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143 - I Want You (M)

Author’s Note: im a mess. park chanyeol did this to me. dont touch me i am vulnerable.
Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)
Genre: smut
Summary: On a day off, you spend all day craving your boyfriend. In the middle of one of his meetings, you decide to let him know.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: explicit sexual situations; explicit language; dirty talk; mentions of breathplay; themes of voyeurism
Word Count: 7,030

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The thing is, it starts with a text.

YN[4:03 PM]: I want you.

The thing is, you had him this morning, deep, slow, and intense until you both were shaking from the pleasure.

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An Ode to the Venus Signs

Aries: The primal lust for power that drives you fuels the spark in your eye and the deceiving lilt in your voice that rears just as you go in for the kill. You will eventually give up being the ever-brave knight and the same cold knife that pierces his heart in exchange for the purity you braved oceans of passion and battles of ferocious kisses in the thundering moonlight for. You will lay down your helmet not in defeat but to unleash a fierce tenderness that no other could ever match. 

 Taurus: You grant your body its right to speak for itself, you’re a lover of few words and infinite complexities. The burgundy wine that pumps through your heart and veins and out through your mouth intoxicates its ever-fortunate victim within minutes. The kisses you allow are accompanied by your luxurious velvet touch that, on its own, is a treasure worthy of an ancient and haunting sea borne melody of lust, deceit, and riches beyond measure. 

Gemini: Yours is an epic poem of magic and thermals thrusting you beyond the clouds and the stars in one flap of your winged self. An intense emotional threshold is accompanied by lighthearted joviality that lets itself be heard through your tinkling laugh late into the night. You are the adventure in any fantasy and the spirit of any angelic presence we have all felt when our wheels of fortune are on their way to the top. 

Cancer: Your gentle caress is the joy finally bubbling up from an exhausted heart. You’re the flower in the gun, the lover that hit the universe. The Valentine’s Day you imagined all those years that finally happened, the ribbon on an exquisite present you almost feel guilty untying. Your quiet devotion is emotional and romantic, crystalline perfection in a tarnished, stone world. 

Leo: The mischievous grin you unveil to the masses is nothing to the intense and yet… Exciting gleam in your eye when you unmask your bad boy disguise and become the gold-hearted danger we all secretly desire. You are the protector of the queen of hearts, jealous though your undying love may be. Somehow with you, the world is perfectly in sync with every breath that is shared, each movement a rhythm of unyielding devotion. 

Virgo: The crease in your brow changes ever so slightly for every different small emotion you allow to the surface. The perfection of each conscious movement and considerate placement of every inch of you is not unnoticed. The free spirit you unleash in your blessed vulnerable moments is the thunder of a rainstorm in a drought, a love with you is one of reincarnation of your lover’s prized memories and dreams plucked from careful observation and secretly tender moments of thought. 

Libra: Your youthful exuberance is open minded with a bright and surprising wisdom. The element of surprise is always packed neatly up your sleeve for when inspiration strikes your wandering mind. Though with light footsteps your travel this road, each movement is meaningful and not as wasteful as it appears to the ignorant eye. Your sweet intentions never turn bitter even in adversity, as your every move matches the most romantic of ideals with ease. 

Scorpio: Trust doesn’t fall into your rigid nature, as you decided it can’t. But how you long for it, to let go of a little control into trustworthy arms that feel of your pillow after a long, hard day. You have the loyalty of the best friend trope and the love of the heroine all contained in the body of what can only be a hero. You do not move quickly, but each stroke of the brush is one of intensity and saturation made with steady hands. The bouts of rash action do not last long, as you already know deep in your soul where you belong. 

Sagittarius: Worldly, exciting, fast and learned are your ways of rash and heated passion. You are jagged bottles wielded by the wild, but each cut of the blade is done out of fun and poisoned only by the cowardly. The jolt of sunshine and fall weather, the fall that tastes golden and slightly crisp, is only the instantaneous reward given before the ride. 

Capricorn: You are the everything you determined they deserve; the want and the need alike. Allowing yourself the pleasure of being the mouse in the game for once, with an ever protective grip on reality all the while. Your intensity is a quiet one, one that doesn’t speak but radiates. It is unyielding and wooden, but alive all the same. Your branches bear fruit that, for once, are willingly plucked with a silent thank you and perhaps a passing smile. Your roots will never cease to grow until the soil is gone and your stomach barren, but until then you are permanent and, most importantly, ever standing.

Aquarius: You take flight without warning, but how any would worship simply seeing you go. A disguised predator in a world of the unwise. But from you comes the pleasure of shrewd sport in the face of those simply surviving. To let your guard down sounds obscene until you allow yourself to understand the truth; the truth that allows you to shed your old and tired skin. Like the snake you are blind before your fresh skin, and you can roll with it or forge a fresh path. 

Pisces: The mysteries of the universe lie within your magnetic eyes and wry smile. Your every move fascinates and alienates and is left for only the dedicated to make sense of. You create a new world for your person, with exquisite detail and an unparalleled sense of wonder. But danger looms in the back of your incredible mind and with the shift of your thoughts you can press the tempting button of self-destruction. Burning bridges is a staple of your watery magic, and you the lone arsonist. Perhaps you could put down the matches, but who’s to say you ever will decide it’s worth it?

