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When the youngest son of the aristocratic Holmes family is shipped off to sea in an attempt to cure him of his poor temper and bad manners, he fully expects to spend a long tedious voyage as miserable as ever. What he does not count on is having his heart stolen by the strapping young crewman, John Watson.

Chapter Summary:

Sherlock will never be able to look at his desk the same way again.

and to the winner goes the spoils

Pairing: Elizabeth/Henry (The White Princess)
a/n:  Guess who is trash for a new show !! Tagging @allisonswan per request and because I need to flail endlessly about this new enemies-to-lovers obsession of mine :)

He has seen this look directed at him before, but never by a woman. By men in battle, or by a deer in the woods as his hounds circled it. Fear is something he recognizes reflected in someone else’s eyes, but it is new seeing it in a woman’s.

Henry wasn’t expecting that, not from her. Elizabeth of York was all thorns, he had been told, not this trembling flower before him. He should feel relieved that this princess is scared of him, of his power and divine royal right. His kingship and very life depends far too heavily on her willingness to bow to him, and so for her to have that fearful sheen in her eye as they look upon one another for the first time should make his stomach unknot.

Instead, his gut clenches, in what he might almost call disappointment.

She isn’t looking at him anymore, not directly. Her gaze is locked on his chest, but still somehow unfocused. If she will not look at him, that is her choice, but he takes the opportunity to take a second look at her. Elizabeth is beautiful, that much his advisors had not gotten wrong. Even in these dark, sparse rooms–the ones given to shame her and her family–her white-gold hair shone like pure sunlight. He would feel better if he knew that beauty would fade with time, but one look at her mother, whose own looks had prevailed triumphant over age, and Henry knew that would not be the case.

The former peasant queen stood just beyond Elizabeth’s shoulder, a pale ghost that was far too real a reminder of how tenuous his position on the throne could be. That was why they were all here, after all. This unwanted union was something they all needed, desperately. And so, Henry takes a breath and does his duty.

“Good day, Princess Elizabeth.”

Her gaze flicks upwards, locks on his, and his chest tightens in anticipation, because it feels like he is finally seeing Elizabeth, Princess of York for the first time. The fear is gone, replaced by a maelstrom of emotions that flicker across her face too quickly for him to register. As she continues to stare–no, glare–at him, he realizes her shaking is not from fear. It is from rage, the type that is barely contained, and he wonders how he missed it earlier.

She is no flower whose petals are rattled by even a puff of summer breeze; Elizabeth is the storm itself, right before it breaks and lays waste to every living thing in its wake.

Storms do not scare him, however; he has battled rain, and thunder and lightening, and far, far worse to win his crown. If she was just one more storm to weather, then he could do it. He would do it, because it was indeed his crown now and no slip of a woman, no matter how enraged, would take it from him.

Before he can say anything else, however, his mother scolds her, and suddenly–fey thing that she is–Elizabeth changes before his eyes again. He can see it, as if in slow motion, that immediately after that single word–king king king–is uttered, she goes still. The storm calms, the rage burns away. Elizabeth bends barely low enough to be a proper address for a king, and greets him, finally.

“Good day, Your Grace.”

Her voice is even, pleasant, utterly neutral, and her face is blank as well. Such placidness shouldn’t inspire fear in him, but suddenly Henry feels a shiver go up his spine. The back of his neck goes hot. A flower he can coax to bend to his will, and a storm he can outlast and conquer, but she is neither of those things now. Just because of that one word–new to him and so very familiar to her–she disappeared before his very eyes, becoming the most dangerous type of enemy. He cannot fight what he cannot see, and so, for the very first time since that battlefield at Bosworth, Henry feels true fear.

And it is in fear that he glances away from her, but in the span of a heartbeat, his eyes find hers again. His stomach drops, because she was waiting for him to look her way once more, as if she knew that he didn’t have the strength to hide from her like she was hiding herself from him. Elizabeth doesn’t look away again, and neither does he, and something new begins to twist inside of him, something sharp digs into the deepest parts of his soul and makes a more desperate kind of fear take root.

