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Palmistry 101

When reading palms, whether your own or someone else’s, these are the main things to consider:

  1. Which hand is dominant? For right-handed people, the left hand gives information about inherited characteristics and potential, while the right hand reveals the development, character, and life events. The opposite is true for left-handed folks!
  2. Quality of lines and their points of intersection. How strong or fine are the lines? Are they straight and long, broken and twisted, etc.? 
  3. The directions of lines, which mounts they occur on or near, and their influences.
  4. Shape of the hand, fingers, nails, and mounts.
  5. General demeanor of the person and the hand. 


Each line has its own meaning and depicts a certain course of action in a person’s life. Lines come in all shapes and sizes. Not everyone has all six of these lines, although the first three are always present (the fate line is usually present as well). 

  • Heart line: emotions, insecurities, marriages, dependence and independence, the nature of your relationships.
  • Head line: intellect, reasoning powers, prospective career paths, potentials for success.
  • Life line: pattern and quality of life, physical vitality, stability or imbalance, will power and logic, not necessarily the indicator for length of your life.
  • Fate/Saturn line: strengths of character, career, friendships, life’s daily problems, and general ability to succeed.
  • Mercury/Health line: health matters, business and adventure, the spirit of discovery.
  • Apollo/Sun line: utilization of creative energies and potentials for success through development of talents.


The mounts are fleshy cushions underneath each of the fingers. These mounts carry the same name as the finger they are under. Below are the different character and personality traits associated with each finger/mount.

  • Mercury: Pinky. buoyancy, shrewdness, wit, spirit.
  • Apollo/Sun: Ring finger. compassion, love of beauty, artistic abilities, potential for success.
  • Saturn/Fate: Middle finger. seriousness, cautiousness, gloom, superstition.
  • Jupiter: Index finger. leadership, honor, ambition, spirituality/religiousness.
  • Lower Mars: Below pinky. moral courage, self-control.
  • Upper Mars: Below thumb. resistance, coolness of spirit, calmness, courage.
  • Venus: Thumb. benevolence, affection, humility, passion.
  • Moon: sentimentaliity, imagination, self-centeredness 


These are just a few of the figurative markings that are commonly seen on the hand. They add meaning to the lines or mounts they are near.

  • Branches: emphasize strengths.
  • Breaks in lines: emphasize weaknesses.
  • Chains: signify obscure goals, inclinations to deviate.
  • Crosses: signify upheavals, violence, struggles, and blunders.
  • Islands: indicate delays, injuries, and problems.
  • Stars: emphasize luckiness.

*** I will be posting more about palmistry soon, including more detailed variations of the lines and mounts! In the meantime, feel free to ask me about your palms… sending me a picture would be AMAZING :~)

I Get So Weak

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Angst, Drama

Summary: Request fic for @rocketginger. “hi can you do a gee x reader fic where gee has his lowest piont (drugs, booze,) and reader is like gonna help him with his struggles and fluffy stuff happens”.

A/N: I decided to make this a Band Member!Reader fic. Hope that’s ok. Oh, and trigger warning for alcohol/drug abuse, obviously. 

You’d been hanging out with the other bands of Warped Tour, enjoying the warm summer sunlight on your skin as you drifted between the throng of buses. But, soon it was going to be My Chemical Romance’s turn to take the stage. You knew you needed to stop procrastinating and start getting into your performance clothes soon. Those bulletproof vests made you look cool, but, damn, they made you overheat fast.

I’ll do my makeup first, you decided as you swung open the door of your band’s tour bus.

“Anyone seen my hand mirror?” you called as you ascended the stairs. You began looking for it in your bunk, but you didn’t see it.

Maybe Gerard borrowed it to do his eye shadow, you figured. You didn’t think anyone else was on the bus, because nobody had answered you when you shouted. You walked over to Gerard’s bunk and pulled open the privacy curtains.

You were surprised to find Gerard laying on his bed. At first, you thought he was sleeping, but then you noticed his vacant eyes were open.

“Hey,” you greeted him. “Why didn’t you answer me?”

He didn’t even blink.

“Hey,” you said again. “You ok, Gee?”

Then, you looked down towards his lap, and saw your hand mirror sitting there. Its surface was streaked with lines of white dust. Beside it was a half-empty bottle of vodka.

“Fuck,” you swore, realization dawning on you. “Gerard, is that what I think it is?”

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Headcanon AU

Sam and Dean as high school teachers. Sam teaches history and Dean gets stuck teaching English.
Sam’s teaching style is very group oriented, full of Socratic circles, discussions on current and past events, very modern.
Dean lectures about symbolism in literature and throws spare change at kids who fall asleep in his class.

It is rather strange .....
  • INTJ: What are you thinking?
  • INTP: Something strange.
  • INTJ: What strange thing do you think of?
  • INTP: It is strange how we fall out of love.
  • INTJ: There is something stranger I think.
  • INTP: What could be more strange than having your heart stop singing for someone?
  • INTJ: The notion that our heart starts singing for someone else rather than ourselves.
  • INTP: What are you implying?
  • INTJ: Is it not strange how we fall in love?
  • INTP: Well, it is rather strange.
  • INTJ: Which one do you think is worth experiencing more?
  • INTP: I'd say it is inevitable to not experience either of these events in life.
  • INTJ: True.

