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I think the best thing about Keith and Lance is that these two hated each other in the beginning of the show

But slowly as it went on, even though they still didn’t agree with everything that they did and they still had some arguments, you can tell that they started to care more about each other 

Look at Keith being concerned for Lance

(I can’t get over this part, he was so impatient for him to come out because he wanted him to heal so badly)

And look at Lance after he found out that the Red lion was attacking the base in the Blade of Marmora episode, he knew Keith was possibly in danger and he looked so concerned for him

(Especially the way he says “Allura?” too)

Lance and Keith’s relationship is slowly progressing as the seasons go on, and I personally think that it will be the most valid in season three now that Shiro’s gone. 

Shiro was always the one that came between them so that they would stop fighting. Now that he’s gone and they’re probably going to have to find him, they’re going to need to work together (not just as teammates but as friends/acquaintances too).

Their relationship was set up to reach this point, rivals at first, but when they both lose something important to them, their bond/connection/team work matters now more than ever. 

We already know that they actually are a pretty decent team when they want to be

(Getting out of that elevator together)

(Going on missions)

And there are so many more moments, but now it goes beyond Voltron and it’s a matter of can they work together as Lance and Keith, and not just as Lance and Keith the paladins. 

That’s going to be the ultimate test, but I personally think they can it’s just a matter of how and when. They’re going to be very important to each other in season three, I can tell. 


I made this a while ago and I’m finally deciding to upload it …

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in your tags from the rikyako q&a post, you said smth abt her being okay for the kimikoko solo. what happened with that before?

Anchan and Rikyako were seriously out of breath for their duet in Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? in all of their previous performances (January Event, Numazu Live, Christmas Mini-Live).

Yesterday they finally performed Kimikoko again and…

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It’s amazing how no matter how fucking alone I am in running this blog all my popular shitposts always come around some way and find the Holy Quartet of Junkrat-related blogs only to be worn out by the time it gets to them and all acknowledgement of my existance is withered away

I wonder…
I wonder if they know

Bellamy Blake or Bellarke prompts

Feel free to request and pick any number of these!
The prompts can be used in a Bellarke fanfic or Bellamy Blake imagine.

Some of these prompts are quotes from the 100.

/ = or

1. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

2. “I’m too sober for this.”

3. “I’m not here to make friends.”

4. “I hate everyone in this hellhole. But frankly, your the most tolerable.”

5. “I might have drank to much, but- you’re so cozy.”

6. “That’s the tragedy, isn’t it?”

7. “I loved you.”

8. “I didn’t mean it, I was just- scared.”

9. “I’m sorry I ever- cared.”

10. “She/he wouldn’t be taken alive.”

11. “It was a good death.”

12. “I’m a fucking warrior.”

13. “Warriors don’t kill like this. I know your grieving- hurting, but, this isn’t you.”

14. “You’re seriously like a man-child.”

15. “You’ll never make it out alive and- I can’t loose you.”

16. “I know it was supposed to be a one night stand but- I broke the rules. I felt something and now all we can do is deal with it.”

17. “May we meet again.”

18. “Your fight is over.”

19. “I love you.”

20. “Why did you leave me? I can’t do this without you.”

21. “You’re an idiot.”

22. “Your aware that I hate you, right?” “Yup.”

23. “Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion.”

24. “Mhm. How drunk are you exactly?”

25. “How drunk was I?”

26. “Moonshine? Really?”

27. “Why can’t you appreciate my sense of humor?”

28. “Why are you so sarcastic?”

29. “Don’t you die on me.“

30. "The blade was poisoned.”

31. “Swing first, ask questions later. Got it?”

32. “They aren’t here to make friends either.”

33. “You could have killed me- you fucking shot me.” “If I didn’t, Pike would have, in the head.”

34. “I’m sorry I hurt you.”

35. “That’s all you have to say?”

36. “I can’t keep fighting like this”

37. “I don’t want to hurt you. So you should leave.“

38. “Ignore me, I didn’t see anything”

39. "Did you just-”

40. “I trusted you.“

41. "Don’t take him/her- take me.”

42. “I don’t love you- never did.”

43. “This is who I am now. Who I’ve always been.”

44. “I thought you loved me”

45. “You’re alive?!”

46. “You’re dead to me.”

47. “If you really love me, you’ll let me go”

48. “I’m not gonna keep having this conversation”

49. “I can’t.” “Why?” “Because every time I see you I fall in love with you all over again. I remember how you left me. I remember how you’ll never feel the same and my heart breaks over and over again.”

50. “You’re the reason I left. You’re the reason I put up my walls. Because you’re the reason they were broken down in the first place.”

It had been such a perfect day when Douglas married Martin.

Their friends and family were all gathered, celebrating. Douglas’ daughters right up by them as they said their vows, the additional weight of the bracelet clasped around his wrist that Verity and Hannah had made being a wonderful touch.

Arthur said it was the most brilliant wedding he had ever been too.

Douglas couldn’t have agreed more.

* * *

Fandot Creativity - Prompt: Beads and/or Marriage.

Not my best sketching, but it will do for rushing (I had to get it done, for the FC! >u> ❤

Enjoy, m’dears!


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Welp, this didn’t really turn out how I liked and I kinda gave up on coloring…

But hey, I finished!

And just in time to celebrate 100 followers~! Thank you all so so much! It’s been so fun to share my love for Hunter X Hunter with everyone, and I am honestly even more excited for what the future has in store!

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