a us

introvert: *reads*

society: you must be lonely. go outside and socialize!

introvert: *draws*

society: what are you doing inside on such a nice day?

introvert: *creates*

society: why are you wasting your time with your pointless delusions?

the struggles of an introvert in an extroverted society

Inktober 2017, Day 17 “Graceful”

because yes, BC is graceful as Sherlock, i find. 

Pigma Microns and Winsor & Newton Black india ink in a Fabriano Accademia Sketchbook. the 120 gsm paper is fairly thin in this sketchbook, and buckles a bit with water, but damn nothing goes through.(although i haven’t tried alcohol markers)

My Inktober Tag

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1. Princes of the Universe – Queen
2. Emperor – PL4YFIELDS, Cryjaxx, Anxious, Rosendale
3. Castle – Halsey
4. Underdog – Imagine Dragons
5. Runnin’ – Adam Lambert
6. Donatella – Lady Gaga
7. I’m A Wanted Man – Royal Deluxe
8. Exile – Slayer
9. Million Dollar Man – Lana Del Rey
10. Call Me Devil – Friends In Tokyo
11. Mama – My Chemical Romance
12. Renegade – Styx
13. Kill The King – Megadeth
14. Emperor’s New Clothes – Panic! at the Disco
15. Centuries – Fall Out Boy
16. Kill All Your Friends – My Chemical Romance
17. A Prince – Jorja Smith
18. Evil Ways (Justice Mix) – Blues Saraceno
19. Glory And Gore – Lorde
20. Exiled – Judas Priest
21. Icarus – Bastille
22. Save Me – Globus

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 We are all aware of the holy trinity…You know…
Captive Prince, All for the Game, and The Song of Achilles.
And you can’t forget the honorable mentions that include The Raven Cycle, Six of Crows, Aristotle and Dante, and all the other beautifully written works that keep you up at night and own your soul for weeks after the books end…

So, what is the holy trinity equivalent for wlw books?  
I need intense books full of angst and love and adventure and peril, and everything that makes the above listed books amazing.  Characters you just want to see happy and together but also overcoming their obstacles, becoming better people (or worse people, I don’t know your methods)…

I would like to nominate The Mermaids of Eriana Kwai, The Abyss Surrounds Us, and …I don’t even have a third one.

Don’t get me wrong, I love books like Annie on My Mind, Star-Crossed, Lumberjanes, and Tipping the Velvet.  But I NEED books that fit in with the mlm holy trinity.  Give me the monster-mermaids and the mermaid hunters.  Give me the pirates, give me the sea-monster trainers.  I NEED books that aren’t what you traditionally think of within the popular wlw books we see in the book community.