Petname Babygirl II pt.3

yoongi x reader

genre: filth..fluff? I don’t know except for the smut, dom!yoongi

this chapter contains a bit of everything, I guess

word count: 10.6k

Your business trip involved boring meetings, some time for yourself and you being naked and tied up underneath your boss.

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The Wrong Tickets

Summary: Your friend buys plane tickets for the two of you, but she accidentally makes you sit apart from each other. That means you have to sit next to a stranger

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 3,820 words

Warning: Swearing, Fluff 

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A-Z NSFW: Woozi

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A = Aftercare 

While he struggles to stay awake after sex, Woozi is extremely caring with his aftercare. Sex isn’t in the rough range, so pains aren’t typically a problem, he takes care of wiping you both down, and due to the length of time you two spend rolling around the sheets, he makes sure you two are rehydrated before he lets you two call it a night. Tender kisses and soft words lead to cuddles and sleep.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 

Whether it be yours or his preference, he knows you both love his mouth. Woozi loves worshiping your body, and he knows you love it too. His mouth is his tool of choice, and takes pride in how easily he can make you squirm, beg, and cum just from his mouth. Flip that, and he loves your hands. Woozi gets half the joy of sex from your responses to him, your fingers clutching his arms, nail biting in to his back as he thrusts in you, your digits wrapped around his cock, bringing him to the brink of pleasure. 

C = Cum 

Woozi’s one that kind of lock ups when he cums, if that makes sense. He’s not a pull out kind of guy, so condoms are a constant. When he’s close, he lets himself down and presses you two chest to chest, tucks his head against your neck, and pushes hilt deep and stays there when he finally steps over the edge of please. He’s not a vocal cum, more just heavy breathing and quiet gasps of pleasure.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 

He isn’t super secretive with you, he’s not going to like…smash a vase and pretend it never happened and not tell you, but everything you do, you do it together, right? Woozi wants to keep that going, as it is, but he can’t bring up mutual masturbation is lowkey a thing for him. Everything you two do sexual, is done to each other, the idea of seeing and hearing and watching each other fall apart without the luxury of touching the other….is enough to make his head spin.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Woozi isn’t one of the babies, and he isn’t one of the oldest, but he’s been in a relationship, so I don’t think he’s that innocent. At the very least, he knows what he’s doing, at the very most, he’s put his knowledge to the test. Either way, he’s not going to be that bad of a shag, being the smarty pants producer mr. jihoon is. 

F = Favorite position

Woozi’s a man of simple taste in bed, he’s classic. Major skin to skin is his thing, so he varies from missionary, to you topping, anything that he can be pressed tight to you, but his favorite is both of you kneeling and your back to him. Hes got full access to dig his fingers into your hip and feel your fingers clutch his hair and toss your head back against his shoulder and moan right beside his ear. True bliss to Woozi.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Of the group, Woozi certainly dips more into the clowning around during sex types. Sly tickles and pokes and giggles are continuous throughout sex. If dick and titties weren’t out, you’d just think it was two friends play fighting with how joyful and lighthearted sex with Woozi is.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
Fml Woozi is so soft…It’s off and on, and really you have to harp on him if it’s important or not, but occasionally he does just wipe it all clean. Not often, though, but on the norm he does manscape.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

With you, Woozi’s bizarrely affectionate. Like forever in that honeymoon phase. Sex is full of gentle touches and heart eyes, and post sex is completely filled with sweet words of love. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

Jerking off on his own isn’t a consistent thing, more of a rarity between his schedule and being with you. But when it does happen, it’s usually like…4 am and he calls you like ‘im hiding in a closet in the studio h e l p’. You better help the poor boy.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Again, Woozi’s pretty simple; affectionate, loving, and simple. Tender kinks, body worship and role playing and dressing up, on both parts. He likes taking on these roles, with you as well. One title he likes to play with, though, is sir. Nothing crazy, just randomly letting it slip out during sex and he’s a gonner. 

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Kind of happened by accident, you two were getting it on and the boys returned a bit too early and you had to pause everything and slip into a closet until they left again. That started the whole ‘lets see how many closets your dick can be in me before we get caught’ spree. That is probably the only insane thing you’re going to get out of Woozi, to be honest with you.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

Woozi is a very needy guy when it comes to actually turning him on, it takes just the right thing. Chilling around and making out, Woozi’s easiest turn on is heavy petting; over the clothes touching and dry humping is his turn on, the little pleasure it gives just makes him crave the full blown act. 

