a vampire's confession

I really do like Spike. I think he’s an amazing character with a great story/character growth. However, it’s unfortunate that this fandom has a large percentage of people who are complete stans (?) of his and would rather ignore or glorify his shitty behavior. it doesn’t annoy me that he did shitty things, (I actually prefer soulless Spike) I’d just prefer if it wasn’t cool to pretend like he’s this ‘cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure’. It’s kind of bullshit. Especially when a lot of the time those same people ship Spuffy and then blame all the relationship issues on Buffy - not that she didn’t have any fault/make mistakes - it just seems like a lot of people would rather ignore all the facets of his characters, and are too focused on James Marsters pouty lip and cheekbones.  

I hate how I am being called a racist just for shipping Snowbarry. I don’t like Iris, so what? I’m not racist for that. I love Joe, and I’m black. My favorite character in TVD is Bonnie; I don’t like Laurel Lance in the first season of Arrow because she was just like Iris is. I don’t like ‘the defenseless princess that falls in love with the hero without knowing who he is and make their life all about them.’ I hate that, and that’s why I don’t like Iris. Not because she’s black.
—  Anonymous