a twisted fairytale

“I’m so bored of having to save everyone,” the prince said. “Why the hell is it my job? I never asked for this.”

“I’m so bored of being locked in towers like I’m the prize boys get for being a decent person,” the princess replied. “But you’re right, the power and opportunity to affect change in the world is awful. I honestly don’t know how you bear it.” 

The two siblings paused, exchanging a look. 

The masquerade of pretending to be each other began.

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Sasunaru au recs please!!

This took a while, wow.

[No sex]: Either just kissing or oral/grinding/handjob.

Sin by Kiya Sama. [SasuNaruSasu]

The Divine Glitch by michelerene. [SasuNaru]

The Worst Shift by Kizukatana & Capturedbynoodles. [SasuNaru]

It Started Over Coffee & It Started Over Coffee: Seattle by Rasengan22. [SasuNaruSasu]

Deception by KizuKatana/BriEva. [SasuNaruSasu]

Give Us Our Daily Ramen by KizuKatana. [SasuNaru]

Opposite Sides Of The Tracks by KizuKatana. [SasuNaruSasu]

Therapy by NavyBlueWings. [SasuNaru]

The Demilitarized Zone by michelerene. [SasuNaru]  

Partners by Miasen. [SasuNaru]  

Life Is A Highway by NavyBlueWings. [SasuNaru]

Like Ninja Fighters by Jelp [NaruSasu]

Italy, Here we Come! by NavyBlueWings. [SasuNaru]

Secret Santa by michelerene. [No sex]  

Photogenic Lovers by dotheunthinkable. [Implied SasuNaru]  

Instincts by Sleeping-Lion7. [Implied NaruSasu]

Delicious by fangirlandiknowit. [NaruSasu]  

Wait For Me To Come Home by narusasuheadcanons. [No sex]

A Million Miles Away by narusasuheadcanons. [No sex]

The Test by KizuKatana. [SasuNaruSasu]

Over The Years by KittyHug.  [No sex]

Funny Way To Fall by Atanih88. [No sex]

For Want Of Blood And Soul by Yakubi. [SasuNaru]

The Demon and His Priest by bashfulglowfly. [NaruSasu]

Returning the Favor A Twisted Fairytale by michelerene. [SasuNaru]

The Trouble with Dating a Werefox by IvvyMoon (blue_jack). [NaruSasu]  

Midnight Memories by Daydreamer79. [SasuNaru]  

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Writing prompts

Royalty AU - Character A is a member of the royal family, and Character B is a commoner, working in their stables. After growing tensions with a neighbouring kingdom, the country is at war. The castle is being attack and Character B frantically searches for Character A to help them find their way out. 

With a twist - Imagine your favourite fairytale, put a spin on it. What would it be like with characters completely unsuited to the roles they’re inserted into in the fairytale?

As we know it - It’s the end of the world! Character A wants to tell Character B how they feel. How would their last day go? Would they work up the courage to tell them or would they prefer to be selfless and try and make it the best day possible for both?

I keep seeing all these happy, bouncy, positive posts about Belle and OUAT

And I just don’t see it. I won’t reblog them and proffer my bewilderment, my point-of-view, because it won’t be wanted. I can see that. 


Many fans are acting like 6A’s crazy plot has all been explained. Hallelujah, they’ve seen the Light! Belle’s behavior all makes sense, now … in that her poor choices are being focused on and, inexplicable though they are, she thought she was doing the right thing. Um, what? 

Am I the only one who wants to scream that the Emperor is still fucking naked? 

I don’t see her taking responsibility for arranging the kidnapping of THEIR baby (not “hers”; the baby was theirs)—nor its horrific outcome. I see no apology for trying to hurt her husband so deeply as to rip another child away from him to another realm. Fathers deserve to be in their children’s lives, and even the show creators have reminded us that Rumple is a great father. I see her making no apology for the pain she inflicted with her needless hurtful words. I don’t see her puzzling over how she could have possibly believed that nonsense she was given in her dreams. I don’t see the absurd behavior all making sense with the plot now anymore than I did, before, because they’re still working from the same narrative they always have: Rumple bad, Belle blameless. 

