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Technical Difficulties - Smut. [mystic-biscuit]

A Scruffy Hoes Production © 

Rating: 18+ NSFW
Words: 5.5k give er take

Notes: Yay group fic time. @completedylantrash @dumbass-stilinski @thelittlestkitsune @stilinski-jpeg @smutandahalf and I, all decided to do a group fic thingy for Mr. O’briens birthday. So enjoy some Stuart Twombly. Now y’all know why I have been up Stuarts ass for the last few weeks.


Stuart Twombly is a pompous dickweed.

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Baubles - Stuart Twombly Imagine

CHRISTMAS IMAGINES DAY 19: “Where is that goddamned bauble?”

WARNINGS: Slight swearing

SUMMARY: Every year you put a significant bauble up on the tree. But right now, you can’t find that bauble, and Stuart isn’t doing much to help you.

NOTES: Early update, because I’m late home tonight (yay!)

My EPQ supervisor wants to meet me tonight to go over my proposal and all that, so it’s going to be fun.

And then after that, I’m going trampolining (woop!) with my second family at Air Cadets. (They’re not my literal family, but they’re the closest thing to it.)

Anyway, hope you enjoy! Haven’t written for Stuart in so long ahh <3

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Cy Twombly was born this day in 1928. His painting Leda and the Swan, inspired by the Roman myth, is on view on our 4th floor as part of From the Collection: 1960–1969.

[Cy Twombly. Leda and the Swan. Rome 1962. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. © 2016 Cy Twombly Foundation]

A Different Person...

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Fandom: The Internship

Pairing: Stuart x Reader 

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  hey awesome writer, if you’re not too stressed and busy, could you do a Stuart Twombly imagine? Maybe one where he’s his usual antisocial self, but around you he’s really cute and the nooglers tease him about it? Thanks so much, don’t stress, have a great day!

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Phones, Movies and Popcorn//A Stuart Twombly Imagine

Anon said: Note: your ask box thing says tell me what you want. I want Stuart Twombly. But he doesn’t exist. So can I have a Twombly Imagine in which the reader takes away Stuarts phone for the day just to annoy him but it gets a bit fluffly? Idk I dont

I need more Stuart Twombly in my life


You sat back on the couch and rolled yours eyes as you listened to Yo-Yo, Nick , and Stuart argue over which was better: bottle feeding or breast feeding. 

You thought that Stuart was cute, but the more time you spent with him, the more repulsed you were by his attitude. He constantly had his head buried in his phone and only came up for air when he could prove someone wrong. It was getting on your nerves.

You were all working on the next challenge, except for Stuart, who was still on his phone. You grit your teeth and tried to ignore him.

“That’s it!” you yelled, slamming your hands on the table making poor Lyle jump and squeak with fright. “You,” you said, storming up to Stuart.

He looked at you. “Yes?”

You snatched his phone from his hands and pocketed it. 

“Hey!” he protested, snatching for the small black rectangle..

You shook your head. “Nuh-uh. You can have this back tomorrow. Now you’ll be forced to interact with us and actually do work. The horror.

He pouted, but got to work on his computer. “You promise you’ll give it back tomorrow?”

You cocked your head to the side. “I don’t know. I might actually end up liking talking to you.” You grinned and turned back to your screen.

That night, you and Neha were curled up in your dorm watching Harry Potter when you heard a knock on the door. You looked at each other, bewildered. It was half-past midnight. Who the hell was knocking at the door.

You got up, popcorn in hand, and went to the door. 

You looked through the peephole and saw Stuart standing there, looking like a Labrador puppy. 

“What?” you asked, opening the door and putting a hand on your hip. 

“Can I have my phone back?”

You smirked. “I suppose it technically is tomorrow… C'mon, it’s in my room, and I’m not gonna make you stand out here.”

He followed you in, looking around at all the posters that you and Neha had put up.

“Stuart? What are you doing here?” she asked.

“He’s here for his phone,” you answered.

She giggled. “I forgot you took it away.”

You smirked and ducked into your room, grabbing his phone from your dresser. 

“Here,” you said, thrusting it into his hands. 

“Thanks.” He turned and walked out the door.

“What, you aren’t gonna ask him to stay and watch movies with us?”

You shrugged and she groaned. “(Y/N), it’s so obvious you have a thing for him. Catch him before he leaves!”

You rolled your eyes. “But–”

She cut you off. “Go!”

