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Fire Dancer- Chapter Three: Admiration

Nalu Week Day 3: Admiration

Word Count: 3883

Title: Fire Dancer

Summary: Lucy Heartfilia is the unobtainable noblewoman who desperately pines for a greater adventure; Natsu Dragneel is a traveling fire dancer, offering promises of love and freedom. Can the girl with her head in the stars and the boy with the knack for getting burned survive in a world desperate to keep them apart? Noble girl x Poor boy AU.

Rating: M (sexual content in later chapters)

A/N: I AM SO SORRY THIS IS LATE. To make up for it, I’ll try to post the next two chapters later tonight as I finish writing them. Thanks for all the support!

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Chapter 3: Admiration 

Lucy’s lungs ached with need as she struggled to catch her breath, her muscles contracting painfully with each labored gasp she took. Natsu’s grip remained firm on her arm, locking her in place behind him as he ushered them deeper into the night—clearly he was used to strenuous physical activity, but Lucy certainly was not.

“N-Natsu, wait a second! I c-can’t…”

Lucy dug her heels into the earth in an attempt to slow the energetic fire dancer, hoping to convey her need for rest and oxygen. Natsu practically dragged her another few yards before he noticed the excess resistance, slowing to a halt and tilting his head to peer at the exhausted girl, confusion plain on his face. He released her wrist and watched as Lucy bent forward to rest her hands on her knees, hungrily sucking in the brisk night air.

“Ah, my bad, Lucy. I forgot you’re not used to running.”

Lucy’s brows drew together in irritation at his words—he made it sound like she had never used her legs before. She quickly forgot her train of thought as Natsu’s warm hands brushed over the bare skin of her shoulders, steading her while she tried to unwind from the long run. She peeked up at him, noting how his sharp eyes peered off into the darkness behind them, watching closely for any sign of pursuers.

“It doesn’t look like anyone’s picked up on our trail yet, though I’m sure your old man’s noticed you’re missing by now.”

Lucy straightened her back and turned to face the direction of her estate; the golden light of the gardens could be seen from where they rested several miles away. They were closer to the mountains now, seeking the protection of the thick forests along the edge—once they were concealed within the rocks and foliage, no manner of tracking would find them.

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I saw a vine about demon Lashton and I came up with some ideas..
PHOTOS ARE NOT MINE, credit to brocodemuke.exe who made the vine :)

“Two members of the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer have mysteriously disappeared after a suspected argument between the four last night, but detectives have no real answer as to what really happened. Police are asking for any witnesses to come forward with vital details which could help solve this mystery.”