Where is this? 

I know he’d never want to hurt Belle this way, but I think we need to revisit this. I see the Belle of 6x11 wallowing in self-pity, but refusing to accept the harm she’s done her husband and their relationship. She’s accepted some blame for Gideon, but doesn’t seem to give a solitary thought to the potentially irreversible harm she’s done to their marriage … and how that damage may have, or already has, affected the outcome with Gideon. Rumple has mentioned—numerous times, now—working together to try to fix things. Not once has Belle accepted this offer, nor ever suggested it herself. Does she seem relieved he’s willing to offer an olive branch? Nope. It barely registers.

Twice in 6x11, Belle expressed that she didn’t know if Rumple wanted to help Gideon kill/wanted Gideon to succeed in killing. Who is this Belle? Where did this pod person!Belle come from?! This Belle doesn’t have the first clue who Rumple is. How could she be that far removed from knowing him? 

I don’t know if it’s Emilie’s acting, or what is striking such an odd note for me in her scenes. Belle seemed insouciant at the well, similar to how she came off at the well in “Broken Heart” (5x10), when she met Rumple there to break his heart. “I know you’ve just become what I always said I wanted, but I no longer want that! See ya!” 

I can’t find the GIF, but I’ll never forget this scene and her mocking duck-lips (the still on the bottom left happens to stop on the nanosecond where she actually looks sad; the GIF shows how much it looks like she doesn’t have two fucks to rub together). Then, the incomprehensible return that night, the exhaustive makeup sex, followed by the problems in 5C, culminating with the sleeping curse. I’ll never forget the scenes in the pawnshop in “Heartless” (6x07), where she curled her lip and told him how his weakness was worse than pure evil. Okay, Milah 2.0, that’s enough! 

I did NOT start writing this to be an anti-Belle post, but I just can’t seem to help it. I had to examine what I felt was wrong with “Tougher Than the Rest” (6x11), which is best done by comparing her behavior and dialogue from before. It’s best done by looking at how little Belle’s motivations are explained, or how they’re handwaved away with “Rumple, EVIL”. I was only going to express my puzzlement at what seems like 95% of the fandom which is giddy with joy. Are they faking some of it? Agreeing with the Emperor to come off as “good fans” or perpetually positive ones? 

Where’s my joy? I loved Belle. They took everything about her that made her special and soured it. She’s not compassionate; she’s cruel. I hear her spout things that I’ve only heard from Rumple-hating fans. I feel robbed. I feel tricked. Where’s my joy? Belle’s a hypocrite, embracing the worst of Storybrooke and giving them a free pass—but not Rumple, saving all her judgement for him. I hear you saying,”Well, can’t Belle have flaws, too?!” Yes, but it would be nice if they meshed with her earlier characterization. People have excused the banishment with the trait “impulsiveness”. Okay, but, upon reflection, where was the regret? How is impulsiveness even recognized if no questioning of one’s actions occurs? (There was that brief moment at the well in 4B, but Regina made her forget that, so—never mind.) Instead, she doubled-down on insisting she was right and consorting with her husband’s long-time enemies. Earlier Belle had a deep streak of curiosity that was almost reckless. Where were her questions for her husband in season 4 or season 5 or season 6? What happened to digging into the puzzle that was him? 

Where’s my joy? I think it left when OUAT started doing everything they could to destroy Rumbelle, and to embrace this nonsensical view of morality and “heroes and villains”. Life isn’t black and white, kiddies. It never has been. OUAT purported to be “twists” on fairytales. I expected shades of gray, unlike traditional fairytales. I thought we had that, but OUAT left that behind.

