a to z otps

Yes, we have heard this so many times before ;P

But wait, Vegeta discovers that Bulma is dead in the future ;-;

“The very first time I traveled to the past and met you…after I came back, she would often ask me about how you were and how you looked.”

Despite his pride, the news of Bulma’s death gives Vegeta a change of heart to do fusion with Goku ;-;

Serena: “It’s such a beautiful day, isn’t it Ash?”

Ash: “It sure is Serena!”

Serena: “You know what else is beautiful?”

Ash: “What?”

Serena: “You of course!”

Ash: “Aww, Serena!!! //////”

Serena: *prince-like laugh echoes in eternum*

Ash’s dream from “’That’ kind of love on my AO3 page! 
Also, this is pretty much the silly pic that inspired the fic, and not the other way around~♥

(also yes I’m weak for the ladies of my OTPs carrying their boys)