The four lads were sprawled out on the sofa, lazily flicking through their phones and snuggling into each other. They had been at this for three hours straight until a voice interrupted the silence “Guys, we’ve been sat here for hours now. Let’s go and get some fresh air or something..” The blonde spoke clearly, wriggling out of the pile of bodies on the sofa and standing up to face them, arms crossed. “Ugh..but I was just getting comfy!” The red haired boy groaned, running a hand through his hair and snuggling into the gap that his friend had made by getting up. “Me too. And anyway, we don’t have anywhere to go.” Another voice moaned, rubbing his chocolate coloured eyes and looking away from his phone to raise an eyebrow at the tall gangly blonde that was glaring down at them. “Yeah, well, I found a forest about 5 minutes from the hotel. We’ll just go for a short walk. Come on, please?” The blue eyed boy pouted, glancing at the other boy at the end of the sofa, the one who was yet to speak. “Y’know, maybe it wouldn’t be too bad if we just went for a tiny walk to stretch our legs and work up an appetite for dinner later. So you two, go and get your shoes on. Me and Luke will be waiting by the door.” The older, curly haired boy replied, sitting up and sliding on his shoes which were at the bottom of the sofa. The two who refused to get up simply wriggled closer, muttering. “Get up. Now . The blonde spoke with a steely tone to his voice, glaring down at them until they got up. But what those two didn’t notice was the darkness creeping over Luke’s eyes, flooding his icy blue irises with jet black. As soon as the red and dark haired males we’re out of the room, the curly head was beside Luke in the blink of an eye. “Control yourself, they could have seen you!” He snarled in Luke’s ear, making him jump, his eyes fading back to baby blue. “I’m..sorry. I just can’t wait for later, when we finally get to-” the blonde began, only to be cut off by the hazel eyed male who had grabbed his collar. “Will you pack it in?! Stop being so obvious and pull yourself together!” He growled, shoving Luke away. “S..sorry Ash..Ashton..” Luke whimpered, rubbing his arm. “Are you guys ok..?” The red haired boy questioned, raising an eyebrow, the brown eyed boy peeking anxiously behind him. “We’re fine. Come on, let’s go.” Ashton smiled before grabbed a jacket and marching for the door, holding it open for the others while he kept the fake smile plastered on his face. He locked the door and rushed down the corridor after the others.
“Luuuke, you said it was only gonna be a 5 minute walk!” Chocolate eyes whined, dragging his feet in the mud. “I said it was a five minute walk to the forest, now quit complaining Calum!” Luke sighed, clenching his fists. “But it’s getting dark!” Calum muttered, peering all around him and hugging himself tightly. “He’s right guys, it is getting dark. Maybe we should start heading back..” Red hair spoke, his voice wavering. “Alright, we’ll turn back..” Ashton’s voice trailed off as they all glanced back into the gloom, the path nowhere to be seen. “Ash! I said that we should stick to the path!” Luke elbowed his older friend in the ribs. “What are we going to do now?!” Calum clutched the red head, quivering slightly. “Michael..?” He mumbled into his friend’s shirt. “We could use the torch on my phone to try and find the path again.” He grumbled, getting out his phone and flicking on the torch feature. The four of them began searching, but to no avail. “This is pointless! We’re lost!” Michael yelled, his voice echoing around the trees that were looming over them. He flung his phone, turning his back on it when he heard a clanking sound, a sound like..phone..hitting metal..? There was some form of shelter where the phone had hit! “Guys! I think I found shelter!” Michael whooped, rushing towards his phone. The others followed him, high fiving each other. “Damn..my phone is dead though. Have any of you guys got yours..?” Michael questioned, holding his phone up. “Mine is out of charge..” Luke muttered sheepishly. “I left mine at the hotel.” Ash folded his arms, sighing. “Wait, I think I’ve got mine!” Cal reached into his pocket, drawing out his phone. Luke! I thought you said that you’d picked it up from the sofa when he went to get his shoes!” Ash hissed into Luke’s ear again, to which he replied with a carefree shrug, leaving Ash to glare at him and turn back to the others. “Let’s go check it out then..”
“Oh! It’s a barn!” Cal exclaimed as he peered around. “Ugh, it reeks..” Mikey wrinkled his nose “but at least it’s shelter” he sat down on an old wooden chair in the corner. “Well, I don’t know about you guys but I’m going to sleep..” He yawned, leaning back and closing his eyes, leaving the other three to stare at each other in silence. “So..Calum..” Luke turned to him, his eyes darkening again. “Woah! Luke you..your eyes..!” Calum gasped, stepping back and bumping into Ashton, who’s eyes were also darkening. “What’s going on..?!” Cal looked between the two, fear gripping at him. These weren’t his best friends.. These were.. “Demons..” He whispered, backing away and flattening himself against the far wall. He opened his mouth, about to yell for Mikey, but a sharp clawed hand clamped over his mouth while he wriggled desperately, trying to escape Ashton’s deadly grip. He screwed up his eyes, preparing himself for a slow and agonising death, but then the hand dropped from his mouth. He opened his eyes, puzzled, when he saw Michael standing over Ashton with the chair that he had been sleeping on smashed into smithereens, leaving Michael with a chair leg in his bloody hand. “Get out Calum..” He muttered, tightening his grip on the chair leg while Cal simply gawped at him, frozen in place. “NOW!” Michael roared before Ashton grabbed him, pinned him down and began tearing out his throat, blood splattering every surface. “Oh my god! “ Calum yelled, turning and sprinting as fast as he possibly could. "Calum, I’m not done with you yet..!” Luke roared, tearing after him and lunging, grabbing him by the ankles and tearing great gashes down Calum’s legs. But instead of pulling him back, Luke suddenly let go and instead, grabbed him by the shoulders, forcing Calum to look him in the eyes, which were gradually fading back to blue. “Ca..Calum! Help me! I don’t want to be like this!” Luke broke down, tears spilling down his blood splattered cheeks. “It’s all Ashton!” He shook Calum, but all he did was push him away. “If you hate him so much, kill him. Kill the monster back there who took away my brother!” Calum sobbed, turning and running, staggering slightly because of the rips in his legs. Luke meanwhile nodded, his eyes darkening as he ran back to the barn, pouncing on Ashton and slitting his throat with his razor sharp claws before Ash could even draw breath. As soon as Ash had finished struggling and had fallen down next to Michael’s ashen body, Luke stood up again, staggering as his claws retracted and his eyes faded again, this time to remain blue for the rest of his life.
CALUM! Luke sobbed, racing through the undergrowth, following the train of warm blood until he came across a body flopped on a pile of leaves. “C…Calum!” Luke gasped, his knees giving way as he too fell to the floor. “D…d…did you ki..kill him for m..me?” A raspy voice whispered. “Of course I did. And now I’m free. Poor Michael..” Luke paused to sob “He saved you but..I couldn’t save him..” He cried, tears falling onto the bloody leaves surrounding them. “And now I c..can’t save..y…y… you! “ he clutched Calum’s hand tightly. "Sh, Luke. It’s fine. You’ll always be my brother..” Cal sighed, flopping back and letting out a soft sigh. “Calum..?” Luke whispered, but it was too late.

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