a trip that may happen

The only food in Ford’s house when Stan takes it over are graham crackers, half a bag of marshmallows, and one of those bags of mini chocolate bars, and coffee. 

Ford had been drinking the coffee, only, for weeks. He’d had spare bites of all his other food but was so freaked out he thought it was poisoned, and had ended up throwing everything else away. But he knew he got the s’mores supplies with Fiddleford, months ago, before the testing accident, and F hadn’t wanted him dead then. 

But it was stuffed way back in some cabinets so Ford forgot about it with the weight of more important matters (Bill Bill Bill Bill) on his mind

But when Stan was rifling through the cupboards, starving, aching, and upset, just needing a little of anything to eat, he comes upon the s’mores equipment. He can’t even handle it. He’s laughing and outraged at the same time. He eats half the graham crackers straight up.

His brother has left him nothing but s’mores and a broken portal, and Stan can’t handle anything. The s’mores last him a week before he has to go into town, and he goes for the more sensible purchase of bread, and everything takes off from there.

But every time Stan goes into town in the future, and he sees marshmallows and chocolate and crackers, he gets this sad smile and turns away. All the years later, even with the kids, he’s not much of a s’mores man.


Happy Carol Cannes Anniversary! (May 17th, 2015) 

But then the road trip, I think what happened is that the look of Carol freed up as they sort of meshed as one does when one falls in love, you lose those boundaries, that sense of your domain and your lover’s domain….so Carol’s style was more informed by Therese’s style. There was a liberation, I think, that happened visually as well as psychologically - Cate Blanchett

Thinking about the idea of “Lightforged” Illidan

Or rather the ‘what if’ scenario of if Xe'ra was successful, and Illidan was “redeemed” in that Naaru’s eyes

I’m just imagining Apala getting to Argus after everything’s said and done, she’s… well, shocked to say the least seeing Lightforged!Illidan, and she asks what happened to him.

He just calmly replies “I’ve been… redeemed,” then after a moment, his brow furrows a bit and he turns to look at Apala more fully and says, “…You seem familiar.”

Shinran stuffs that can/may happen in that school trip arc(from most likely to least likely)

-Ran confession
-Almost Kiss scene
-Actual kiss scene
-Ran finally learning about Conan’s true identity (God I wish)
-the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) stuffs

-Something far beyond any thing any of us could actually predict

Painful Tutoring (Young!remus imagine)

I’m sorry this is utter trash, I haven’t posted for days so I wanted to write something.
Hope all those whom celebrate had an amazing Thanksgiving and are now 50 lbs heavier!

“And who are you?” Lucius Malfoy sneered, backing Y/N up to the wall, “Take her wand.”
So his two goons came and pinned her arms and took her wand. Y/N didn’t remember much after that, it was just a blur of pain and blood. She didn’t know how long she had been laying there, in the middle of the hallway, either, whimpering because of the excruciating pain she was in.

“Y/N? Y/N?! Hey.. hey you’re okay, you’re okay, love. Wha– okay, shh. Who did this to you?” someone said, your eyes were to swollen and full of tears to see clearly.
“L– Lu– Lucius..” you whimpered slowly, coughing up blood, “I tr–tried to save a first year he was picking on, and he didn’t want me to and..” you trailed off. You didn’t want to relive the pain.
“Shh.. shh.. it’s okay. You’re okay, love. C'mon,” you were then picked up bridal style, and next you knew you were in a bed you didn’t recognize.
Last you remember before drifting off into sleep, was someone growling, “Hey boys. We have someone we’ve gotta take care of.”

