a tree of one's own

She got me praying all hours of the night, say she want my heart, She pulling me to the river, drawing me with her siren's call, Done gave her my heart but now she wants my soul, Well I already sold it to the man in red, "Fell in love with your charm," but its a curse; cos am dead, Girl you're not who you say, bad girl they say you are Innocence isn't where am at, wear your crucifix bae Don't make me out all serious bonnie, slave to this bad religion, Unrequited love, praying at my shrine, cos I don't have a heart Like a dead man walking, I lay at your side, Make sure you're alright in my world, atleast that for you girl,

I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul

Sometimes in late summer I won’t touch anything, not
the flowers, not the blackberries
brimming in the thickets; I won’t drink
from the pond; I won’t name the birds or the trees;
I won’t whisper my own name.

One morning
the fox came down the hill, glittering and confident,
and didn’t see me—and I thought:

so this is the world.
I’m not in it.
It is beautiful.
—  Mary Oliver, October (excerpt)

get to know me meme (5 favorite male characters)

↳ [2/5] george washington (hamilton)

“if i say goodbye, the nation learns to move on, it outlives me when i’m gone. like the scripture says: ‘Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree, and no one shall make them afraid.’ They’ll be safe in the nation we’ve made. I wanna sit under my own vine and fig tree, a moment alone in the shade. at home in this nation we’ve made, one last time.”

…He’s really determined to join that scarf club.

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Imagine, just the whole Stranger Things gang hanging out and getting all ready for the holiday seasons at the Byers house

  • Lucas climbing on top of Dustin trying to get to the top of the tree to put the star on top
  • Will making homemade tree ornaments and carefully placing each one on their own branch
  • Mike stringing popcorn together to make a pretty little decoration, unaware that Eleven is eating it all from the other end.
  • Joyce being tangled in the Christmas lights and feeling the deja vu
  • Hopper passed out on the couch with a Santa hat over his eyes
  • Nancy, Jonathan and Steve wearing ugly knitted Christmas sweaters as they sit around the fire roasting marshmallows
  • Joyce sneaking a kiss from Hopper under the mistle toe
  • Eleven then is standing under the mistletoe after seeing this when Mike suddenly walks beside her unaware of it, and she kisses him mimicking Joyce and not really understanding it
  • Dustin, Lucas, and Will’s jaws all drop in shock when they see it
Sorry.. || Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: Oh and do you think you could maybe write a story about a reader maybe getting startled by an animal and getting hurt, but Newt gets a bit mad because he thought the creature was hurt more, but then he gets scolded by Queenie and realizes what he’s done… sorry if that’s a long request 😅