The writers have ruined canon Rumbelle for me, and they’re not even on the road to fixing it. I have no hope they will fix it, since they couldn’t find that road with their own, personal, dedicated satellite system.

Acnara´s super long Harrymort/tomarry archive

Ok so, I´ve been wanting to do a harrymort rec list since probably forever. As a Harrymort shipper, I´ve always had a lot of trouble finding long lists of recommendations -or fics at all. You feel me. And, even if at the beginning I was planing in making this a single post, the recent amount of new stories on AO3 about my OTP (Guys, thank you so much), made me decide to make this more of an interactive thing. So, I´ll keep editing this every time i find anything worth tagging.

And here we get to the tricky part. This is full of recommendations, but, in order to make this fair to new authors/not so well known authors, instead of making this a “you must read” list I´m making it an “everything i´ve ever favorited/followed in ff.net and everything I´ve bookmarked/marked for later on AO3″ kind of list. I personally thing everything here is worth your time, either WIP or complete or one-shot. BUT: lots of the WIPs are old, so they are unofficially descontinued. If you have read everything here, I´m sorry :( I´ll try to update it soon, fear not!

The favorites will have a *, and my personal favorites will have ** and probably fangirl comments, sorry about that. I´d also recommend checking out anything written by this authors. 

Ok, enough talking. Take a sit, this is huge.


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FAIRYTALE ADAPTATIONS (7/?): “The Tiger’s Bride” from The Bloody Chamber and Other Short Stories by Angela Carter 

“The tiger will never lie down with the lamb….[T]he lamb must learn to run with the tigers.”

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Yo book recommendations? In a bit of a slump ATM pls help (ily)

yes, I would love to give book recommendations! it does depend on the kind of stuff you like to read, but here are some of my favourites and hopefully there will be something you like! x

  • The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer - fairytale retellings set in the future with robots and spaceships. I read these last year after finishing exams, and they’re really gripping!
  • Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan (or any of his books really) - super fast paced and exciting, and really funny! Also you learn so much about Greek mythology, I have learned more from Percy Jackson than from my first year of a classics degree I swear
  • Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz - 14 year old spy goes around saving the world but doesn’t actually want to do it and is super salty about it the whole time. He does get really cool gadgets though
  • Cherub by Robert Muchamore - teenaged spies again. These books won’t win any literary prizes, but they are really easy reads and have been very successful in getting me out of reading slumps
  • Lockwood and co by Jonathan Stroud - ghost hunting! With the most precious characters you will ever meet, and a really sassy skull which lives in a jar and hates everyone
  • Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness - kind of hard to explain the plot, but they’re great books! I read the whole trilogy over one weekend, although the ending is pretty distressing
  • The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani - a lot better than the title, sort of a twist on fairytales. They are also pretty funny and sooooo easy to read! They’re not the smallest books in the world but you can zip through them. Also they have illustrations, and that’s always a plus
  • Timeriders by Alex Scarrow - time travel!!! So many twists and turns throughout the series though
  • Magisterium by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare - magic school, sorcerers etc.
  • And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie - the only Agatha Christie I have ever read, but it’s a great mystery! a group of strangers invited to an island, then they start getting murdered one by one…
  • Keys to the Kingdom by Garth Nix - there’s a really cool magical world in these books
  • The Glory by Lauren St John - this one’s a bit more fluffy, and involves a horse race with very high stakes and stuff… idk I just really liked it. It’s not mind blowing, but it’s nice
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket - they are fun short books with a really interesting narration style. Really unique and you can get through one in a single sitting, perfect for a reading slump
  • Itch by Simon Mayo - this one is about a kid who finds a new and very dangerous radioactive element and all the repercussions of that. It’s pretty exciting for a book about chemistry!
  • Harry Potter by JK Rowling - if you haven’t already read them! my absolute favourite books of all time

twisted fairytales: THE LITTLE MERMAID (modern sapphic au)

Bet'cha on land they understand,
Bet they don’t reprimand their daughters.

