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My favorite types of romance novels are the ones that keep me interested despite the mundane things that might be happening in the background. In the current book I’m reading, the two main characters are in the middle of a card game, and while this may not normally seem like something interesting to read about, their upbeat and witty conversation makes you feel as if you’re there with them the entire time, and you find that you’re enjoying yourself as well. 

A touch of drama can be fun, but I always find that my favorite moments are when the mundane seem almost magical. 

a home for every season
By Organization for Transformative Works

Let’s talk about a Susan who never moved on, who buried her family in English soil and spent the rest of her life trying to find her way home. She did not believe lions were kind, but she always remembered a bow in her schoolgirl hands.

She looked in every old wardrobe she came across. It was casual, everyday– the first day in a new lecture hall, she checked the back of the coat closet. Friends had her over for Christmas dinner and she excused herself to go the bathroom, checked every cabinet and closet, and then headed back in for pudding. She went home with a cute boy she met in a smoky little pub and she checked his wardrobe before she headed home the next morning, heels in hand.

She also went to college, got a political science degree she had to fight for. She got a byline in the local paper, a few ladies’ magazines, then a larger regional publication.

She had mimosa brunches with friends. She read detective novels, never touched fantasy, and finally one day she stepped through an old stone archway barely thinking about it and–-

She was standing in a treeless plain, all yellow grass and blue blue skies.

(Susan Pevensie goes to Middle Earth)

author: dirgewithoutmusic

wordcount: 4042

rated: G

Touch of Fae Report: February- and NaNoReNo

So, things have progressed really quite well this month on Touch of Fae.

I’ve finished the prologue, finished Brice’s first chapter, and also got a start on Finyan’s first chapter! Gradually edging closer to the demo…

Here’s some screenshots:

***Work on Touch of Fae and The Wayhaven Chronicles will both be on hold until after March. I will be participating in NaNoReNo, a visual novel game jam, during March once again.***

The project I have in mind is much smaller and more manageable than last year’s entry! (The Lady’s Choice was rather larger than expected…)

So, I’ll keep everyone updated on my NaNo entry during March, then it’s back to my other projects once that’s done :)

Hope everyone is doing well!

Update - 25/5/17

I’ve done pretty well on The Wayhaven Chronicles. I’ve finished writing Chapter 6- writing Felix/Farah’s scene was a nice change, as they’re much looser to write than the others.

I’ll be moving onto Chapter 7 next, then it’s only editing and testing, then I can update to the full demo! Chapter 7 should be more linear, so it will be quicker to finish.

Exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time :D

Touch of Fae has fallen behind again :/ I’ve been limited on time recently, and Wayhaven has taken all of it. Hoping to start on a background or a sprite again soon though!

Hope everyone is doing well :)

A Need - Jughead x Reader - requested


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Anonymous said: Hi :) could you please do a JugheadxReader where Jughead has been working on his novel all day and ignoring the reader so she decides to try and distract him, if you know what I mean haha. And he gets kinda like pissed and turned on so he grabs her and starts just like making out with her and it you know it like escalates from there. Haha Im horrible at explaining but please and thank you! :)

Sorry this took so long to get to anon. I had a long week. Hope this is what you were looking for and thanks for reading as always.

Warnings: Heavy Smut


You cracked your knuckles as your fingers had tightened from typing too long. You looked up from your bed to your desk to see Jughead typing away without a care in the world.

This was a typical Saturday afternoon for the two of you. Your parents worked weekends and didn’t seem to care too much who was over half of the time.

You saw Jughead rub his neck for a second for an itch - his arm muscle tightening as it reached back.

You gave a sigh. “Do you want a break?”. He had been putting the finishing touches to his novel while you sat there doing homework. Too many honors classes had crept up together on you and your load for the semester had gotten rather daunting.

There was no response from Jughead. You spoke up a little more this time. “Hey. Do you want to take a break?”.

