a tribute to tigers

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Since the other asks hit the obvious points: Steven's Tiger Millionaire persona is mostly a tribute to the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, although I think the necktie and button-down shirt is more 1980s-era Jim Cornette. Ted was a bowtie man. The giant cellphone was also a popular cheat-to-win prop/spoiled rich kid signifier from the way back. Which is my way of saying that this episode was boarded by at least one long-term pro wrestling fan.

That’s actually really interesting! There must be some big wrestling fan in the crew indeed.


Beyoncé: Queen Bey gets moving in new Instagram video celebrating First Lady Michelle Obama’s health program

Beyoncé is known for her stunning curves and enviable figure.
And on Wednesday the 33-year-old showed that she certainly puts in the effort to keep her gorgeous shape.
She posted a video to Instagram working out to the tune of Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger, paying tribute to the fifth anniversary of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign.

Putting in the work: Beyoncé showed how hard she works for her enviable figure in an Instagram video shared on Wednesday
In the clip the mother of one sported a form-fitting, V-neck black T-shirt, which she coupled with a pair of black leggings with white stripes along the sides.
She finished off the look with black and white sneakers, and her long caramel locks were pulled back and out of her face.
The wife of successful rapper Jay Z appeared to be sporting a makeup-free face in the video, in which she takes on five different workouts.

The video begins with Beyoncé doing standing crunches, before hitting the floor to work with a medicine ball.
Then the Grammy winner showed off her moves with a pair of large weights, before adding some cardio into her routine by her workout bench.
She ended the video - which was set to the tune of Eye of the Tiger - by working out her legs with deep lunges.

Beyoncé shared the video in response to the fifth anniversary of the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign, which is meant to help end childhood obesity in America.
In honor of the anniversary, Michelle had recently introduced her latest approach to encouraging wellness, a campaign called ‘Gimme Five.’  
'I want kids, parents, maybe even a few celebrities to give me five ways to be healthy. For example, they can eat five new veggies, or do five jumping jacks, or push ups, or find a way to work five new healthy habits into their daily routine,’ the First Lady said.
Beyoncé responded to this call with the five workouts in her Instagram video, and tagged it as such, in a caption reading: 'Celebrating the 5th anniversary of Let’s Move! #GimmeFive @michelleobama’

Watch the video here: https://instagram.com/p/zijeo3Pw8H/?modal=true