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i’m back from nashville!!! it was a super great and super exhausting weekend;;; i didn’t step away from the table except when i was convinced to when swain was signing on sunday lol

that’s what the little comic is from–if you watched the SNS stageit, you’ll see that there were like, 2 times that rob just blatantly stopped playing and went to the left side of the pits and i thought he was just…………….excited about the dance pits……………but……….i could only be so lucky that that was the case

[stares deeply into the void]

second there is the view of the Vendor Room Jam from where i was! excellent promo team if u ask me

but yeah! i got the chance to meet so many of you guys, and it really brightened the start of this year. being in isolation sucks, but you all really help remind me that there’s a huge support system out there that keeps me company :’)

  • me: if u feel anxiety after every time u have an argument with someone, maybe u should stop... doing that so much
  • me at every event: heterosexuality is a myth, the electoral college is racist, objectifying dudes is a fun hobby to do with ur friends, here is a list of every historical figure who wronged me, i've never seen breaking bad and i am 100% sure i hate it, do u remember when u pretended to like radiohead because i do and i'm still furious, that shit is boring and i'd rather listen to my shitty microwave yell than thom yikes, also bite me
NCT as High Schoolers in Class

Haechan: The kid who puts his legs on the book rack behind your desk and starts shaking it. “Dude can you stop?” “Oh my bad… *does it again*”

Jeno: The guy who pulls his hoodie over his head and sleeps throughout class the entire year. Still ends up passing.

Jisung: That smart ass freshman you have in your classes “Teacher, I pointed out your grammar error, do I get bonus points?” 

Ten: Always has a bag of Hot Cheetos. Always hungry. “*sees someone else with food* “Can I have some?” “Can we watch a movie?”

Taeyong: Sharpens his pencil for way too long, and everyone just stares at him. Hits his hip on the desks all the time. Slightly a pushover, so when asked for paper, he gives it out. 

Johnny: The guy who always asks to “borrow” pencil and paper. Makes comments out loud, so everyone laughs. Sits in the back even though he can’t see. Tries to take Ten’s Hot Cheetos.

Jaehyun: The guy who tries to throw the paper ball in the trash can, and when he makes it the whole class goes “OooOOOOOOOOHH!” Says “Bless You” when you sneeze.

Mark: Taps his pencil and always has his headphones on. “Can we go outside?”

Renjun: Doodles on his papers. Probably gave the teacher a drawing, and probably the one who wrote on the desk.

Doyoung: Runs errands for the Teacher, and has the best notes. Shows up “sick” to tests. One Cough means A, One sniffle means B, you get it.

Jaemin: Sweetheart of the class, and offers you his charger. Asks the questions everyone wants to know but are too shy to say out loud.

Hansol: Uses up all his bathroom slots in one semester. Too shy to raise his hand; looks out the window, probably screaming in his head.

Kun: So quiet you forgot he was in your class. Probably hates everyone because they’re so loud. Sits next to Hansol because he’s quiet too.

Yuta: “Can we work with partners?” Eavesdrops on all the gossip, and tells Winwin later.

Winwin: Always on his phone! Tweets the gossip Yuta tells him. Texts you later that night “Hey what was for homework? What were the readings?” 

Chenle: Reads a book because he finished all of the assignments already. Probably doesn’t let you copy his work. Screams when the power goes out.

Taeil: Always late to class, and shows up with Starbucks or McDonald’s breakfast. First out the door when the bell rings. 

How did you know my biggest weakness

Made this Italian instead of Chinese for @kevbrinx (check his italian comics out!)

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one day pidge comes across her ipod in the bottom of her backpack and digs it out bc everyone is excited to hear music from earth. then coran takes it to plug it up to the sound system and pidge begins... to realize... why she forgot about that ipod... but by then its too late, coran shuffles the ipod, and the dulcet tunes of miku hatsune play through out the whole castle. they never let her forget it. coran doesnt understand why its funny because he loves it.

coran: starts singing it in his showers

can y’all like…be mindful of what you write in the tags? not just on my posts but on other artists’ posts too… like seriously, if you don’t like a ship we drew, don’t write shit like “i prefer them with other ppl” or “i don’t really like this ship but the art is cute” or if its OC art don’t say things like “oh this looks like this already existing character” or really, just pointing out small “mistakes” like “oh this part of the drawing looks funny” and other rude commentary like just stop…please… we do read the tags on our posts (or at least try to) and it’s really discouraging to read these types of comments in the tags of our posts and it can make us feel shitty about the stuff we drew. nobody asked you. if you don’t have anything nice to say just keep it to yourself and reblog quietly or just don’t reblog the post at all… it’s not hard jfc im beggin’…

one thing i’d like to say is: be specific. when talking about a celebrity, or character, or show, if you can be specific with the labels, the better off you are.

alex danvers and maggie sawyer are not JUST wlw or sapphics. they are lesbians.

poussey washington is not JUST a queer poc. she is a black lesbian.

times to use more inclusive terms are when it’s multiple identities, such as avatar having many characters that are poc, clarke and lexa are wlw/sapphic, etc. you can use all-encompassing terms with shows such as these (though even with a:tla it’s best to also say that it was influenced by many south asian countries) because it represents multiple sexualities and/or ethnicities.

but honestly? most of the time representation is made, it’s for one specific minority. and while many people who aren’t that exact identity can appreciate and feel comforted by it, when you decide to slap a vague label on something that was specifically created for one marginalized group, you erase the group it was made for.