*Skip a couple of hours*
As you awoke, an overwhelming scent of chocolate and books hit you, almost making you fall back into your deep sleep, but then you remembered the pain, and.. who was this mystery boy that saved you?
You tried to sit up but were in too much pain so you ended up laying back down. As you slowly opened your left eye (your right eye was way too swollen to even try to open) the first thing you noticed was that your body was littered with bruises and minor cuts, all the major ones had been healed magically it seems. The next thing you noticed was that you weren’t in your room. This room reeked of all things boy. Dirty socks, too much cologne, grass and dirt, but if you turned your head into the pillow you were on, you smelled chocolate, and old library books, and rainy days. You probably could’ve stayed cuddled up in this bed forever, but then the door opened, revealing three battered up boys.
You sat up in alarm, but winced and the sudden pain it caused you. “Hey, hey, shh,” the first one, whom you recognized as Remus Lupin, reached out to touch your arm, but you flinched away because, the pain on your arm hurt more than anything you had ever felt. “Oh, I’m sorry. Did that hurt? I tried to fix you up as much as I could because you’re in too bad a shape to move to the nurses right now–”
“It was you?” you mumbled, barely a whisper.
“Who patched you up? Yes, that was me. I came looking for you after you didn’t show, but couldn’t seem to find you since you were bunched up on the floor. I must’ve passed you five times before almost tripping over you. What happened? If I may ask of course,” the boy rambled.
“Um, I– I don’t really remember. I remember that Lucius had been picking on a first year, and I stopped him. Then he had his goonies take away my wand. Then I don’t really remember what happened after that..” then realization but you, “My wand! I have to go and find my wand..” you yelled standing up. But the sudden movement was too much for your body and you collapsed into the boy’s arms.
“Hey, we got your wand. How about you just lay down for the day, Y/N. Tomorrow I can take you up to the nurses.”
“Okay. Okay thank you, Remus. What do you mean “when I didn’t show”?“
"Don’t you remember? We were supposed to meet for tutoring.”
You could’ve slapped yourself. The reason why you were out of your dorm so late was because you were heading to the library, meeting up with a boy named Remus because he was going to tutor you. “Oh! Oh, that’s right. I’m so sorry L that I missed our session–”
“Why are you apologizing? It’s fine, it was Lucius’s fault anyways. But we took care of that,” Remus smirked mischievously, glancing up at the two boys who were standing behind him.
“What d'ya mean?” You asked, crinkling your eyebrows.
“He means that he most definitely won’t be bothering anyone for a couple days..”
“Or weeks.”
“Or ever,” the two boys behind him said.
You glanced up, understanding what had taken place, “Oh. Well.. well thank you all for taking care of me.”
“It’s no problem. Really, love. Now you get some rest and we’ll be on our way,” Remus said kissing your forehead.
As he ushered the other two out of the room, he turned around to look at the girl on his bed. She was beautiful, even with bruises and scars littering her skin.
As the closed the door to his dorm, he realized to things, one, that the girl whom he had been crushing on for years was in his bed. Not for the same reasons he had hoped (wink wink), but it was one step closer. And two, he caught himself hoping that the next time Y/N and Jim were involved with cleaning up eachother’s cuts, it was the day after a full moon.

Day 4 of OQPromptParty: SSD Sunday Morning Breakfast

195. Sunday Morning breakfast.  Set in the SSD verse. :)

It’s 8:15 AM on a Sunday morning, and she should not be up.

Sundays should be lazy and uneventful, the quiet before the storm of the week.  

But today, Neal is appearing on Meet the Press , discussing the call for Senator Feingold to resign in the wake of evidence of accepting bribes from a local chemical plant.  And that is why Regina and her friends are gathered around bagels, cream cheese, an odd assortment of pastries, and boxes of dunkin donuts coffee while MSNBC plays on Robin’s big screen TV.

Regina’s proud of Neal, she really is.  His sudden interest in anything isn’t beer, pizza, or video games is a step up in her book, and she wants to be supportive.

But she’s just… not in the mood.

Though in fairness to Neal, this is in large part due to the fact that she has to be in Robin’s apartment on a lazy Sunday morning in front of all their friends, and play pretend.

Ever since they confessed their feelings to one another, she finds it harder and harder to act as if they are only friends.  She forgets how to behave around him, how to remain friendly without giving away that they are in love.  And Robin seems to have the same problem.  He reaches out for her at times, only to second guess the action and withdraw his hand before he makes contact. Robin very nearly kissed her ‘hello’ last week, and she swears Emma noticed, though she hasn’t mentioned it.

They really need to break the news to everyone, but Regina has requested they wait until after she and Emma graduate.

They have enough stress right now.

So they are delaying things for just a few weeks, and it wouldn’t be as difficult if they did not have so many functions where they have to be in the same room as Emma.

It would maybe be easier if Robin wasn’t determined to look and smell so irresistible every time she has to see him.  But he’s always there, teasing her.  

