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lol Bae fell hard on Tabi’s back 

Big Bang's Reactions to their gf proposing to them but he wanted to be the one to propose


I think this is one of my longest reactions until now. I hope you are all well and will enjoy reading this one because I had a lot of fun writing it. 



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It’s been four years since your first date. Your first date was awkward and you didn’t want to do it again while it was happening. You were eating dinner at a restaurant and he did give you flowers and bought you a gift seemed like everything he wants to show you was his money. At the end of the date when you told him you are meeting your best friend he knew something was off and he finally had the courage to kiss you. It was a sloppy kiss but after a few weeks, it seemed like those kisses mean everything to you. and now after 4 years you know they do. You always had a dream to propose to your boyfriend and you found the perfect spot to do it. You reserved his favourite Korean gallery and made your own exhibition of your pictures together. You texted him to come there. You were dressed in a white dress with the jacket he wore at a concert once and it was his favourite.

When he came he seemed confused what is going on and why are you here at a gallery at 9 pm. You held his warm hand and walked inside to show him those finest pieces of art. He was very amused and loved what you’ve done. At the end of the exhibition, there was a room full of white roses in the shape of letters. Before you came in you told him to close his eyes. When he opened them and saw “Will you marry me?” and all those white roses he stared at them a few seconds and then looked back at you. He hesitated at first because he already had a plan to propose to you next month but said yes at last. He was impressed and loved your proposal. He was surprised and impressed he will never forget how you proposed to him and told every of his friends how it happened. He was very proud on how much you love him.

“You are proposing to me? I wanted… OF COURSE, I WILL MARRY YOU MY BEAUTIFUL JAGIYA!" 

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These last four years have been quite a struggle for both of you. All his concerts, his work, mostly his work was always the reason you fought and made up again and again. You flew to the US for him and you don’t regret it. All of the hard work was worth for him and you wanted to finally get hard testament. You couldn’t wait to surprise him. You had several ideas of how to propose to him but you decided you will do a big surprise at his studio. You got help from others Big Bang members who provided you with some old GD pictures only they have and they gave you a blessing to propose to him. You told him you are waiting at his studio while he got a coffee. He was on his phone scrolling through some messages when he heard your hello. 

He knew something special must be going on because you were wearing your lucky dress which you also wore on your first date. You asked him to listen to a song you wrote for him. He was impressed and surprised because he didn’t know you also write songs. He nodded and agreed to listen to you live and even record your song immediately. He felt happy and nervous because he rarely heard you actually sing the way you can. Through the whole song there were pictures and videos on the computer and at the end, you opened a box with a ring and asked him if he would marry you. He couldn’t say a word mostly because he wasn’t expecting this at all and his plan for proposal next week was off for a moment. He kissed you and smiled. then he thanked you and promised you will be the happiest woman on this world.
"OMG… Yes, I will marry you… I love you so much my baby~”

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You both wanted to marry as soon as you will be ready and the wedding is really important to you. Since you were a little girl you dreamed of marrying a prince on a white horse in a castle. But Taeyang’s dreams were not in your reach. You thought everything through to find a perfect place to propose to him. At first, you thought it would be amazing to propose under cherry blossoms but you thought it was too cliche and the next idea was to adopt a dog and propose in a park full of dogs because Taeyang loves dogs. At the end, you knew it would be perfect to propose at the karaoke place. It will definitely be a surprise for him because you didn’t like karaoke too much because of his amazing voice that always beat your very average singing.

When he got a call from you to meet at the karaoke he thought you might just be down and want to sing and cry. He was very careful when he saw you and he was relieved when he saw you were smiling. He followed you in and noticed only very romantic songs were on the list. You choose the song 마크툽(MAKTUB),구윤회-Marry Me and he thought it was the sweetest thing you have ever done for him. At the end of the song, you kneeled and asked him to marry you. He nodded right away and smiled of joy. He was very fascinated because of your proposal and he was a bit upset because he also bought a ring and was going to propose tomorrow night. He also gave you the ring that he bought and kissed you. At the end, you spent the night singing all the songs you could.