You sighed and stuck your head out the door. “Stuart!” you hissed. He didn’t hear you. You groaned and ran down the hall after him. 



“Do you want to watch Harry Potter with us?”

He considered for a moment, and then nodded. “Sure.”

You grinned. “Cool, I’ll make hot cocoa.”

He smirked. “At 12:40?”

“Give me one good reason why not.”

He couldn’t think of one. “Okay, I’m in.”

The two of you walked back to the dorm and he sat down on the couch on the opposite end of Neha while you made hot cocoa.

You gave them their mugs and sat in between them and hit play on the movie.

The three of you sat munching on popcorn and slurping cocoa and yelling at the screen, shushing each other and giggling when neighbors pounded on the door and yelled at you to shut up. 

You were about halfway through The Order of the Phoenix when you felt something warm in the popcorn bowl. “What the hell?!” you cried.

Neha shushed you and Stuart looked like he was about to pee himself. 

“It was just my hand!” he wheezed. “Oh my god, your face!”

You threw popcorn at him. “Jackass,” you muttered before you settled back into the couch. You felt someone’s hand grab yours and you looked at him with raised eyebrows. He wasn’t looking at you, but you could tell he was blushing. You squeezed his hand and he looked at you in surprise. You smiled and tucked your legs under you and leaned back against his chest, turning your attention back to the screen where Mr. Weasley was being attacked by a snake.

“I didn’t mean to.” with Stuart Twombly Part 2
Requested by anons
Words: 1333

Its was the next day. You all were hung over and cursed everything. You couldn’t believe that you won the create an app challenge with an app you programmed while you were drunk. It was a miracle.
To clear your mind you went eating with Neha. After you were replete and felt better you met the others again. Yo-Yo was still lying on the couch and sleeping, while Lyle, Billy and Nick were okay. You looked to the beanbag chair on which Stuart were sitting before you left, but it was empty and the wearer of glasses was gone.
“Where’s Stuart?”, you asked and got a confused look of Billy.
“No ‘Troublely’?” Billy was right. Since Stuart acted like a totally d*ck you called him 'Troublely’, but after the last day it kind of seemed wrong to you.
You shrugged your shoulders as answer and looked to Nick, who told you that Stuart went home. He had drunk a lot after your conversation and was dying now because of his bad headache.
You took your bag and wanted to leave.
“What are you doing?”, Neha asked and let you turn to her.
“I have to say sorry. I wasn’t very nice to him yesterday and I’m feeling bad.” You knew it was an understatement. You were the devil despite the fact that he just wanted to get sure, you’re okay.
The others nodded and watched you leaving.

