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Do you have any thoughts for what Clarke can do to make you like her character again? I was so looking forward to her arc after 4x08 but after this episode i'm dead. And with only a few episodes left idk what she could do to fix it for me. even something as big as her tangibly rejecting or destroying the chip (which lbr, the writers don't wanna upset the antis so they probs won't go there) it still won't be enough.

I don’t think Clarke’s arc is complete, which is why I haven’t completely eradicated her from my “List of Characters I Like” list. I mistakenly believed (like many) that when she took the Nightblood in 408, it was a sign that she was finally letting go of the “I am Clarke and I am the only one who knows how to fix all the problems” mentality. Unfortunately, this turned out not to be the case. 

HOWEVER, when I look at the arcs that Bellamy and Clarke are both on this Season and think back on previous Seasons and realize that often their arcs compliment each other, I notice that Bellamy and Clarke’s arcs haven’t….intersected yet. 

Bellamy’s arc this Season has been all about learning how to let people go, letting them live their lives as they see fit, while Clarke’s has been about overcoming her tribalism (or so it seems) and becoming her own kind of leader. These arcs seem different on the surface but their not at all. 

In order for Clarke to complete her arc successfully she needs to come to the realization that she can’t just tell people “this is how we’re going to do it-because I said so!”- which sounds a lot like L/xa’s “They are my subjects!” and Roan’s- “I am a King!. Clarke isn’t the Commander, she’s not the sovereign. She’s not even the Chancellor. 

It seems the show has been telling us from the beginning that the old ways of leadership need to die (literally): Jaha (Chancellor) seemingly died in Season 1, Dante and Cage (Presidents of Mt. Weather) both died in Season 2, L/xa (Commander) and Pike (Chancellor) died in Season 3. We don’t know which leader will die in Season 4, but it seems that the leaders who are unwilling to change, who are stuck in the “old ways” don’t make it to see the end of the show. 

If Clarke can’t change, can’t learn that she’s not destined to be the leader of the Arkadians by some sort of divine right (like L/xa and Roan), that she can’t just force people to bend to her will (like L/xa and Roan), that she can’t bear it all so they don’t have to (like Dante), that she can’t force her will on groups of people who are not her own (like Pike), she will die. And as she’s meant to be the hero of the story, I don’t think she’s going to stay in this rut. 

I have a lot of hope that now that Bellamy has learned the “You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved” lesson from Kane, and has applied it (as of last episode) and he and Clarke are reunited, he can begin to share what he’s learned with her, which will help to balance out Clarke’s leadership (because a large part of Clarke’s problem is that she thinks she is the ONLY one who bears the weight of leadership-when we as the audience know this not to be true). 

Eliza said in a recent interview about the episodes leading up to the finally that Clarke leans on her friends a lot, which gives me hope that what I’m thinking is right. So….here’s hoping!

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One thing does concern me a lot. Vraska's colors are GB, yet she is directly depicted as a Pirate in Ixalan, but Pirate colors are Grixis. I wonder if they will alter her colors to fit tribal theme or simply she won't really have any interactions with pirate tribal at all (which would be a dissapointment personally). What do you think about that? Is there any lore-wise possibility for her to lose Green in exchange for mono-black or BU, BR?

I think people need to place less emphasis on the color pie than they do. Color identity is only a thing in Commander, in the actual lore it’s not nearly so restrictive. The Color Pie lays out broad characteristics, but there’s a huge amount of room inside each of those characteristics. It’s not so restrictive that that black-green character couldn’t be a pirate, or play the role of a pirate to get what they want, when the other pirates are blue-black-red. She’s depicted wearing the same clothing as a pirate, but it’s more than likely she’s just using the pirates for her own ends.

Planeswalkers don’t really ever interact with tribal mechanics. They don’t really want to make them that narrow. If they do, it’s because they make a creature token that doubles as it. The first Vraska card made Assassin tokens, so there’s no reason to think Vraska couldn’t make pirate tokens.

If you want the pirate theme, Dack Fayden and Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker both steal stuff in Pirate colors.

Plus, there’s a fair possibility of a new Tibalt that would be in the Pirate colors and already does things Pirates would do (his OG card ultimated with an Insurrection, not that anyone ever used it). So patience.