He’s freshly showered and smells like soap and deodorant.  The scruff on his face is a bit thicker than normal, his hair slightly messed, as if he didn’t have much time and just combed gel quickly through it.  

And he’s wearing this jet black tee shirt that shouldn’t look as good as it does, with the jeans she really likes.  He’s joking about god knows what with Killian over in the kitchen now,  and he’s smiling, dimples on full display.

“Regina?  Earth to Regina…”

Shit.  Emma gives her a look of pure annoyance, and it’s only then that Regina realizes she was daydreaming in midconversation.

“Sorry, Em.  It’s early and I’m tired.  What were you saying?”

Emma rolls her eyes.  “I was saying we should all plan a trip to the beach after graduation.  Before real life officially starts.”

Thoughts of Robin shirtless and gorgeous have her heating up.   God , don’t go there in front of his sister.  By the time this beach trip happens Emma may know about them, making the trip incredibly awkward.

“That sounds fun.” Regina tries to sound enthused.  She fails.  Emma raises an eyebrow but doesn’t argue with her, only asks if she needs another mimosa.

“Sure,” Regina starts, but then Robin makes his way over and puts an arm around Emma’s shoulder.  

“Excited about Neal?” he asks her playfully.  “This is quite a big deal, especially someone our age.”

“Yeah…” Emma says with a smile.  “Didn’t think he would end up here anytime soon.”

“Now will he be wearing one of those ironic tee shirts on camera?  Because I don’t think I’ve seen him in else.”

“He has a work wardrobe now,” Emma laughs.  “Polos, button downs, khakis…he’s a regular sellout.”

“Mm,” Robin says.  He’s no longer looking at her sister.  His eyes are on her, and from the way his eyes are darting over her form, he isn’t thinking about Neal and his clothes at all.

Good.  She didn’t wear jeans this tight for her health.  And the red halter top is new, specifically worn to rile him up a bit.

If she has to be up this early she might as well have a little fun, right?

“Well then,” Emma says sarcastically after a few moments of silence. “Great conversation, bro.  I’m getting another mimosa.  You two should get some coffee, you both seem totally out of it.”

She only walks a few feet away, from the living room to the kitchen, but thanks to the steady hum of the television and the murmured conversations of their friends, she’s doesn’t hear Robin rasp You look incredible into Regina’s ear.

“You too,” she whispers back.

“We have twenty minutes until Neal’s show,” Robin’s voice is low and heated, “do you think anyone would notice if we had a quick fuck in my bedroom?”

Even though his suggestion is completely ridiculous, her thighs tense at the thought.  God, that would be amazing.

She snorts and rolls her eyes. “There are only nine people here.  So yes, I think people may notice.”

He frowns and sighs.  “Might be worth the risk,” he shrugs.

“Worth the risk of Emma killing us?  You must have a lot of confidence in your abilities…” she flirts back.

“Oh I do.  I’ll take you from behind like you like,” he whispers, “after i strip those jeans off you, sink down to my knees, and—”

“God Robin, not now,” she breathes, suddenly aware they are having a very private conversation with friends around them who may notice how close they are at any moment.

“Alright, but fuck, Regina, I hate waiting for you,” he sighs.  And she knows he doesn’t just mean this morning.  They’ve been waiting for years for one another already, but these last few weeks have been torture.

She squeezes his hand and tilts her head sympathetically, conveying all the apologies she can in a look.  

“Soon,” she murmurs, and he shakes his head and smiles, though it doesn’t quite reach his eyes.

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What to do after subMITting the app? ;-;

Things I did: 

