a vampire sock!

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“Find a girl who doesn’t write,
Who isn’t familiar with poetries and rhymes.
Find a girl who doesn’t speak death at breakfast,
The one with bright eyes.

You don’t deserve a girl with storms in the background,
The one with the broken smiles.”

How to Make Your Own Cartomancy System

This is a post from my old blog, @the-daily-diviner

Hey everybody!

I had someone ask if I could make a post on how to create your own cartomancy system, and thought it would benefit a lot of people, so here it is! It involves the ‘do-it-from-scratch’ tutorial, but if you have a deck of cards in mind that you would like to do this with, disregard the part about making the cards and go for the gold :)

Step One:

Decide a theme for your deck if you want to have one. It can be whatever you want; vampires, planets, office supplies, socks. You can even make a deck for your favourite book or show.

Step Two:

Outline how many cards you’d like your deck to have. A traditional tarot deck has 78 cards, playing-card decks have 52 (54 with jokers), and Pokemon cards/etc. can be pretty much unlimited for divination.

Deciding how to get the most out of your deck number-wise can be tricky, so play around with the idea until you get the perfect number figured out. I suggest a number higher than twenty, since you can add a lot more meaning to each card, and include more symbols for your use.

Step Three:

Figure out what style of art you would like to use. You can make collages, minimalist drawings, line-work sketches, animated images, or anything else really. You can even keep it super symbol by just drawing little images on each card. Whatever vibes with you the most is the best thing :)

If you want to get super fancy, or are talented in designing artwork, decide on what the back of each card should look like, I have a friend who spray painted her playing cards white on the back, plaid lace over it, then sprayed it black. They turned out really cool, and I bet it would be great for a cartomancy deck!

Step Four:

Create your cards.

Spend time on this process, since the quality of the work is a lot more important than how fast you get your deck done. This is especially true if you plan to design and create each individual card, and hand-draw them out.  

You might decide after a little while that you don’t really care if your cards match artistically speaking. And that’s totally okay. If it feels right, and you like your deck altogether, do whatever you want :) It is your deck after all!

A little note/tip I have for you is to get your cards laminated/otherwise sealed after you’ve finished them; it will really keep them in nice shape if you plan to use your deck fairly often.

Step Five:

Give each individual card a meaning based off of what you think of when you see the card. The symbols with in it can be included as answers as well. Alternatively you, can create the meanings first and then draw/create your cards from there.

Something I personally do every so often is ignore the meanings of the cards, and view them as new images. I ask myself what I think it mans when I look at it, and interpret the meanings from there. Sometimes they’re the same/similar, sometimes not.

Step Six:

Come up with your system of divination.

You can borrow from tarot if you want, by using the tarot spreads and methods of pulling the cards, or you can completely nix those traditional ideas and create something totally different and unique.

Maybe you draw three cards, and drop them on a table. Perhaps the way they lay when you put them down holds a different meaning than when they lay straight. You could do something like that as a piece of your divination system, or really anything else you’d like to. I use my cartomancy deck, draw three cards, and read them differently than some other people might. It’s still accurate, and I feel closer to my deck :)

Step Seven:

Write out all of your ideas for the system and decide what may influence it. Numbers, symbols on the cards, the time of day, etc. can all be small little things you can take into account.

If you wish, you can give certain cards different meanings under those circumstances. Maybe when your card is reversed, it holds a slightly altered meaning. Maybe that doesn’t really affect anything for you. Define these types of things as well as you can, and create a final draft. Know that this can be edited, but having a good guide before you start tweaking it is very helpful.

Step Eight:

Experiment with your cards and methods of pulling them, Try them out with a few questions to see what you get, and play with the concept for a while, When you feel comfortable with what you have, you can begin journalling about it and maybe sharing your methods :)

I hope this helps you a little bit in creating your own cartomancy deck and system!

kuroheishi  asked:

He gives the man a sock "if you give it to your demon you'll free her" make your demon become a true free elf Guren

Guren takes the piece of sock and looks at it in his hand, then back at the boy with a questioning face.

‘‘Why? What did you rub on this sock?’’

He would rather have her flee as an elf with one sock and the other part of it missing.

Vampires and folding socks
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Baz:</b> I… how are you okay with all this?<br><p/><b>Simon:</b> With all what?<br><p/><b>Baz:</b> I’M A VAMPIRE SNOW. How are you not scared.<br><p/><b>Simon:</b> <br><p/><b>Simon:</b> You fold your socks, Baz. Forgive me if I’m not trembling at the sight of you.</p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

It’s rushed and kinda messy, but I didn’t have much time today and I wanted to do something for Halloween. So W2H!

Sock has vampire type fake fangs because Halloween. Also it’s his turn to have my headcannon treatment for pajamas (basically just his blue shirt and purple skirt cos I figure you don’t get to change outfits much as a demon)

Happy Halloween everybody!

Careful Now || Klaroline

#25daysofklaroline Day 20 - Century Old Klaus Time

Set in the back half of Season 4, Katherine already fed Jeremy to Silas and Elena went crazy. Klaus hasn’t slept with any *ahem* werewolves yet, for those keeping track at home. This is also my first crack at time travel, too, so fair warning on timeline confusion.

She woke slowly, the comfort of sleep far outweighing the cold air blowing across her face or the hard, bumpy ground beneath her. Groaning, Caroline finally sat up, confused by the woods surrounding her. She had definitely fallen asleep in Bonnie’s bed.

The witch had been in a bad way since Jeremy died and Elena flipped the switch. Since Tyler had fled Mystic Falls, Caroline needed an outlet for her caretaker tendencies and a distraction for her hurt feelings. Bonnie needed her help, and Caroline was grateful to still have her friend.

They had been up late, Bonnie going over every detail of how their lives had gotten to be so bad. The intricate conversation hurt Caroline’s head (the tequila shots probably didn’t help), but Bonnie had started to pick up in excitement. Something about solving all their problems, going back to the start, pinning it all on the Mikaelsons. 

Their lives didn’t get weird until the Salvatores came to town. Even then, it was elaborate set-up by Katherine, preserving Mystic Falls as the perfect opportunity for Klaus to break his curse. Everything would have been fine had the Mikaelsons never returned to Mystic Falls.

Caroline’s eyes widened, looking around. Bonnie must have done a spell. But where did she send her?

A quick assessment of herself told Caroline she was still a vampire, wearing the flannel pajamas she had borrowed from Bonnie. No shoes or socks. Vampire or not, the outdoors still mean basic footwear for Caroline. Standing up, she tried not to grimace at the feel of cold, wet grass between her toes. She looked around, unable to see anything but trees.

Sighing, Caroline started walking, hoping she found anyone willing to help her get home. “What did you do, Bonnie?”

Thankfully, her search didn’t take long. About fifteen minutes into her trek, Caroline spotted a cottage tucked into the woods. There was smoke from what looked like a chimney, promising warmth and human interaction.

She made sure to keep her pace level, in case anyone was watching. Approaching the door carefully, Caroline raised her hand to knock.

Instead, the door ripped open before her fist could land. “Who are you,” a shrill voice demanded. “And what on earth are you wearing?”

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