That new, unplaceable sensation and the fear it elicits in him is why he takes a large sip of the offered wine, and why he deliberately pricks the princess’s pride with his dancing requests. With a single look, she has made him start to bleed from the inside out, and he is determined to make her do the same.

If it is a battle that Elizabeth wants, it is a battle she’ll get, Henry decides as he watches her stiffly dance before him. And to the winner…

He doesn’t take his eyes off of her the entire time.

To Exit Insomnia

Up above you
a meteor is falling.
In fear, you begin to run.
But a hummingbird flickers by your ear,
wings beating as rapidly as your panicked heart

He whispers to you,
“To avoid this fate
you must not be pushed by fear and escape
but glide with the positive vigor
of true heroes and saints
You must set your sights upon the unshadowed lands in the east
where the flowers tremble in holiness
and the mongoose kills the rat.

There, your new home awaits,
and paradise dances to its own music.

A shift of perspective will be the key to the gates
I know you know how.”

You are a wolf.
Beside you is a woman
you struggle to keep up with
for she knows the paths to run
She grew up in darkness and flame

But she waits for you
because years before you’d met
she’d seen you and thought you were beautiful
She thought you were worth believing in
and now you have gained a purpose
You will keep her safe on this frightful journey.

Pressed together by fate
you are two pages of the same story,
folded neatly, flapping as one among doomed and lonely others
comfortable, symbiotic and pure

Trials assault you
bandits and kings
gunmen and turncoats
but you kill them without hesitation
You keep running…

Until the shadow is no more,
Until, behind you, the meteor lands
and crushes those who could not love

As you find safety, you wag like a dog
you put your paw on her lap and she puts her head to yours

The hummingbird had spoken to very few.
Only those he believed could set aside their terror
and treasure and preserve the unshadowed land in the east
where the flowers tremble in holiness
and the mongoose kills the rat.

princess and the pauper | pt.1

You’re a fairytale I keep in my shelves, in my pockets and in the crevices of my heart. Whatever the universe decides, you will always be my prince in my kingdom.

➤ fluff; royal!au, pauper!jimin

➤ 3.1k words

➤ summary: royalty was no adventure to you. but when you find yourself in depths of the kingdom for the first time, you didn’t expect to find your favourite adventure in the heart of a pauper florist.

To your parents’ sheer disapproval and admittance, you were not by far the most prim and proper princess that every reader of a fairytale would expect you to be. And there was no reason for anyone to sugarcoat how ‘unique’ or ‘extremely charming in exotic ways’ you are because none of that sweet talk could compromise for your lack of dignity in this regal position.

Growing up with older brothers who find solace and extreme delirium in the most outrageous activities, you were quick to follow their boisterous ways. There was always the bubbling adrenaline that skirts your system like a roller coaster, quenching your thirst with new discoveries and adventures.

But the greatest adventure lies in the heart of the kingdom. A place, that a princess like you, was taught to beware of its possible dangers and festering communities in the isolated parts of the kingdom that speak nothing of ridiculous shenanigans. Your mind has always been beclouded by the foul knowledge and the warnings but it was too soon that you surpassed the age of innocence that you pondered over the fact that maybe, your parents, the king and queen, were just skeptical of someone like you to manage yourself into the real world. So for years, the fortress that you were reluctant to trust had taken away the unknown, the unexplored. For years, you let the walls hinder and barricade you from the impending thrill of discovery and you were beyond infuriated by the idea of it.

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prompts from anastasia; act 1

i fell in love with this musical and there are so many great things that can be used as prompts! i ended up with a lot more than i thought i would so i decided to split it by the acts the songs are in. all of these songs are in act one of the musical and all the prompts are from the song listed at the end of each one.