  • Pick up a senioritis project–something to do in the time that you procrastinate all of your other work. Mine was learning to longboard, a couple friends of mine tried to learn elvish from LOTR. 
  • Search “things to eat __(your city)__” and go to all the places and eat the things :3 (I actually am doing this now, in Boston, not back in Denver, but I should have!!) 
  • Go to whatever downtown, small or large, that you have, or take public transportation somewhere you’ve never been and just waste time. Window shop. Get some ice cream. Whatever. 
  • Use a countdown app to countdown the remaining days until winter break/school ends/this one class you have ends
  • Try to write a short story or a serial 
  • Invest more time than you previously would into extracurriculars–I put extra random effort into Robotics and Chinese Club :>
  • Write!! About anything and everything. Write badly. Laugh at it. 
  • Make a reading list. Try to finish it
  • Read book reccommendations from friends
  • Ask your parents lots of questions–ask them things you have never asked before, however meaningful or totally random as you wish. 
  • ^same, but with your siblings
  • Try drawing 
  • Listen to lots of different music
  • use whatever mode of transportation and go everywhere. I didn’t have a car in high school, or a license for that matter, and I even lived in Colorado, which has decent but not the best public transportation. I took the lightrail, and then longboarded or walked. I explored downtown Denver thoroughly, and took a road trip with my friends to go camping over the summer.
  • In the winter months, watch TV shows and movies. 
  • Have lunch by yourself on top of the school bleachers and wonder about life. 
  • Have coffee with a friend and wonder about life
  • Realize that existentialism is not the way to go. 
  • Have adventures with friends at night (e.g., suprising another friend at their music performance)
  • Hang out at friends’ houses and wonder about life
  • Talk to friends about wondering about life
  • Mutually agonize over the future
  • Eat pizza
  • Pet dogs
  • Hang out with the little kids and tweens
  • attempt exercising
  • Cook something interesting (I made bao zi with my mom)
  • Cook something interesting with friends (we made a buttercream cake!)
  • Cook something interesting with friends part 2 (kim bap. So good.)
  • Go to the movies! 
  • Realize that  you’re so over your 12 year old self and some of his/her past interpersonal relationships. U don’t need them gurl. 
  • Realize that you wish you stayed in touch more with friend who moved away.
  • Get to know people completely different from you that you have never hung out with before
  • Hang out with the freshmen (they are so cute) and the underclassmen in general
  • Vent to someone
  • Be vented to, and comfort the vent-er
  • Cry a little about things/academic and life pressure (TBH still happens every year of college at least once….^^””) (but it’s honestly healthy once in a while) (I am generally still a happy person :3)
  • Stay up til 3AM just talking and playing games
  • Be even better friends with your friends, or the people on the “fringes” of your friend group
  • Plan an extravagant senior trip, which may or may not happen. 
  • Plan a much less extravagant senior trip that actually happens

Most importantly, hang out with your friends and family!!! Appreciate them being here, with you, in this snippet of space and time in the infinite universe. It will never be quite the same again, even if you do dislike high school (which I often did lol).


passion & danger {listen}
  a delena playlist.                             

semi-hiatus notice

i just.. haven’t been feeling trip lately ;;

i’ll still be around on discord (found in my rules) but..

i might rework trip into a fandomless OC

undetermined atm but.. may happen.

i’ll be over on @huntinghawke basically all the time

sorry y’all


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So I've done acid three times, first two trips went well. The last one was a bad trip (unfamiliar spot &strangers around). I want to fry again but I'm worried that I'll have a bad experience. What do you think??

Lsd trips depends on your mental state, surroundings and experience with the substance, if you want a good trip, clear your head and make sure youve had a good day, listen to your favourite song and take it somewhere calming. However using lsd and experiencing a bad trip isnt always a bad thing to happen as it may be trying to show you something important. Hope this helps :)

Hamilton Tidbits, by Moi

So if you follow me, you probably know by now that I had the privilege to see Hamilton Saturday night. JUST OMG. So, I’m going to share some tidbits with y’all. BUT FIRST, A STORY.

Like all of you, I fell in love with Hamilton the moment the cast album dropped. and, like all of you, I listened to it NON-STOP (hehehe puns). Let’s be honest, I still pretty much do. So, last october I decided I was going to see Hamilton IF IT WAS THE LAST THING I DID. It was going to be my graduation present to myself; I was set to graduate in May (spoiler alert: I did.). 

Anyway, I got on ticketmaster and found a second row seat for less than >$200 (RIGHT!?). For awhile there it looked like the trip may not happen after all, but it did and was awesome.

Now, what you really want. HAMILTON TIDBITS.

First things first, I was still able to see Renee, Chris, Oak, Jasmine and Anthony. Yes, sad day that Lin, Pippa, Daveed and Lesile were gone. But all their replacements are great. We all knew Javier was great already, but the entire cast is as well.

ONWARD (in no particular order)

-At one point in Ten Duel Commandments Anthony smiled at us and this was me:

Originally posted by bravowwhl

-The moment “Alexander Hamilton” started and they came out I started crying. Like, I never imagined I would be there. I still can’t quite believe it.Below, me.