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Playing with titles and power kinks, sometimes degrading goes along with that, but with Woozi they’re a no go. Similar to Jeonghan, he’s had enough being put down and teased for being a ‘little man’, any degrading title (bitch, slut, etc) is out of his books. Sex with Woozi is, even in roles, still loving and full of respect and affection, that he can’t bring himself to let those things leave his mouth.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Again, his mouth is a prized part on him, he loves working between your thighs and making sweet music with his tongue. He’s quite the master at oral, and really does love making you quake from his mouth. Woozi’s a switch, you can’t convince me otherwise. He’s dominant and likes to hand power over to you too, and letting you lay him out and make him shake like he does to you, has got to be top five favorite things in the world to him.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

Woozi varies a lot. He’s like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get until dick’s in you and he’s pounding away. He’s like hot and cold, it’s one or the other, no in between. Either he’s jack rabbit-ing it up, quick and sharp thrusts or he’s slow and gentle, almost to the point it’s more like humping than thrusts. Flip a coin boo, good luck.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

Even though he takes forever with you, Woozi can bust out a quickie easily. No questions asked, no problem, wham bam thank you ma’am type of shiz. He’s not opposed to them, he actually enjoys quickies, obviously not on the scale of regular sex but he’s down for a quick bump and grind. They don’t happen very often, you can count on maybe once a month. 

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

Woozi’s pretty reserved with his affection, PDA isn’t expressed much, if at all. Risks that involve being seen, are nonexistent to Woozi. It’s just not going to happen. Aside from that, Woozi is pretty set in his ways, if you want to try something new or bring a new element into sex, it’s going to have a lengthy discussion and they’re probably a 60-70% chance he won’t like it. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
In my mind, Woozi reminds me of a rabbit; fuck happy, at least, once he gets to the desire for sex. He’s not fast like a bunny though, he can fuck forever, he stretches out sex longer than you can imagine. Foreplay is insane, oral is a must, sex is slow and intense that he just drags it out. Woozi lasts pretty long, unusually so; pushing 15-20 minutes, and can pound out 2-3 rounds thanks to extensive foreplay giving him easy time to recover before sex again.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Woozi isn’t much of a man fond of toys, he’s more of a character-ish guy? He likes the costumes and role playing, as opposed to toys. Maid, kitty, nurse, etc, that’s more his speed. The only thing he has personally bought on his own free will, was just a small bullet vibrator for some good foreplay. 

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Woozi doesn’t like getting teased, especially with sex in your relationship, so to him he treats you in the same respect. He stops when you whine at him to hurry up, he doesn’t hold out on you or intentionally continue teasing you when he doesn’t like it. And quite frankly, he’d much rather get to sex anyways, so why tease the both of you? 

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
He’s unusually quiet, not that he’s holding back his sounds, Woozi isn’t loud in bed. Unless he’s telling you what to do, whispering sweet words to you, or about to cum when he gets pretty panty and a few moans slip out, he’s silent in bed.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Woozi is pretty middle ground on being sexual, he waits pretty long before sex. He’s pretty sexual in ways excluding complete sex, hands and mouths happen pretty frequently and earlier in the relationship that expected, but he holds sex for quite a while. 

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Big things come in small packages ngl i hate i just wrote that…ew Woozi’s not a little man down below. He passes the average, pushing 6-6.5″ and just a hair thicker than typical. Truly something you should take a Polaroid of and send to Trump to gloat, it’s some good meat…mmm

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

His sex drive isn’t sky high, Woozi’s drive rides the line of average, dipping maybe a little under. He’s not a super horny guy, he’s not going to hump your leg every second of the day. Sex is somewhat rare? Sex doesn’t happen every single day, pushing once or twice a week. 

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Soft bub Woozi taps out fast as hell, he’s ready to crash as soon as he cums. He wears out easy during sex, so post coitus naps are a must. Woozi curls up almost instantly, that it’s a struggle just to get through aftercare his eyelids become so heavy.  

Venus Signs in Astrology

**Important: Despite the information below, EVERY relationship with love and understanding has a chance at turning into something great. Don’t let astrology hinder you from initiating a relationship.**

Venus in Aries

How They Express Love: Obvious Flirtation, Impressive Actions, Immaturity, Loyalty, Intensity

What They Require: Excitement, Adventure, Wisdom, Spontaneity, Intensity, Physical Touch

What They Provide: Passion, Impulsiveness, Protection, Care, Dominance

Best Venus Signs for Aries: Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, Libra

Worst Venus Signs for Aries: Cancer, Virgo, Pisces

Venus in Taurus

How They Express Love: Cheerfulness, Companionship, Loyalty, Looking Presentable

What They Require: Peacefulness, Physical Touch, Luxury, Indulgence, Pleasure, Seriousness

What They Provide: Sensuality, Romance, Innocence, Knowledge, Comfort

Best Venus Signs for Taurus: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Leo, Scorpio

Worst Venus Signs for Taurus: Aquarius, Sagittarius

Venus in Gemini

How They Express Love: Sociable, Romantic, Connection, Charm

What They Require: Happiness, Youth, Friendship, Expression, Communication

What They Provide: Knowledge, Humor, Fun, Romance

Best Venus Signs for Gemini: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Leo, Cancer

Worst Venus Signs for Gemini: Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn

Venus in Cancer

How They Express Love: Emotions, Shy, Introverted, Sensitive, Worrisome, Solace

What They Require: Material Gifts, A Listener, Humor, Tenderness, Old-Fashioned

What They Provide: Nuture, Care, Protection, Affection, Unconditional Love

Best Venus Signs for Cancer: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, Gemini