  • “I’ve stayed too long here.” Prologue: Once Upon a December
  • “Can’t cook an empty promise in an empty pot.” A Rumor in St. Petersburg
  • “The skies are gray, the walls have ears, and he who argues disappears.” A Rumor in St. Petersburg
  • “Who else could pull it off but you and me?” A Rumor in St. Petersburg
  • “Now, it’s risky, but not more than usual. We’ll need tickets, we’ll need papers, we’ll need nerves of steel.” A Rumor in St. Petersburg
  • “A girl with no name and no memories, but these. Rain against a window, sheets upon a bed, terrifying nurses whispering overhead.” In My Dreams
  • “Taking what I needed, working when I could. Keeping up my courage; foolish as it seems.” In My Dreams
  • “In my dreams someone calls, there’s a light at the end of a hall. Then my dreams fade away, but I know it all will come back one day.” In My Dreams
  • “And I hear a voice whisper ‘I’ll meet you right there.’” In My Dreams
  • “I’ve seen flashes of fire, heard the echo of screams. But I still have this faith in the truth of my dreams.” In My Dreams
  • “Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and imagine another time. Another world.” Learn to Do It
  • “Tell yourself it’s easy and it’s true.” Learn to Do It
  • “What a temper.”
    “I don’t like being contradicted!”
    “That makes two of us!” Learn to Do It
  • “Be very careful of these rumors that prevail. Be very careful what you say.” The Neva Flows
  • “A revolution is a simple thing.” The Neva Flows
  • “I heard the shots. I heard the screams. But it’s the silence after that I remember most.” The Neva Flows
  • “My father shook his head and told me not to ask. My mother said he died of shame.” The Neva Flows
  • “I’ve bartered for a blanket, stolen for my bread! I learned to take my chances and use my head.” My Petersburg
  • “Boils down to - there are some who survive, some who don’t. Some give up, some give in, me? I won’t.” My Petersburg
  • “Funny when a city is all you know. How even when you hate it, something in you loves it so.” My Petersburg
  • “Dancing bears, painted wings; things I almost remember. And a song someone sings, once upon a December.” Once Upon a December
  • “Far away, long ago; glowing dim as an ember. Things my heart used to know, things it yearns to remember” Once Upon a December
  • “How can I desert you? How to tell you why?” Stay, I Pray You
  • “Let me have a moment. Let me say goodbye to bridge and river, forest and waterfall, orchard, sea, and sky.” Stay, I Pray You
  • “I’ll bless my homeland until I die.” Stay, I Pray You
  • “We’ll do some reminiscing, she’ll see what she’s been missing.” We’ll Go from There
  • “Hands shaking, heart thundering. Meet the royal mess.” We’ll Go from There
  • “This chance is all I’ve got. Get a grip and take a deep breath.” We’ll Go from There
  • “Is it innocence or guile? Or nothing but a childish act of will?” Still
  • “She says it’s all a game, she trembles like a flower, but in her there’s a power. I see that now.” Still
  • “I’m nothing but a man with nothing but his orders to fulfill.” Still
  • “‘I’m innocent!’ She cries, but then you see her eyes. And something in them tells you that she absolutely lies.” Still
  • “Heart don’t fail me, courage don’t desert me. Don’t turn back now that we’re here.” Journey to the Past
  • “Years of dreams just can’t be wrong.” Journey to the Past
  • “Well, starting now, I’m learning fast.” Journey to the Past
  • “Home, love, family. I will never be complete until I find you.” Journey to the Past
  • “Let this be a sign. Let this road be mine. Let this lead me to my past.” Journey to the Past

Guys look, Mycroft commissioned a portrait of furious gay baby Sherlock right before he left on his voyage, and he was so pissed the whole time that the final portrait made him look like the angstiest, poutiest, Byronic hero.