“Yes! I have a ring for you too~~ I can’t believe you beat me!”

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He was so cute about everything that included a wedding and couldn’t stop making wedding plans. Almost every time you had coffee or tea together and watched anime or just cartoons he imagined new and new plans where will we get married and who will we invite and what dress will I wear. Once it was a beach wedding in Hawaii the next week it was an elegant wedding at a gallery and again farm wedding on a ranch… He had millions of ideas and you couldn’t keep up with him. Because you were tired of just listening to ideas you stole one and convinced Seungri to help you rent a theatre. You told Daesung to meet you at the entrance because there will be a play you will go see. He was on time and couldn’t wait to see a play with you but he had no idea what play was it. 

The seats were empty and you texted Seungri to start the show. On the big screen there was a video of our moments together in those 4 years and all the concerts you’ve been together. Then you went up on stage and wore the costume he wore in The Rum Tum Tugger play, back in 2008 and acted out the scene of that play. He thought you were hilarious in the cat costume and your singing was amazing and funny at the same time. At the end of the scene, you came to his seat and kneeling meowed a few times and then asked him to marry you. He couldn’t stop laughing so he just nodded and hugged you. He was happy and amused by the play you re-created. He realized his plan for proposal was ruined at home when you were talking about where will the wedding be and how many guests will you invite but he let it go because you made him the happiest when you proposed to him.

“Who will be your bridesmaid? Who will be my best man? We will have a big wedding right?…”

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The last 4 years were the best years in your life. Even with small fights, you had together it always turned out you can’t live without each other. While you were studying for your exams he was working and when you had time to yourself you enjoyed it with him. You thought you could surprise him at the Big Bang tour in Japan. But you decided to make it a big surprise by proposing to him. You called GD and the other members were also there just Seungri was on a meeting. They helped you prepare the surprise and it would be in the middle of a concert. Your uncle-Tablo, helped you make a remix of all the romantic Big Bang songs only with Seungri’s lines. You practised all day until you arrived at the concert. Backstage everyone made sure Seungri had no idea you were here. They also changed Seungri’s suit so you could wear his and they gave him a different one. They announced you at the middle of the concert as a special guest. Seungri went with it and acted like he knew exactly what’s happening but he ran to Taeyang and asked him what’s going on. He just told him to stand there and watch.

You came on the stage and the fans were confused. You started singing your remix and slowly walked towards Seungri who was confused standing in the middle of the front stage. When he heard your voice he sat on the ground and just watched the videos on the big screen and even shed some tears. His hyungs came and sat with him and watched the show with him. You finally came to the front stage and held Seungri’s hand. You could see he cried and GD handed you the big microphone. You cleared his cheeks and asked him to marry you. He was in shock and you could see it. Everyone went quiet for a minute until he said “HAI!” and agreed to marry you. He couldn’t help himself but kiss you and the fans went crazy and screamed your ship name and the members commented and congratulated us. Then they continued the concert with GD’s solo and while he got ready you sang the song ‘We belong together’. He was happy you proposed to him because after this he thought his plan was embarrassing. 

“I… You are C-R-A-Z-Y. CRAZY.” 

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He was charismatic, magnetic, electric, and everybody knew him
When he walked in, every woman’s head turned.
Everyone stood up to talk to him.
He was like this hybrid, this mix of a man who couldn’t contain himself.
I always got the sense that he became torn between being a good person and missing out on all of the opportunities that life could offer a man as magnificent as him.
And in that way, I understood him. 

BigBang Merch I Own Arranged by Release Date.

This isn’t a complete list of items. Many items didn’t make it here because I have no idea to which date or promotion cycle they belong. These are the main items in my collection only.