Worst Venus Signs for Cancer: Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Venus in Leo

How They Express Love: Loyalty, Romance, Sweetness, Companionship

What They Require: Devotion, Pampering, Compliments, Luxury, Validation

What They Provide: Attention, Generosity, Care, Affection, Courage

Best Venus Signs for Leo: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini, Libra

Worst Venus Signs for Leo: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Venus in Virgo

How They Express Love: Shyness, Anxiousness, Listerners, Privacy, Intelligence

What They Require: Peace, Organization, Class, Wit, Sophistication

What They Provide: Time, Effort, Intelligence, Purity, Healing

Best Venus Signs for Virgo: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio

Worst Venus Signs for Virgo: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius

Venus in Libra

How They Express Love: Flirtation, Romance, Protection, Praise

What They Require: Harmony, Balance, Positivity, Guidance, Sociableness

What They Provide: Kindness, Willingness, Fairness, Compromise, Gentleness

Best Venus Signs for Libra: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra, Leo, Sagittarius

Worst Venus Signs for Libra: Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, Pisces

Venus in Scorpio

How They Express Love: Intensity, Loyalty, Honesty, Verbally

What They Require: Intimacy, Control, Maturity, Respect, Secrets, Intensity

What They Provide: Faithfulness, Intensity, Protection, Sexuality, Mystery, Depth

Best Venus Signs for Scorpio: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

Worst Venus Signs for Scorpio: Leo, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini

Venus in Sagittarius

How They Express Love: Calmness, Irritation, Pessimism, Realism,

What They Require: Praise, Admiration, Stories, Opportunity, Movement

What They Provide: Exploration, Sincerity, Upfrontness, Honesty, Joy

Best Venus Signs for Sagittarius: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn

Worst Venus Signs for Sagittarius: Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer

Venus in Capricorn

How They Express Love: Shyness, Anxiousness, Seems Cold and Rude, Awkward

What They Require: Safety, Wealth, Pamper, Romance, Relaxation, Encouragement

What They Provide: Inspiration, Wisdom, Responsibility, Trustworthy, Warmth, Stability

Best Venus Signs for Capricorn: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Worst Venus Signs for Capricorn: Aries, Libra, Gemini, Leo, 

Venus in Aquarius

How They Express Love: Shy at First, Extroverted Later, Curiousity, Adoration, Humor

What They Require: Uniqueness, Independence, Connections, Imagination, Adventure, Intelligence

What They Provide: Spontaneity, Fun, Provocation, Friendship, Insight

Best Venus Signs for Aquarius: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Worst Venus Signs for Aquarius: Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo

Venus in Pisces

How They Express Love: Romance, Niceness, Complimenting, Talkative,

What They Require: Emotional Support, A Savior, To Escape, Dreams, Beauty, Tranquility

What They Provide: Sensuality, Unconditional Love, Tenderness, Protection, Empathy

Best Venus Signs for Pisces: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo

Worst Venus Signs for Pisces: Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo, Libra

CEO (Mingyu)

—  papi, let’s go, cuz i kinda like it  —


» The sexual tension between you and your boss, the CEO of the company, Kim Mingyu, has been there for a long time. One day you’ve both had enough.

“We’re not done yet.”

Having someone as attractive as Kim Mingyu as your boss, running such a successful company, wasn’t easy, and it was only made more difficult with how flirty he was, especially with you.

He’d glance at you every now and again, and engage in conversations with you whenever he could, where his voice was a bit lower than normal, which was not just your imagination.

Whenever he was close to you, whether it was in the elevator, when you were getting coffee, or simply talking with you and some others, you felt a sense of excitement inside of you, and he could see that, which was why he wasn’t exactly subtle with his actions, at least when you were alone.

Eventually you’d start to give him some signs, too, and also seek his company and closeness. It was like you were playing with fire, and at a company party, it all felt oh, so clear when your gazes met across the room and you held it for multiple seconds, during which Mingyu’s lips slowly stretched into a smirk.

You wanted him, and there was no room for mistakes: he wanted you too.

The sexual tension between the two of you had been growing gradually throughout the months you had been working together, until one day he called you to his office before a meeting you were both meant to attend.

“You wanted to see me,” you said as you entered the room, your heart beating slightly faster than usual as you moved your eyes to Mingyu, standing by the window with his back facing you, sinfully good-looking in his tailored black suit. You could only imagine how luxurious it would feel under your touch.

“Close the door, please,” Mingyu said as he turned around, a small smile on his lips as he fixed his cuffs and loosened his tie a little. The action already nearly made you tremble. “How are the reports going?”

A playful grin spread to your lips as you began walking closer to him. “That’s not why you called me in, is it? You never ask about the reports.”

“Am I that transparent?” he asked with a low chuckle while shaking his head, and moved his gaze to you when you had gotten close to him. “What is this, Y/N? This, between the two of us.”

You knew immediately what he meant, and barely recognized your voice when you spoke. “Tension?”

“Mmh,” Mingyu hummed, slowly letting his eyes fall from your eyes to your lips, “Sexual tension would be more accurate, would it not?”

