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He found his father-in-law in the sitting room that overlooked the rose garden and the fountain, where the western wall was only a thousand panes of polished glass. The sun was setting and the room was filled with the rich, amber sunlight of a late summer evening and the paler flickers from the hearth where drift-wood burned. Belle preferred the strangely shaped, salt-rimed wood to the traditional oak and pine for the unusual dancing color of the flames, the unpredictable shower of silver sparks, the fineness of the ash left in the hearth. Maurice was smoking a pipe and the smoke curled like twilight coming into the room, scenting the room with its sweetness.

“Maurice, I need to talk to you,” Adam began, running his hand through his hair half-distracted, marveling a little at how human it felt.

“I wondered how long it would take for you to figure it out,” Maurice said, puffing a little on the pipe, then setting it aside. “Frankly, I’m rather impressed with how quickly you have understood. I have perhaps underestimated you,” he said calmly, with an appraising amusement Adam had never been subjected to before. The older man made a small gesture of encouragement.

“It’s Belle. She’s…” Adam trailed off, searching himself for the correct word, the right collection of words that would explain it.

“She’s terrifying,” her father said plainly. “She’s always been this way, you know. Imagine how it was for me, I could hardly speak of it, of her, to anyone else. And such a little girl, no one would have believed me.”

“I thought she just liked to read. I thought she was very bright, self-taught– I thought,” Adam said. Maurice interrupted.

“You thought you could keep up with her. That it would be easy to do so, no?”

“I found her reading Vitruvius and Taccola, di Giorgio in the library. I didn’t know I owned the books, but I do. We do. I hardly knew who they were but she explained. I thought she would be reading Marlowe or Sidney or Marie de France, getting drunk on poetry, but she is designing a new mill and a bridge for Villeneuve now!” Adam exclaimed.

“When she was four, she built herself an abacus from the clock-work gears she found in my workshop. She learned German from the Belgian woman who made the best rolls in town when we were in Bergues, Latin from the priest,” Maurice paused. “I always wished there was an academy for her to attend, a tutor I could hire but there was no school which would take her, no teacher I could afford. Even to buy her a book was beyond me.”

“Does she love me only for my library?” Adam asked, aware he sounded overly dramatic, the echo of the self he had been before Belle, before the Beast, when he had been the prince and never gainsaid by anyone. Maurice just laughed.

“Of course not, you young fool. She is my daughter, but I’m not blind—anyone can see how she looks at you. But you must see her, understand her, if you want to make her happy—and it may not be easy. She’s not an easy woman, Belle, even if she might seem that way,” Maurice said.

“Go on,” Adam said. He had not yet learned enough humility to ask for the guidance he needed but if it was being offered, as Maurice was doing…

“She read all the time because as odd as it was, the villagers could understand it. There have been women who loved God’s word before and this is France, we have had our troubadours, our lays, our Heloise to Abelard. They could not understand a woman who was an engineer, who could rebuild their crumbling bridge, their windmills, re-design a city to resist the plague. To be fair, I’m not sure where she might go that the people would know what to make of her. But you, you have been several selves already, have been transformed and taught, however bluntly, by Madame Agathe, to see within and to accept. You might be the making of her,” Maurice said, pausing. “And I should like to see it. Her mother was much the same and I only painted her. Don’t do that.”

“I haven’t the skill or the inclination,” Adam replied, considering what a lovely model Belle would make, except that the static representation could never capture her essential quality of action, her mind, her eye, her hand all vital and primed to observe and change what was around her.

“Devote your talents to other endeavors, then. Buy her more books, yes, but also a surveyor’s kit, some broken clocks, a quantity of charcoal and paper, and if there is an opportunity for you to consult an architect, invite the man to dinner,” Maurice said. “You’re lucky,” he added. “You may invite whatever guests will please her and not worry that she will prepare the meal. She has many gifts, but cooking bores her. The kitchen doesn’t take such inattention lightly.”

“No, I gather from Mrs. Potts it does not. Have you any other wisdom to impart?” Adam answered.