You were in Newt’s case helping him care for all the creatures. Your favorite was the sweet little niffler, the creature loved to cling to your shirt, and was always sniffing for jewelry when you tended to them. As you were walking away, a smile on your face from the niffler.
As you we’re passing by, you greeted the bowtruckles on their own tree. However, suddenly one scratched down your arm, causing you to yell out and accidentally drop the poor thing. You instantly felt awful, knowing that the small branch-like creature didn’t mean it, and started reaching down to pick it up, seeing it lift its tiny arms to be picked up by you.
Then you heard footsteps behind you, you looked back to see a somewhat angry Newt, which surprised you.
“Y/N.. did you just drop my bowtruckle? Don’t you realize how delicate they are? What if they had gotten hurt by that fall?” He stated quietly, with an annoyed tone to his voice.
“I-I didn’t mean to, it just surprised me with-”
“You should be able to react calmly if you’re around the creatures.. maybe you should leave so you don’t cause anymore trouble.”
His words caused tears to appear in your eyes before you whispered an apology, running to the ladder and leaving his case of wonders. You collapsed onto the bed, crying into your pillow. You never wanted to upset Newt, in fact you wanted quite the opposite, as you had found a new affection towards the man. Behind you soft footsteps walked towards the bed before you heard a soft, airy voice.
“Honey? What happened?” Queenie spoke as she sat on the edge of the bed and laid a hand on your shoulder.
“I-I messed up w-with Newt..” you got out between sniffles and quiet cries.
“How would you do that? You could never mess things up sweetie.” She pulled you closer, and you felt yourself relax a bit in her hug before wiping your eyes with a small smile.
“I.. I accidentally dropped one of the bowtruckles when it scratched my arm.. I didn’t mean to! I promise I didn’t, it just surprised me..” you explained, hugging the scratched arm to your chest to keep it hidden. It wasn’t that big of a deal, at least you wouldn’t be poisoned or anything.
“Well that still gives him no right to yell at you, especially in the manner he did..” she must have been looking into your thoughts when she trailed off. You just forced a smile and shook your head.
“It’s alright Queenie, I’ll be fine, I just shouldn’t have taken it so seriously..”
“No no, you were right to take it like that, in fact we are going down there to talk through this with Newt” she nodded her head decisively and you knew that there was no changing her mind.
So the two of you made your way back down the ladder you had just recently ran up. You heard Queenie call out to Newt and even heard a bit of grumbling before he appeared, not looking into your eyes.
“Yes, what do you need?” He questioned, as he did you hid more behind Queenie, not wanting to look at him just yet.
“We want an apology, you were very rude towards Y/N, there was absolutely no need for you to act that way. You didn’t even ask her if she was ok either, or listen to her explanation Newt.” You thought Queenie sounded almost like a parent scolding a child.
“I.. I uh didn’t mean to.. I’m sorry Y/N.. I do hope you can forgive me” Newt spoke quietly, but you knew it was sincere.
You peeked out from behind Queenie cautiously and gave him a small smile, trying to look as if you hadn’t just cried your eyes out.
“I-it’s ok Newt, I understand that you were just worried for your creature, there’s no harm done” you stepped out all the way, wiping at your cheeks and smoothing down your hair.
“I really am sorry for d-dropping your bowtruckle.. I didn’t mean it.. it just scared me when it accidentally scratched my arm, but you’re right I should’ve reacted calmer.” You gave him another smile before looking at him curiously when he started looking worried.
“You were s-scratched? Oh gosh Y/N, why didn’t you tell me, here let me see it..” he held out his hand, not looking directly at you, but sometime glancing into your eyes.
You showed him the scratch doing down your arm, you knew it was fine, it wasn’t even deep, only on the surface.
“I’m fine Newt, don’t worry” you told him with a soft laugh.
“S-sorry.. I just got worried y-you might be hurt, I should’ve paid m-more attention to when you were trying to explain… I-I reallyreallylikeyouand don'twantanythinghurtingyou…” his face flushed red as he said that while your own face turned a bright pink before you smiled.
“I really like you too Newt.. like a lot” you took his hand and gave it a small kiss, grinning even more as he seemed to get even more red.
Then he suddenly leaned forward and pecked your lips, making you blush a color to match his.
The two of you were brought out of your nervous giggles and smiles when Queenie clapped her hands.
“Now that’s more like it!”


though she is but little, she is fierce. [x]

Imagine Bitty and Jack spending Christmas together omg:
-you know Jack has 100% insisted on a real tree in his apartment
-they probably went to one of those cute little family owned tree farms to pick one out
-Bitty spends a lot of time excitedly considering trees and assessing their merits
-Jack and Bitty both talk about their favorite Christmas memories when they were younger
-Jack gets this dreamy look when he thinks about when he got his first really good hockey stick for Christmas
-once they get the tree home, they decorate
-there’s probably an argument over white vs. Colorful lights, think of that how you will
-they probably have a neat mix of sentimental childhood ornaments, store bought ornaments, and a couple promotional falcs ornaments
-bonus: SMH ornament handmade by Shitty, probably reads ‘Merry fuckin Christmas, ya beautiful bastards’ there are crudely painted hockey sticks on the reverse side
-on Christmas Eve they set presents out, but they don’t open them until the morning
-Bitty requires that they wait, 'to keep the magic, Mr. Zimmermann!’
-after they set out presents, Bits sets up a mini hot chocolate bar with toppings and whipped cream
-Jack squirts whipped cream on Bitty’s nose (prompting a long string of names from bitty)
-they cuddle up on the couch with hot chocolate, and put on the 24 hours of A Christmas Story marathon and they’re all warm and basking in the glow from the tree
-just two content hockey boyfriends on Christmas

Merry Christmas, My Love

Member(s): Suho x Reader
Type: Fluff/Smut
Words: 600
Plot: A sweet not-so-little Christmas surprise.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Kim Junmyeon was full of surprises. Whether those surprises came in big expensive packages or luxurious trips, he always did hid best to make Christmas memorable. There were so many things you were ready to see that morning, and Junmyeon comfortably laying underneath the Christmas tree on top of one of the fuzziest blankets you’d owned, was not one of them.

What was more surprising was his clothes, or the lack of them. His pants instead replaced by a large bow, his arm holding his head up to give you the biggest grin you’d ever seen.