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On moonlit night,

when sky is bright,

look to the ground and see,

what faerie feet have left on path,

a circle round and wee.

But keep afar,

from grassy scar,

that circles near the tree,

for if you tred,

or dance instead,

you never shall be free.


A rhyme Freya heard many times as a child from her mother as they passed the ring of mushrooms that envelop the largest oak in the park.

But it’s just an old wive’s tale- a fairy story, right?

Well, she’s about to find out that some tales are more real than expected.

Touch of Fae is an upcoming fantasy otome game about a girl who falls through a fairy ring and discovers a world beyond. Realising she is of both worlds, she has to make some tough choices and find out just which world she connects to more.

Love Interests

- 3 individual love interest routes

- 4 endings for each route (Bad end, Fae End, Human End, True Love End)

- Main character’s personality dependant on choices made by you

- Original art for all BGs, GUI, CGs, and sprites

- Character customisation!

- CG Gallery (CGs in the gallery will show the default character, as I have no idea how to code it otherwise! But CGs in-game will show custom character)

So, I’m finally getting to announce my new project I’ll be working on! I’m really excited to start it, and have been working on it since the end of last year. It’s still a way off from completion yet, but I thought I would show what I have so far.

It is indeed about faeries. Partly because I have always been interested in them, but also partly because I had the real urge to draw characters with bright hair and big ears.

And yes, there is going to be a character customisation feature in this VN! It’s something I’ve really wanted to add, and I’m finally pushing myself to do it. Unfortunately, that does mean CGs will take much, much more work, but I really hope it will pay off. Also, I imagine it will mean the game will have quite a large file size!

It will be commercial, though I’m still not sure on pricing yet, as I’m hoping I might be able to offer the routes individually and in a bundle. So, I will do my best to work that out! First thing I will be concentrating on is getting the demo up together, which I will release at the same time as Steam Greenlight (fingers crossed for that!).

Once again, I am a one-woman team on this project, so things will progress steadily but probably slower than most!

I would love to hear your first thoughts on this! Or, if you have any questions then please let me know- just send me a message, I always enjoy hearing from you guys! :)

I’ll be posting updates regularly, so keep an eye out!

“Cargo shuttle SW-0608?” The voice on the comm had returned.

“You are cleared for entry.”

Jyn dropped the crystal and squeezed her hand in a fist, almost shouting in triumph.

She spun and was startled to see Cassian standing close to her.

On instinct, riding the joy of the moment, she grabbed his arm and squeezed.
He looked at her with a wry, curious smile. She dropped her hand and brushed past him. “I’ll tell the others,” she said.

The cave was getting brighter all the time.

Gal Gadot Was Pregnant When She Filmed Wonder Woman, And I Was Lazy and Full Of Rage

I just took Frankie on our relaxing evening walk. On our previous relaxing walk, Frankie had a seizure, and on this one, she lunged at a pit bill, so as usual, my anxiety levels are through the roof. It’s 8:13pm, I don’t feel like working, I have so much to do, and I haven’t even touched my fairy novel yet. I walked 18,000 steps today, and I made a delicious sweet corn pasta for dinner.

All of this to say, I need to weigh in on the Gal Godot playing Super Woman thing. People say Gal Godot is too good looking, and also, to talk about how good looking she is is offensive to women. I hate using two verbs in a row like that.

Do you know what, I’m sick of that. Why can’t beautiful women also be smart, strong, badass, and fucking wonderful? Why can’t they be representative of women in general? Just because Gal Godot is a genetic freak – as are all great beauties – it doesn’t mean we should judge her. We should feel happy to be able to watch her on screen because trust me, if Gal Godot was played by Emma Watson the whole movie would have been “eh” just like Beauty and the Beast.

Today I found out that Gal Godot was 5 months pregnant when she was filming Wonder Woman. I’ve been thinking a lot about my pregnancy lately because last year, at this time, I was fucking miserable. I was about 7 months pregnant, and I looked like God played a cruel joke on me and stuffed me full of either an obese 9-month-old or a very tiny Chinese pre-teen gymnast. 