“Nothing you cannot divine for yourself. You are intelligent enough, even if you are not her equal. Don’t let her know it and don’t forget it. Now, what vintage will we share tonight? A Burgundy? I thought I smelled some capon…”

like i would | teaser

When Jimin’s hands withdrew from under your shirt, you let out a small grunt of disappointment, which had him chuckling against your neck, the curve of his smile pressed to your skin. Your disappointment soon turned to excitement, however, when his hands returned, his fingers nimbly beginning to unbutton your pyjama top all while his tongue flicked against the hammering pulse in your neck. He’d made it to the third button when the front door to the apartment opening caused you both to spring apart.

“Wow,” Hoseok exclaimed, laughter on the tip of his tongue, “You guys should have said, I wouldn’t have barged in like that.” You scrambled off Jimin’s lap, quickly buttoning up your top as Hoseok placed two large white bags on the black marble of the kitchen island. He began unpacking the bags, the deliciously spicy smell of the contents reaching your nose as Hoseok glanced towards you and Jimin from underneath his trademark, haphazardly styled brown hair, “I’m assuming you two have worked up an appetite, good job I decided to be a good housemate and bring food, huh?”

March 26th Atlus Stream predictions

Ok I’m calling it on these games that are most likely to happen (at least this year) and these are new games (minus Persona ports or remasters, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a few of those):

  • P3D (they’ve had like a year+ to work on it behind the scenes and have teased it, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we got it)
  • Catherine 2 (years ago they stated the would make it a franchise, each year it’s gets more unlikely but I’d love it to happen)
  • Deviliser (back in 2013 they trademarked this name, I’m thinking it’s SMT related imo or a new ip, heck didn’t they announce an SMT game for the 3DS? It could be this)
  • Project Re Fantasy (or at least a look into it, gameplay or story wise)
  • Maaaaaybe a P5 spinoff game (be it a crossover with P3 and/or 4 or by itself, that or they’ll be waiting till 2018 to do a few of them)
  • Maybe a P5 sequel (probably a spinoff game but yeah they might have one in the works, but I’m still aiming for that to be 2018)
  • P5 expansion DLCs
  • SMT port/remaster (to 3DS or Switch, hey I said minus Persona ports/remasters)
  • Devil Survivor/DDS/Devil Summoner or another Megaten game port/remaster or sequel
  • Another P3/4 spinoff game (one that ties up, or help ties up loose plot threads and maybe sets the stage for a P3/4/5 crossover game)
  • P5 anime announced (not game but I’m waiting Altus :/)
  • P4 Arena/Q/Ultimax anime announced (C’mon Atlus do the Labyrinth trilogy please)
  • P3 The Answer movie or anime announced (still waiting Atlus)

Happy Woodland Wednesday!

Autumn is my favorite season. So you’ll probably be forced to see lots of pictures of that particular season. I promise I’ll try to change it up. ^_^;

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On this day in music history: March 22, 1974 - “Apostrophe (‘)”, the eighteenth album by Frank Zappa is released. Produced by Frank Zappa, it is recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York City, Bolic Sound, Inglewood, CA and Paramount Studios in Hollywood, CA from Mid 1969 - Early 1974. The album is the follow up to the prolific guitarist and songwriter’s commercial breakthrough “Over-Nite Sensation”, featuring shorter, more tightly structured songs tinged with Zappa’s trademark humor. Like many Zappa projects, the material is culled from a number of different sources recorded at various times over a five year period, though the main sessions take place from mid 1973 to early 1974. Featuring his main band of the period that includes George Duke (keyboards), Ruth Underwood (percussion), Napoleon Murphy Brock (saxophone, vocals), and Ralph Humphrey (drums), it also features a number of guest musicians including Tina Turner and The Ikettes (background vocals), Jack Bruce (bass), Jim Gordon (drums), Jean-Luc Ponty (violin), Don “Sugarcane” Harris (violin) and John Guerin (drums). The album includes the classics “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow”, and “Nanook Rubs It”, and becomes Zappa’s best selling album to date. Originally released on CD in 1995, it is remastered and reissued on CD in 2012, and as a 180 gram vinyl LP in 2014. In 2016, The Zappa Family Trust releases “The Crux Of The Biscuit”, an album comprised of alternate mixes, alternate takes and live versions of tracks from the album, including one track that first surfaced on the posthumous triple album set “Läther” in 1996. “Apostrophe (‘)” peaks at number ten on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

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After causing a bit of ruckus among the gaggle clowns with a wonderfully signed photo of a prank gone perfectly right, the devilish demon decided to spare a few minutes to chit chat with the robotic trio. Being a demonic ink demon had its perks, such as being able to sneak around as a ink puddle and easily spook any unsuspecting chump who dared to get caught in the crossfire. Not really paying much attention to which of the three robots he had crept up on, he suddenly took his trademark form and let out a shrill, mischievous giggle behind them. “Hey there, PAL!”

