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Trust nobody | Pt. 1

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader, feat. all of BTS 
Genre: Smut/ Angst
Words: 5,4k
Summary: The first thing someone should know about you is that you’re an escort. Yes, you have fucked for money. One day your boss made you an offer you couldn’t say no to. One year - seven boys. One rule: never fall in love.

The air felt heavy, filled with loneliness on a cold december morning. Sometimes you dont even remember who you were before you came here. Who you were before you took on this job, this life, this world – but this was you now. Your heels clicked on the sidewalk as you rushed through the winter morning in Seoul. You were on your way to get a coffee before you headed off to your meeting. A meeting – was that even the right word to describe it? You laughed to yourself, letting your warm breath hit the cold air forming a cloud of vapour.

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Crystal Snow

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Chapter One: Introduction

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Word Count: 1320

Summary: In a world full of soulmates that can feel the others emotions, one would expect to know when their soulmate is hiding a secret.

“Move! Move! Move! We haven’t got all day people!” You shouted. You had approximately forty-five minutes to pack all your delicacies into the van and get them to the home of Kim Namjoon. Only the problem was that you were behind schedule, and his mansion was an hour’s drive away; that was assuming there would be no traffic. As quickly as you could, you helped your assistants bring the cupcakes to the company vans waiting to leave.

As the owner of the world renowned bakery, Winter Serendipity, you were constantly busy. If it were not for the large sum of money they Kim Namjoon was offering you, you would currently not be in a state of utter madness. Originally, you had rejected his request of your services because not only did you have a shop to run, but you also had months of pre-orders for upcoming events. It was only when he offered you ten thousand dollars that you accepted his request for 5,000 cupcakes. You weren’t told much except that over a thousand people would be attending the event and that you were to stay to introduce your food.

People seemed to love your food because, despite your ability to mass produce, your work always reflected the home feeling of warmth and love. You loved what you did even if it got stressful. The name of your bakery was inspired by your soulmate. Whoever it was was always with you. They could feel your emotions and you could feel theirs; all because of a simple mark on your inner forearm. Your mark, along with your mate’s, was in the shape of a small snowflake. It was a light blue, almost white color. The intricate patterns reflected the complex love and relationship you would have. Everyone was born with a soul mark. Each one was unique in its own way. Only you and your soulmate shared the mark. Through the mark, soulmates could feel the other’s emotions. This came in handy quite often for you and your soulmate. When you were stressed they often help your nerves by sending you waves of comfort. When they were angry you’d help to calm them down. You couldn’t wait to meet the person who had been with you your entire life. You didn’t know when it would happen, but something in your gut was telling you that it’d be soon.

As the last of the cupcakes were loaded into the vans, you got inside one and turned the engine on. You had to be there as soon as possible to set up. As soon as you pulled away from the bakery, your foot was on the gas. You had thirty seven minutes to get to the mansion. You wanted to curse yourself for running late.

Much to your displeasure, you were twenty nine minutes late and the staff was yelling at your staff, blaming them for the delay. You were about to yell at Mr. Kim’s personnel when a sudden wave of calmness washed over you. You knew it was your soulmate telling you to calm down, that everything would be alright. Taking a deep breath, you kindly spoke to the head organizer, explaining the situation “I’m sorry but it is my fault we are late” you said, speaking up for your workers “I’m afraid I had mixed up schedules and didn’t realize the event started at 5:00pm and not 6:00, please forgive me.” The woman just stared you down before turning around and giving orders left and right. You began helping the staff set up for the outdoor event.

Everything seemed perfect. Every blade of grass was cut to equal size and the hedges trimmed so that no leaf stood out. The fragrance of flowers wafted through the ornate acre of land. In the distance you could see where the scent was coming from. You were tempted to explore your surroundings but you knew it was best to stay and help set up. You felt the hint of amusement from your soulmate. They seemed to only make the temptation worse so you tried busying yourself with your cupcakes.


Kim Namjoon was a very busy man. In the eyes of the public, he was simply the CEO of Bangtan Industries. However, those within the company knew he was much more than that; he was the leader of the largest mafia organization in the country. Most thought him heartless but the six men and his soulmate knew that he actually cared about everyone’s well being.

At a young age, Namjoon had learned how to mask his emotions so that his soulmate wouldn’t know the pain he was in. At least, when it came down to his business. He was a calm and collected man, rarely getting angry. Instead, he was busy fussing about hiding his soul mark and keeping his mate happy. As the leader, of any rivals knew what his mark looked like, they would go out and find his mate, torture whoever it was just to get to him. He was glad that he had yet to meet his soulmate. The longer fate waited the less he’d have to worry about your safety. Long before he took over the business he had decided that his mate would never find out what he really did. Though at the same time, he was quite upset that he hasn’t crossed paths with his mate yet. He wanted to be there for them physically not just emotionally. He wanted to know what they looked like, what their personality was like, what their hobbies were. He wanted to know everything.