She thought her ish was was super hot fie (part 2)

“What’s up Melvin” is how Tiff answered the phone.
“Ain’t Nothing Tiff” you know how you can hear in a persons voice when they’re aggrivated or don’t want to be bothered? Yeah I was getting that vibe it’s quater. “How are you?”
“I’m fine, have you recovered?” Shots we’re being fired already.
“Ha you got joke huh?” I said trying not to get in my feelings.
“And you ain’t got no stroke.” Man no mercy, some of ya’ll women be cold blooded as hell, I mean playing no games when it come to it… Shit
“Listen about that, I had a situation miss lady.”
“ I mean you wasn’t ready obviously.”
“I mean yes and no right. I was ready for you no doubt but there was a complication that came about.”
“Oh so you was Sleep on my pussy aye… ain’t think I had that sauce huh.” I was tryna hold back my laughter, she was really on this high ass horse.
“So listen right, the food we ate fucked my stomach all the way up. Like as soon as you laid up under me my shit went 0 to 100 real quick, I mean real quick shot out to Drake. Naw but for real like I was surprised you didn’t hear all the rumbling.”
“Uh huh right” man shawty was playing me to the left real hard.
“I’m so dead ass right now folk, the last few days I been beating myself up about it. Like I was even glad u answered my call and shit. But, I had to be honest with you because it was killing me. A nigga really vibe you and i’ll be damn if I leave you with that bitter taste in your mouth.”
“Hmph so what you saying Melvin?”
“I’m saying let me make it up to you, show you what a nigga really all about.”
“Ummmm I don’t know, you sure the pink panther just ain’t your kryptonite?”
“Hell she very well could be but I wanna know for sure.” I played it modest but I knew if give the chance her ass was gon get his work.
“Well what’s good for tonight I got 5 minutes for you” she said in true ass hole form. I was going to let her gloat and have her moment fir when provided with the opportunity I was going to ravish her little ass and she ain’t even know it. So she gave me a time of around 8 or so to get my five minutes in.
Best believe so the rest of the day I was brainstorming like a mother fucker like how imma put it in her life. In my head like “she done tried a nigga set.” No sir I ant gonna let shit ride at all. Any man will tell going in to hype leads to a quick night but I couldn’t contain myself, she really had me on some show up and show out shit. So around 7 I resulted to an old trick my cousin put me on to. He said “bruh if you goin in too anxious you gon cum quick, so thats why I always rub one out before I hit s chick the first time.” Damn right I took back to high school days, Tiffany Ambrose was gon get that dick tonight… I showered up, Oh if you ain’t know, Axe bodywash is the truth. Threw on some b-ball shorts and a v-neck. sprinkled some Polo Red and made my way over to my opponents residence.
I pull up a quater til 8 l, I sit in he whip for a few minutes just thinking else where. Never did I feel I had so much to prove in a sexual aspect. Shawty pulled my card though, not just out the sleeve it was in bout out the book as well. I couldn’t let that ride, no way Jose. I finally hop out the car and head to the door bottled water in hand. She came to door in some b-ball shorts too and a beater, no bra on and the thangs we’re sitting pretty. We sat there for about 15 seconds just looking eachother up and down.
“You got five for sweetie?” I said a low and slow and shit.
“Yeah I got that for you” she said with a smirk.
I stepped in the door grabbed her waist and hoisted her up until our lips met. Her legs wrapped around me, I pushed the door shut behind me. I turned and pushed her up against the door as passion oozed from my lips to hers a from hers to mine. I let up a little pressure so I could slide her shorts down. I was playing no games with her ass. I slid her up the door and dropped my shoulders under her thighs kissing each slowly to Military cadence (left,left,left right,left). I could feel her trembling as I neared flower.
I was poised to make her beg for me to to change her. I didn’t go straight for her pussy, after kissing her thighs I moved to the crease wherE the pelvis and thigh meet. I could tell she was getting anxious her movements became more heavy and seemed to be less controlled. Furthermore I felt the puddle on my shirt getting bigger by the second. I finally put my lips on hers and she grabbed the back of head something serious. She as already cumming boatloads. The melodic sounds of her oohs and ahhs were music to my ears, when she wasn’t clinching her thighs around them. She loosened her grip and I let her down slowly.
She looked up at me with this look as if I told her fish don’t swim… “I think I went over my time limit.” I grabbed for the door nob and my hand was knocked aside.
“Nigga we decided to to give you an extension.”

