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Ghibli tears.

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My favorite types of romance novels are the ones that keep me interested despite the mundane things that might be happening in the background. In the current book I’m reading, the two main characters are in the middle of a card game, and while this may not normally seem like something interesting to read about, their upbeat and witty conversation makes you feel as if you’re there with them the entire time, and you find that you’re enjoying yourself as well. 

A touch of drama can be fun, but I always find that my favorite moments are when the mundane seem almost magical. 

I LOVE that Serena assumes Raye is capable and willing to kill a fuckin lion at the drop of a hat. Like, this is most people’s response to a SPIDER not a fuckin Big Five Predator.

I’m half expecting Raye to trap this thing under a giant cup and sweep it away with a piece of paper while scolding Serena about killing harmless creatures.

Touch of Fae Report: February- and NaNoReNo

So, things have progressed really quite well this month on Touch of Fae.

I’ve finished the prologue, finished Brice’s first chapter, and also got a start on Finyan’s first chapter! Gradually edging closer to the demo…

Here’s some screenshots:

***Work on Touch of Fae and The Wayhaven Chronicles will both be on hold until after March. I will be participating in NaNoReNo, a visual novel game jam, during March once again.***

The project I have in mind is much smaller and more manageable than last year’s entry! (The Lady’s Choice was rather larger than expected…)

So, I’ll keep everyone updated on my NaNo entry during March, then it’s back to my other projects once that’s done :)

Hope everyone is doing well!

a home for every season
By Organization for Transformative Works

Let’s talk about a Susan who never moved on, who buried her family in English soil and spent the rest of her life trying to find her way home. She did not believe lions were kind, but she always remembered a bow in her schoolgirl hands.

She looked in every old wardrobe she came across. It was casual, everyday– the first day in a new lecture hall, she checked the back of the coat closet. Friends had her over for Christmas dinner and she excused herself to go the bathroom, checked every cabinet and closet, and then headed back in for pudding. She went home with a cute boy she met in a smoky little pub and she checked his wardrobe before she headed home the next morning, heels in hand.

She also went to college, got a political science degree she had to fight for. She got a byline in the local paper, a few ladies’ magazines, then a larger regional publication.

She had mimosa brunches with friends. She read detective novels, never touched fantasy, and finally one day she stepped through an old stone archway barely thinking about it and–-

She was standing in a treeless plain, all yellow grass and blue blue skies.

(Susan Pevensie goes to Middle Earth)

author: dirgewithoutmusic

wordcount: 4042

rated: G

On moonlit night,

when sky is bright,

look to the ground and see,

what faerie feet have left on path,

a circle round and wee.

But keep afar,

from grassy scar,

that circles near the tree,

for if you tred,

or dance instead,

you never shall be free.


A rhyme Freya heard many times as a child from her mother as they passed the ring of mushrooms that envelop the largest oak in the park.

But it’s just an old wive’s tale- a fairy story, right?

Well, she’s about to find out that some tales are more real than expected.

Touch of Fae is an upcoming fantasy otome game about a girl who falls through a fairy ring and discovers a world beyond. Realising she is of both worlds, she has to make some tough choices and find out just which world she connects to more.

Love Interests

- 3 individual love interest routes

- 4 endings for each route (Bad end, Fae End, Human End, True Love End)

- Main character’s personality dependant on choices made by you

- Original art for all BGs, GUI, CGs, and sprites

- Character customisation!

- CG Gallery (CGs in the gallery will show the default character, as I have no idea how to code it otherwise! But CGs in-game will show custom character)

So, I’m finally getting to announce my new project I’ll be working on! I’m really excited to start it, and have been working on it since the end of last year. It’s still a way off from completion yet, but I thought I would show what I have so far.

It is indeed about faeries. Partly because I have always been interested in them, but also partly because I had the real urge to draw characters with bright hair and big ears.

And yes, there is going to be a character customisation feature in this VN! It’s something I’ve really wanted to add, and I’m finally pushing myself to do it. Unfortunately, that does mean CGs will take much, much more work, but I really hope it will pay off. Also, I imagine it will mean the game will have quite a large file size!

It will be commercial, though I’m still not sure on pricing yet, as I’m hoping I might be able to offer the routes individually and in a bundle. So, I will do my best to work that out! First thing I will be concentrating on is getting the demo up together, which I will release at the same time as Steam Greenlight (fingers crossed for that!).

Once again, I am a one-woman team on this project, so things will progress steadily but probably slower than most!

I would love to hear your first thoughts on this! Or, if you have any questions then please let me know- just send me a message, I always enjoy hearing from you guys! :)

I’ll be posting updates regularly, so keep an eye out!