Pictured: A 100% correct reaction to the events of Jailbreak.

I’m glad this show isn’t just shrugging off the events as “whatever, now back to the status quo.” It’s a true, serious event that is life-changing.

Knocked out with a headbutt… Grabbing a taser by the hands… Plummeting in an exploding spacecraft… Steven’s been through some rough stuff.

Things I wish I could tell customers and why  retail workers are fucking superheroes.

No that is not on sale.
Sorry someone probably put it in the wrong place.
I don’t care if Dillards would have given you a discount, we don’t because that item isn’t on sale.
No you can’t return those items after the 45 day return policy expires, that is why we have a return policy.
Yes I know its inconvenient that we only have one store in town, its inconvenient for me as well and I have heard this probably 200 times I GET IT ALREADY IT ISNT MY FAULT..
No we don’t give discounts on Final Sale items that’s why it is called final sale.
Yes we are closed and we are waiting for you to get the fuck out so I can go home and sleep after a long day of dealing with you little shits.
No we don’t have anymore in the back. No I won’t look for you because I literally KNOW we don’t have it because we don’t have ANYTHING in the back.
I’m sorry we don’t have Talls or Shorts or Plus Sizes or Maternity we are a tiny store with basic things.
I don’t have time to steam all of your clothes, fold them with the folding boards and give you tissue paper for every item because that is not my job and there are 7 people in line behind you.
Yes I am judging you for returning $1000 of merchandise all at once all on different receipts
Can you maybe not ask me to get you something when I have about 50 pounds of clothes in my hand and am visibly struggling to hold of this up 
No, I already clocked out I can’t help you I am going home.
No, I haven’t clocked in yet I am literally holding all my shit including shoes and brush and haven’t even gotten to put my shit in the back yet.
No we can’t “take 60% off instead of 50% because its the last one in the store” where in the fuck lets you haggle like that not high end stores in the ritzy part of town let me tell you.
Oh nice $1000 purse, you want 60% a Final Sale item that is $4 and throw a fit when we don’t do that??
No you can’t return that final sale item what part of FINAL don’t you comprehend?
No I am not incompetent, I have worked here for 2+ Years I know what I am telling you ask anyone in this store they will have the same answer 
No you are not better than me because I work here you don’t know anything about me get that smug look off your face
Did you really need to try on 3 different sizes in 5 different colors of the same shirt? No you did not.
Did you really need to mess up that entire pile while getting that one shirt you wanted? No you did not. 
Do you really need to be on the phone right now while I am trying to tell you how much you are paying and to ask you to sign your name but trying not to interrupt your conversation as you are holding up the entire line?
Yes you do too have an email don’t lie just say no thanks. 
it is our job to ask you about a credit card, don’t get mad at me, if I dont ask you I will actually lose my job just be a good person and say no thanks
No, those two pieces don’t look good together what are you thinking, who on this planet would wear that?
The only good thing about today was that no one yelled at me, isn’t that sad?
No we won’t give you a discount for that makeup stain that you put on the shirt you just tried on.
I am just saying hello to welcome you to the store you do not need to be a bitch and say “I’m just looking” I dont give two shits what you are doing I am just saying hello. 
Yes I am judging you for coming in two minutes before we close.
I really dont give two shits that that shirt shrunk when you put it in the dryer, read the damn tag.
I hate you please get the fuck out of my store.

Cool Horror Blogs

Hey guys! I’m constantly getting asked for recommendations on other cool blogs, so I thought I’d share this list of all the blogs I follow. I’m very picky about who I follow, but feel free to add to the list and I’ll definitely check out the blogs y’all recommend :) 

sixpenceee (paranormal science) 

congenitaldisease (true crime) 

generichorrorblog (real life creepy events) 

theoddcollection (freaky curiosities, weird objects)

hellyeacreepyshit (focus on horror gifs/pictures)

unexplained-events (the name says it all)

theparanormalguide (freaky urban legends, crimes, and more)


Describe your style in 5 words or less

Fluffy, Childlike, Whimsical, Pastel, Japanese Lolita

Whats your favorite thing to wear on stage?

My friends Stella and Elanas line called Doll Eyes. It features a lot of fluffy marabou pastel and vinyl pieces. Its fun and definitely my favorite clothing wear on stage.

Tell us about your new album Cry Baby?

It’s a cohesive story from beginning to end. It’s about a fairy tale version of myself named Cry Baby. It has whimsical elements based on true events that have happened in my life, and then other made up fairy tale fiction.

What are your must have items on tour?

Stuffed animals to cuddle in my hotel room, my band, candy and snacks; especially chocolate chip cookies.

Do you have any advice for aspiring young artists just starting out?

Keep going with your gut feelings on things. Its good to take inspiration from people but don’t let anyone force you go a different direction than you want to. Always stick with your gut feeling.

What’s next for you?

I’m going on tour in August for a few months, releasing Cry Baby, and then focussing on making more music.