a touch of sparkle

I think the reason that I tend to gravitate towards some of the censored queer relationships in media (e.g. Korrasami or Victuuri) is that their writers can’t fall back on boring romance tropes like kissing or sex to support the claim that their characters are in love. Instead, we are given these intricate, slow romances that rely on soft touches and kind words and sparkling eyes and it just feels so much more real to me. I just want to thank all that writers who have faced the constraints of the censor and took it as a challenge to reinvent the way we portray love. Thank you for showing us as beautiful and visible.

No Touching [a Barry Allen Smut AU]

Request: Sorry if this is like waaaaaaay too specific but could you write a drabble where the reader works at a museum and evil Barry comes in and won’t stop touching stuff and maybe some smutty smut ensues? ;)

a/n: he is an asshat but….


It is just a normal, boring day at the Central City museum. You greet people who come in and flick through a book in your spare time. It isn’t that fun. When the big brown wood door swings open, you look up. “Hi, welcome to the Central C- Hey, don’t touch that!” you scold, standing up from your office chair.

Completely ignoring your request, he smirks, fingerless black glove reaching out to touch the glass display case that holds a sparkling diamond. This dude is really getting on your nerves. Stomping over to the lanky brown haired man, you cross your arms over your blue polo, eyeing him. “I love history, don’t you?” he smirks, strolling towards a polished vase, picking it up.

“Put that down!” you grunt, ripping it out of his hands. He sighs, fixing his gray hoodie while he steps toward another display. “Don’t you dare lay a finger on that!” you warn, squinting at the young man.

His green eyes twinkle in mischief, quickly glancing to you then the precious jewel necklace. “Hmm… what about-” his hands grab your breasts, “these? Can I touch these?” he bats his long eyelashes, fingers twitching over your shirt. Oh. Oh, that’s such a dick move.

Your face flushes and you growl slightly. Peering around, you curl your fingers in his baggy black t-shirt, leading him into the supply closet. A sly smirk remains on his lips as he leans forward, sucking on your neck. “Oh…” Wait, what’s his name again?

“Barry.” he mutters, pushing your work shirt up, revealing your smooth violet bra. A moan escapes your lips while he unbuttons your blue jeans, slowly pulling them down. “Mmm, baby…” he hums, fingers dipping in your underwear.

You gasp, grabbing the wall as you feel his long fingers enter your pussy. “Barry…please.” you beg, hands flying to his light brown locks, tugging it roughly.

A struggled groan passes through his pink lips and he makes a ‘come here’ motion inside you. “You’re so hot… You sure I can’t touch the stuff?” he whispers, pumping his long fingers in you. His hoodie falls off one of his shoulder as he pants slightly, a Cheshire Cat smile stretching across his face.

Breathless, you tug at his hair again, feeling a knot in your lower stomach form. Biting your lip, you peek down at him; Y/C/E eyes finding his hazel ones. “I…I’m close.” you warn, swallowing.

He nods, pumping his fingers faster, making you throw your head back. You groan, feeling yourself cum on his digits. “Mmm…so responsive.” he purrs, slowly pulling his wet fingers out. You watch his swollen lips wrap around his pointer and middle finger, sucking off your juices; eyelids fluttering closed. A whimper leaves you and he hums, lips vibrating his fingers while he pulls them out with a pop. “Still don’t want me to touch anything?” he smirks.

Ribbons and Paper

Writing: @lady-brandish

Art: @cheer-chan

Summary: Gift wrapping requires a special touch.

Erza smiled to herself as she gazed at the sparkling tree and fire. It wasn’t the first holiday she and Jellal had spent together, but this year was special. The Magic Council had finally been reformed and, unlike the last twenty-four months, Jellal now had a satellite office in Magnolia. He’d spend most of his time at home instead of Era. Though he’d only just established the office, Erza’s mood had already improved.

On top of all that, she’d managed to acquire a very special Christmas gift. The gold ribbons and red paper hid a rare book he would’ve hunted down himself – if he knew of its existence.

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Pure Laughter

flip flappers was hands down best anime of 2016

anyway tickle fight between girlfriends

Sniff sniff sniff.

Cocona sighs as her concentration is once again broken by Papika’s nose nuzzling her ear, and she looks up from her math worksheet to face the girl who’s been clinging to her all afternoon. Papika doesn’t even flinch back as her head turns, resulting in their noses practically touching as Cocona meets sparkling blue eyes with a stern glare.

“Seriously, Papika, stop that. I’m trying to focus.”

“But you smell so nice today!” Papika beams, and promptly begins rubbing her face in Cocona’s hair as if to prove it. She’s been in a cuddly mood all day, and while earlier, Cocona was more than happy to oblige her girlfriend, right now, she really just wants to catch up on her studies.

“Yes, so you’ve told me,” Cocona says, gently pushing Papika away. “And you can smell me all you want after I’ve finished my problem set, okay?”

Papika pouts slightly but nods, crawling backwards until she’s a good meter away. Cocona, satisfied, makes use of the new space to stretch her arms above her head and then return to her work. But before Cocona can so much as even grab her pencil again, she’s unceremoniously tackled from behind, strong arms curling around her waist as Papika’s telltale giggles resound in her ears.

Oh, forget the worksheet. Cocona wasn’t actually getting anywhere anyway.

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Dinosaur by Jennifer Tran
Via Flickr:
Some people like to draw blazing fire or lasers coming out from a dinosaur’s mouth. I like my T-Rex to breath out ferocious butterflies and hearts with a touch of green sparkles!