a trip inside my head

I hate that it still sometimes gets under my skin when my friends don’t like the same things I do. It’s this really irrational thing that still hasn’t left me. When I was younger, I’d go so far as to change my own opinions just so that mine matched up with my friends’ (or who I’d assumed were my friends at the time, that’s another story). Objectively, I know that we don’t have the same opinions on things and that’s perfectly okay. Just every once and a while it makes me feel like they’re secretly thinking I’m stupid for liking something that they don’t. I can’t explain it and I just have to talk myself out of thinking it instead of being angry or upset over something so stupid.

I’m so honored and happy to be nominated!  Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit a nomination, and good luck to everyone!

My nominations are as follows:

Best Fluff Oneshot:

Let Your Love Come Out (road trip au)

Best Crossover Oneshot:

This Noise Inside My Head (Pacific Rim)

Best Hurt/Comfort Drabble:


Best Angst Drabble:

First Responder

Best ‘Soulmates’ Fiction:

Soulmates AU (part I is nominated, parts II and III simply continue the story)

Best Angst Author

(These works are not nominated, but I’m linking to them to provide evidence of my penchant for angst)

In My Veins

Take Me To Church

Everything is Wrong (Everything is Right)

Griffin’s Anatomy

If you are so inclined, you can vote for me (or someone else) here.