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One period drama per post: The Crimson Petal and the White

“London 1874, Keep your wits about you; this city is vast and intricate and you do not know your way around. You imagine from other stories you’ve read that you know it well but those stories flattered you. You are an alien from another time and place altogether. You do not know what hour it is do you? Nor do most where you’re going. They go to sleep as soon as the gin hits. You have allowed  yourself to be led astray, and you’ve no hope of finding your way back.”

Top Movies of the First Half of 2017.

1. Get out- When it comes to the best movies of first half of 2017, consider this situation… Fucking Handled! Yo, Jordan Peele made the best movie of 2017 so far and it’s going to take a hell of a movie to knock it off. I had my reservations about this movie because movies that get this kind of hype on Facebook and social media never pan out but this one did! This movies comes correct from the first scene of my beloved Lakeith Stanfield walking through a, “superb,” in a situation that every person of color has feared would happened to them. A lot of praise should also go to the leading man Daniel Kaluuya too, his physical acting is incredible and as he’s required to change demeanors so many times during the movie and he never wavers for one moment. There’s so much to talk about with Get Out. All the white people come correct and are genuinely horrifying. I guess Lena Dunham isn’t the biggest villain on Girls. A true hallmark of an important movie is how it can change or shape your perception of a certain person, group or situation. While it sheds an incredible light on how most minorities and especially african american minorities feel about living in this country the most image altering part of this movie is that Jordan Peele made the fucking TSA cool. There has to be an award for just that alone. 

2. It Comes at Night -This film is a “horror” movie that isn’t interested at all of scaring but instead it wants to horrify you. This movie relies on tone and atmosphere than actual jump scares to create the his dark (literally because most of the movie is in the dark) tense canvas for their characters to live in and instead of a big bad monster waiting at the end of the hall the true horrors are the people themselves, well intentioned individuals who because of circumstances are forced become the most desperate version of themselves. Those circumstances are left incredibly vague throughout the movie with only just subtle nods and hints to what’s actually going in the outside world and that allows us to not worry about the world but more so on the character themselves. Nothing is ever really explained in this movie but it relies on the viewers basic understanding of a humans connection to family, a teenagers connection to sexuality to a mothers connection to a son and so on and so forth. If you come to this movie to be scared you will be disappointed. But if you come for a gorgeously shot, tense and dark character study of human survival instincts you will be blown away. 

3. Lost City of Z - Lost City of Z is one of the most beautiful movies I’ve seen in a long time. All the shots in the Amazon are breathtaking. James Grey has so much respect for all the beauty that the world has to offer and lets his camera linger on shots that a lesser director would have just blown through and moved onto the next one to service the plot. The way scenes fade in and out of each other is also masterful and makes me wish for nothing more but to leave my life behind and go exploring the amazon.  Lost City of Z is also an incredible piece of period filmmaking. From the opening shots to the courthouse drama you’re submerged into 19th century Britain and that comes with it’s own baggage. Especially when it comes to Sienna Millers character who gets treated like an afterthought half through the movie. But the first half of the movie she’s terrific and her character is given a lot to do and deserves to be respected. 

4. Win it All - As a person who enjoys people meeting and interacting with each other I can’t say enough about Joe Swanberg and Jake Johnson and their collaborations. Everything about this movie feels so real from the people, the relationships to the stakes. And by stakes I don’t mean just the gambling stakes, I mean the stakes of what it means to have a job, a girlfriend and have your life figured out. Shouts to my man Jakey J for now and forever. It may not have been as good as Drinking Buddies but for what it lacks in substance it makes up for with it’s absolute delightfulness. I never thought in a million years I would be saying a Joe Swanberg movie was, “delightful.”

5. Wonder Woman - I don’t really care for Super Hero movies that much anymore but Wonder Woman blew me away. Yeah the third act has issues and falls for the same old comic book tropes but everything leading up to it is amazing. From watching Princess Diana discovering what ice cream is to her walking across No Mans Land and unleashing hell on those machine guns all the way back to seeing baby Wonder Womans face on the big screen knowing she was going to be the hero of her very own story! It does justice to not just the woman part of it’s title but the wonder as well. It’s a wonderful movie.

6. John Wick: Chapter 2 - Spoiler alert: the dog live in this movie. Which is about the only real criticism that the first John Wick had and now that they fixed that they take this surprisingly successful franchise to new heights. Keanu Reeves is absolutely terrifying in this role especially considering I see about 5 Keanu Reeve’s look a likes walking the treadmill at the gym everyday and they’re all more likely to be doing someone’s taxes than they do gouging peoples fucking eyes out. But to each his own! 

