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Five reasons why I ship SwanQueen

There are a zillion reasons why I ship SwanQueen but if I had to narrow them down to just five, here they are:

1) The characters that make up Swan Queen

Other than the ship itself, I love both Regina and Emma as individuals. Regina is the sassy queen while Emma is the badass savior. They have a lot in common. Both are survivors, make powerful magic and want the same things in life i.e. love and family. Both know the pain of losing their first loves and know what it’s like to be rejected and misunderstood. Both put up walls but show vulnerability to those closest to them. Both have their faults and make so many mistakes but learn from them and keep moving forward. That’s exactly what make their story so compelling.

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2) True love is sacrifice

In the early seasons, Emma saved Regina from the fire and also pushed Regina away from the wraith at the expense of her own safety. 


Later, Regina absorbed a death curse to save Emma…

and offered to die to save Emma and her family in season 2 finale.


In season 3, when Regina has to give up what she loves most, she bestowed Emma with the “gift of good memories”.


In season 4, Regina risked her life by drawing the Chernabog towards herself and away from Emma. Later she went undercover with the Queens of Darkness to protect Emma’s lightness. In the finale, Emma sacrificed herself to save Regina from having to go dark again.

In season 6, Regina risked everything to find Emma in another realm. 


If giving up everything for someone is true love then SwanQueen have already proven it with their actions.

3) From hate to love

Emma and Regina have had a classic arc of enemies to reluctant allies to BFFs/family that developed naturally over the course of 6 seasons. They started out basically wanting to kill each other but now they would die for each other. They went from “I don’t care what happens to you” to “I want you to stay safe”, from “Miss Swan” to “Emma”, from “my son” to “our son”, from “I will destroy you” to “maybe I need you”. No other ship on the show beats that kind of development.

4) They empower each other

Time and time again, Emma and Regina have demonstrated that they are stronger together than apart.

Regina’s development is largely thanks to Emma (and of course Henry). Since season 2, Emma has believed in Regina when everyone else was against her and especially when Regina doubted herself.


Emma was the one who taught Regina about hope by never giving up on her.


On the other hand, Regina sees Emma as an innately good person. 

But when Emma acts less than perfect, Regina fights for her light.

Regina remained steadfast in her belief that goodness resided in Emma even when she was the Dark One.

In short, Emma and Regina uplift, support and motivate each other to be their best selves.

5) They are a family with Henry

Both Emma and Regina are mothers, who love their shared son more than anything. They do make a lovely family, don’t they?

Emma loves to co-parent with Regina so much that she was willing to raise another child with her without being asked. ;)

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Ariel from Little Mermaid
sacrifice her voice to have a leg
and be with her prince
But only few knows,
that in the end of
- they live happily ever after lies
the hidden true ending,
she sacrifice and turn
to bubbles just to save his life.
—  //this is the saddest fairy tale ever

I just really love Ditto and so do MC and Yoosung <3

Update: Edited some stuff cos the first version was doing my head in XD

…Give Ditto enough love and it will love you right back ♥ ♥ ♥

Theory on the Future Fate of the Blue Lion

 First off, if you haven’t seen the new reboot of Voltron or listened to the SDCC Voltron panel, let me warn you that this post will contain some spoilers so stop reading right now and go watch Voltron. 

Ready? Okay, here we go.

Now I know that ever since season one of Voltron has ended, the growing fandom of Voltron has been producing A LOT of theories of what season two will bring us. And the trailer for season two has only doubled the hype for the upcoming season and for the fan theories. 

The two theories that seem to dominate the Voltron tag are definitely the theory that Keith is either a Galra/Human hybrid or Galra/Altrean hybrid (seriously this theory has pretty much taken control over all Voltron art and fanfiction in the last few weeks) and the second theory is that Shiro will either by killed off like his forgotten 80′s Norwegian brother Sven (rest in peace dear Holgersson) or be captured for long period of time allowing Keith or Allura to take over the Black Lion. (Though this theory begs the question that is Keith has to lead Voltron and pilot the Black Lion to do so does that mean Lance will take over the Red and Allura pilot the Blue? Will Keith have to give Lance his precious red jacket? Will Lance grow a 80′s mullet too? This theory brings up so many questions)

Both these theories are awesome and have pumped up a lot of great material from the fandom so far and will probably continue to do so until season two comes around later this year.