I could barely walk. I was in literal constant pain. I did not sleep. I was depressed.

When I was five months pregnant, it was a little bit better, but I remember having to go review a show, and being so exhausted from the effort of having to go see the show that I literally went to bed at 3pm. Not a joke. I went to bed, and stayed in bed for the rest of that day until 10am the next morning. That’s how tired I was. Shit, I could barely fucking walk to the dog park, forget about having to pretend I thought that a guy named Steve played by Chris Pine was the love of my life.

Anyway, this post is fucking stupid, but I’m happy I wrote it. Let’s celebrate that beautiful women exist rather than exclude them for their beauty. It’s clear Gal Gadot wasn’t starving herself, by the way, and even if she was, she has a disease.  Am I even spelling Gal Gadot right. Who fucking cares. See you later, fools.

anonymous asked:

could you write about Adam and Belle debating about books (theories, pairings, etc)? I think that could be really cute

I didn’t know if you wanted a modern AU or not but I went with an in-universe setting for this one. If you want me to do an AU as well just let me know!

Also, I know some of the stories I talk about aren’t accurate to the time period Belle and Adam are living in, but in order to not do weeks (or maybe months) of research just for a small fic I had to work with my pre-existing knowledge. :P


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PLL 7x16 Review

HELLO! Im back with my review/just random thoughts for this episode, sorry if they are a bit all over the place!

1. Where to start with this episode, I feel like a lot of small things happened this episode, nothing HUGE. BUT THAT PROMO!

2. So Barry is still alive and employed in Rosewood, who knew police ACTUALLY can stay alive and not get fired *cough every other police officer in Rosewood.

3. “No, but I do remember unbuckling his belt in the elevator” GIRL

4. I think Marco is a good guy, that’s why he is doing this, HIS ACTUAL JOB. I know, I know shocker a good detective, just when we DON’T need one.

5. Also asking a cop to “let it go” makes you seem a bit more suspicious Spencer. The more you know.

6. Is Spencer really still blaming Hanna and Caleb? I get it, she has the right to be upset, but she can’t put ALL the blame on them. But I’m glad Hanna and Caleb are taking some of the blame for this one.

7. But the whole Spaleb storyline shouldn’t have ever existed let alone gone into the last ten episodes.

8. Lucas threw Hanna under the bus and she still thinks he “a good friend”

9. Oh and side note someone should tell everyone TO PUT ON SOME DAMN GLOVES. Just leaving fingerprints everywhere.

10. “You must have been having nightmares” I would too Ezra if I had to sleep next to you.

11. I would talk about Ezra but honestly nobody needs a recap of his boring filler book tour. You already saw it once I wont bore you with it again.

12. Now on Aria.

13. Honestly what is in that file that made her think destroying a BABY ROOM is worth it. LET ALONE, HER FRIENDS ROOM THEY JUST PUT TOGETHER FOR THEIR BABY?

14. OH and the earring she lost! Aria, honey can you REALLY hear an earring fall off?

15. Spencer is on to Aria and her crap.

16. Its too bad Aria only cares about herself and Ezra.

17. Now on to way better topics, Lucas and his sketchy ass.

18. I must admit the Hanna and Lucas scene was really cute, he “lost his money on her”. IF its actually a true statement its sweet.

19. Too bad I don’t believe much he says.

20. God Spencer it’s a graphic novel not a comic book. Gets your facts straight.

21. Does anyone actually believe that that was ALL Lucas knows… he’s in way deeper then he is letting on, MARK MY WORDS.

22. And Lucas still is in love with Hanna.

23. Last weeks promo was talking Lucas up for some big reveal, meanwhile Lucas basically denied everything, got mad because, it’s a graphic novel, gave Hanna heart eyes, and left? What was the reveal?