7. Logan - When all the fanboy dickriding and Johnny Cash settles you’re left with a really good superhero movie. All the action is terrific and is a very emotional movie.Jackman and Stewart play their f bomb dropping and eye gouging versions of their iconic characters perfectly and this movie is honestly a very nice course correction after visual garbage that was X men Apocalypse.

8. Split - M Knight back? Possibly. This a very good movie with no discernible twist. Unless you count Jame McAvoy getting buff a twist, which I knew he had that in him the whole time (apparently he did too). But this a very good movie for the uneasy and tense thriller genre even though the most uneasiness to this movie comes from the real world horror and not the big bad swoll James McAvoy himself. 

9. Kong - This movie is like going into a test and expecting a D and getting a B- and sitting there and realizing you could have had an A if you really tried a bit harder. This movie has so many moments of pure joy and pleasure but the over saturated World War 2 soundtrack and some over the top Unle Sam-ification of Samuel L. Jackson bogs this down from being a truly special movie. 

10. Free Fire - Although I would have much rather this movie have more shoot em up scenes than, “hey are you still alive?” scenes I enjoyed the hell out of Free Fire. As much as I’d like to say queen Brie Larson was the best part of this movie and she’s terrific but it has to be Sharlto Copley and his A+ suit.  

The Lost City of Z is an Otherworldly Experience

    There’s a deep irony in a film as gigantic The Lost City of Z being distributed by a company like Amazon.  We live in an era where it is easier than ever to watch new movies without having to go to a theater to pay for a ticket.  Companies like Netflix and Amazon are soon to be releasing critically acclaimed movies like Mudbound and The Big Sick on streaming that will be in contention for next years awards.  

  There’s something worth admiring about this, more people than ever can watch new releases without having to pay lots of money to find small, art house theaters.  Staying at home to watch big films is definitely more convenient.  

  But with this change in the way we view in cinema, I wonder if something is lost?  Since the dawn of filmmaking, the vision has always been creating this otherworldly, interactive experience between the movie and the audience.  There’s magic in the idea of walking into a giant dark room with complete strangers and sharing a work of art together.  Some films don’t deserve to be seen for the first time in any other way.

  If you disagree, I recommend seeing James Gray’s new movie The Lost City of Z.  It’s a film based on the true story of Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam), a British explorer who went searching for the remnants of a missing ancient city in the Amazonian Jungle. He faces scrutiny from his peers for his bold theories, but with the help of his wife (Sienna Miller) and colleague (Robert Pattinson), he goes on three expeditions to find the city until his mysterious disappearance in the jungle with his oldest son (Tom Holland) in 1925.  

   I have no previous experience with James Gray’s filmography, but having seen his latest picture, I am driven to find every movie that this man has made.  The Lost City of Z is a film with a deep understanding of what it is that makes us connect with the movies.

  The film is as if James Gray is taking the best elements of various styles of movies and heightening and then combining them in this film. The Lost City of Z combines the breathtaking majesty of old studio epic, the subtlety of a period drama and the breathtaking thrills of an adventure movie, constantly playing with these three things to produce a movie that feels complete.  

    The Journey Fawcett goes on is larger than life and spans two decades.  We see everything from Fawcett’s first mission into the Amazon to a speculation of what happened to him after he went missing and the result is a movie that is long in pace, 140 minutes to be exact.  

  There’s a confidence, an indulgence to Gray’s work in this film that’s missing from most modern cinema.  The director isn’t afraid to make a movie that basks in the grandiose scale of its story and demands the respect of its audience.  He knows that the story he’s telling is huge and he allows for a flamboyance that never seems overbearing or unearned.       

    Gray successfully pulls off this level of cockiness with the help of cinematographer Darius Khondji and composer Christopher Spelman.  Staying true to its similarities to the movies of an older era, The Lost City of Z is shot on film and boy is it ever. The darkly lit ballrooms, the strange glow of a boat going down a river and the shots of Fawcett walking through the forest with the tribes of the areas he explores, are almost indescribable in their beauty.  It’s as though we are right there with them and we are getting a clear glimpse into this world that no longer exists.  It’s like observing a painting where each images has such richness and texture.

  Film can provide an authenticity, a naked honesty that a lot of digital movies still can’t provide and Gray plays on that here to provide a work of art that’s simultaneously out of this world and ingrained in our world.  The fight between digital and film is one that film is clearly losing, but similarly to the fight between seeing something on a laptop and seeing something in a theater, Gray is making the case for it while he still can.  