And she sighs, and she swoons, and she’s hummin’ little tunes, even has a sorta glow!
What on earth could it be?
Any hammerhead can see! That sigh! That glow! That swoon!
Oh, no! She’s in love!

Somewhere there’s a girl who’s like the shimmer of the wind upon the water,
somewhere there’s a girl who’s like the glimmer of the sunlight on the sea,
Somewhere there’s a girl who’s like a swell of endless music,
Somewhere she is singing and her song is meant for me!

And her voice! It’s warm as summer sky,
And that sound, it haunts my dreams, and spins me ‘round,
Until it seems I’m flying…

Poor unfortunate souls, in pain, in need,
This one longing to be thinner
That one
wants to get the girl,
And do I help them? Yes, indeed!

Look at it all, hall after hall, perfect as you could please here!
Marvels galore, and even more, gee, did I mention she’s here?
And if - who knows? - all of it goes past even these extremes!
Just look at me and you will see someone beyond her wildest dreams!

Just let your emotions tell your body what to do, see how much a single gesture can reveal!
And every little step, every single step, is one step closer, to saying what you feel.

Sing with me now! Sha la la la la la, my oh my,
Look like the girl too shy ain’t gonna kiss the girl,
Sha la la la la la, ain’t that sad?
Ain’t it a shame? Too bad, she’s gonna miss the girl.

And at the ball, what will occur?
Maybe I’ll find that voice…
But I’ll lose her!

But fathers have to learn their daughters have to grow,
And if you truly love them you must let them go…
And oh, I love you so, if only you could know….
You love her
very much, don’t you?

And now at last, love has surpassed each tribulation!
Mermaid and woman
finally can join and be one!
Now they can smile, walking the aisle, here at their wedding celebration!

Now they can be who their meant to be, now they can gaze on a new horizon!
Here between ocean and sky,
forever and on!
Now they can walk, now they can run, now they can stay all day in the sun!
Just you and me,
And I will be,
Part of your world!

Start Again

Pairing: E2 Harrison Wells x Reader

Word Count: 4,184 (I’M SO SORRY!)

Anonymous: Any chance for an E2 Harrison Wells X Reader where he confesses his love but knows that it’d be complicated? (Can the reader also have fallen for him too?) I love your work!

A/N: YES THERE IS A CHANCE! I technically don’t take “one-shot requests” but I REALLY wanted to do this one. The way that E2-Harry is; I wanted to really play up all those little moments in between that would make your relationship. This was one of those requests that was SO simple and easy but SO complicated and heavy all at once and there was no way I could justify cramming into an imagine. This one struck me and it deserved expansion. It STILL isn’t even close to where I want it but it was getting so long… (Thank you for the compliment btw!) Enjoy and thank you for giving me the chance to bring your imagine to life! It was so much fun to write!

Warnings/Tags: Harrison is in a Dark Place, Some Language, Long Fiction and I’m SO Sorry, Grammatical Errors, Possible Age Gap (Depending on YOUR age,) You Help Harrison Open Up, Harrison is a Prickly Pear, Junk Food, Stick Figures, Harrison is Painfully Awkward with You… Until He’s Not, Harrison is Also Stupid-Cute, Angst, Heavy Make-Out Session.

Song Rec(s): Eyes Shut by Years & Years

Originally posted by neulina

He wasn’t sure what is was like to be picture perfect but he knew he didn’t fit the description…

He supposed he used to know, back when he chased pretty girls and picket fences - wanted an ideal family - the kind that put the Cleavers to shame but that was before… Before all of this - before everything - before the lab, meta-humans, and Jesse. He’d long since forgotten what picture perfect looked like but he caught a glimpse - just a taste - the day you walked into the lab.

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dearest princess prologue | kth

Originally posted by jjks

pairing: taehyung x reader
genre: angst, mentions of abuse
word count: 300+ (it’s only a prologue, chapters shall be longer I promise!)
description: false hopes are more dangerous than fears. what happens when a broken girl meets and equally broken prince?

