a typewriter and a camera

Stenbrough date headcanons
  • When they say they set a day for a date they use the ENTIRE day
  • It normally starts with Bill showing up around 4am at Stan’s doorstep with boxes of their favorite snacks 
  • They then will go on Stan’s roof and watch the sunrise eating their snacks and resting their heads on each other
  • Around 6am is when they finally get down
  • they walk to the nearest park holding hands and talking about life and their friends
  • When they get to the park they look around for a new spot to birdwatch 
  • Bill isn’t a big fan of bird watching but he loves the peace and serenity and being with his boyfriend
  • Stan uses multiple books of reference and has a notebook to track all the birds he sees
  • Bill just rests his head on Stan’s lap writing or drawing
  • One time Bill started to fall asleep and Stan softly kissed Bill’s forehead, causing Bill to blush and smile profusely
  • Stan may have missed spotting a bird, but it was worth it
  • After a while they walk to a market or small shop to pick up some small things for lunch
  • they like to find new places to have a picnic such as behind waterfalls they haven’t seen, hilltops they didn’t know existed, abandoned treehouses they were unaware of. They liked seeing more to their small town
  • One time a Stan was unpacking food for their lunch while they were sitting near a creek, Bill made a little flower crown for Stan, mostly composed of dandelions and other more appealing looking weeds
  • Regardless Bill found Stan to be absolutely adorable in it
  • Stan was flustered and blushing but Bill thought that made it even cuter
  • Sometimes they would collect small things, such as cool looking rocks, to keep as little mementoes
  • There is always a lot of soft kisses
  • They normally stay at their picnic destination for a while before moving on
  • They will normally walk around antique shops, go to small bakery/coffeeshops, visit bookshops, or see cheesy movies
  • If they are at an antique shop they spend the time discussing the different items in the store and the things they find the most interesting (Bill really likes typewriters and Stan really likes antique cameras)
  • If they are at a bakery or coffeshop they will normally order something to share and sit, sharing earbuds, showing each other new songs they found and talking
  • When at a bookstore they search around for different books to buy for each other
  • at movies they are the most cheesy romantic couple, they hold hands, Bill rests his head on Stan’s shoulder, hands laced together
  • nonetheless everyone in the theater, homophobic or not, are incredibly jealous of their relationship
  • They end the night at Bill’s house cuddling and listening to music
  • Sometimes they are chatty sometimes they just enjoy eachother’s silent presence
  • They would either fall asleep tangled in each other’s arms or at around midnight Stan would be walked home and they would kiss and remind each other of how much they love each other and how much they enjoyed their date
  • Regardless, the day always ended with them happy to be together

a watch to number my days.

headphones to sing His praise.

a cup to drink in remembrance.

a journal to write out His truths.

a camera to document His beauty.

a typewriter to captivate the attention of hipster tumblrs to point them back to their Creator.

ID #77615

Name: Monika
Age: 18 (19 in June 24th)
Country: Poland

Hi, I’m Monika and I’m from small city called Kędzierzyn-Koźle. I’m in 3rd grade of hotelary high school. I love to travel and I’ve always wanted to have a pen pal to share letters with! I’m a huge geek and I love watching tv series, reading books and listening to music. I could talk about it for hours. My favourite shows are Supernatural, The X-Files, Riverdale, Orphan Black and more! I really love Percy Jackson (Apollo kids here!) and Harry Potter (Hufflepuff is my House). I also like Star Wars and Star Trek a lot. I just like to fangirl with someone. Honestly, I’m a weirdo who loves people and just wants to know someone who’s weird on the same level :) I really like old things such as typewriters or Polaroid cameras. Goodies are not necessary, but of course I won’t get mad if you send something xP I’d love to share handmade letters and occasionally postcards as well. I love sarcastic responses, sardonic humour and wisecracking. I think that’s all :)

Preferences: Preferably people from 17-23, who are accepting, supportive for LGBT+ (or at least not hating on them). Looking for somebody to fangirl (or fanboy) with about anything. Any race, sexual orientation, nationality etc.etc. as long you are an interesting open-minded person. 

During the 1954 coup, the CIA turned to Madison Avenue, pop sociologies, and the literature of mass psychology to create the illusion of large-scale opposition to Arbenz. Radio shows spread rumors of an underground resistance, inciting wobbly army officers to abandon their oath to the democratically elected president. In subsequent decades, the CIA outfitted Guatemala with a centralized domestic intelligence agency, equipped with phones, radios, cameras, typewriters, carbon paper, filing cabinets, surveillance equipment—and guns, ammunition, and explosives. The CIA also brought together the military and the police in sleek urban command centers, where intelligence could be quickly analyzed, distributed, acted on, and archived for later use. After these efforts achieved their most spectacular results, with the 1966 disappearance of Guatemala’s last generation of peaceful leftists, guerrillas began seriously to organize armed opposition in rural areas. In response, the regime threw into the countryside an army so modernized—and so well trained and equipped by the United States—that by 1981 it was able to conduct the first color-coded genocide in history: “Military analysts marked communities and regions according to colors. White spared those thought to have no rebel influence. Pink identified areas in which the insurgents had limited presence; suspected guerrillas and their supporters were to be killed but the communities left standing. Red gave no quarter: all were to be executed and villages razed.
—  The Reactionary Mind - Corey Robin