24. Lucas never finished his comic book (sorry Lucas, graphic novel) BUT HE IS STARTING NOW! YOU THINK LUCAS WOULD LET ANYONE ELSE TOUCH HIS GRAPHIC NOVEL!

 25. I’m not saying Lucas created AD’s whole Game, but Lucas wrote and created AD’s game.


27. Girl has done more then all of them combined and they don’t trust her!

28. Mona deserves better

29. Did they really think Alison and Emily standing behind a door and popping out would actually work?

30. Now lets talk about my favorite topic, its been three weeks.

31. Hanna and Caleb’s color coordinating outfits


33. You know what they say a couple who commits crimes together… get engaged the next week.

34. Also can people stop hating on Caleb, he is one of the only standup guys in Rosewood and has saved the girls asses so many times.

35. Who needs to find one receipt when you can destroy them all.

36. Exclusive line from Caleb to Ashley next week “Sorry I destroyed your room and the receipts, and my security system randomly shut down at that exact time, my bad. Can I marry Hanna?”

37. Hanna and Caleb are the only two getting stuff done this episode, I’m so proud of my babies.

38. If I’m being honestly I don’t remember much else from this episode, and sadly this is my last review for PLL…

39. BECAUSE THE HALEB PROPOSAL IS GOING TO KILL ME NEXT WEEK. Did you actually think I would leave when the proposal that will save this show is next week?


41.  Everyone’s Father Peter Hastings is back next week.

42. Aria calling Ezra a “twisted predator” THANK GOD SOMEONE HAS FINALLY SAID IT! Who would have thought it would be Aria herself.

43. Honestly who thinks even for a second that the proposal is going to be someone else?

AD Suspects

Lucas- I still don’t believe you and you comic books.

Ezra- A girl can dream.

Twin- Once again I would hate if this happens

We know whoever AD is they cant draw, at all…

Till next week, and remember THEY ARE GRAPHIC NOVELS.

Make You Feel My Love: Chris Evans.

Warnings: Chris tries to be romantic and cute but reader’s all like no I need to be fucked. Dom-ish reader. Rough sex at first, sweet and sensual following. Pet-names, praise, dirty talk dirty dirty diiiiiiiiiiiirty. Like this is a lot of sin but then it gets a lot….less sinful. I definitely wouldn’t say holy, that’s for sure, but it does get pretty fluffy and cute like omg. Crying bUT IT’S OKAY IT’S NOTHING CHRIS DID OR READER. Bathtub sex. I am Chris Evans trash so expect more fics about him (and his characters) from me, and I’m not just talking about one-shots. Stories are in the works, y'all. Honestly I don’t even know what this is but I think I like it?

Authors Note: Just an FYI, this is a re-post from when my URL was direw0lf. The links for pretty much all of my stories and one shots wouldn’t work, so this is me re-doing it. I am not plagiarising someone else’s work.


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A Study in Flowers

A ficlet for @quenoeslomismo​ and her most beautiful Gravebone prompt:  Credence and Percival are having a picnic in spring. Credence is reading a romantic novel. When Credence reaches the part in which the characters confess their love, all the flowers around them bloom.

Also on AO3

Contentment is a sleeping draught, Graves thinks. It puts your vigilance to sleep and erases your apprehension. Had he been young and hot-headed as he used to be, he would have said such a comfort is a weakness and he must be rid of it immediately. Right now, after weeks of torture and years of healing, complacency is all he is craving for.

The wind is blowing softly, the sun is partly hidden behind a fluffy cloud. The tree Graves and Credence reside under is large and protective, its powerful branches extending to create a comfortable shadow.

A page is turned. Graves looks down at Credence in his arms. The boy is fully absorbed in a book. It’s a no-maj romantic novel that seems to occupy every citizen’s bookshelf and brings delight to men and women alike. Credence has gotten to the middle of it and is now intensely reading into the lines. Graves himself has never been a romantic enough to touch upon these novels, but for his Credence he would buy a hundred of them.

