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Long live the 1989 Era👑
The 1989 Era means so much to me. Each and every song on the album share a different story, and some of my favourite songs (I Wish You Would, Blank Space and Clean) are from 1989. The confident Taylor with short hair living in New York, the candids, the interviews, the music videos, and the tour is absolutely everything. It was such a magical, inspiring, thrilling and blissful era. Hearing Blank Space was the defining moment where I knew that I was truly part of the Swiftie family. Going to the 1989 tour and witnessing Taylor performing live for the first time is something I will never forget. I’ve had this account for nearly 10 months, and because of that, I’ve met some of the most amazing and kind people who are some of my closest friends now. The 1989 era is so special to me, and I hope I can one day tell this to Taylor.

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About Finn and Rey: this might sound strange, but I almost got choked up when Rey didn't get mad at Finn when he told her he was a Stormtrooper and was trying to run away. It seems like in any other movie, she would've been like, "you LIED to me? How could you!" just to start some drama, but she didn't care and just wanted him to stay. OMG. I'm getting emotional just thinking about it. Am I the only one??

No, you’re absolutely not the only one!

I remember watching that moment in theaters. When Finn hit Rey with the “I’m not Resistance!” thing, I was already ready to roll my eyes. Oh boy, I thought, another “liar revealed” story. But hey, this is Star Wars, so I guess I should expect cliches. It’s tradition.

But then…to my pleasant surprise, instead of yelling at Finn, instead of getting angry that Finn had lied and storming off, Rey…didn’t care. All she did was tear up and plead, “Don’t go.” She didn’t even mind that he had lied to her, because it’s possible that she understood why he had done it. She knew what kind of man Finn truly was, and to her, it made no difference whether he was a Resistance hero or an ex-stormtrooper. This moment was what truly defined their relationship, because not only did Rey gain a friend who would later come back for her like no one else had, but Finn gained a friend who saw past his shaky backstory and accepted him for who he was.

It was a shock for me. I think, of all the moments that had me leaning towards FinnRey, this was the scene that solidified the pairing for me. The Force Awakens took what could have been a romcom-esque “liar revealed” trope and instead twisted it to further a bond between Rey and Finn. And people say there’s no room for them to grow into a romance!

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They really do need to give Wally something to do this season. Last season, Wally barely had a chance to shine even after he got his powers. 3x12 was a truly defining moment for him as the plot was mostly about him learning from Barry. After he got out of the SF, he was only temporarily scarred and the writing from him didn't fully recover.

Candice said, in multiple roundtables, that Wally had a good storyline this season. We shall see…

A Warrior’s Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Sixteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think.

RATING: Mature.

Loki watched as Maebh jumped down from the horse before it even had a chance to stop and ran over to an eagerly awaiting Nafi, who immediately wrapped his arms around her waist. Loki watched them as he dismounted his horse and collected Maebh’s one before handing over both sets of reins to the farmhand, before walking over to his son with a content smile on his face. “Wait, why did Maebh get attention before me?” he feigned hurt.

“Well, why did you take longer to get off your horse to get over to him?” Maebh countered sticking her tongue out at him in jest. Nafi let go of her and ran to his father who knelt to embrace his son. “How about I finish making that dinner?” Maebh headed straight to the house, leaving father and son alone outside.

“Father?” Loki looked at his son. “Will you do some training with me like Maebh does?”

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87. “You were never just my friend.” Fitzsimmons

“You were never just my friend.” Jemma’s voice is a warm murmur in the dark, one that echoes in his head like a thousand bells.

It’s their fifth or sixth night together, some of them so very short they barely qualify, and each one seems to bring on new unprompted confessions, spoken in soft muttered words while the other gently slides into sleep.

For now, they’re barely grazing the surface of their complicated history. The closest Fitz has come to touching upon their truly defining moments is telling her how small and cold her hand felt when he reached for her through the dust of an unknown planet and held on for dear life. It doesn’t matter. They have time now, all the time they want to give each other.

If his mind wasn’t so hazy, his spent body heavy with exhaustion, he would certainly give her a dubious look and press her for details, but he knows she’s expecting him not to argue. She’s not initiating a conversation but offering him a present, and he long ago vowed to accept anything she was willing to give him.

“You were never just a partner, or just the person I wanted to talk to at the end of the day, or just the only human being I happened to trust. You were never just anything.”

She resettles her head on his chest and grazes his stubbled jaw with the tip of her nails, a simple caress that makes him want to purr.

“From the moment we met, you were the person I most wanted to impress, and the only one whose opinion truly mattered. I wasted years because I was scared of disrupting our equilibrium, but I could never like anyone quite the way I like you. Everything else is subsidiary.”

