a vampire's confession



Imagine: Damon confessing Stefan he’s in love with you, but is afraid to tell you.

“So why you don’t you tell her?” The youngest Salvatore asked. “I don’t know,” Damon said. “I want her to live her human life how she’s supposed to.” He added. “But?” His brother said, knowing perfectly what Damon was going to answer.
“I can’t be selfish with her… But I can’t live without her.”

Full story?

So I was literally in tears earlier tonight. Fucking tears for the absolute beauty and perfection of this latest piece I commissioned from @prompto-loco I asked her to do a Lost Boys theme featuring myself and Ignis.She went above and beyond I’m so happy. Like I’m always in love w Ignis but I’m positively giddy over Vampire Iggy. This is so stunning. For the love of Chocobros check out her work it’s so great and unique!! I’m so proud of her! Thank you Prom a million times thank you! ILYSVM!!