  And my god, I haven’t even begun to describe the music.  Khondji’s music leaves such a lasting impression on you after the film has ended. There isn’t a single beat that isn’t meaningful, that doesn’t feel designed to create the ultimate love letter to a forgotten craft paved by artists like Bernard Hermann and Ennio Morricone.  

  Hearing the soundtrack to a movie like The Lost City of Z only makes me resent the laziness put into composing the music for a lot of modern films.  Sometimes you hear the music for a recent biopic or action movie and you would think they only thought about it for ten minutes.  The music in this movie has heart put into it and helps carry the viewer further into this unknown land that we are watching.  

   But to praise the technical elements of this movie for too long feels disrespectful to so much of what this movie is able to accomplish beyond that.  I have highlighted a lot of excellent things in this movie but making a truly great epic is more than just making a film that’s big in scale with flawless technical qualities, it’s about displaying a story that demands the effort.  The Revenant can be as long and pretty look as it wants to be, but that’s a film I still find pretentious and dull because it contains nothing of substance beneath the surface.    

  I remember reviewing Pacific Rim in 2013 and being unimpressed by the lead performance by Charlie Hunnam.  After seeing his performance as Percy Fawcett, I don’t necessarily see him as an amazing actor but I finally understand his appeal.  Within his performance, he conveys the confidence and masculinity featured in old performances from actors like Charlton Heston. But with this role, he’s also allowed to provide an intimacy and a modern tenderness that’s missing from more classically trained actors.  

   This contradiction in Hunnam’s performance, the line between rugged individualism and quiet comforts of life is the battle at the heart of The Lost City of Z.  The movie argues that Percy Fawcett’s continued obsession with going into the Amazonian Jungle and finding his lost city was in part his attempts to escape his place in the world.

  In England, he lives a quiet, ordinary life for a man of his time period.  When he’s home, he’s bound to same rules and restrictions that tied down most people living back then.  He’s forced to fight back against people who look down on him for his social class, he’s forced to fight in a war that he doesn’t want to fight in and he must argue the case for why the tribes living within the Amazonian Jungles are an advanced society to people brainwashed by racist colonialism.

   But his escape is more than just an attempt to ignore the limits of his society, his escape is an attempt to ignore the limits of himself.  Despite being progressive for the time, he has a sexist view of women that allows him to ignore the hopes and dreams of his wife. He chooses not to be there for his family, his children grow up while he’s far away.  He preaches that he’s proud to be an outcast and he doesn’t care about rank or medals, but he’ll gladly receive awards and praise from his colleagues for his work.  Even his treatment of the tribes of the Amazons is questionable.  His biggest secret is that he’s not much better than the people around him.  

  With this, Fawcett’s journey into the vast unknown is his way of going to the limits of his world.  By charting these unknown lands and experiencing these things that have been done by no one like him before, he is trying to avoid the fears that he will become just another person lost to space and time, another person who live, die, and be forgotten within the miniscule amount of time that we are given.  In his missing city, he sees redemption from the flaws of being a human being.  

  Fawcett’s final attempt to find his lost city is perhaps the ending to his story that he always wanted.  Fawcett never dies, he simply vanishes without a trace.  In disappearing, he finally becomes the thing that he has been searching for, transcendence from his reality.  Like the city, he becomes a legend that will never be fully discovered, only leaving bits and pieces behind for others to search for.  

   In writing this review, I realize how smug and hyperbolic my review of this movie is, but I think that fits with the film.  In the spirit of recent works like Hayou Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises or Pablo Larrain’s Jackie, The Lost City of Z is about the defiance of time, both in the story and the storytelling.

    Entertainment is changing and we are seeing a changing of the guard.  In many ways, I choose to accept this.  With the death of old Hollywood comes the death of many of the flaws within it, the lack of diversity, the tyrannical directors, the misunderstanding of low budget films and the discomfort that comes with refusing to give in to easier, modern day techniques.  There’s so much about embracing new forms of entertainment and having new ways to watch entertainment that genuinely excites me and has me looking forward to what the future holds.    

   But, James Gray’s The Lost City of Z plays like the final argument for saving a dying art.  He uses the best elements of classic cinema to show an epic story about what it means to live life to the fullest with no regard for the consequences.  Every shot, every sound, every word is like an artist who’s at the final stage, playing their instruments like they know that it’s all crumbling around them.  This is a film about doing as much as humanly possible with the little that we are provided.

 Five years from now, ten years from now, the world will be different than what it is now.  So, like Fawcett diving into the piranha and disease infested waters of the Amazonian jungle to reach something just within his grasp, take time to find things that are worth exploring in the present while you still can.   

Final Rating: A+                

Christina Ricci cuts her own hair

Christina Ricci shuns regular visits to the hair salon in favour of cutting her own locks.