2006 Aug to Nov - BigBang First, Second and Third Singles [X]

2006 Dec - BigBang First Album: Volume 1 [x]

2007 Feb - BigBang First Concert CD: The Real  [x]

2007 March - BigBang First Concert DVD: Since 2007 [x]

2007 Aug -  BigBang First Mini Album: Always [X]

2007 Nov - BigBang Second Mini Album: Hot Issue [x]

  • Seungri - BigBang x BSX Limited Edition Hoodie -  [X]
  • BigBang x BSX Hoodie - [X]

2008 Jan - BigBang For the World [x]

2008 Feb - BigBang Second Concert CD: The Great [X]

2008 March - BigBang Second Concert DVD: The Great [x]

2008 Aug - BigBang Third Mini Album: Stand Up [x]

2008 Oct - BigBang First Japan Album: Number 1 (Cd/DVD) [x]

2008 Nov - BigBang Second Album: Remember [X]

2009 March - BigBang 2008 Global Warning Tour DVD Green [x]

  • Seungri Strong Baby Full Story Photobook [X]

2009 April - BigBang 2009 Concert Big Show CD: [X]

2009 Sep - Seungri - Why did you come to my House [x]

2009 June - BigBang Japanese Single: My Heaven [x]

2009 July - BigBang Japanese Single: Gara Gara Go! [x]

2009 July - BigBang 2009 Concert Big Show DVD: [x]

2009 Aug - G-Dragon Heartbreaker original version [x]

2009 Nov - BigBang Japan Single: Koe Wo Kikasete Cd/DVD [X]

2010 Mar - G-Dragon Shine a Light CD: [x]

2010 Apr - G-Dragon Shine a Light DVD Japanese version: [X]

2010 June - BigBang Japan : Tell me Goodbye Cd/DVD [x]

2010 June - BigBang 2010 Concert Big Show CD: [x]

2010 Aug - BigBang 2010 Concert Big Show DVD: [X]

  • 2010 BigShow Facemask - Seungri [x]
  • 2010 Bangs Cartoon Book [x]
  • 2010 Electric Love Tour Photobook (Japan) [X]
  • 2010 Seungri n T.o.P. movie Nineteen [x]
  • Seungri n T.o.P. movie Nineteen Publicity - Japan [X]

2010 Aug - BigBang Japan Single: Beautiful Hangover  [X]

2011 Jan - Seungri VVIP CD silver version [x] [o]

  • Seungri VVIP Key Necklace Silver version [x]

2011 Feb - BigBang Mini Album: Tonight [X]

2011 Feb - GDnTop First Album Japanese version [X]

2011 Mar - Seungri VVIP V World DVD [x] [o]

2011 Mar - GDnTop Play with GD & TOP - Japanese Version [X]

2011 April - Official Lightstick version 3 [x]

2011 April - BigBang Mini Album: Tonight Special Edition [x]

2011 May - BigBang Japan Album: BigBang 2 (Blue +Black) [X]

2011 May - BigBang 2011 Concert Big Show Making DVD: [X]

2011 May - BigBang The Ultimate International Best [x]

2011 June - BigBang 2011 Concert Big Show CD: [X]

2011 June - BigBang 2011 Concert Big Show DVD: [x]

  • 2011 Official Desk Calendar [x]
  • 2011 Big Show Paper Toys (Medium): [x]
  • 2011 BigBang X Uniqlo Collab Hoodie (Blue) [x]
  • 2011 BigBang X Uniqlo Collab Hoodie (Black) [x]
  • 2011 BigBang X Uniqlo Collab Hoodie (Gray) [x]
  • 2011 BigBang Star Collection Card Vol 1 [X]
  • 2011 Seungri Tonight Music Video Making Film  [x]
  • 2011 Seungri Face T-Shirt [x]
  • 2011 BigBang Star Collection Card Special Edition [X]

2011 Jul - GDnTop First Album Repackage version [x]

  • Seungri Dazed Korea Magazine [x]

