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Jonerys Dream Fic :)

You know the drill - Jon and Dany are just kids going about their normal business except they have this weird dream communication thing going on with each other and it all carried on from there.

I originally posted an extract from later on in the narrative where Jon and Dany meet in real life for the first time, which you can find here or here, but the pieces work independantly.

Currently Dany has been in Pentos with Illyrio for only a few weeks, making her 12 and Jon 13. Adorable childlish bickering to ensue.

Enjoy Xx

Dany dreamed of the red door again.

               She was standing just outside it, her hand outstretched to grasp the handle, the sounds of the city echoing behind her like the murmur of an enormous sleeping beast. The water of the canals lapped around her bare feet, warmed by the sun and thick with the filth of men and beasts. Eagerly, she reached out and touched the painted wood, feeling the summer heat trapped in the heavy planks escaping up her skin and into her blood. It was like the whole world was on fire.

               “Aren’t you going in?”

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