For now, he merely had a girlfriend for the public eye. He didn’t have to worry about rivals taking her because he knew that they knew he’d never risk a life for her. Most of the time she was too busy sleeping around with other men to be seen by the public. She was supposed to be at the event he was hosting tonight, but it appeared that she had other plans. He had seen her sneaking off with of the workers who was supposed to help set up.

That annoyed him but the feelings he was getting from his soulmate seemed to reduce that annoyance. He knew that his mate was frustrated and curious which he found was quite the amusing combination. He wished he could know what they were curious about. Sighing, he dressed in an expensive black silk suit. He paired the suit with a dark blue dress shirt and a black tie. His brown hair was styled to the side, a slight curl to his bangs. His watch, a silver Rolex, fit snugly on his wrist as he adjusted his jacket sleeves. Deeming himself ready, he glanced at the time. It was 4:30pm, time for him to head down and check on everything. Guests were sure to be arriving soon.


Sweat rolled down your forehead as you completed the last of the preparations. You wiped your sweat with the sleeve of your white jacket. You had rolled your sleeves up and discarded your apron in attempt to stay cool. Having your sleeves rolled up meant having your mark exposed but you didn’t mind. Nothing about your mark was something to be ashamed about and it was a good conversation starter.

Your cupcake display was all set up, beautifully showcasing each of the cupcakes unique decor. You were quite proud of your work.

One of Mr. Kim’s staff came up to you and wordlessly handed you a glass of lemonade. Before you could thank them, they turned and walked away. Sipping on the lemonade you noticed cars beginning to pull up as guests arrived. You quickly finished your drink and discarded the paper cup in a nearby trash can. Brushing your hands off you stood by your display, preparing for the onslaught of people coming to socialize and talk business.

171019 puma fansign - JIN being worried about fans losing their voices and teaching them how to call for him 


  • Fans: Sekjin oppa!! SEOKJIN OPPA!
  • Jin: Ah! You will hurt your throats, stop~
  • Fans: It’s alright!
  • Jin: *concerned* What do you mean it’s alright, you guys still have to go to your daily routines tomorrow. You will lose your voice!
  • Fans: We wooon’t~~
  • Jin: Eh what do you mean by you won’t, you will lose your voice. If you want to call/shout for me in the future, use vocalization and do it! Don’t go *imitates fans voices* “SEOKJIN OPPA” in the future, go *deep voice* “Seokjin oppaaaa” *laughs* do it like that! Alright?
  • Fan: *in a deep voice* Seokjin oppaaaa
  • *Everyone burst into laughing*

Trans by jeonmilk Video by jinKissLetsgo



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Could I have headcannon/reaction with RFA+Saeran and V where they are trying for a baby with MC, but when they finally get her pregnant she miscarries somewhere in the 3rd trimester? Miscarriages always stab me right in the feels 😅

why are y’all giving me so much pain :’)

(p.s there’s no Jaehee)


- you didn’t feel too well since yesterday 

- it’s nothing major, just some slight headaches here and there

- so you didn’t think much about it and you didn’t tell Zen

- until you had a major headache and you fainted

- the next time you’re awake, you’re in the hospital

- you’re still groggy but you manage to sit up

- you notice that your bump is gone and tears automatically flow

- you’re crying uncontrollably when Zen comes rushing in

- his eyes are red from crying too but he’s trying his best to be strong for you

- both of you are terribly devastated at the loss of your unborn child, your child that you two have been waiting so long for

- all the talks about being a complete family is overwhelming you right now

- Zen hugs you to keep you calm

- “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you, sweetheart. I’m so so sorry.


- Jumin’s father had been really pushy at wanting a grandchild

- of course, all he wants is a successor to C&R International

- and you’ve been trying really hard to conceive

- thank god you’re finally pregnant after two years of marriage

- however, after several check-ups with your doctor, he revealed that there are some complications and the chances of survival of your unborn child was very low

- still, you and Jumin took a chance

- things went well up until the third trimester 

- unfortunately, you got unbearable cramps and Jumin immediately sent you to the hospital

- but it’s too late

- the hospital room is quiet except for your sobbing and Jumin’s father scolding Jumin


- you and Yoosung have been trying for so long to get a baby

- and when you were finally declared pregnant, you two were so happy

- Yoosung made sure to take extra precaution and send you to check-ups every two weeks

- however, when you were 8 months pregnant, you met with an accident

- while crossing the road, this reckless driver hit you while you were crossing at the zebra crossing