2011 Dec - The Best of BigBang Japanese version [x]

2012 Feb - BigBang Mini Album: Alive metal case Seungri: [x][o]

2012 June - Extraordinary 20’s Photobook Korea version [X]

  • Vogue Magazine (BigBang in the Boxing Ring) [x]

2012 June - BigBang Mini: Alive Spec.Ed.- Still Alive Seungri: [x]

2012 Aug - BigBang 2012 Concert Alive Making Collection: [X]

  • Alive Tour Official T-shirt Black [x]
  • Alive Tour Official Hoodie Sweatshirt Black [x]
  • Alive Tour Japan Dome Vip privilege Watch [X]
  • Alive Tour Phone Accessory [x]
  • Alive Tour Goods Notebook set [x]
  • Alive Tour Goods Necklace Seungri version [x]
  • Seungri BigBang Mini Notebook  [x]

2012 Nov - G-Dragon One Of A Kind Bronze & Gold versions [x]

  • G-Dragon One of a Kind Knee Socks [x]
  • G-Dragon One of a Kind Choco Pies [x]
  • G-Dragon One of A Kind Strap for BigBang Lightstick [x]
  • G-Dragon One of A Kind Ring set (Gold) [x]
  • G-Dragon One of A Kind Fan Picket [x]
  • G-Dragon Ring Notebook [x]
  • G-Dragon Leather Tattoo Wristband (white) [X]

2012 Dec  -BigBang Special Final in Dome Memorial [x]

2013 Jan - BigBang 2012 Concert Alive CD: [x]

2013 Jan - BigBang 2012 Concert Alive Tour in Seoul DVD [x]

2013 Feb - BigBang Best Music Video Collection Korea [x]

2013 Mar - Daesung Japanese Album D’scover CD only [X]

2013 Mar - Seungri Kindaichi Case Files Movie [X]

2013 May - BigBang 2013 Concert Alive Galaxy Tour CD: [x]

  • BigBang 2013 Season’s Greeting Calendar [x]
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2013 Jul - BigBang 2012 Concert Alive World Tour DVD: [x]

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  • Seungri 2013 Record Footprints Photobook [x]

2013 Sept - G-Dragon COUP D’ETAT red version [x]

2013 Oct - Seungri Lets Talk About Love Japn Cd/DVD [o][x]

  • Seungri Esquire Magazine [x]
  • Seungri Magazine Clippings - Cross Magazine [X]
  • Seungri Magazine Clippings - Cooking/Recipes [x]
  • Seungri Magazine Clippings - Vanity Mix [X]
  • Seungri Magazine Clippings - Various [x]
  • Seungri Magazine Clippings - ?? from Japan [x]
  • Seungri Magazine Clippings - Mini [X]

2013 Nov - G-Dragon COUP D’ETAT Japan CD/DVD [x]

2013 Nov - T.o.p The Commitment Special Photobook [x]

2013 Dec - G-Dragon COUP D’ETAT collection Korea version [x]

2013 Dec - T.o.p Special Edition Doom Dada Korea [x]

2014 Jan - Official Lightstick version 4 [X]

2014 Feb - GD 2013 World Tour OoaK Final Seoul (Taiwan) [X]

2014 Mar - BigBang 2013-2014 Japan Dome Tour DVD  [X]

2014 Mar - T.o.p Doom Dada CD/DVD Japan [X]

  • BigBang 2014 Stamps + Postcard Set - Korea [x] [o]
  • BigBang Swarovksi Vip Crown Hairband [x]
  • BigBang x Krunk Stuffed Bear - Japan [x]
  • BigBang X Krunk Clear Folder - Seungri [X]
  • BIGBANG Gel Ink Pens [x]
  • BigBang Book Binding Notebook [x]