“How is this for surprising?” Junmyeon laughed, “Why don’t you come open your present?” he joked.

The shock slowly began to wear off as the worry for your husband’s sanity began to grow. Junmyeon had never been the type or person to be super exotic with his sex life. 

“What are you even doing?” you questioned, moving to kneel beside the man that held your heart.

“I’m seducing you, what is it look like?” Junmyeon smiled, slowly guiding his hands to clench the thin fabric of your nightgown, which was spotted in little penguins and bought months ago and you saved it to wear on Christmas.

In a split second Junmyeon had tugged your dress, instantly pulling you to lay on his chest. His fingers tickled at your sides for a second, before placing a loving kiss to your temple.

“It’s our first Christmas as a married couple,” he pointed out, adding another kiss to your forehead, “I wanted to be spontaneous. Keep you interested.” another kiss put on your cheek, the next, and the final one, being on your lips. The kiss was nowhere as sweet as the small pecks he’d given you, and the instant passion had you questioning just how long he’d been in this position.

You mentally began to praise yourself for not wearing a bra as Junmyeon rid the dress, saving no time before taking a nipple into his mouth, lips sucking in a pattern like style. 

You internally laughed as you ran your hand down his torso, fingers coming in contact with the bow that covered your destination. It was an awkward article to remove with the intense closeness of your bodies. The fabric felt like unnecessarily rough and you were more than thankful when it whad finaaly been removed.

Your hand wrapped around his already hard member, your idea of teasing instantly being shot down as Junmyeon’s hand knocked your away from him, using that same hand to, quite literally, tear your panties off of your legs. An action that got him a small whine from you. 

“I’ll get you a knew pair.” he huffed, words getting cut off by a deep groan as he quickly inserted himself into your warmth. His pace was slow, and it was clear to you that this was not just sex. Junmyeon was going to make love to you on Christmas morning, right underneath the Christmas tree.

And he did. Not speeding up any, but still managing to keep a fast enough pace to keep yours tail curling. His length working in an intricate pattern, hitting the part of you that made you scream. 

His slow torture could have gone on for hours, and it most likely would if the two of you had no plans for the day. But the moment the feeling of euphoria came over you, taking your senses and making him the only thing that held you to the ground, he quit. Not even attempting to satisfy himself.

“This was your present.” he mumbled, “Merry Christmas, my love.”

-Admin H

My mother says the same thing once a year

“one day when you have children of your own, you’ll come to understand the pain of being talked back to, you’ll understand why there won’t always be toys under the Christmas tree, or why there isn’t any tree at all, one day when you have children of your own, you’ll understand no matter how many times I cry because I’m worried about you, I still love you”

one day I’ll have children of my own and I pray that I’m half as good as you were to us

—  toys or not

Image 1: Beaumont Hamel - Battle of the Somme. This image was provided by Dave Chapman, Research and Volunteer Coordinator at the museum in response to our battlefield mural below it. He took this photograph on a battlefield tour and went on the tell me that the tree was used by both sides as a reference point for target indications during WW1. 

Image 2: Battlefield mural created by Ardesier Primary School children as part of my Artist Residency

Sometimes in later summer I won’t touch anything, not
the flowers, not the blackberries
brimming in the thickets; I won’t drink
from the pond; I won’t name the birds of the trees;
I won’t whisper my own name.

One morning,
the fox came down the hill, glittering and confident,
and didn’t seem me—and I thought:

so this is the world.
I’m not in it.
It is beautiful.

—  Mary Oliver, from October

Eryka x Elise | The Spook’s Ultimate Love….For Her Copper

A long time I have loved the sunned mother-of-pearl of your body.
I go so far as to think that you own the universe.
I will bring you happy flowers from the mountains, bluebells,
dark hazels, and rustic baskets of kisses.
I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.

- Eryka reciting Pablo Neruda’s poem, “What Spring Does To The Cherry Trees” to Elise (real or not is up to one’s own imagination!)

[Laura de Boer x Clémence Poésy, “The Tunnel”]

The fact that Eryka’s an avid reader, loves poetry, and has a very complicated profession. The fact that, like Eryka, Elise is also a bibliophile, and a very unique character. They share a lot in common. Their personalities compliment each other. The ultimate kicker is the fact that both are one half of their twin siblings whom they’d lost during their childhood. 

Love kick-arse characters who also happen to be bookworms, too! How often do we come across that, aye? Cheers, Mr. Ben Richards!

Now, bring back Eryka Klein in S3!!