a transient son

1. At the end of Hourou Musuko, it was basically revealed that ‘Hourou Musuko’ is the autobiographical story written by a 17 year old Nitori about her late childhood and teenage years. 

2. Her story both closes with the words, and begins with the opening chapter title; 'I am a Girl’.

3. Nitori subtlety but deliberately ascertains the fact that she is a girl both at the start and the end of her story. 

4. Please stop claiming that Nitori is really just a 'feminine, cross-dressing gay boy’. There really is no excuse by this point. I think Takako Shimura has concluded the manga making it quite clear what gender Nitori is. 


This video is beautiful. Everyone should watch Hourou Musuko.

Remember early on in the series when people used to talk about how adorably bookish Nitori was, and wonder if when she became an adult she was going to become a writer, and if so, if she would ever write the story of her adolescent years and her journey towards becoming a woman. 

And then when we reached the end of the series, we basically found out that book was what the entire series had actually been all along. Hourou Musuko is Nitori’s autobiographical account of her childhood. And that fact makes me kind of want to cry.