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The Ganges and Yamuna rivers now have legal personhood too

Atlantis tries to trademark sentient-water-anthropomorphic-beings because that is his thing dammit

Yamuna takes him to court.

Surprise the cityverse’s last arc is in fact a tense legal drama.

Five things the sky will be the colour of

1. Television, tuned to a dead channel, which is to say all the channels because there will be no such thing any more and so the colour of the channels is the colour of things passing from physical memory and can be anything you want really.

2. The Babytronic My First Drone kit, because those things stay up in the sky forever, they’re solar powered don’t-you-know, and they were top toy of the year 2032, 2033 AND 2034 plus the Babytronic My First Printer can make them and sometimes you find it riffling through the recycling to get the spare parts to make more of them when it thinks you’re asleep and hold on what is going on here is this something we should be worried about?

3. Following a prolonged legal battle, the sky will be puce. This is because puce is the only colour that will not have been trademarked by 2052, plus Rayleigh scattering will have been outlawed by the US Supreme Court leaving the sky physically unable to be blue anymore.

4. The sky will be the colour of a carefully-selected advert from our sponsors, projected jauntily on the inside of your augmented-reality eyeballs. Unless you’ve turned augmented reality off, which you absolutely have the right to do, no problems, but you should note that the upkeep of this street is funded by advertising revenue and as such we are unable to admit non-subscribers onto the pavement.

5. The sky will be the colour of a literary reference, stretched beyond any sensible reckoning, painted bright pink to match tomorrow’s bright new postmodern metaworld, and scrunched up a bit to make it fit because it was initially a bit too long to go item five of this list.


On this day in music history: March 22, 1982 - “Alligator Woman”, the eighth album by Cameo is released. Produced by Larry Blackmon, it is recorded at Cheshire Sound Studios in Atlanta, GA from Late 1981 - Early 1982. Following the Gold selling “Knights Of The Sound Table”, the veteran New York City based R&B/Funk band undergo a number of major changes, along with the shifting tastes occurring in music in the early 80’s. Once a completely self contained band featuring as many as fourteen members, Cameo drastically pairs down their line up from the twelve members of the previous album, down to just five, retaining leader and drummer Larry Blackmon, keyboardist Gregory Johnson, vocalist Tomi Jenkins, trumpeter and vocalist Nathan Leftenant, and guitarist and keyboardist Charlie Singleton. The band also leave their native New York City and settle in Atlanta, GA to begin work on their eighth studio album. Cameo streamlines their trademark funk, largely stripping away the horns, incorporating the use of more synthesizers, and elements of rock and new wave into their sound. The end result is a musical re-invention that not only resonates with long time Cameo fans, but wins them many new ones, broadening their audience and marking the beginning of their transition into wider mainstream acceptance. The album spins off three singles including “Flirt” (#10 R&B), “Just Be Yourself” (#12 R&B), and the title track (#54 R&B). The albums striking cover artwork featuring a photo of a very attractive woman whose face is made up to look like a reptiles scaly skin is of then still little known singer, model, actress and soon to be star Denise Matthews (aka Vanity). “Alligator Woman” is also the final Cameo album released on the Chocolate City Records imprint, being dissolved after label co-founder Cecil Holmes leaves the company to become VP of A&R for CBS Records’ black music division. Larry Blackmon establishes his own Atlanta Artists label through PolyGram the following year, with Cameo’s records being issued under the imprint until 1990. “Alligator Woman” peaks at number six on the Billboard R&B album chart, number twenty three on the Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

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Your art trademark is perfection ! The way you draw faces, hair and bodies is unique to you. Your lineart is so clean and the colors and shading make it look like it's from another dimension. It's like your art belong in its own world, and each drawing is like a window to a whole different reality. Well, that's just the way I personally feel. Also, please take care ! <3

Ahhh, but I still have a very long way to go! (*ノ∀`*)