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anonymous asked:

Since it's "Arthur Kirkland Appreciation Week", what are the fics where you personally liked Arthur the best? :D

Oooh, excellent question, anon!

It can be a little hard finding fics that capture what I love best about Arthur. I mean, I love him because he’s such a complicated character. He’s a gentleman AND the erotic ambassador. He has trouble talking about his feelings, but he also has an amazing facility with words.

Here are some of my favorite portrayals of Arthur:

Ruthlessly Competent (with a soft spot)

  • Spades (by simplytrop) – Arthur reacts wonderfully to finding out that a bumbling, no-nothing time-traveler is the new King of Spades.
  • Never Your Hero (by General Kitty Girl) – If you want kickass England, here’s where to go. Don’t expect romance though, this is a parent/child sort of relationship. (Also, be warned that America can come off as a bit slow and helpless to give England room to shine.)

Secretly Romantic (but he’s not going to admit it)

  • Cold December Night (by Car) – “All England wanted was one kiss from America… What England wanted, he got.”
  • In Such a State (by 9mm Meg) – Arthur has to find his way out of his porcelain predicament while dealing with his growing feelings for Alfred.
  • The Romantic (by Teenage Mouse) Arthur decides “to build the perfect partner for himself, in the form of a personal android named Alfred.”

Kinky and In Control

And, of course, I love every possible portrayal of drunk England ;)