Percival moves his head back and rests it on the tree trunk. His gaze lazily brushes the lush lawn grass, the distant view of a no-maj village, a ragged line of a forest along the horizon. It’s late spring and everything is yet awakening, life slowly finding its way back after cold winter slumber. It’s their first picnic of the season and he is glad to catch some fresh spring air after months of being stuck in warm confines of their cottage.

A sudden change catches Percival’s eye. He sees it beneath his legs, around their picnic blanket, spread all over the lawn. Dozens and dozens of flowers appear out of nowhere, they open up their lilac, pink and white heads and strive towards the sun. Attuned to magical changes, Graves can’t help but feel it buzz in the air. And attuned even more so to Credence, he knows such a magical change is of his doing.

Graves rests his head on Credence’s shoulder, their cheeks touching softly, and feels how hot they are.

“What are you reading, Credence? Something so unspoken of that your cheeks are now of such a rose red colour?”

“It’s nothing,” he mumbles. Graves manages to catch a glimpse of “…because my equal is here, and my likeness. Jane, will you marry me?” right before Credence closes the volume with surprising intensity. His shaking fingers clench around the paper side as he hides it away from Graves’ reach.

Percival laughs softly, brushing Credence’s cheek with his lips.

“There is nothing to be ashamed of,” he whispers, drawing the boy closer in an affectionate rush. “Such an outburst of magic is… beautiful, Credence.”

“I’m sorry…” he says quietly and hoarsely. His hands push the man away and he is trying to escape Graves’ arms, sliding off his lap. Graves pulls him back protectively, turning the boy to face him and caressing his cheek.

“Credence. I will buy you a thousand more novels if what you feel makes flowers bloom like this. You don’t have to say anything,” he presses his forehead to Credence’s and pecks his lips with a fleeting kiss. A few seconds pass and Credence’s lips stretch in a smile. He leans forward, waiting to be kissed, he loves being kissed, and Graves complies, catching his soft lips with his own.

The following day a small stack of novels appears on the boy’s bedside table. In a week they dedicate a whole bookcase to them. And every day, every sunny morning, Graves wakes up to see their garden blooming as if July arrived early. Thickets of white baby’s breath, bushes of lavender, wild tangles of sharp white and red roses are scattered across the yard in celebration of love. Graves exhales, wondering how beautiful magic can be if tamed wisely.


One Sentence Summary:

A betatastic, immortal laird swore an oath to kill the chick he accidentally brought from the future to his Ye Olde Scotland. 

What part made you fangirl squeal:

  1. When our sasstacular heroine Home-Aloned hero’s ass! BITCH GOT BITE & FIGHT!
  2. Any time Circenn went all, “I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR MY WOMAN!” Dude turned my ass into jello jelly.
  3. When Circenn built Lisa that beautiful -REDACTED FOR SPOILERS- I swear REAL tears glistened in my REAL eyes!

Favorite Character:


How smexy was the smex?

SoOOoOOoooOoo hawwwwwt! A tree, a wall, and dialogue. That’s all this bitch is saying.

Name That Trope:

Time Travel, Opposites Attract, Hero In Pursuit, Fake/Contract Engagement, Beta Hero/Alpha Heroine

Whose Line Is It Anyway:

1. “How dare you get mad at me when I was mad at you first?” - Lisa

2. “Sometimes anger was the only defense one had.” - Circenn

3. “You make me think I might discover parts of myself I doona know exist.” - Circenn


Got any bitching to do?

Bitch, you crazy?!?! Of course the hell not! The thing is perfect! My only grump is that the series is finished. I HAZ BOOK NEEDS, DAMMIT!

Visually Depict Yo Book Feels:

Originally posted by notweirdjustcreative

Famous last words:

If you only take ONE of my recommendations, <i>TAKE THIS ONE & GET THE TO A BUY LINK!</i> It’s 354 pages and every damn page was fun! Magic, history, a sassy heroine, a smitten hero; what more could you possibly want?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?


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