Originally posted by staliagarbage

- Which reminds me, there was such comradery in the audience.Maybe it’s because I was one row behind the lottery winners, but no one could quite believe they were there.

-The pure physicality of Farmer Refuted was glorious. The added images of Mulligan, Laurens and Lafayette egging Alexander on while Burr tries to calm the situation down was great. At one point, Hamilton gets up on the box with Seabury. There is barely enough room for them both, and it’s great. He literally gets’ up in Seabury’s face.

-I know there’s been extensive discussion on this topic but - as if I wasn’t convinced before - there is no doubt how much Hamilton loves Eliza. He practically glowed around her.

-Speaking of love; the sheer amount that Hamilton and Lauren’s touched.(Much more than he touched Mulligan or Lafayette, I’ll tell you that.)

-In the first part of Schuyler Sisters (about up until Burr comes up to Angelica), Eliza and Angelica are practically dragging Peggy with them. Her first “and Peggy” is pretty reluctant. It’s adorable.

-The shift in the mood from Dear Theodosia to Tomorrow There’ll Be More Of Us. Hamilton is SO HAPPY TO BE A FATHER. NOTHING CAN DISTRACT HIM. NOT EVEN A LETTER FROM HIS DEAR LAURENS. But wait, it’s from his father. Eliza reads it. Not only does his face drop, his entire demeanor changes. He and Lauren’s “ghost” look at each other. This is the sound of my heart breaking.

Originally posted by look-for-a-great-perhaps

-Which brings me to Non-Stop. You can LITERALLY see Burr getting more and more fed up with Hamilton and getting so sick of his shit. On his first, “man the man in non stop” he has this facial expression that’s just like WTF. Plus, when Hamilton comes to him to get help with what will be the Federalist Papers his “okay” in response to Hamilton is SO OBVIOUS he knows that Hamilton doesn’t believe he (Burr) is a better lawyer. He’s just like, we both know you’re lying and you need to get on with this. I got no time for your shit.

-Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story. I don’t know if this was an intentional change on Lin’s part before he left, but the last two “will they tell your story?” was changed to our and my, respectively. I loved this change. Eliza put herself back in the narrative, after all. It’s her story too.

Originally posted by chylerleigh

-Hamilton comes back out on stage at “Can I show you what I’m proudest of”. When Eliza finishes singing (chorus still doing “time” etc) They cross paths but don’t see each other. Then they’re parallel, facing the back of the stage. They turn and see one another. Hamilton smiles and walks with her then ushers her to the front of the stage, remaining back. She gasps and it’s just.I have no words.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now folks. Enjoy.

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Nigou escaping from Kuroko while out on a walk one day and the Reader catches the dog, Kuroko and the reader meeting occasionally after? I'm sorry, I'm not good with this ^^'

Tugging on his leash rather harshly, Nigou yips and whimpers as he tries his best to pull his owner in a certain direction. Kuroko is standing firm, his hand wound tightly around Nigou’s leash in an attempt to keep his dog from pulling free. He’s careful not to yank on it, avoiding choking his dog if at all possible as the little Alaskan malamute continues to jerk in the direction they had just come from.

“Nigou, what’s the matter?” Kuroko asks, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion as his dog continues to tug.

Realizing that his attempts to lead Kuroko in the other direction are failing, Nigou takes a different approach and turns around, twisting his head this way and that. It takes a bit of maneuvering, but after a few seconds, the puppy is able to slip his collar up and over his head. Freedom finally his for the taking, Nigou runs down the sidewalk and away from Kuroko as fast as his little legs could take him.

The sudden lack of tension in the leash has Kuroko in a panic as his eyes dart toward his fleeing dog. “Nigou!” Quick to respond, Kuroko darts after his pet, praying to whatever higher power would listen that the small puppy would stay safe. He can feel the end of the leash, where Nigou’s empty collar dangles, hitting against the ground as he runs and he quickly reals it in and stuff it into his pocket.

Up ahead, Kuroko notices that Nigou is rounding the corner. He pushes his legs to move faster, afraid that in the few seconds he couldn’t see his dog, something horrible may happen. Rounding the corner himself, he nearly trips over the person crouched down in the middle of the sidewalk. He opens his mouth for a quick apology, ready to speed past them when he notices the small black and white puppy in their arms.