A Need - Jughead x Reader - requested


@idle-lanes @sgarrett49 @murderyoursoul @moonlight53

Anonymous said: Hi :) could you please do a JugheadxReader where Jughead has been working on his novel all day and ignoring the reader so she decides to try and distract him, if you know what I mean haha. And he gets kinda like pissed and turned on so he grabs her and starts just like making out with her and it you know it like escalates from there. Haha Im horrible at explaining but please and thank you! :)

Sorry this took so long to get to anon. I had a long week. Hope this is what you were looking for and thanks for reading as always.

Warnings: Heavy Smut


You cracked your knuckles as your fingers had tightened from typing too long. You looked up from your bed to your desk to see Jughead typing away without a care in the world.

This was a typical Saturday afternoon for the two of you. Your parents worked weekends and didn’t seem to care too much who was over half of the time.

You saw Jughead rub his neck for a second for an itch - his arm muscle tightening as it reached back.

You gave a sigh. “Do you want a break?”. He had been putting the finishing touches to his novel while you sat there doing homework. Too many honors classes had crept up together on you and your load for the semester had gotten rather daunting.

There was no response from Jughead. You spoke up a little more this time. “Hey. Do you want to take a break?”.

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Can i Patent My Idea?

Patenting Invention Ideas: Patent Terms All Inventors Should Know

Can it be An Invention?

First things first. You cannot particular an idea just due to the fact you believe you might be the particular first person to come up with that. The patent is there to safeguard an ‘invention’, not basically a thought. When you use for a patent what you are doing is specifying, by way of text and drawings, exactly how your invention works. In return for this public release of your respective invention, if it really is different the state will grant anyone exclusive rights to it meant for 20 years. Therefore to be able to particular your idea, its center concept needs to become explainable around simple and also direct terms

Another cause you can’t just particular an idea is that it must include a novel and artistic step. The novel touch is easy but a frequent belief is that many people think they can use for a patent simply because they are the first particular person to come up along with the idea. However , if a person sit down for your own first of all meeting with any patent legal representative one regarding the first things these people will want to establish is actually whether your innovation will be actually an invention. That is really vital that you realize this, so that an individual don’t spend your time looking directly into patenting something that is actually not patentable. A very simple reason of this 'obviousness’ test can be as comes after: Would a theoretical experienced person, who knows every thing but does not have the merest spark of inventive effectiveness, come upward with the same thought when they knew all the prior craft (all earlier ideas), however , had not really read your particular application? If the answer is actually yes then your idea is not an invention, it is simply the practical program of current day understanding to some new problem as well as therefore you may not patent this.

This is a very good criteria in more lawful terms of the european approach to judging inventiveness (the UK is somewhat different): Is there any kind of teaching in the prior skill, as a whole, that could, not simply could, have got advised the skilled person, faced with the objective technical problem designed when contemplating the technical options not really disclosed by the closest former art, to change or adjust said best prior art work while getting account of this teaching [the assisting of the actual prior art, not just the actual teaching of the closest thing prior art], thereby arriving at something falling within the particular terms of the claims, and therefore achieving what the invention accomplishes? It’s the “would, not really simply could” that is the all important definition right here.

The US is different to Europe and really the following inventiveness step will be routinely not properly tested or even applied, leading in order to many many patents being granted in the PEOPLE which are actually very evident rational application of existing ideas. Many companies have spent huge chunks of cash trying to overturn these patents but although any granted US patent may be overturned its is very unusual that one is. In many ways the united states patent system is a lot more quite like what many folks assume regarding patents over here, if your the first person come up together with a thought then you can patent it. The obvious downside is that many negative patents have been unfairly naturally and have unfairly blocked many others from getting able to produce items that should never have got been preserved by patents in the first location.

business Value

If you’ve got to right here and then hopefully you have a good technology that may become patentable. The next studies are often completely ignored first but are additionally really important. The very first as well as most important is what could a successful approving of a obvious carry out for you? Patents expense money. positive you can easily search and file your self but its incredibly period consuming as well as like just about all things legal developing a great expert, in the web form of a particular law firm, is generally a much better road. Carrying out there the searches in addition to submitting your patent plan by means of an attorney will cost several thousand pounds. A person then have a very relatively quick period of time prior to deciding to have to decide in case you are going to data the patent within other countries around the world, that costs more money and when you are filing inside lots of international locations the actual translations can become very costly. Once you’ve got your own obvious you then have got ongoing prices each 12 months to patent locations in order to keep the patent energetic. So whatever it is your seeking to patent offers got to be well worth the from a industrial business perception (if you are put off from the thought of having to be able to spend several thousand pounds together with a patent law firm is actually what your doing well worth patenting at all? ).