If she says any more, he doesn’t hear it. As his consciousness fades, he feels the words ricochet endlessly in his chest, his body anchored by her face weighing on his heart.

Chat Noir selflessly sacrificing himself to save Ladybug from Timebreaker makes me smile...

Ladybug embracing Chat Noir in the same sort of “protective” manner after he saved her makes me love and appreciate this ship even more so than.

To me, this was the defining moment that truly highlighted to me just how much Chat Noir and Ladybug mean to each other. Sure they may flirt and sometimes become exasperated by the other’s attempts at wooing or one uping them (Ladybug mostly) however at the end of the day, they’re partners. They’re a team! They’re Ladybug and Chat Noir.

If one of them is put in danger, the other would not hesitate to do everything in their power to protect them because of their strong partnership.

I love this! This is what I love about this ship,

What made me love this moment even more was the look that Ladybug gave Time Breaker afterwards in the next shot.

Look at that face. Look at it.

Look at burning determination.
Look at the way her eyes glare daggers and her face snarls menacingly at the person who threatened the lives of her friends including her precious partner.

Look at the way she gently caresses Chat’s hair while her eyes glare daggers and her face snarls menacingly at the person who threatened the lives of her friends including her precious partner.

This isn’t just the face of a heroine…

This is the face of a heroine who’s about to kick some serious ass and cut a lifeforce draining, rollerblading, time-traveling bi-atch who had the nerve to go after her friends and precious partner.

This episode was perfect and for the most part I enjoyed it.

Here are some other things I enjoyed about Episode 4 of Miraculous Ladybug:

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I find very particular things to be admirable on Steven Universe.

I honestly didn’t expect to like this episode with the lack of the gems, but there was this moment that made my heart stop and really appreciate it.

This is the scene where Saddie takes Lars’ hand and just sort of rubs it with her thumb. That is such a minuscule detail….and yet it was probably the defining moment of me looking at this cartoon and truly recognizing its display of human emotions. 

This episode is filled with a very emotional Saddie, that doesn’t just demonstrate it through frowning and crying, but a variety of faces, gestures, and over all panic that shows just how hurt she was. 

But that simple moment where she strokes Lars’ hand- something we all do mindlessly and yet I have never witnessed anyone animate that demonstration of pure affection really blows me away.

Aftermath (Closed RP)


Hannibal sat in his office, the room darkly lit with only the flames of a nearby fire illuminating the space between the chair he sat in and the empty one positioned directly across from him. Music softly played in the background as he watched faint flickers of amber light dance across the vacant leather, marvelling at the fact that although countless patients had sat opposite him over the years, the void he felt was Will’s, Will’s absence, the true occupier of that lonely chair. Watching Mason Verger plunge his pen knife into the upholstery only one day previously had been a difficult sight to bear and although he was well aware the assault had been performed upon mere furniture, it had felt like act of aggression towards the chair’s true bearer; Will.

Swirling his glass of wine he considered the position he now found himself in, one entirely of his own making. Will’s spectrum therapy and incarceration had been a necessary evil, not only protecting the Psychiatrist from unmanaged scrutiny but also serving as an incubation which had aided the younger man’s transition and exposed the hypocrisy in his pre-existing relationships; allowing them both to reach a better understanding of each other; a truer representation, although still a representation none-the-less. That did not however draw the sting out of the fact he had missed the young man’s company during his imprisonment.

Their time apart had only served to strengthen those qualities he considered they both truly held, that psyche needed to perform what some might consider unspeakable acts and appreciate those acts as the fundamentally character defining moments they truly were. In order to find himself Will needed to become lost first. Hannibal had provided Will with the one thing he needed most, clarity, clarity which now ensured Will had more control than he had ever previously afforded himself. Quite what Will would he would choose to do with this control was something that remained to be seen. For the first time since meeting Will Graham, Hannibal wasn’t sure what to expect during their next encounter. The only thing he still held with certainty was that such an encounter was indeed inevitable and would come when they were once again pulled into each other’s decidedly destructive gravity.

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What are your thoughts on how the yog fandom seems like it is starting to die or at least has been shrinking rapidly? (If you dont mind me asking, if you dont want to you dont have to tho)

Well, it’s been a long time coming, I can tell you that.

I’ve been in this fandom for a long time and I’ve watched as one by one, as so many of my friends and amazing content creators have left the fandom. And the reason they leave is almost always the same: they don’t want to support a company that doesn’t care about their fans.