“N-Nigou,” Kuroko stutters, his breath coming out in pants after the sprinting he had to do.

“Is that your name?” You say to the puppy, coddling him as he yips in answer. “What a naughty dog you are, Nigou, running away from your owner like that.”

As you stand from your crouched position, you bring the Alaskan malamute puppy into your arms, cradling him. Looking up to the boy who is nearly doubled over with exhaustion, you’re met with the deepest blue eyes you’d ever seen. Glancing back and forth between the boy and the dog, you start to smile as you see the resemblance. No wonder the dog’s name was Nigou.

“You really should keep a better hold of your dog,” you chastise lightly as Kuroko pulls out the leash and collar from his pocket. “Make sure his collar is on tight enough that he can’t pull it off.” Holding Nigou out, you help his owner place the collar around his neck in an appropriate fit. When your fingers brush against the boys, you can’t help but steal a glance in his direction. “My name is ____, by the way.”

“Kuroko,” he says right after, returning your friendly smile with one of his own as you gently set his dog back down on the floor.

“You know, Kuroko-san, I don’t think I trust you walking this poor little puppy alone anymore,” you teasingly say, scratching Nigou behind the ear. He wags his tail, mouth playfully nipping at your hand as you do so.

“You could always accompany us the next time.”

Despite his monotonous voice and passive face, you can hear the sincerity behind his words. It makes you grin.

“I’d love to.”

I am so worried for Melinda May’s mental health in season 2B

someone can only compartmentalize their emotions for so long 

She will feel grief and guilt for what happened to Trip, to Skye, to all of them. May is the kind of person to look at what’s left of her team and blame herself for not stopping all the tragedies from happening. She never wanted any of them to go through the same stuff she did. 

Melinda May has such a big heart and she hides it behind thick armor but that armor has been chipping away . 

someone hug and care for Melinda May 2k15 

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Do you think Bruce Wayne was too... "spoilt" for lack of a better word, and that's why he became Batman?

bruce could never do what he’s doing without his money and elitist background. not to that scale. and we already know starting small wasn’t his thing because, except for like the first night he returned to gotham after his worldwide training trip (that, may i just note, could under no circumstances happen without a lot of money) where he tried to beat up some people wearing only jeans and a scarf to conceal his face, the rest of his journey was highly planned. he wasn’t one of those heroes you see struggle at first, trying to work out the right scheme, theme, colors and ways all the little stuff work. he didn’t go out every night getting his ass beaten to see what works and what doesn’t. he had the luxury to have a vision, an expensive vision, and he knew he could make it work on a material level because of his money

i mean it got to the point where they had to publicly connect the two, bruce wayne financing batman, because it was that obvious batman had to have someone providing the dough with all the non-commercial gadgets and tech he seemed to have and occassionally leave lodged in someone’s shoulder (that and the fact the alternative was focusing on batman himself being the rich guy and for obvious reasons that wasn’t acceptable)

i think a lot of fans get confused by what batman represents and is presented through his stories as, especially when he’s placed next to superpowered beings who don’t need gadgets to make it through the day: the noble, mere man who lost everything and had to fight back by becoming a dark avenger. but truth is the most common or expected (even by comics standards) reaction is mourning. not fighting back in the enormous scale bruce took it. a lot of people have lost their parents, i have lost a parent, most comic heroes have lost parents, but except for the ones who had money or superpowers (see a theme here?), they didn’t go down the batman road (there are exceptions of course, i can’t possibly know every comic hero out there)

i’m not saying he’s not doing good, he’s helped people by both contributing as bruce wayne and for reasons we’re all aware of as our favorite dark pointy vase guy, but we need to remember bruce lost a tremendous amount emotionally, not in a corporeal sense

Oh HI I’m BI
I’m GAY here’s my mating DISPLAY
I’m ACE get outta my FACE
I’m PAN delivery VAN
I’m DEMI and we’ll have to go through this slowly together because I need to get to know you very personally and have us form a strong emotional bond before I can feel the same way which may or may not even happen

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LOL You can't sell fanfictions you twit. Hope you have the OUAT morons permission, but then, if you're a fan of the shit that is OUAT- I'd say no

Ah, Anonymous, I had almost wondered where you had gone. For a brief time I worried that something awful might have happened to you, like you may have tripped over your own knuckles as they dragged along the floor causing you to plunge into an icy river and drown. Horribly. I’m so pleased to see you’re safe and well. And as dim as ever.