Many individuals and companies file for patents to acquire the IP, so that they can and then attract investors to help them get their invention onward. When you’ve watched a couple of periods of Dragon’s Den within the TV then that should have grown to be very apparent that speculators do certainly not take wild dangers as well as if you want a person to purchase your organization or idea they should really feel secure in doing this. If you have a patent for a great idea that may be commercialised it will certainly frequently provide exactly this particular security for an investor so you really are a period closer to getting these so that you can part with which all important funds (you’ll probably have also noticed that although investors are occasionally not too nice people they tend to only want to do business with attractive people! ).
Update - 25/5/17

I’ve done pretty well on The Wayhaven Chronicles. I’ve finished writing Chapter 6- writing Felix/Farah’s scene was a nice change, as they’re much looser to write than the others.

I’ll be moving onto Chapter 7 next, then it’s only editing and testing, then I can update to the full demo! Chapter 7 should be more linear, so it will be quicker to finish.

Exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time :D

Touch of Fae has fallen behind again :/ I’ve been limited on time recently, and Wayhaven has taken all of it. Hoping to start on a background or a sprite again soon though!

Hope everyone is doing well :)

Honestly one of my favorite parts of the Regency AU is that Tony thinks he hides the fact that he reads erotic novels so well but Steve and Bucky know almost the entire time that he’s been reading them.

I mean how could they not when Tony slammed the book he was reading shut when he saw them, face on fire and smelling of arousal? They’re stupid sometimes but not that stupid. Tony’s mortified and doesn’t touch his novels for several weeks but when Steve and Bucky don’t order him not to read them anymore he cautiously starts reading them again. Steve and Bucky could literally not care less. If it’s something Tony enjoys, they’re not going to make him stop.

(Also “Do you wanna knot my mouth???” Where the hell else would Tony have learned that? One of the servants? Tony would have had a goddamn stroke from embarrassment alone.)

“Cargo shuttle SW-0608?” The voice on the comm had returned.

“You are cleared for entry.”

Jyn dropped the crystal and squeezed her hand in a fist, almost shouting in triumph.

She spun and was startled to see Cassian standing close to her.

On instinct, riding the joy of the moment, she grabbed his arm and squeezed.
He looked at her with a wry, curious smile. She dropped her hand and brushed past him. “I’ll tell the others,” she said.

The cave was getting brighter all the time.

So I had a Taakitz dream the other day and figured I’d write a fic of it, or at least the fluffy bit of it (I’m only up to episode 54 so please don’t spoil anything for me!).


It’s been a long time since Taako’s been with someone, but he’s pretty sure that waking up shivering isn’t usually a part of the experience.

Blinking awake, he sees an arm draped over his waist, and smiles, torn between snuggling closer to Kravitz and not freezing his ass off. In the end he settles for grabbing another blanket from the cupboard.

“Sorry,” Kravitz says, sleepy and smiling, watching as Taako wraps the blanket around himself before getting back into bed. The instant he does, he presses himself against Taako’s back, and this time, with the blanket between them, the coolness of his body is not unpleasant. It makes Taako think of last night, when that cold touch was new and novel, when it made him gasp and arch up off the bed with a cry. Kravitz presses cold lips to Taako’s shoulder blade, then reaches around him to take his hand. Taako smiles again, and intertwines their fingers.

“You’re not sorry at all,” he says.

Kravitz laughs, a rumble against Taako’s back. “No. I suppose I’m not. Not if it’s the price i pay to wake up with you.”

“Pretty sure it’s me paying the price,” Taako points out, and Kravitz is quiet for a long moment.

“Then - do you think it’s worth it?”

Taako looks down at their hands, fingers locked together, and thinks *yes~. Just that, just yes; yes to waking together, yes to being together, despite everything else in this crazy world, despite the fact that it’s maybe not the greatest idea to get involved with someone who’s pretty much the avatar of the goddess of death, who is at least *mostly* responsible for his friend’s arm being cut off. Which is problematic, yes, but it’s also future-Taako’s problem. Right now, here in Kravitz’s arms, all Taako can think is yes.

“Very worth it,” Taako says quietly, and rolls over so that he can look into Kravitz’s eyes. “Worth this and a lot more.”

“There’ll probably be a lot more-” Kravitz starts, looking far too serious, and Taako kisses him.

“Shut up,” he says, and kisses him again. He knows about prices, and consequences, he’s paid so many so often that he’s mostly inured to them. He knows the truth in Kravitz’s words, but he doesn’t care. Everything has a price, and he’s paid much more for much less. As they kiss, and as Kravitz pulls the blanket away from him to run icy hands over warm skin, Taako’s eyes close, and no matter the price, he thinks, whatever the cost, this is worth anything.