I’m sure we all remember when Lewis told us to “fuck off” after the whole Sjin thing, but while that was truly a defining moment for this fandom, it wasn’t the first time something like this has happened. Tumblr has always been the butt of the joke for them as they continue to belittle, make fun of, and cast aside the opinions of the people on here purely because of what social media site they choose to use. The reading of fanfiction on streams is one major thing that I know drove most of the writers away and the continued abuse of the fandom while simultaneously asking for fanart drove many of the artists away. I’ll admit, even I have taken a step back from the fandom, as I find it harder and harder to support them. 

I still support individuals within Yogs -anyone who has been coming to Kim’s streams will see me in chat as I’m one of her mods - but it’s become clear that the company simply doesn’t care that they are killing their own fandom. It makes me so sad because even two years ago, this fandom was full of super talented people but now it’s just a desolate place that feels more empty every day. I don’t think we’ll ever see a return to the hay days, I think any hope of that is gone at this point. Unless there are changes in the higher ups, the fandom will keep bleeding members until there is nothing left. 

“This month never really meant much to me. Growing up, I hated the color of my skin. I tried everything to be like my friends. Hell, I even wore blue eye contacts - as if I thought it was really going to change who I was. I grew up in a community where there weren’t people who really looked like me. I remember being so mad at my mom - why did I have to look like this? Why did I have to be so different from my family? Why was I the odd one out? Why was my hair like this. Why couldn’t I be like everyone else? I wanted to be what I thought was normal and looking back on those times, I want to shake myself awake. No matter what color skin you have, or where you come from or how different you are you should be so proud of yourself. Who wants to be the same? I want to be different. I want to shake up the norm, I want people to realize their is no more normal. That we are all just people, floating around the universe. I struggled with that a lot, maybe it was because I never really had a strong african American figure in my life. I didn’t know who that part of me was. All I knew was that my mom couldn’t do my hair - but she tried the best she could. We would sit in the tub when I was a little girl and she would braid my hair for hours. She did the best she could and it was always her and I, and it still is. What I’m really trying to get at though is this moment. I truly believe I had this defining moment in my life a few years ago when the USWNT was training in Fort Lauderdale. We must have had an open practice where a bunch of the kids were able to come and we took a picture with this girls team who must have played for the clubs fields we were using. So practice ended and it was time to take a picture with these girls. This one girl, ran through everyone. She was in tears, and she threw her arms around me and looked up at me and said, ‘I look like you and I want to be just like you’ with tears running down her face. I will remember that moment for the rest of my life because it changed me. It upset me for being mad at my mom for making me look different, it upset me because when I was her age I hated the way I looked. Soccer is my love, but it is not my life. What happened that day - was my life. The ability to have people look at you as a woman of color and say, 'I look like you, I want to be like you,’ and have them believe that it is possible - because that was not always the case. Here is a picture of her and I and if she ever sees this message I want her to know that she changed my life. When I look down at my hands I am not angry. I am proud. I am empowered.”

-Sydney Leroux from Syd’s Facebook


day 5 (rucas week 2016): the moment(s) you think is most underrated

2x20 Girl Meets Texas Part One
3x01 Girl Meets High School Part One
3x07 Girl Meets True Maya:

i’m trash n cannot choose one moment that is both underrated n so very important. i took these three moments from these three episodes as their underrated moments bc this truly defines them. 2x20: “yeah, yeah i knew you would” how important is it to believe in somebody simply bc of the person that they are? 3x01: “you are just too much for me riley” this is so important! they are no longer middle school crushes. they are growing, they are learning to grow n feel, they are going through it all together – everything cannot be happy n pretty all of the time. even those in luv know it. 3x07: I NEEDN’T SAY MUCH. this is so beautiful. riley thinks the world of him.

Monday, October 20th, 2014

We will only receive love for which we are prepared

We never ask ‘do you feel the same’ for how could we define from moment to moment
what that truly means?

Be your fire when you’re cold

In memoriam. Inspired by “I Would Die 4 U”. Un-betaed.

“What are we, Peeta?” Katniss looks up with a sudden intensity that knocks the wind out of me.

Working on a happy memory in their book, Katniss had started to wax poetic about Annie and Finnick. How no one could doubt their surety of their love. The day before she had written a page about Cecilia and her family. 

Maybe these family pages are as tough on her as they are for me. I’ve been thinking about how my family is gone but, somehow, in my own fog of loss I’ve almost forgotten that Katniss lost her family too. Sure, her mother is alive, but I think I’ve spoken to Mrs. Everdeen more than her daughter of late. It will be quite some time before the two of them can claim a bond of more than blood.

“Are you asking if we’re family? I’m not sure that’s the best word for us.”

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