However, there’s been a theory mulling around in my head for a while now and so far, I haven’t really seen any other fan pick up on it. And since I have no one to discuss this with, I’m going to lay it all out right here for you Voltron fandom!

As the title of this post suggest, this theory revolves around the Blue Lion which automatically means a lot of it is going to deal with this guy:

 Why so scared? Not every Voltron theory is filled with angst and- oh fuck, nevermind.

Yes, while the most fandom are biting their nails over the fates of poor alien Keith and the possible death/capture/brainwashing of Tadashi- oh nevermind that’s Sven- I mean Shiro- I’m sitting in my isolated corner of outlandish theories mentally preparing myself over the possible horrendous fate that could possibly await our favorite Blue Paladin.

But “Why?” you, anonymous tumblr user, will ask.What solid clue can be found in season one that could possibly hint that anything bad could happen to Lance and the Blue Lion in the coming seasons?

Well, simple. It all begins with this lines right here:

                 Foreshadowing or too much Film Theorists? Probably the former                                 but who cares, I’m finishing this post.

Even when I first watched the series the first time around, this line always stuck out to me. I know it’s supposed to lead to a snappy argument with Keith to lighten the area on the serious mood of the scene, but it still felt a bit odd.

Then I began to wonder if it might foreshadow to something coming later in the series. Many of the writers of the new Voltron reboot have written stuff for The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra- both series that have been known to plan ahead and leave foreshadowing to future events in small ways so I wouldn’t put it past the team of Voltron to do the same.

So, the question is, will Lance’s mind because fused with a giant ship in the future? Perhaps with with one…..

     Yeah, stop smiling Blue, this theory doesn’t really end well for you.

Of course, since Blue technically already has her own sentiment mind, this couldn’t work unless something were to happen to the Blue Lion that would make her lose the Quintessence, the life form, that allows her to be more than a plain machine….

….Something along the lines of Zarkon destroying one of the lions as a last ditch effort to prevent Voltron from ever being used against him. 

Because damn it if he can’t have his Voltron action figure than nobody should get the Voltron action figure.

But seriously, wouldn’t this be the best plan all together if everything else fails?Why waste all the time and resources trying to steal the lions when he can just destroy one of them and prevent the so-called ultimate weapon from being used against him in the first place? He was doing an okay job of conquering the universe without the Voltron for the last 10,000 years. 

But why the Blue Lion you of little faith ask? If that’s his last ditch plan, then he could destroy any of them to make it work.

Well you’re right- there is no solid evidence to support the idea that it would be the Blue Lion could be destroyed or permanently damaged if these theory plays out. 

But from a writer’s standpoint, if any of the Lions’ were to be killed or damaged, the one that would hit most with the audience probably be Blue.

Look at it this way- who was the lion that the main characters, and we as an audience first met?

                                             Love at first sight.

That’s right. It was Blue. And by all accords, she is the lion that we spend the most time with solo on screen. We get to see more of her personality and grow attached to her at the same time as the main characters to. She is the Lion we, as an audience, have the most emotional attachment to. If anything were to happen to the lions, it would hit the hardest if it happened to Blue. 

And you can bet that the writers did that on purpose.

              How dare they make me feel emotions for this giant robot cat.

So Zarkon destroys Blue to make forming Voltron impossible. Maybe he absorbs her quintessence to make himself more powerful just as he did with that one planet. So her mechanical body may still be somewhat intact, but her lifeform that makes her a living being is gone. She is a lifeless shell. But of course, Lance, her pilot, would share the same Quintessence as Blue. What if, as the ultimate sacrifice, Lance will give up his own Quintessence, his very life force, and fuse with the Blue Lion, thus in a way, becoming the Blue Lion himself?

                                        Oh look Blue! We’re a match!