- you were immediately admitted to A&E

- Yoosung got the call and rushed to see you

- however, once he got there, the doctor told him he has good news and bad news

- you were barely saved, but unfortunately your baby was gone

- Yoosung is at a loss of words

- he doesn’t know how to respond to the doctor

- and he doesn’t know how you will react


- Seven almost gave up

- but thankfully god listened to his prayers and you were pregnant

- he tried his best to be by your side always

- and if he couldn’t, he would get Saeran to accompany you

- one day you were cleaning the house

- you’re trying to reach up for something on the high shelf but you can’t reach it

- you’ve called for Seven three times now but he still hasn’t come to the store room

- you know Saeran’s out and Seven’s home

- you can’t wait any longer so you tried to get it on your own

- however, you lost your balance and you fell, and the shelf crashed down on you, knocking you unconscious

- Seven then came rushing towards you and whipping up his phone to call Saeran and the ambulance

- sadly, you got a miscarriage

- Saeran is blaming Seven for not taking care of you and Seven could only agree that it was all his fault


- words cannot describe how thankful and happy the both of you were at the news of your pregnancy

- he promised he’ll always be with you throughout your pregnancy

- he never let you go out by yourself, especially not to the market

- but that one time he was busy, you went out alone for some fresh air

- that was the biggest mistake because you fell while you were climbing the stairs

- several passerby tried to help you and called for the ambulance

- but you were bleeding too much

- V was notified and he rushed to the hospital

- sadly you lost the baby on the way to the hospital and there was nothing to be done

- V broke his promise and he’s blaming himself

- if only he was there for you…


- it was hard to convince him to have a baby, and it was ever harder to conceive

- thankfully after 3 whole years, you two are finally going to become parents

- he’s never excited for anything, but the thought of welcoming your unborn child made him happy

- he’s done way more preparation than you ever would

- mainly because he’s nervous, but he just wants to be a good dad

- you’re now in your third trimester but you’re not feeling too well

- you’ve been feeling nauseous all day and you have got no appetite

- Saeran brings you to the doctor

- after a long check-up, your doctor informs you that you had a miscarriage

- neither two of you know what to respond or how to feel

- all Saeran know is that it was all his mistake

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6 for the headcanon promet meme!

Laughter, eh?

After Alderaan, Leia never thought she’d laugh again. Sure, she’d laughed out of relief when Artoo stopped the trash compactor and she’d laughed incredulously the first time she’d seen the Falcon, but a real deep laugh that she felt throughout her body, that reverberated deep in her bones? No, she never thought she’d laugh like that again.

She was content to wander around the base from task to task ordering her troops around and hiding behind her ‘resting bitch face’ as she’d heard Jensen call it. It hurt, sure it hurt but it’s not like they saw her as a living, breathing human with feelings that could be hurt. No, not Her Royal Highness, she felt nothing, right? Even Luke had a difficult time not following the lead of those around him. In fact there was only one person who refused to see he as some sort of frigid, closed off bitch.

Han Solo.

Han would quietly make sure she was taken care of, brining her smuggled Alderaani goods any time he went on a mission or a supply run. Bringing her food when she would hide in piles of intelligence paperwork. Reminding her to sleep, making her leave her office, or his most common act, just being nearby. His presence, she learned kept her night terrors from overtaking her and she spent a lot more nights on the Falcon or with Han sleeping on the floor of her quarters than she’d ever admit.

Finally, a few weeks after turning twenty after dinner and a little Corellian whiskey, not enough to be intoxicating but just enough to loosen her up a bit, she found herself sitting in Han‘s lap staring intently into his soft hazel eyes.

“What do you see, sweetheart?” He spoke gently, his hands resting on her hips willing his body not to react.

She shrugged.

“Whatever it is, must be pretty interesting.” He spoke keeping his hands still on her hips.

“Do you think I’m a bitch?”

“Sure.” He spoke simply, honestly. He’d never lied to her no matter how much he wanted to sometimes.

She furrowed her eyebrows at him. “Of course you do, you all do. Sure, a strong woman is always a bitch.“

Han sighed reaching up and stroking her cheek. “Ain’t a bad thing Leia. You’d‘ve done yourself in by now if you weren’t such a bitch. Living out of spite don’t make it easy to be around you all the time, but it’s kept you alive.”

She looked down and away. “It’s getting late, I should probably go.”

“You’re staying right here. I know what day today is.”

She nodded remembering the promise he’d made weeks ago to not let her be alone on the anniversary of the destruction of Alderaan.

She nodded looking too long at his lips.

“What?” He spoke, noticing her face flush just a bit.

She looked into his eyes again and he watch hers soften and without any real warning she’d kissed him. Pulling back when she felt his body respond.

Han cleared his throat. “Sorry.”

She smiled at him.

“Just ignore him.”

“He’s very responsive.” She spoke, making no move t get up.

“He‘s kind of a dick, but he’s harmless.“

Leia laughed, light laughter at first.