“If you feel the way I do, then yes,” you said in a mere breath, and it was within seconds that you had Mingyu’s lips pressed against yours and his hands desperate on your body, one underneath your ass and one on your waist.

You sighed contently into the kiss and giggled quietly when he guided you to his desk, where you sat on and pulled him close, feeling up his shoulders and arms through his suit while your tongues danced together and his hands kept roaming on your legs.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” he mumbled against your lips and lifted the hem of your pencil skirt in a desperate attempt to touch more. You breathed heavily as you kissed him, intoxicated by his taste and feeling, and whimpered quietly when his thumb rubbed your inner thigh.

“Me, too,” you whispered and deepened the kisses some more, although the only thing you could think about with how skillfully his tongue was rubbing yours was just how amazing it could feel in your pussy.

As you made out, your kisses only growing hungrier as you finally let your bottled up lust for each other out in them, you could feel yourself getting wet, and from how Mingyu was starting to slowly grind against your thigh and from the feel of it, you easily figured out he was hard, too.

“Can we just–”

There was a knock on the door that had you pulling away from him in an instant.

“Mr. Kim, it’s time to go. We can’t find Y/N right now, but…”

“Y/N is here,” Mingyu interrupted his assistant and swallowed hard, licking his lips. “We’ll be right there.”

You panted, the pulsating between your legs almost unbearable, and placed your fingers on your temples. “Shit, the meeting.”

“It’ll be fine,” Mingyu chuckled lowly and fixed his tie and hair, while you pushed your skirt back down and made sure you weren’t too messy otherwise, either, trying not to appear too disappointed about not going all the way.

Before you could get off the desk, Mingyu took your chin gently between his thumb and forefinger and leaned in for a kiss that took your breath away, deep and sensual in a way that practically made you melt.

He pulled back slowly, your chin still between his fingers, and whispered with his lips brushing against yours. “We’re not done yet.”

All you could do was nod: you didn’t trust your voice enough to speak, not that any intelligent words would’ve come to your mind to begin with.

Once you were done and you had gotten your bag from your office, you and Mingyu took the elevator to the bottom of the tall building, hardly able to keep your hands off each other.

Outside, you got into the fairly big, black car, where the driver greeted the two of you. Mingyu smiled at him as he closed the door behind himself.

“How long is the drive?” he asked nonchalantly while the driver took off, and placed his hand on your thigh, moving it up and down it. You bit down on your lower lip - the hand on your skin only reminded you of the burning need between your legs.

“Around 30 minutes, sir.”

Mingyu smirked. “Good.”

With the press of a button, the black glass separating the front and back of the car came down, and Mingyu turned to you, his eyes hooded.

“What now, Mr. Kim?” you asked playfully, and held back a sigh when he slid his hand higher up your thigh. He leaned closer to you, his breath ghosting your face as his lips brushed against yours.

“You should remember,” he mumbled against your lips only a moment before fully kissing you, his hand immediately sliding underneath your skirt to grasp your thigh and ass and his tongue sliding into your mouth.

You moaned quietly and turned better to him, trying to wiggle out of your blazer while kissing Mingyu passionately. With the piece of clothing discarded, you slid your hand down Mingyu’s suit jacket - just as luxurious against your touch as you had thought - until you reached his crotch and could palm him through his suit pants.

Fuck,” he grunted against your lips when you continued palming his erection, and squeezed your ass roughly before pulling his hand back to pop some of the buttons of your dress shirt open. “I want you so bad, Y/N.”

“I want you, too,” you breathed, your eyebrows furrowing a little with how awfully horny you were, your pussy throbbing and thoughts clouded by the hard cock you could feel through the fabric of Mingyu’s pants.

You had never thought you’d be the type to have sex with your boss, much less in his car, but at that moment all rationality was out of the window.

After months of lusting after him - now knowing that he wanted you, too - you were done fighting against it.

Once he had your shirt unbuttoned low enough, Mingyu wasted no time unhooking your bra, luckily one with the hooks at the front, and nearly moaned at the sight of your breasts. Soon he was bending down to kiss them, giving your sensitive skin the kind of attention that went straight between your legs, where his hands were headed, too, while his lips continued peppering kisses along your chest, his tongue licking your erect nipples eagerly.

While you unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned and -zipped his pants, Mingyu pushed your skirt higher up on you, and you lifted your bottom enough for him to get it up to your waist. He grunted quietly when he pulled back, leaving your nipples damp with his saliva, sensitive to the cool air, and looked down. “Black lace. If I didn’t know any better, I would guess you were planning this.”

“They just make me feel confident,” you said hastily, breathing heavily as you thought about the situation, all too eager to proceed. “Can I get up?”

Before Mingyu had even managed to ask what you meant, you moved so that you were standing on your knees above his lap, your knees on either side of his legs, and leaned down to kiss him deeply. He had no objections, and instead you could feel his fingers sliding underneath your panties, his fingers teasing your clit until you were bucking against his hand, at which point he eased a finger into you.

“Ah,” you moaned quietly, breaking away from the kiss to hide your face in his shoulder, the pleasant scent of his suit almost heavenly to your senses, especially coupled with how amazing his finger felt inside of you.

