a trickle down economy

Eliminate lobbyists, end corporate welfare, regulate banks and corporations, kill overseas tax havens, increase taxes on the rich, stop giving big business incentives, tax sports organizations, and every time churches cross the political line tax them!

All those CEO’s and corporate vultures wouldn’t have a dime if it wasn’t for consumers. No customers, no billion dollar bonus. No customers, no business. Yet, conservatives think if you pad the top, it will trickle down to the bottom.

America is really a trickle-up economy.

Plain and simple: Democrats create an economy with rules, that fosters technology and investment, and focuses on consumer demand. Markets do their best under Democrats. 

Republicans have tax cuts for the ultra rich and an unregulated economy that creates bubbles. Their supply side economics [trickle-down] has never worked. Markets do their worst under Republicans.

So I’m totally tired of explains that people wouldn’t steal if they had money to survive and buy decent things.

That’s also the basic rule of economics.

More money goes to people who buy things, more jobs get created with profit, and then people can get paid more.

Make minimum wage a living wage.


Republican: It’s called a trickle down economy. The richest person in the company gets most of the revenue, and they pay the employees their cut.

Republican: If something is shoplifted, 100% of its price is cleared off of the employee’s salary.

You guys, the priveleged snark and judgment coming from the high savings account people in that Sip n’ Bitch savings account how to, is off the charts. Can we get a poll about how many of those assholes believe in trickle down economy?