The Johnlock Collection by cwb | Chapter 3: Small Odes to John's Perfection
story: The Johnlock Collection by cwb | Chapter 3: Small Odes to John's Perfection (archiveofourown.org/works/3212018/chapters/7210958) music: Funky Sherlock by Gregory White (www.youtube.com/watch?v

@violetwylde is a good person and reads again. @conversationswithjohnlock  musing as Sherlock, a trembling gay flower petal to @holmesianpose  ‘s John, who is a golden god of sex

Read it here:

The Johnlock Collection - Chapter 3 

Over Fathoms Deep


Ok finally I can post it. “Still“ is a song from the musical Anastasia. Pls tell me that this is Kylo about his affection to Rey. I swear it is so similar!!

An underhanded girl
An act of desperation
And to my consternation
I let her go…
She wants what she can get-
Is that a fair depiction?
Does she believe her fiction?
It’s hard to know…
Is it innocence or guile?
Or nothing but a childish act of will?
She doesn’t know she needs you
She willfully misleads you
But still….still…!

A son becomes a man!
At his father’s knee
If my father asked questions
Well…where would we be?

She’s nothing but a child.
A waif who needs protection

I feel a strange connection.
I can’t allow!

She says it’s all a game
She trembles like a flower
But in her, there’s a power
I see that now!

I am nothing but a man!
With nothing but his orders
To fulfill!
“I’m innocent!” She cries!
But then, you see her eyes
And something in them tells you
That she absolutely lies!

Until your heart replies….
“But, still…!”

Found a new Kylo Ren song!

Today I bought the Anastasia Soundtrack and the song Still, is performed by the villain Gleb. I don’t know, if I’m allowed to post the track yet, so there you have the lyrics for now. I’ll leave it there!

An underhanded girl
An act of desperation
And to my consternation
I let her go…
She wants what she can get-
Is that a fair depiction?
Does she believe her fiction?
It’s hard to know…
Is it innocence or guile?
Or nothing but a childish act of will?
She doesn’t know she needs you
She willfully misleads you
But still….still…!

A son becomes a man!
At his father’s knee
If my father asked questions
Well…where would we be?

She’s nothing but a child.
A waif who needs protection

I feel a strange connection.
I can’t allow!

She says it’s all a game
She trembles like a flower
But in her, there’s a power
I see that now!

I am nothing but a man!
With nothing but his orders
To fulfill!
“I’m innocent!” She cries!
But then, you see her eyes
And something in them tells you
That she absolutely lies!

Until your heart replies….
“But, still…!”
Daddy’s Girl  (Part 2: Survival)

Request:  Hii! I love your blog! Can you a fic where the reader is still in high school and is secretly dating Peter Parker because the rest of the avengers are very protective over you? 

I’m tying this request into Part 2 of this one, cuz it works  :)

Part 1

Your father’s hands continued to work furiously over you as you faded in and out of consciousness. Steve had returned to your side as well, trying to help Tony stabilize you with only their limited supplies and limited time to save you.  

“Stark, we need to get her out of here.  You need to pick her up and get her home.”  

Your eyes were so heavy. You were so tired and all you could think about was how wonderful sleep would be.  Closing your eyes for just the briefest of moments, you felt the relaxation begin to take over your body, and you welcomed it without hesitation.

“Dammit, (Y/N), I said keep your eyes open!”  The metal hands of the suit slid beneath you and paused as Tony looked at you for signs of pain.  He began to lift you from the ground, but you let out a sharp scream that stopped him from going any further.  “I can’t, Cap.  I can’t do this.”

Steve took a sharp breath and moved to the other side of you, slowly putting his hands beneath you to lift.  “(Y/N),” his voice was quiet and soothing as he spoke, “I’m going to lift you, and I know it’s gonna hurt.  I’ll be as gentle as I can, but we need to do this.  We have to get you out of here, okay?  Do this for your dad, honey.”