When you arrived at Stuart’s apartment, you took a deep breath before you knocked on his door. You heard a grumble and cursing before the door went open and a dead and annoyed looking Stuart appeared. He ran his hand through his totally messy hair and had one eye closed like he was sleeping just a few minutes ago. His clothes supported your guessing. He was wearing an oversized Marvel shirt and sweat pants, while his  feet were naked. Although he was a mess, he still looked handsome as always.
His annoyed mood switched immediately to confused, after he saw you.
“(Y/N)? What are you doing here?”
You realized you were staring and came back into the reality
“Did I wake you up? I-I can come back later”, you stumbled and get ready to leave, but Stuart stopped you.
“Oh no no. I couldn’t even sleep. Come in!” He stepped to the side, so you could look inside his apartment. It was as black as pitch, probably because the shutters were closed. You stepped in, while he switched the light on.
His apartment was very tidy. Yeah okay, you just went home for sleeping because you hadn’t much free time and it was just for this summer, but your apartment wasn’t very tidy.
Awkwardly you stopped in the middle of the room and turned around to face Stuart. You started to fish something out of your bag and gave it him. It was a packet Aspirin and a water bottle.
“Nick said you have a hungover.”
Thanking he took the things and gestured you to sit down on the couch, while he sat down on the armchair in front of you. Then he took one of the tablets and swallowed it with the water.
An awkward silence filled the room and let you look everywhere but to Stuart.
“Was this all you wanted?”, he carefully asked, while he nervously scraped off the etiquette of the water bottle. You never saw him being nervous before.
You shook your head and bit your bottom lip.
“No, I wanted to say sorry for yesterday…”
“It’s okay, I was a total d*ck to you.” He laid the shredded bottle down and your eyes finally met. “I have to say sorry.”
“Why did you change?” You knew this question was stupid, but how can someone change during 5 minutes?
Stuart didn’t understand it and asked, what do you mean.
“I mean, you wasn’t very nice to me and a few minutes later you apologized for everything?”
“I didn’t mean to be an a**shole.” He didn’t mean to. This sentence echoed in your head since last day. He didn’t mean to, but he was.
“And why were you acting like one?” He avoided your look again and rubbed his neck. You could see how he was searching for words and you had pity. He looked like a timid fawn.
“You were the first one in the team I liked…”, he started, “I didn’t want to like anyone of you, so I ignored it and then I was accustomed to be an a** to you, but…” He stopped himself.
“But?”, you asked, but he kept quiet. You looked down on your hands. “Stu, I-”
You couldn’t finish, because Stuart didn’t let you. He abruptly started to shout, what made you jump.
“I like you! Like 'like like’! You’re intelligent! Beautiful! Funny! Strong! I- I don’t know how to act around you! I even asked Neha for help! I never wanted to be an a**hole to you! I’m so sorry, it’s the only thing I can!”
“You asked Neha for help?” You knew, he just told you his feelings for you, but you didn’t know how to act and that was the first thing that came into your mind.
“I didn’t want to ask Nick and Billy…”, he mumbled and you nodded understandingly. It was quiet for a few minutes again until Stuart whispered a question. “Was that everything you want to say to it?”
You didn’t show the slightest inclination to say something, so he hanged his head.
“I like you, too…”, you finally said, what changed his sad mood. Shocked he faced you again. “But you didn’t make it easy…”
“I know and I’m sorry! And I’m so sorry for the bruise on your arm.” You brushed the spot, where he held you the last day.
“I don’t know, if I-”
“I’d do anything!”
“Say that Star Wars is better than Star Trek!” Stuart frowned his brows in confusion.
You repeated yourself and bit your lower lip to hide a smile.
“I can’t!”, he said sternly, but got desperate when you stood up and walked to the door. “No, wait!”
He grabbed your arm and made you stop. It wasn’t as rude as the last day. It was gently and it felt like, he didn’t even touch you. You turned around and waited for him to make a move. His hand slowly moved to yours and he came nearer, so there were just a few inches between your faces. He brushed a strand of hair behind your ear, what let you blush, before he rested his other hand on your cheek. He came closer and then…
“I never realized how big your nose is!”
“Shut up and kiss me, Twombly!”, you shouted and he chuckled, before he put his lips on yours.
It wasn’t dominate like you thought it would be. It was very gently and sweet and not very long, but your heart still pounded fast against your chest.
You saw him smiling after your kiss and wanted to tease him a bit.
“It’s kinda boring, if you’re no d*ck anymore.”
“Oh, you want the d*ck back?”, he asked challengingly and grinned. Right after that he grabbed your waist to pull you closer and smashed his lips on yours again. You moaned surprisingly, what he took as an opportunity to explore your mouth with his tongue. Simultaneously he put his hand on your butt and pulled you even closer. That’s the dominance you expected.
Your hands went up to his hair and played with it, while your lips moved in sync.
But then you needed to stop the kiss, before you two ran out of air. Hard breathing you had to smile.
“How’s the headache?”
“Better…”, he breathed and smiled like a dork, what made you giggle.


Requested by anon

Stuart: You’ve been following me around for days…you going to stop? 

Y/N: Nope.

Stuart: What if I ask nicely?

Y/N: Then you wouldn’t be acting like your normal adorable callous self! 

Stuart: Wha-…wait…you think i’m adorable? I’m an asshole!

Y/N: But you’re my kind of asshole.

Because of You//A Stuart Twombly Imagine

Anon said: I’ve been reading through your imagines all day (it’s getting obsessive) , and I saw that you asked for some Stuart (the internship) inspiration. So… When the group is at the strip bar, and the waitress/dancer is all flirty with Stuart o/c gets jealous. Thanks, love you!

Yes the world needs more Stuart Twombly 


“It’s a great big world out there,” Nick said. “Just three inches up, I beg you.” He tilted Stuart’s chin up so he could see the perky breasts of the waitress in front of him. Stuart’s mouth fell open as the woman put one of his fingers in her mouth. You tried not to cringe at the noise he made. Lyle and Yo-Yo followed him eagerly.