While Mingyu fingered you, soon adding a second finger, you slid one of your hands down and managed to drag his boxers down enough to get his cock out. It sat perfectly in your hand, and both the size and feeling had you clenching around his fingers: not too big nor too small, but exactly the size you knew would make you see stars.

And to be fair, from how he looked and was, your hopes regarding his skills were rather high, too, and you could only wish you wouldn’t be disappointed.

For a moment you merely stroked him while he fucked you with his fingers, rubbing your spot dead on with his lips hungry and demanding against yours, even with you holding his hair fairly tightly.

Eventually he broke away and pulled his fingers out of you swiftly. “We don’t have time to waste, do we?”

You could only shake your head, too horny to think straight anyway, and watched Mingyu eagerly suck his fingers clean while reaching for the small pocket on the door, from where he got a condom. You didn’t even question the location - that was just how far gone you were, just glad that there was a condom in the first place.

Without much further ado, Mingyu put the condom on himself before lifting his face to look into your hooded eyes, his just as much so, and placed one hand on your hip and one on the side of your neck, slowly pulling you down for a passionate kiss.

During the kiss you gradually lowered yourself, pushing your panties to the side, and took a hold of his cock, giving him a few strokes before aligning it with your entrance and finally sinking down on it. A guttural groan left Mingyu’s lips, followed by a curse word under his breath as he grabbed your ass and deepened your kisses.

“Holy shit,” you breathed when you had sat completely down on Mingyu, letting him fill you up - exactly what your soaked pussy needed. He grunted and squeezed your ass in his hands.

“Move,” he said against your lips, his voice authoritative and husky, which only turned you on more. With his hands on your ass and hips all the while, you began moving back and forth on his lap, gasping at the sensation of him moving inside of you.

Mingyu let his eyes fall shut and his head lean back, while you eyed him up and down as you moved on him. He was gorgeous, his tan skin flawless in your eyes and the dark suit only making it more so. His facial features were fairly soft and incredibly attractive - it was for a good reason that the running joke in the company was that everyone had a thing for him, whether they admitted it or not.

The more you thought about it, however, the less it seemed like a joke: chances were that more or less everyone actually did have a thing for Mingyu in his tall gorgeousness, good work ethics and friendly personality.

A part of you was infinitely grateful that in that moment, with you fucking on the backseat of his car, that friendly personality was somewhat out of the window and what was left was a hot, horny man who knew what he wanted, and that just happened to be you, and that you felt the same way.

While you were still lost in adoring him, Mingyu slowly opened his eyes again, his lips spreading to a small smirk when he saw you looking at him. “Do you like what you see?”

“Like you don’t know,” you chuckled quietly and shook your head, biting your lower lip as you began bouncing a little on his lap. “I think you know just how hot you are.”

Mingyu smirked, but hissed when you fell down on his cock. “I do, yeah. Do you know how hot you are?”

A bit surprised by his question, you could only swallow a moan when he thrust up into you, simultaneously pushing you down on himself.

“It’s been so difficult to control myself at times,” he grunted, and all you could do was cling onto his shoulders, trying to keep your moans as quiet as you could at each sharp thrust of his. “But a gentleman doesn’t advance without knowing it’s okay, hm?”

“Yeah,” you managed to sigh and hid your face in Mingyu’s neck while rolling your hips, which had both of you shuddering. “Fuck, you feel so good, I–”

“You, too,” he rasped, starting to get desperate in his actions. He was so close to the edge, and judging by everything he figured that you weren’t far, either. “Keep moving, baby.”

You did just that, and began slamming harder down on him, your breath hitching in your throat with how close to your orgasm you were and how sensitive you were getting.

”We’re fifteen minutes away, sir.”

“Okay,” Mingyu replied to his driver and turned to you with a small grin when you had pulled back enough to see him. “We’ve got ten minutes to finish this off.”

“We don’t need that long,” you smirked and leaned down to kiss his grunts away as you began working your magic with your hips, finding all the right angles that worked for both you and him, intentionally clenching around him every now and then.

Not much later, you were coming around his cock with a silent cry, and he was holding onto you desperately, grunting as he threw his head back, a long “Fuck” leaving his lips while he shot his seed into the condom. You continued moving on him slowly, riding out your orgasms, and finally got off him and sat next to him, trembling.

“Oh my god,” you panted, your pussy pulsating and your ears nearly ringing from the intensity of your release. Mingyu was breathing heavily, too, while getting the condom off himself and reaching for the pocket on the door again, this time retrieving a couple of tissues.

He handed one of them to you, grinning when you looked at him dazedly. “Thought you’d need that. Also… we really need to get you out of that daze before the meeting.”

You snorted and thanked him for the tissue, with which you got some excess juices off yourself, just to ensure that you wouldn’t get too uncomfortable in your panties. “Just give me a few minutes, okay.”

Mingyu chuckled and cleaned himself up before tucking himself back into his pants and straightening his clothes. Soon you could toss the tissue away, too, and looked down at yourself.

“I’m a mess,” you mumbled while clasping your bra and buttoning your shirt up, shaking your head. Mingyu chuckled again and looked at you from the corner of his eye.