But, you argue, could this be possible? Making an AI out of memories like with Alfor and the Castle Ship is one thing, but Lance literally becoming the next Blue Lion? Impossible! Nay! Nay!

Don’t worry, I’d be “naying” in disbelief with all of you if I hadn’t realized that we’ve been watching organic beings becoming sentient warships (aka the Robeasts) throughout the entire first season. Haggar and druids have doing this since the very beginning. For example:

This guy

became this asshole

And Haggar’s weird pet lizard

became a digimon I’m pretty sure

Based on this evidence, I’m pretty sure the Lions of Voltron probably all used to be actual organic beings at one point in time before becoming literal weapons to protect the universe.  Haggar and her druids probably rediscovered this same magic to create their own Voltron Lion wannabes.

But if this theory comes true and Lance does sacrifice himself to become the next Blue Lion, then the question is, who would be the next Blue Paladin?

The answer of course, for those who have watched the original series is….

                                Literally fuck anyone who just said Sven. 

Yes Princess Allura. Who else? Blue is literally one of the key colors that represents her in the series. And I don’t think it is just a coincidence that out of all the paladins it was Lance that Allura first saw when she woke up from her 10,000 year long sleep.

I’m going to ride you one day…And not in the way you’re thinking about, pervert.

You would think that the writers would have had Allura fall into Keith’s arms (who was her love interest in the past series) or maybe Shiro’s (since there seems to be some hinting of romance between them), but no, she falls into Lance’s arms, thus already starting the connection between future pilot and lion.

So there you have it folks! I’ve just tossed in my theory for what might happen in the future of the series. Of course, this is all just plain, fun speculation! And whether you agree with it or not, I’d love to hear what you think about it!

Love is not just being happy together

…., writing statuses about each other, tagging in those sweet pictures, holding hands, shopping trips and dates.

True love is a lot beyond all this. It’s actually not seeing each other every day and still trusting each other more and more. It’s holding onto each other when the times get tough. It’s knowing each other’s imperfections and loving each other more. It’s that understanding you both have in between. It’s those sacrifices you go through all this way.

Love is a tough battle with the sweetest rewards.

Love Means Having To Sacrifice.

Request from @isabellsantiagoI don’t know if you are still taking requests but i’ll try. My request is a Peter Pan x reader when she is the daughter of Hades bu she is good, very powerful, and she lives in Storybrooke and when the group (including her) needs Pan because of a new threat they hate each other at first but she starts falling in love with him and Pan act like he doesn’t like her back until she gets really injured to protect him and he saves her life with the true love kiss. Please consider my request :)

Note: I had so much fun with this one so I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. 

Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 2247

Warnings: Violence, blood, angst (but then some fluff so don’t worry lol!)

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine.All credit goes to their creators <3

“Whether we like it or not we need his help.”

You weren’t saying anything as you stood inside Granny’s Diner with the heroes of Storybrooke; you despised the fact that you were even having this conversation. Although you had never met the person they were speaking about you knew all too well how devious and manipulative he was…..hardly sounded like someone you wanted to ask to help.

He had already managed to get out of your father’s grips….out of the hands of Death himself.

You may not have followed in the footsteps of Hades, having chosen to go down the good path, but that didn’t mean that you didn’t care for him. He was still your father and the fact that someone had managed to get the better of him infuriated you.

“[y/n] are you okay with the plan?”

Regina’s voice pulled you out of the daze you had unknowingly gone into but the frown upon your face didn’t change as you responded.

“I guess I’m gonna have to be. It’s either that or I lose my magic.”

This was all down to Rumpelstiltskin, your father should have destroyed him when he’d had the chance, at least then you wouldn’t have to be turning to a demon of a boy. The former Dark One was determined to rid this realm of magic entirely, aside from his own, meaning that he would be unstoppable and would have control over everyone here.

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Letter to Swen

Dear fellow swan queen shippers, 

I’m fairly new to the fandom but in the time I’ve spent shipping with you I have seen our hope for canon swan queen ebb and flow in magnificent tidal waves and then dwindle and fade only to flare again when we get so much as a simple line shared between Emma and Regina.