Han smiled at her. “You think it’s funny, huh?” He growled into her neck, his three day beard tickling her causing her to really laugh. “What’s the matter your ticklishness?” He spoke as fits of laughter over took her.

“Gods.” She laughed. “If my mother could see me now.” She spoke wiping her eyes. “In the arms of a Corellian smugger, drinking whiskey and contemplating going to bed with him.”

“What would she say?”

“She’d ask me if I had my diaphragm with me.” Leia deadpanned.

Han raised his eyebrows and Leia laughed at the shock in the eyes of the oh-so-cavalier smuggler.

“The look on your face.” She laughed leaning back against the holo-chess table.

He smiled at her.


“I don’t think I‘ve ever seen you laugh like that.”

She smiled at him.

“M’gonna have to find ways to make that happen more often, Princess.”

Honey & Venom || Slytherin!Tom

pairing: Slytherin!Tom x Hufflepuff!OC
word count: 2.2k
a/n: you guys are the suH-WEETEST LITTLE BEANS OMG. Thank you guys for your kind messages, i get really antsy sometimes when i’m about to post my stories, but your kind words get me excited now! 

P.s. I may or may not be writing some separate t-holland smut. which may or may not be posted soon. check in later! xx
parts: [ 1 | 2 |3 | 4 ]


Professor Sprout walked around the table and inspected each student’s pot with a critical eye.

Well, critical for her, anyway. She was still immensely nice about it, and even awarded points to some whose plants showed either promise, or had great effort put into it.

“And you say you tried vinegar with this one?” She pointed down to a Gryffindor student’s pot. The plant had grown alright, but it was twisted and sickly, “Ah, I see. That’s unfortunate—not to worry, dear! You tried something new! That’s what counts. Now, Sally Erwin?…Coffee? Very interesting. You watered it down, yes? Very well done! Mr. Osterfield?”

Harrison stepped to the side and presented his wonky, lopsided plant with arms out and a sarcastic grin. A couple of the female students around giggled. Professor Sprout inspected his closely.

“Ah, you tried black tea as well, did you?” She stood a little straighter and gave him a warm pat on the shoulder, “This was a very good effort, very good. Tea is a very efficient method. Only thing to remember is to water it down. The leaves here are browning, see? Little sapling isn’t too fond of an Earl Grey, I’m afraid.”

Tom let out an airy chuckle and smirked. It quickly fell once Professor Sprout stepped over and stood next to him.

“Let’s see yours, dear?”

She leaned over and stared down at the baby sapling nestled comfortably in its potted home. Tiny green leaves were out with little silver hairs, and a little baby bud sat at the very top squeaking softly.

“Ah, I see…”

The professor stood a little straighter and looked at her student with a pleased smile.

“…Very clever, Mr. Holland. Taking advantage of your resources around the Greenhouse. And this little sapling’s taken a liking to their new home, I see. Hear that little noise? It’s as happy as a clam, it is. Well done. 10 points to Slytherin.”

As the professor continued inspecting the other pots, Harrison reached over and gave him a solid fist bump. Tom muttered back ‘thanks’ before looking across the table.

Oswin flashed him a shy smile, and he couldn’t help but flash one right back.

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“But do you feel like a young god?
You know the two of us are just young gods”

A quick painting for RayxMC, inspired by Young God of Halsey Ụ v Ụ (too bad i dont have time for more detail urghh

Oh i swear to myself i have to draw that marshmallow boy ‘cause i feel too much for him ;;-;; And you know what, the way all MM characters act gave me the feeling that she is the true “messiah”, true “saviour” here for all those poor heart. So yeah please let MC save Ray, Cheritz, pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;;;—;;;


171018 SFW 2018 S/S BLANC de NOIRS

© Planet X | Do not edit

What she says: “I’m fine”

What she’s thinking: Honestly don’t bash cheritz for charging 300 hourglasses for V’s route (forcing you to pay for hourglasses) they try their best and do everything for their consumers like you don’t even know this type of unpaid play is legit unheard of in otome games and they offer totally plausible ways of getting hourglasses for the people who can’t pay and they gave us so many extra hourglasses with each update like I could totally get 300 without having to pay I’m just impatient and they also run ZERO ADS like they’re a miracle and a blessing, besides being one of the most revolutionary and intriguing ‘otome’ games in the history of 'dating sims’ they also are so personal with their audience and put so much work into everything they invented an entire new route just because everyone was begging for it and the voice actors put in LITERAL HOURS OF DIALOUGE and they make the entire app accessible for EVERYONE which no other otome game has ever done they ALWAYS make you pay but not mystic messenger like can you even believe it?? They put so much quality into their work but how are they even making money? The real cheap ones are us the consumers because we can’t believe we have to pay $.99 to unlock one route when most games would force you to pay upwards of $20 to experience the game. They have done so much I love them and they love us