“A hot mess,” he said, clearly proud of what he had come up with, and laughed when you nudged him lightly while continuing the buttoning up. When that was done, you tucked your shirt better into your skirt, which you then pushed back down, having already gotten your panties back how they were supposed to be rather than pushed aside.

You cleared your throat when Mingyu placed his hand on your thigh, hardly able to hide your smile. “I thought we were done.”

Mingyu pouted a little, which he was glad you didn’t see. “Do we have to be?”

“You’re my boss,” you said with a small shake of your head, and sighed.

He snickered. “As your boss I insist we’re not done yet.”

You quirked your eyebrow at him, unsure of how serious he was being, and laughed. “That’s not how it goes, Mr. Kim.”

“I know,” he grinned and removed his hand from your thigh, placing it on his lap instead. “I’m sorry.”

Giving it a moment of thought, you sighed and took his hand into yours, keeping them on his lap. “We’ll probably have dinner together tonight, right? You can tell what you want from me there, okay?”

He nodded and was about to say something when the door was opened - neither of you had noticed that the car had stopped.

“We’re here, sir.”

The two of you got out of the car, both of you praying that you didn’t look like you had just had sex.

During the dinner you talked things out, and despite what you had been thinking while in the car, you ended up booking a room at the hotel you were dining at, and had some more passionate, desperate sex that left you incredibly sated and Mingyu’s back with a few scratches and his libido happily satisfied.

Admin Scooter

stop for a minute (and be by my side)  // tom holland oneshot

Summary: Tom comes home from the press tour. His girlfriend is waiting for him. (smut).

read on ao3

He’s been gone too long.

The press tour took two, nearly three weeks, but it was too long. She still wakes reaching out in the bed, searching for a warm body and finding nothing. The apartment is quiet, and still, without him to fill it, doing stupid, unnecessary flips off pieces of furniture and humming to himself as he makes dinner and cooing at Tessa. There are phone calls, of course, and SnapChats, and blurry Skype talks, but he’s busy, and she’s busy, and the time difference is crazy. She changes the sheets one day, and realises only afterwards that the new linen smells only of her, none of Tom’s cologne or shower gel to remind her that she’s not alone, even in sleep. The weather is bad, seemingly mourning his disappearance. It’s been weeks, and it’s been too long.

His flight changes, and she has a work thing, so she comes home late to a quiet flat, the lights off. But where, in the past few weeks, the apartment had lacked warmth, had felt empty and bare, there is a promise in the air, a reminder that there is another person here, living and breathing and waiting for her. In the bedroom, there is a shape under the covers, taking up the side of the bed that had been cold and sparse when she left that morning. She can hear Tom’s quiet breathing, the presence of him, real and there. She undresses quickly, eager to touch his skin, to take his warmth without clothing in the way. He’s warmed the cold sheets, the portable heater he is, and she slips in, sticking to her side of the bed for a moment to just witness him.

He is fast asleep, exhausted from travel, but he’s at peace. His face is clear, his eyelashes resting gently on his cheeks. The gold of the thin chain of his necklace glints in the low light of the room, the strength of his shoulders a contrast against the soft bed linen. His arm reaches out across the bed, bracelets gathered at his wrist from the places he’s been, faded from showers and planes, as if he knew she would be returning, and he wanted to touch her first. His fingers steeple on the white of the duvet, waiting for her.

She takes Tom’s hand, feels it move with her, curl into her, fingers linking. He makes a soft sound in his chest, and stirs, opening up his body for her to press against. He smells like an airplane, but underneath there is the soothing sense of his aftershave, of his soap, of something that she’s only ever been able to link to him. She lets him wake up slowly, indulges herself in touching him, his bare chest, up the side of his ribcage, just softly enough to tickle him, so his mouth crooks into a grin.

 “Stop,” he mumbles, thick with sleep, but it’s teasing, and he pulls her in closer.

 She lets her hand travel to his back, feels the movement in the cords of muscle as he shapes his body to hers, slipping a knee between her thighs, gathering her up close to him. He’s scooped her up, tucked her in, until there’s barely any of her skin left that isn’t touching his. She watches his eyelids flicker, promises of brown eyes, until he’s there, awake, conscious, and smiling at her, watching her from his place on the pillow. His face is soft with sleep, his blinking lazy, his movements lazier.

 “Hello,” she says, a whisper, too much to say and settling for too little. He understands though, because he shifts close enough that she can’t keep him in focus. A brush of his nose against hers, a whisper of breath, and then he’s kissing her, good and proper. It’s clumsy, this close, and sleepy, but it’s warm and familiar. They’ve long figured out how they fit together. It’s good. It’s so good. To taste him, to feel him, to have his body react to hers. Tom makes soft sounds into her mouth, moans from his chest as his body presses closer, limbs twining under the sheets. Her name is like a prayer in his mouth as his hands find the band of her underwear, struggling to push it down her legs.

 “Please,” he says against her jaw where he leaves sloppy kisses, distracted by the warmth of her body, the rejoicing of having it against him again.

 “I know,” she whispers, their hands meeting and fumbling under the covers as she rids herself of her underwear, kicking it down to the bottom of the bed, “I know.”

