Can I just. Freaking. YES. So, during his interview, Jared got a question about whether Sam knows that Dean was “a mother and a father” to him, and how he feels about that. 

And I was wincing in wait for the grossly idealized parentification some portions of fandom like to embrace, but Jared is a true hero, and he, of course,  treated the issue with the gravity it deserves.

He acknowledged that “Sam and Dean love each other as much as two human beings can love each other,” but they are capable not only of loving each other but of hating each other/pissing each other off in some situations. He says that things are completely forgiven between the two of them, but, “It doesn’t mean that there aren’t things [where] Sam wouldn’t say, like, ‘Man, that was not okay. That wasn’t cool.’”

Which is important, I think, because Dean is a fascinating and complex character. The fandom likes to sell this idea that Dean was some flawless saint of a parental figure in Sam’s life, but their lives were messed up, and Dean, as he himself admitted in 12.22 in that wrenching scene, sometimes failed. It’s impossible for a young boy to fill the roles of both parents. It just is. I appreciate that Jared was willing to acknowledge the complexity of that particular relationship.

Jared also returns with this: While Dean did his best to be what Sam needed even when he was only a child himself, Sam has done the very same, and been what Dean needed.

Such a lovely, well-thought-out answer. I am overjoyed. As expected from Jared Padalecki.

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How do Silk and Tekno feel about their lovely team leader?

Tekno puts up with her and technically is her best friend, but is only there for college credits for her hero course. She’s studying to be an engineer for a hero agency and just wants to work in peace and get her degree so she can get out of the battle field and back on the side lines where she’s happy and not being smacked around. Not to say she doesn't enjoy winning or the praise either. helping people is still her passion.

Silk hates her. If she had her way, she’d be leading the group but with Gel’s over the top personality and aggressiveness, she’d much rather stay behind and make sure Gel doesn't hurt anyone she shouldn’t and that someone actually saves people. Out of everyone, Silk is the true hero with a real sense of justice.

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Marvel is taking down blogs and twitter account that are sharing the trailer. Just thought you'd like to know

Marvel can fight me. I’m just a wholesome gay trying to share my love of mcu with tumblr. Bless who ever leaked it. A true hero

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What is your chance of weed? It's legal where I am and in fact I'm on it for medical reasons (depression, anxiety, and anorexia) so I was wondering if I can get a class 1-A high headcanons? If you aren't comfortable, you are t obligated to write it out and you can delete it lol. I love you!!! You're awesome. You're creativity inspires me and I think that's kind of what heroes do so thanks for being a true hero 👌👌👌

Hi! I definitely don’t mind writing about substances at all (drugs, alcohol, etc.). I might not be too into writing stories from the view point of people under the influence of drugs because I’ve never experienced it (I’ve only smoked weed once and it was a ride), but otherwise, request ahead! I wish you the best of luck on your recovery because, if I’m a hero, you must be a pro hero!!

Definitely smoking weed in their dorms: Aoyama Yuga, Ashido Mina, Ojiro Mashirao, Kaminari Denki, Jiro Kyoka, Sero Hanta.

Wouldn’t be against it: Midoriya Izuku, Asui Tsuyu, Uraraka Ochako, Shoji Mezo, Todoroki Shoto, Hagakure Toru, Mineta Minoru.

Just. No.: Iida Tenya, Kirishima Eijiro, Sato Rikido, Koda Koji, Tokoyami Fumikage, Bakugou Katsuki, Yaoyorozu Momo.

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TO BE A TRUE HERO, RO, IS A DYING ART!!! (Disney is the shit. Never stop watching and singing when you're doing EVERYTHING. ALWAYS.)

goat man danny devito has physically manifested in my home 😦‼︎

So after watching Moana for the millionth time, I realized why Gramma died when she did.
It’s because she no longer was holding the Heart of Te Fiti, which has the power to create life itself. It was keeping her alive, which is why her health declined so rapidly after giving it Moana.
And she probably knew that. She knew that she would die, but gave it to Moana anyway to save not only the island, but the world.