Billy and Nick asked you and Neha if you were okay with this, and you both nodded. A blonde woman came and lead you to the table where the guys were already sitting. You all did around of shots, cheering when Yo-Yo downed one after the other.

A girl came and started grinding on Stuart. His glasses were askew and his head lolled around, trying to follow the girl’s face. Billy snapped a photo and cheered. “Exchange-a-gram moment!”

You tried not to puke. 

“You okay there (Y/N)?” Nick asked. “You look like you’re gonna vomit.”

You waved him off. “I’m fine.” But when you looked over and saw Stuart drooling over the strippers, you knew that you were 100% not fine.

After about a half hour of this, you couldn’t take it anymore. “Nick, I don’t feel so hot. I’m gonna step outside for a sec.”

“Do you want me to come with you?”

You shook your head. “Nah. I just want to get away from…that." You gestured at Stuart, who was dancing with a different girl than he was ten minutes ago. 

A look of understanding dawned on his face. ”Oh.“ 

You nodded. "Yeah, it hasn’t exactly been a stellar evening, watching that.”

“Okay, well if you want to leave, just say the word." 

You smiled. "Thanks, but I don’t want to ruin it for everyone else.” With that, you ducked outside into the alley and leaned against a wall. You hated the fact that you were invisible to him. You hated the fact that he barely knew you existed. The tears began to fall from your eyes before you could stop them. 

“Are you okay?” a soft voice came from behind you.

You looked up and saw a pair of concerned brown eyes framed by black-rimmed glasses. 

“I’m fine,” you mumbled, wiping your eyes on your sleeve. 

“You don’t look fine,” he said, sitting next to you. “I saw you leave, and I just wanted to make sure you were all right.”

“I said I’m fine!” you snapped.

“No, you aren’t.”

You sighed. “No, I’m not.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.”

He threw his hands in the air. “It is so obviously something! Nothing wouldn’t make you leave like that and then sit in an alley and cry!”

“I left because of you!” you shouted, getting to your feet. “I couldn’t stand watching those girls grind on you and you looking like you were about to jizz in your pants! It’s hard enough having you barely notice me when we’re not around a bunch of strippers, and then we are and it’s like I’m completely invisible! Do you know how hard it is to have the person you’ve been crushing on since the beginning of summer ignore you and act like you don’t exist? Because I do, and it sucks!” You glared at him, daring him to say something.

He took a step closer, putting his face inches from yours. And then there wasn’t any space and he was kissing you. He pulled away. “I wasn’t ignoring you, I was too scared to talk to you.”

“Wait, what just happened?”

“I kissed you and told you I liked you, dumbass,” he joked.

“Good. I’m not going crazy.” You grinned and grabbed his hand. “Let’s go back inside. I need a drink.”

“After you.”

Cy Twombly
1928 - 2011
(i), (vii) and (xxiv) signed and dated Sperlonga July 1959 on the reverse
oil-based house paint, pencil and wax crayon on paper, in twenty-four parts
each: dimensions variable: 12 x 12 1/8 in. to 13 5/8 x 12 1/8 in. 30.3 x 31 cm. to 34.6 x 31 cm.

 The first Twombly comic I read was Fifty Days at Iliam—a ten panel retelling of Homer’s epic the size of a large room. However, my favorite comic is his Poems to the Sea which takes form as 24 little drawing/painting hybrids in his signature scrawly style. The panels of his poems are scribbly lists and metered meditations on the ever distant future in thick white paint and ruts of graphite. The only stability in the work is a clear line near the top of each panel, the horizon. 

Alma Thomas was born on this day in 1891. Thomas’s abstract compositions are derived from observations of nature. For her painting Mars Dust (center), the artist used the dust storms that occur on the red planet as the touchstone for the all-over composition. In 1972, the same year that she made the work, Thomas became the first African American woman to have a solo exhibition at the Whitney. 

Installation view of America Is Hard to See (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, May 1–September 27, 2015). Photography by Ronald Amstutz

Happy Birthday to Cy Twombly, born on this day in 1928!

In the mid-1950s, Twombly initiated his own stylistic approach to abstraction. Although influenced by Abstract Expressionism, like Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg, he developed a highly personal mode of painting. Twombly’s paintings and drawings often include symbols of ancient culture and notes in calligraphy, as seen here in “Ferragosto II” (1961). With visual tensions between thick clumps of paint and thin pencil lines, his work reminds us of blackboard drawings or graffiti.