2014 April - From Top - Korea Limited Special Ed [x]

2014 May - BigBang 2014 +a in Seoul Concert CD: [X]

  • BIGBANG +a Fan Picket - Seungri [x]
  • BigBang 2014 Season’s Greeting Calendar [x][o]
  • Seungri Polaroid from Japan Calendar 2014 [x]
  • BigBang X Lawson Goods - Tote Bag [X]
  • BIGBANG YG Bears: Seungri + G-Dragon [X]

2014 June - Taeyang Second Album Rise Deluxe Edition [x]

2014 Jul - Daesung 2nd Japanese Album D’slove cd + dvd [x]

2014 Jul - BigBang 2014 +a Concert Seoul DVD Korea  [x]

2014 Sept - Seungri Japan Drama Yubikoi Kimi ni Okuru - [x]

2014 Nov - Best of BigBang 2006-2014 3cd + 2 dvd Japan [X]

  • BigBang X Krunk Toy Collection [O] [X] [o] [x] [o] [x]
  • BigBang x Krunk Tumbler [x]
  • BigBang 2014 Puzzle Frame [x]
  • BigBang Lucky Box (2014) [x]

2014 Dec - GD x Taeyang - Good Boy [x]

2015 Feb - BigBang 2014 Japan Event Fantastic Babys DVD [X]

2015 Mar - BigBang 2015 Welcoming Collection DVD Japan

  • Seungri [X]
  • Taeyang [o]

2015 Mar - BigBang 2014-2015 Japan Dome Tour X - DVD [x]

  • 2014 ‘X’ Tour in Japan Vip privilege necklace [x]
  • 2014 ‘X’ Tour in Japan Official Hoodie [X]
  • 2014 ‘X’ Tour in Japan Krunk Bear Hand Mirror [x]
  • Seungri - BigBang 2014 Tour X Eye Mask  [x]
  • Seungri - Dome Tour Merch oversize card [x]

2015  May - BigBang Made Series: M (Black & White) [X]

2015 June - BigBang Made Series: A (Black & White) [X]

2015  July - BigBang Made Series: D (Black & White) [X]

  • BigBang 2015 July Vogue [x]

2015  Aug - BigBang Made Series: E (Black & White) [X]

  • BigBang 2015 August GQ [x]
  • BigBang “MADE” Diffuser - Seungri [X]
  • BigBang “MADE” Reversible Jacket [x]
  • BigBang “Made” Notebook [X]
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  • BigBang “Made” Eco Bag (China Tour Merch) [x]
  • BigBang “MADE” Scarf - (China Tour Merch) [x]
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  • BigBang Art Toy by Eric So - T.o.P [x]
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  • BigBang Art Toy by Eric So - Taeyang [X]
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2015 Nov -  MADE in Japan Vip Seat Bracelet [X]

2016 Feb - MADE Series - (Deluxe Edition)(Jpn vers) [x]

  • BB World Tour MADE in Seoul (Jpn vers) [X]
  • BB World Tour MADE in Japan (Deluxe) [x]

2016 Mar - BB Welcoming Collection (Japan/Korea) [X]

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  • BB Times Magazine- Vol 11[x]

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2016 Jul - BB 10 Movie Program Photobook [x]

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2016 Aug - BB 10th anniversary light stick (Japan) [x]

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2016 Sep - Dazed Korea 100 x BigBang (Seungri) [x]

2016 Oct - BigBang 10 The Collection: A - Z Photobook [X]

2016 Nov - BigBang10  The Movie DVD (Korea) [x]

2016 Dec - BigBang MADE The Full Album 

  • Daesung [x]
  • Seungri [x]
  • BigBang x Nongfu Spring Tea (GD) [x]

2017 Feb - BigBang MADE (Jpn Deluxe Edition) [X]

2017 Mar - BigBang Welcoming Collection (Japan) [x]

2017 Apr - Daesung - D-Day (cd+dvd) (Japan) [x]

2017 May - BigBang10 Concert 0 t0 10 Final Seoul [X]

2017 Aug - Taeyang White Night Album (Red Version) [x]