I, in fact, CAN sell fan fiction. Mainly because my fan fiction is set in a completely alternate universe with no relation to Once Upon A Time whatsoever (as you would know, if you could read and indeed HAD read my story). The book is entirely my own work, characters, plot, location. All mine.

Oh, sorry I’m probably getting ahead of you. A book is a set of printed sheets fastened at one side by bindings or some form of hinge device. People use books to entertain or EDUCATE themselves. 

Books can be found literally everywhere, online, in libraries and in bookshops. I am more than happy to send you a signed copy of my own book when it’s published, just drop me your address.  Maybe have someone read it to you so you can educate yourself.

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lately my ziall happy place has been the idea of zayn catching up on videos of niall at the master's but not giving any indication that he's done so until louis & liam start teasing niall on twitter & then all of a sudden niall gets a bunch of texts from zayn like "you're always #1 to me nialler!!!!! xx" & "you can still be a pro golfer after 1D babe no one will remember that shot except you" & links to videos of louis&liam falling on stage to make niall feel better.

I have been thinking about this message for daaaaaays, anon. 

I wonder about how the boys handled Zayn leaving. I wonder if it was weird. If they weren’t sure how to be friends. If they felt paralyzed by uncertainty. 

“We don’t want to bother him. He needs his space.” 

Harry is an avoider. Louis might have poked a bit. Sent a few texts–“bro, can we talk about it?”. Tried to speed the reconciliation. To force an explanation. Waited for an answer. Gotten nothing back.  I imagine Liam sent a few affirmations. A couple “we’ve got your back”s. Unconditional support to ease his anxiety, which he’s holding inside himself. Tucking away. 

I think Niall might be the one who really gets through. Niall probably started texting Zayn within a few hours of him leaving. Nothing serious, no “do you want to talk”s or “I don’t blame you”s. Just small updates. Benign facts about what may have happened in a day. “Harry tripped over a small child”. “Louis’ gotten a face full of hairspray again”. A string of emojis. A dumb meme he found on twitter. A photo of Brooklyn. A photo of a sign backstage. A photo of his shoes. 

Zayn doesn’t respond, and that’s fine. He’s never been a very prolific texter. Niall’s not bothered. And it’s soothing to him, to send these little pings out into the universe. To know that Zayn’s probably seeing them at least. That they’re still connected in some way. It’s normalizing. He hopes Zayn thinks so too. Zayn said he couldn’t do it anymore. That he’d had enough. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss it. It’s home, in a way. That’s the thing about being on tour all the time. You’re homesick no matter where you go. Even your own bed. 

They finish out their shows. They fly home. He keeps texting. 

Niall’s got no clue if Zayn is receiving his transmissions, or how he feels about them. Maybe the golf video is the first inkling that Zayn is watching. That he’s keeping up. And of COURSE a video of Niall falling is the thing that does it. Niall’s face turning red when he rights himself. The way he fidgets with his hair as he talks about hitting the ball into the water. “It’s quite a lot of pressure.” His nervous laugh. And then Liam and Louis taking the piss. 

Maybe Zayn’s trying to make himself scarce. To give the boys their space. He’s hurt them enough, he thinks. They need some time to heal. But who’s going to be there for Niall? Who’s going to pick him up and shield him from the others? He’s Niall. And Zayn is Zayn, and now he’s gone the balance is all off. He’s left them all lopsided and no one’s looking out for Niall. No one’s got his back. So the week after the Master’s, out of the blue:

“Fuck ‘em. You could still be a pro golfer after 1D. No one’s gonna remember that shot but you.” 

and a link to a video.

Niall knows it’s nothing huge. It’s just a text, but it makes him smile when he gets it. He laughs a little, watching the video, then clicks back to his messages. Reads the text again. Feels warm inside. Feels whole for just a moment.

“What’re you laughing at, Nialler?” 

He clicks a button and the screen goes dark. The phone goes into his pocket. 

“Nothin. Just some bullshit.”

It’s nothing huge. It’s nothing. It’s just that maybe everything is going to be ok.