You groggily nodded your head, trusting Steve but still scared of the pain that was yet to come. With a glance to your father, you looked back to the Captain and wrapped your arm tightly around his neck as he began to lift.  


Your father had been at your bedside for days and was now looking exhausted; he hadn’t shaved, his hair was a mess, and if it weren’t for the team bringing him clean clothes, he might still be in the suit.  The long days and nights of watching the nurses work fed his brain just enough to keep him sane.  He now knew how to adjust your IV medications and could interpret your heart rhythm. It was just a distraction, however. It was barely enough to keep the sight of you, nearly dead in his hands, from his mind.  He was pulled from his own thoughts by the sound of someone at the desk, asking to see you.

“I’m here to see (Y/N) (Y/L/N).  Could you please tell me where to find her?”

Tony stood now, stepping to the door to see who could be looking for you.  He saw a tall, skinny young man talking to the nurses, with his hands filled with flowers for you.

“I’ll have to check with Mr. Stark.  Just wait here.”

“Mr. Stark?”  The boy swallowed hard and looked suddenly terrified. “Did you just say Mr. Stark? Why…why would he need to…to be asked if I can go in?”

“That’s her father, sir.”

“Shut up.”  The young visitor turned away and began to mumble to himself under his breath, “she never told me that.  Why would she never tell me that?”

Tony smiled a bit to himself, amused not only at the boy’s reaction to his name, but also at the sight of the flowers trembling in his hands, petals being shaken free of the arrangement. Maybe he should save the poor kid.

“Hey, I’m Mr. Stark, but I prefer Tony.”  He reached out to shake the young man’s hand, trying his best to be polite despite his fatigue.  “And you are?”

“Iron Man.”

“No…that’s me.”  

“Oh, shit.  I mean, yes, of course you are.  You are Iron Man.  I love your work, you’re so amazing, and I can’t believe you’re her dad.  Wow.” He finally reached out to take Tony’s hand, shaking it with a firm grasp.  “I’m Peter.  Peter Parker. I’m a…friend of (Y/N)’s.”

As your father let out a quiet and restrained laugh, he put his hand on the new visitor’s shoulder and led him in to see you.  “This looks worse than it is, alright?”

Peter gasped loudly as he entered the room, dropping your flowers to the ground to take his place at your side as quickly as possible.  The two of you had been dating for almost a year, but no one knew.  Your father was explicitly against you dating a superhero, believing you had enough of that influence from both him and the other members of the team.  If he knew you were dating Spiderman, you’d never be allowed to leave the tower again.

Peter put his face close to your so he could whisper without fear of your father hearing him.  “I told you not to go.  I told you this would happen.”  Tony’s head perked up as he heard a sniffle come from the boy standing over you.  “Don’t leave me, (Y/N).  We have so much to do yet.  I love you too much to let you go, okay?”

Peter placed a small kiss on your cheek and backed away, wiping the tears from his cheeks so that your father might not notice them.  Before Tony could say anything more, your boyfriend was gone.


Natasha stepped into your room, pausing at the door to see your dad sleeping with his head on your lap. She had never seen Tony that way before; so soft and so vulnerable, and it began to affect her.  Hurrying to set the information she had found on his chair, she turned to leave as to not wake him.

“For a master spy, you’re not all that sneaky, Romanoff.”

“I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s okay.  What did you find?”  He rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he took the tablet and began to read. As he read for a few minutes, his expression changed from confusion, to shock and finally anger.  “Spiderman?  That’s who this kid is?”  He looked from the screen to you and back again, “no way in hell is this gonna continue.”

Nat huffed at his quick reaction to the news, knowing you were capable of making your own decisions in the matter.  “Don’t jump to that so fast, Stark.  You know she’s a smart kid.  I’m sure she’s thought this thru.”  She stepped over to your bed, leaning down to kiss your forehead and to adjust the hair around your face.  “Besides, you know we’ll keep on eye on him.  We’re gonna protect our girl.”


