a tree in the wind

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i need scruffy harry concepts 😩😩😩 like when he was in Jamaica and got all scruffy 😻

Scruffy Harry is a dream :(( relaxed and sweet, a dork and so cuddly.

Cuddled up right next to him, inhaling his warm and musky scent, and listening to his stupid jokes, hiding your fave in his neck, when one is particularly bad.

“Wha’? Tha’s one of my best ones!”

You two watch the palm trees, swinging gently in the warm wind, the faint sound of the waves hitting the shore playing in the background. He plays with your fingers, comparing his to yours, saying:

“Why are your fingers so tiny? Your hands look like paws!” Harry exclaims, a huge smile on his face. He gets a playful smack on his arm, and you get soft kisses on the back of your hand and up your fingers in return.

“I’m jus’ playin’ with yeh, pet.”

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Sometimes I feel like Scully enjoys being annoyed by Mulder?

Yeah, he’s her favorite annoying, incorrigible, perpetually excited human golden retriever. If Fox Mulder had a tail, it would be wagging whenever Scully is around. So yeah, even when he escapes the backyard and goes for a solo jaunt around the neighborhood and gets himself into trouble when he chases the neighbor’s cat up a tree or overturns a garbage bin to rummage through it and he winds up eating a pair of nylons and needing surgery for an obstructed bowel because he’s a big, dumb idiot, how can you stay mad at that?

charley x remy mini-soulmate au


so, there’s this gifset of Charley and Remy meeting that had @bizeke mentioning a soulmate au and many months later, here’s a quick soulmate au



Nova’s the one who tells Charley all about soulmates. sitting up under the winding tree “of our ancestors,” as Nova likes to call it, spilling all the secrets about how the world’s shades of gray until you see your soulmates. she says mates because there are multiple people meant to be in a person’s life; some unlucky people only have one mate, but some have a few out there.

“Like Daddy,” Charley says, eyes bright even though neither of the girls know how to classify it.

Nova swallows down the part of her that wants to say it wasn’t new colors that drew their dad away from her mom and over to Charley’s, but she’s too young to be spouting stuff like that and Charley’s way too young to hear it.

“Yeah, like Daddy.”


and as much as Nova tried explaining, Charley didn’t get it until later. didn’t understand how the brightness and hues kick in differently with different people, how the whole of the world gets brighter and richer with each new love added in. so when Charley first meets Davis and sees pale blues and greens and red and oranges, she thinks she understands. suddenly she has favorite colors and finds herself mixing paints together just for the sake of seeing how they blend. picks up coloring books and bright pens for her sophomore classes and realizes that one of her favorite colors is the one in her own eyes.

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This tree in St. Louis, MO was struck by lightning, causing it to burn on the inside.

Video: Jim Probst


Hi everyone, @vstolbunovhere again. Today I am sharing some of my astro timelapse work here on @universetoday!

This second one is from Ojochal, Costa Rica. I shot this among the palm trees, facing directly up. The three different rates of motion (stars, clouds, trees) are my favorite part of this timelapse. To avoid the typical quick-moving astro timelapse, I shot this at faster shutter but higher ISO.


happy earth day