 She’s heady with having her boy back, feeling him, knowing him again. His hips rock against her, the slide of skin making her shiver. Tom’s voice is muffled against her collarbone as he laves his tongue over her shoulder.

 “Missed you,” he mumbles, “Missed this.”

 She tangles a hand in his hair, feels the cool of the pillow under her cheek as she tilts her head back for him to kiss over the arch of her neck, feel her stuttering pulse under his lips. He knows her inside out, what she likes, what she’ll react to, and his hand slips down her belly all too easily. He kisses her again as his fingers curl inside her, thumb rubbing against her knot of nerves to make her breath stick in her chest. It’s a luxury to be able to touch him, to feel him, and she appeases herself, her hands moving over his body, never settling in one place for long.

Their bodies shift and arch and writhe. It’s more than just feeling him, it’s hearing him, it’s seeing him, it’s smelling him, it’s tasting him, all at once, after so long denied. His voice in her ear as she tucks her face into the crook of his neck, talking nonsense that makes it hard to think clearly.

 “I love you, I missed you, there you go, darling, there you go,” his voice is thick, and rough, and she comes looking up at him, her body wrapped in his, a safe, warm place to completely come apart.

 She pants for a moment, his fingers still stroking her, careful to her sensitivity. Tom waits for her, like he always does, like the kind soul he is. He keeps her alight with purposeful touches. A brush over her breasts, a lazy kiss over her nipple, a glide of a hand over her stomach.

 She reaches down when she’s ready, can feel him against her leg, ready, waiting, desperate but trying to contain it. She fumbles in a bedside draw for a loose condom, the heat of her body pressed over his as she leans over him making him shudder. He distracts her by dropping kisses across her breasts, so her fingers shake as she tears the package open.

 When they’re ready, he collects her again, under him this time, the weight of his body intoxicating, a reminder of everything she’s missed, of everything she can have again. He settles home deep inside her. It’s been a little while, and she touches his face, tucks hair behind his ear while they wait for her to adjust. Tom shakes with the restraint. Sweat shines on his strong chest. Her body opens for him, languid, pliant, welcoming him back.

 They find a rhythm, a dance they never forgot. Tom’s arms bracket her, the heels of his hands pressing hard into the mattress. One of her legs lies loose around his waist, holding him close. He licks up her neck, breathes into her skin. She shivers, and is set aflame, burning up for him, ignited by all he gives to her.

 “Tom,” she says, a chant for the revered, “Tom.”

He groans from deep in his chest, dropping his head so the tips of his hair brushes over her chest, bowing to her. She palms his shoulder, writhes under him.

“Oh, Tom,” she gasps, and shatters. She sees nothing but the brown of his eyes, the red of his mouth, feels the slickness of their skin, hears his moans and calls of her name as he follows her lead, his face crammed into her neck, his body so close to hers she doesn’t know where they separate.

It’s very late. The city sleeps around them. The linen has been disturbed by their activities, but they rest under a sheet, limbs tangled. Hair is lovingly brushed off faces, lips are kissed. The apartment is filled again.

A Queen for the King

Summary: With a righteous blow, Arthur defeated Vortigern, destroyed the looming tower, and had taken his rightful place on the throne, vowing to do whatever was necessary to defend the kingdom, and her people. He was a King of the people; honest, compassionate, hard working. Everything that Vortigern was not. There was just one thing missing; the woman he was betrothed to as a child. There is a saying, after all; every king needs a queen.
Characters in this chapter: Arthur Pendragon, female reader, Vortigern Pendragon, Hannah [minor ofc], unnamed doctor
Characters mentioned: Uther and Igraine Pendragon
Pairing: Arthur Pendragon x female reader
Word Count: 1,057
Warnings: Canon violence mentioned, mistreatment of a woman, betrothal 
Author’s Note: This is @winchester-writes baby. I am so thankful she thought to include me in it.

Our work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.

There wasn’t much before the fire that you remembered. It was as if you were born of flames and screams, thrust into a life of filth and servitude. Your master, Vortigern, treated you like a lame dog, kicking you about, giving you barely enough scraps to survive. You slept in the dungeons where it was damp and cold year round. Snow would drift in, settling on the bars that you had come to call home. Sometimes, in the early spring, a small bird would come and visit, chirping happily at your feet. Closing your eyes, you liked to imagine it was telling you about life outside the walls that held you captive, when in reality, the small bird was begging for food and water. Everyone - save for the king and his family - in the kingdom was starving, even the wildlife.

Growing bold, you had asked Vortigern many times, “If I do not please you, why do you not kill me?”

Vortigern struck you, splitting your lip with the large rings that adorned his knuckles. “When will you stop asking me that infernal question?” he seethed, chest heaving, power thrumming thick in the air.

Gathering yourself, you spat blood on the floor. “Only when you answer.”

Originally posted by lenny-belardo

“I keep you alive as bait,” Vortigan snarled. Grabbing you by the hair, he hauled you through the castle, and down to your cell. “One day, Arthur will come for you, his betrothed, and on that day, I will strike him down.”

You weren’t allowed to leave the dungeon after that.

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