It’s quite fascinating.

We’ve got one of the most beautiful ships in existence.

It’s difficult shipping these two with the constant barrage of ignorance thrown our way but swan queen’s interactions (no matter how minuscule) seem to hold a well of emotions and words left unsaid.

And that is where we came in.

We bring them to life through beautiful fan art, fan fictions, fan videos and well thought out metas that are so brilliant in their complexity that they manage to explain the writers’ incompetence.

This fandom is full of strong, resilient, powerful people who took a show like once upon a time and saw the potential for one of the greatest love stories to ever be told.

Validation would be icing on this already perfect cake but this fandom can and has existed independent of and regardless of what the writers say.

It’s such a beacon of hope, it’s a part of us, of people who are different and can actually see themselves in both Emma Swan and Regina Mills individually and the beauty that they are when they’re paired together.

They keep claiming swan queen was and still is unintentional so let’s never stop claiming it for our own, for ourselves.

Let us be loud and bold with our opinions even down to the last minute of this show.

Let’s claim our happy ending with this ship regardless of how things end.

Because the show may end and fade away but swan queen will always be something powerful that has inspired so many of us in our daily lives.

Keep on shippin’!

Viva La Swan Queen

I am not pushing you away I’m holding on for dear life, but I need you to need me back.
—  Brooke Davis, One Tree Hill

Definition TRUE LOVE: True love is selfless, it’s honest, it’s bold. When a couple experience true love one will sacrifice for the others gain. Both of them accept challenges with the knowledge that both will do their best to make it through for each other and for themselves. true love never dies, once it lives it may go dormant, but it never leaves. Your heart has a memory for true love, it simmers in it when it’s found. True love doesn’t mean you obsess over them, doesn’t mean you can’t live without them. True love means that the two of you can be on the opposite sides of the world for three years and still know that every single day you’re thinking about each other, and love each other. True love is being able to sit ten feet away from each other and still feel all their love as if they had their arms around you. True love is gratitude, true love is gentle, true love survives.

- Urban Dictionary.

Anime has taught us a lot over the years...

It’s prepared us for:



And ‘Death’

It’s taught us to:


Educated us on the true meaning of:




And ‘Teamwork’

Most importantly, it reminds us that

 To be who we are

We are never alone

And to never give up

Part Two [x]


Although I always dread playing it, the Deep Roads campaign in DA:O really shows the most compellingly terrifying parts of Blight and what the taint can do. The poem about the broodmother and basically everything about broodmothers is so disturbing but to me, that’s what the Blight and the Deep Roads is all about. Imagine being the Warden, with the Calling going crazy and still trying to move forward. Origins was dark and gritty and showed the true sacrifices of war, and while I love all of the games for their own reasons I really hope that whatever happens in the future, the Wardens don’t get painted in a bad light. The Calling is a huge sacrifice that I think is overlooked somewhat. Being a Warden really would be terrifying.

Why do many people believe that the GA needs an extensive explanation in order to make romantic Swan Queen canon?!? They might not remember every single look they have shared like we do, but they do remember the basic things of the show.

And you know what some of those are?
True love is magic; Swan Queen have been making magic together time and time again on their screens since Season 2.
True Love is sacrifice; how many times those two have sacrificed themselves for the sake of the other?

I could go on with that, but what I am trying to say is:
I think the GA might not be hardcore shippers or be aware of the potential, but if Swan Queen would happen to kiss tomorrow, I think they’ll just connect the dots and go “ooooh! It was just right there in front of my eyes.” Or something like that.


THIS is what true hula is: sacrifice, dedication, and love. THIS is why I will not tolerate anyone who jokes about, mocks, makes fun, or makes light of hula dancers - we are athletes, whether we enter competitions or not. Every hula dancer perpetuates the richness of the Hawaiian culture and everyone is more than welcome to support and appreciate this amazing tradition, learn from it, and help continue this large aspect of Hawaiian culture with respect and compassion.

Please take a moment to watch! :^)