Holding Hands

The early morning light streamed in through the window, falling gently across the room until it reached the foot of the bed. Winter was away of the rising sun but her gaze remained unfocused on the far wall as she listened to her wife’s breathing behind her. Yang’s left arm was wrapped around her waist even as the blonde nuzzled into her back, apparently objecting to the growing light filling the room.

They had the weekend free and no plans to fill it with anything other than being with each other, the past six months having been a near sprint from one responsibility to the next. Yang’s responsibilities at Beacon had kept her busy, as she’d covered the classes Blake usually taught while the Faunus had to return to Menagerie to settle some tribal matters, and Winter had her own work load increased as a new incursion of Grimm were spotted in the Vale wilderness near Vacuo’s border. Organizing a joint response and getting enough licensed Hunters, military personnel, and Beacon upperclassmen to execute the plan had taken weeks, fighting through it almost twice as long, and Yang had covered even more classes during that time so Ruby could assist with the response. The blonde had wanted to go herself but they’d agreed that she would worry a bit too much about the students and interfere with their training; that was the same reason she stayed within Beacon’s walls while Ruby oversaw the yearly initiation.

And it brought up a consideration that had sat in the back of her mind since then. Winter hadn’t put it into words, yet, but this weekend seemed as good a time as any. If she didn’t, it would just sit there until she became fixated on it to the exclusion of all else. Honestly, it had already taken up a significant amount of time just from the little, fleeting thoughts over the past few months, and she’d been awake for at least two hours turning it over in her mind already.

Winter ran her hand along her wife’s, rubbing lightly from her elbow down to her wrist a few times before wrapping her fingers around Yang’s hand.

Maybe she’d waited long enough.

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LF RP (And an FC...?)

Hey tumblr!  See that grape up there?  That grape is looking for some new connections and possibly a new FC to call home (given the mun’s a rather social person, and it’s time to get her a new place to reside at) and that’s where YOU come in!

Server - Balmung
Character name - Koke Qalli
Race - Xaela (tribe, Qalli)
Location - flexible!

What kind of RP I am looking for- anything except romantic.  Koke is as head over heels for a certain hyur as it’s possible to get, and that’s all she wants.  Have some people that need a musician?  How about someone to tell stories?  Hunting buddy?  Medic?  Weaver or carvings? Lots of possible hooks exist and abound!

Wait, mun, you said the location is flexible?  Let’s chat under the cut, shall we?  

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Headcanon: so have you ever seen those photos where an artist has painted on someone's back? Lardo has definitely done a series of those feat. all her hockey boys

Geeeezus fuck you’ve broken me! Here are how I head canon Lardo’s portraits:

Jack: An icy pond bonfire over the lower left cheek. Pine trees stretching up and over his shoulder blades
Bitty: An apple pie on his lower back, steaming and the steam turns into a dance of social media icons.
Ransom: A coral reef with hockey pucks and medical paraphernalia disguised as fish.
Holster:  Maple trees dressed in togas and jocks straps. (He’d asked but she just gave him her trademarked look  and said “tell him” He shut up) 
Shitty: Flowers, dude bros in flower crowns with flows, shirtless in skirts.
Nursey: Walden pond painted entirely in Nursey’s own poetry and different colors so that you really had to look to see it, outlined with her own tribal tattoo design.
Dex: Autumn leaves, crashing waves, under a moonlit sky.
Chowder: A shark defending a goal (but not cartoon or campy, just fierce)
Whiskey: Her interpretation of the song The Sound of Silence neon included
Tango: The Tango Maureen done entirely out of question marks on music bar, sweeping across his back.

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Oliver was walking through a forested area brandishing his greataxe earth splitter. he stood his full six foot two ready for any grimm to charge at him as he was nearing a clearing. scaned the forest one last time with his lightly glowing golden brown eyes. As he enters the clearing he notices a young woman wearing a red cloak, he calls out to her and removes his own cloak letting his tribal markings be shown "hello?".

Ruby held out her scythe, looking toward the forest behind her, hearing the movement. Seeing that it was another person, she took her hood off and relaxed. “Hi. Sorry about that. I thought there might have been some Grimm.” she refolded her scythe and put it behind her. 



Armineh Moghadasi is an illustrator and designer from Iran.  She holds a B.A.  in Graphic Design from the Art University of Tehran, and a M.A. in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  

Her work is inspired by nature, world cultures and tribal designs. These influences are fused with her own innate artistic expression to create a unique style. Through the creation of patterns and decorative designs, Armineh’s art can be translated to prints for everyday objects.

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