Dar gets eardrummed by her after the match. ★★★¼
  • Rich Swann vs Tony Nese: I took a long time to get it, but man I love Rich Swann, and Tony Nese has made some vast improvements in the eight months or so. Fun match where both guys do cool things. That is all I really ask, at a minimum. ★★★

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Which of your reading things for undertale would you recommend me listening to as I am now stuck on what to listen to.

Hm, well I guess that depends on what you’ve already listened to, haha. I’m gonna guess you’ve already listened to Overgrowth and Unexpected, just based on view count that is the safest bet there, lol. I kind of wish The Scientist had more views, Seigi VA does a great Gaster and the story is about to get REALLY GOOD in next week’s chapter.

Apart from that, you could begin the great journey of listening to Flowey is Not a Good Life Coach. It was my first story, and if you want to see the vast improvements I’ve made since I started just compare chapter 1 to chapters 11 or 16, lol. The whole thing is 10.5 hours long, but for me audiobooks are always about the journey, not the destination.