“Dad?”  You turned your head gradually, looking around the room to find him.  “Dad, are you here?”  There was no response to your question, so you decided that he had gone home for the day. You didn’t even know what day it was, what time, or how long you had been out.  You could barely remember the day that brought you here.

The door slid open, revealing Tony, carrying his tablet and his tenth cup of coffee already that day. He looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks. When he looked up to see your eyes open and looking back at him, he dropped the cup on the floor and was immediately next to you.  Holding your face in his hands, he laughed quietly as he kissed your forehead, his lips lingering there for a moment.  

“Hello, baby.  I’ve been waiting so long for you.   How do you feel?  Are you in pain?  What do you need?”

“Dad.  Shhh.  Slow down. I’m okay.”  You caught the sight of the bouquet in the corner of your eye, recognizing them as each of the flowers that you had told Peter were your favorites.  “Um, was Peter here?  My friend from school?”

As if on cue, he walked thru the door of your room, stopping at the entrance, waiting for permission to enter.  “I’m right here, (Y/N).  Your dad called me.”

Tony looked down at you, a mildly disapproving look on his face.  “You kept this from me for a year?  Why didn’t you tell me?”  He sighed at his own question, realizing that he already knew the answer.  “Yeah, okay.  I have a hard time with this stuff.  I get it.  But, honey, it’s kind of important for me to know you’re dating Spiderman, don’t you think?”

“And why didn’t you tell me your dad was Iron Man?  Also kinda important, (Y/N).”  

You had been awake for no more than five minutes and they were already ganging up on you.  You had always hoped they would get along once they finally met, and now you regretted the thought.  

“You have got to be kidding me.  I can’t believe I woke up for this.”

Alternate ending: Mourning

pft 80s Bowie Lol what a joke amiright *pictures of jareth and 80s Bowie begin to fall out of my sleeves* no no shit *thousands are falling everywhere* no im holding these for someone ok just *struggling to pick them up* no no *lets dance begins to play* *on the ground sobbing hysterically and trembling like a flower surrounded with pictures of 80s Bowie and Jareth* fuck no ok just listen to me

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Do you have any sansan fluff recommendations ? Like maybe sweet one shots or sansan as parents?

Sweet and fluffy, zero calories!

One Sweet Moment

Let Us Always Meet Each Other with a Smile

Of Wrong Numbers and Changes in Destiny

Just a Moment

The Tea Party

Of Tunics and Dresses

A Scottish Stone Sept

If You Should Fall Into My Arms (and Tremble Like a Flower)    

A Fate Worse Than Fire

There are Worse Things

A Little Bird

As Happy As Ever After Gets


Nocturnal Mumbling

Little Peck

Under Construction


KaraMel Fanfic #5

Title: Someone Who Makes Her Happy

Prompt: Kara is anxious about her date with Mon-El.

Also posted on AO3.

Kara’s heart was pounding as she stood in front of her sister’s door, her hand hanging in the air. She wasn’t sure if Alex was asleep—it was midnight after all—and yet she still somehow found herself flying there when she couldn’t sleep. Tomorrow was a huge day for her, and that was an understatement. Especially since a voice in her head told her that somehow she would blow it all up and the day would end in disaster.

So that was how she came here, holding her breath, as she decided to use her X-Ray vision to look for her sister. After countless sleepless nights looking for Jeremiah—in which they’d gotten no closer to finding him—Kara didn’t want to wake her up. She deserved sleep.

However, when she looked into the apartment, she saw that Alex was sitting on the couch, watching TV. Sighing, Kara knocked on the door before she could give up. Oh, how much she needed her sister’s advice. Somehow, she’d made her relationship work.

Kara was so proud of her. For coming out as gay, for opening up to Maggie, and finally for being open about her choices. She wasn’t afraid to be seen out with her girlfriend anymore. And that was how it should be anyway.

The door opened a couple of seconds later, and Alex’s brows shot up when she saw Kara. She immediately put her wineglass aside as she let Kara in.

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