a typewriter and a camera

ID #77615

Name: Monika
Age: 18 (19 in June 24th)
Country: Poland

Hi, I’m Monika and I’m from small city called Kędzierzyn-Koźle. I’m in 3rd grade of hotelary high school. I love to travel and I’ve always wanted to have a pen pal to share letters with! I’m a huge geek and I love watching tv series, reading books and listening to music. I could talk about it for hours. My favourite shows are Supernatural, The X-Files, Riverdale, Orphan Black and more! I really love Percy Jackson (Apollo kids here!) and Harry Potter (Hufflepuff is my House). I also like Star Wars and Star Trek a lot. I just like to fangirl with someone. Honestly, I’m a weirdo who loves people and just wants to know someone who’s weird on the same level :) I really like old things such as typewriters or Polaroid cameras. Goodies are not necessary, but of course I won’t get mad if you send something xP I’d love to share handmade letters and occasionally postcards as well. I love sarcastic responses, sardonic humour and wisecracking. I think that’s all :)

Preferences: Preferably people from 17-23, who are accepting, supportive for LGBT+ (or at least not hating on them). Looking for somebody to fangirl (or fanboy) with about anything. Any race, sexual orientation, nationality etc.etc. as long you are an interesting open-minded person. 

a watch to number my days.

headphones to sing His praise.

a cup to drink in remembrance.

a journal to write out His truths.

a camera to document His beauty.

a typewriter to captivate the attention of hipster tumblrs to point them back to their Creator.

My sole survivor Tracie is a junk collector, she collects junk. Sanctuary is just piles upon piles of junk. No one wants to be there anymore. Preston begs her every day to stop collecting junk as she piles the 26th pool ball in his arms. She doesn’t need all that junk, yet its just there. They don’t have electricity in Sanctuary but they do have a lot of phones and typewriters and cameras. Everyone is getting concerned for her as she returns with a shopping cart filled with duct tapes and wrenches and dumps it in the middle of the street. 

Nick decides to confront her one day, he goes outside and suddenly the junk is gone. All of it, the piles of broken vases and dinner plates and toys are just gone. Suddenly there is a restaurant with neon signs and a jukebox in the middle of sanctuary. Something powers up the lights. It’s a generator by the river. None of this was there before, it wasn’t there few hours ago but now its there. No one understands how that happened, but they see her over the horizon, the light forming a halo behind her as she approaches. She carries more wrenches and antifreeze and desk fans, piling them up on the street once again. They decide not to ever question it. 

Raoul Hausmann_Mechanical Head (The Spirit of Our Times)_1919 1920
Mechanischer Kopf (Der Geist Unserer Zeit) or The Mechanical Head (The Spirit of Our Time) is the only surviving assemblage that Hausmann produced around 1919, 1920. Constructed from a hairdresser’s wig-making dummy, the piece has various measuring devices attached including a ruler, a pocket watch mechanism, a typewriter, some camera segments and a crocodile wallet. This assemblage is made to indicate how contemporary man is becoming a machine. He is controlled and identified by numbers and he is losing his identity to become only a workforce.
Centre George Pompidou, Paris