WARNING: As the story develops, mature themes will be implemented. Some of the themes may be triggering, and some may not be suitable for younger readers.


She heard it. The sound of the grand clock reverberated through the main hall, hitting the walls and the ears of those enraptured in it. Her body froze, fear flowing through her veins as she let go of the hand she desperately wanted to hold onto. “I-I, I have to go,” she exclaimed, her eyes frantically searching for an exit. He did not know how to react, for he too was frozen in shock. The beautiful girl he had just encountered was now trying to escape his grasp, his one shot of something other than what was laid out for him was falling through his fingers as if it was sand. What he did not know was the fate she had to face once the night had ended, one that she tried so hard to escape. She had to return to a life filled with neglect, abandonment. A life she wanted out from for so long.

She continued to rush down the halls before finding the main entrance. She heard him call out for her, though he did not know her name. “Please come back!” was repeated in her mind as she dashed away, sadness laced in the voice of the Prince. She felt her left slipper slip off her foot, but turning around to retrieve it was too risky and her time too limited. The carriage that brought her to the castle soon appeared in front of her and it’s appearance implied a sense of urgency. Just as she heard the Prince called for the gates to close, she swiftly closed the door and she was off.

She tried to ignore the drop in her heart as each second passed by. Her mind ached, but the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to dream of a life different than the one she had to lead, the one she was returning to. But she knew how her dreams had crushed her very being. After all, false hopes are more dangerous than fears.

A/N: Welcome to my twist on an average fairytale. I hope you’ll stick around till the end!


«Not all t r e a s u r e is silver and gold, mate».

We all need someone. I just happen to need him.

He’ll never need me though, he never has.. And that’s just how it is. What I wouldn’t give.. To have him need me.

It’s not ever that simple though, because I am just a drug to him, a nights worth of fun until he wants it again.. When he’s bored.

Him? He’s my oxygen, I need him to survive and I have no choice about it, and honestly that’s quite the unfair twisted fairytale, don’t you think?

—  He doesn’t need me.

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I can't remember where, but I'm pretty certain Adam said in one of the post-finale interviews that the EF scene with Henry and Lucy was a flash forward scene that happens after Lucy knock's Henry's door in Seattle.

I’m with you on this Nonnie but I actually had this conversation with people when the finale aired and was in the minority on my interpretation of that order of events. In this article Natalie Abrams calls the EF scene a “flash forward” but she is using the term to distinguish those EF scenes from the usual EF scenes which are always in the past. Eddy does the same thing when he says “We saw that in what we realize are flash forwards, and then at the very end, Henry has grown up and he looks like he left home.” In terms of the finale any scene with Lucy is technically a flash forward in time from the main story and that’s how I think they were using the word. 

But just from the episode itself the order of the EF scenes and the doorway scene is suspect. Lucy asks Henry “Are you Henry Mills?” which implies she has never met him before which means that the EF scenes come after the doorway scene. This would set up a story with the LWM being the “present” and the EF being the “future” and would also eliminate any need for a curse on Henry. But I think most people are approaching the story with the idea that there is a curse on Henry as well as on Regina, Hook, and Rumple and perhaps a bunch of other fairytale characters we don’t know about yet. 

Eitherway the finale set up two separate stories. First EF Lucy searching for Henry and protecting the book and second LWM Lucy trying to get Henry to save his family. If EF is the flashback then we know that Lucy’s mission fails or takes her into the LWM and that eliminates some of the drama because we know where she ends up and where Henry ends up. And while in S1 that worked because while we knew everyone got cursed we didn’t know who everyone was in the EF or the twist on their fairytale story, I don’t think it would work as well this time. But if the LWM is the flashback then we are left with a lot of questions about how they get to the EF and who else made it there with them and what happened to Henry and where did the darkness come from. To me it would be a more interesting way to tell the story.