The actress will always be remembered as having jet-black hair in her breakthrough role as Wednesday Addams in 1991’s The Addams Family.

But Christina has ditched her black tresses in favour of lighter hues of late, and has shared that she actually likes to trim her mane herself.

“I also cut my own hair,” she told Into The Gloss. “I use a hair cutting razor - I think that’s what it’s called? I practiced a good amount.”

The 37-year-old was last seen in period drama Z: The Beginning of Everything, in which she played American socialite and writer Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. For the part, Christina rocked a curly, blonde hairstyle and she admits that she is very careful to try and protect her hair from styling damage.

“I’m obsessed with this guy Christophe Robin, he makes the best products. The Cleansing Mask is so good, I could wash my hair with it every day and it wouldn’t strip it. When I was doing press for Z: The Beginning of Everything, (the stylists would use) all of this different stuff and it would make my hair so gross, so I’d use the Cleansing Mask every day with the Regenerating Mask or the purple one for blondes.”

As the actress has very dark hair naturally, she relies on colourist Lena from Suite Caroline for her blonde shade. And while Christina is open to trying lots of new hair products, she remains a big fan of Sebastian Potion 9 - a styling treatment she has been using since she was 13 years old.

“It’s a leave-in conditioner treatment and it’s the best product ever,” she explained. “It dries hard, and so if your hair is damaged or frizzy, it doesn’t let the frizz happen. Then when you run your fingers through it just holds whatever position it dries in.“

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Walk-up music. Seido. The new team

1. Kuramochi Youichi - Train-Train by The Blue Hearts

With the mood of that galant song to (be) the leadoff man even on the new team!

2. Shirasu Kenjirou - Hissatsu Shigotonin "The Ultimate Professional"

I ’ll support Shirasu whose work increased after rising in the lineup from №9 to №2

3. Kominato Haruichi - Cutey Honey

After retiring of his brother Ryosuke it was established as Haruichi’s walk-up music!

4. Miyuki Kazuya - Nerai Uchi (from oofuri) “Aim and Hit”

After he became the cleanup hitter, there are even more expectations of “aim and hit” at critical moments!

5. Maezono Kenta - Tonbo "Damselfly"

Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi’s famous song that’s suitable for Maezono who gives off intimidating aura!

6. Furuya Satoru - Kita no Kuni Kara ~ Haruka Naru Daichi Yori "From a North Country ~ From the land far away"

The magnificent song that represents Hokkaido suits Furuya’s splendid batting very well

-> Kawakami Norifumi - Makenaide / Don’t lose

For tender-hearted Kawakami choosing a song that makes everyone want to cheer him

-> Sawamura Eijun - Abarenbou Shogun

Theme song from a period drama. It’s perfect for Sawamura who stands tall in the batter’s box, but…

7. Toujou HideakiIkuze! Kaitou ShoujoLet’s Go! Phantom Thief Girl” (instrumental)

The song from MomoKuro group that has a lot of fans enlivens Toujou at-bats Z (word playing from ikuZE) !

8. Kanemaru Shinji - We Will Rock You! and again and again

Appropriate song for Kanemaru who likes Western music

-> Higasa Shouji - theme song from Rocky

Opposing Kanemaru, the rival for the same position, with a cheering song that originates from one-on-one combat! 

9. Asou Takeru - Memeshikute “Effiminate”

Golden Bomber’s song. Irony song of Asou who doesn’t train very hard

The Reasons Why


- Twitter hates him
- EatJin
- Culinary blog
- when i am wearing suit, i feel like young master of the rich household
- His fingers
- If Yoongi is the King of Sass, Seokjin is an Emperor of Sass
- Robotic dance
- Traffic control dance
- The guy can sell you everything just by the way he looks at you
- But he also can sell you everything with the way he talk
- He is so LAME!
- He is handsome
- He will tell you that
- And you will agree
- When he was a kid, he sported those small funny glasses
- Hoe dance
- Did I finished talking? Did you do wrong?
- Tall
- its tragic, just like my face
- laserguy
- yeah. handsome. I think, me too
- He can do deep voice
- And he can do angelic voice
- He also can do that voice thing, like in School of tears or We are bulletproof, that will fuck you up for good
- His covers
- His dog is small and white and fluffy
- that guy uses internet explorer in 2016, somebody save his soul
- Marple story
- His background is his photo, and you cant blame him
- when they filmed Butterfly, he cried on perfect time, but that was only a repetition
- he played it cool
- flappy bird hands
- Hello, i am rapmonster, an i am crying
- i think its spread
- He was casted by sm, but he escaped
- the sound of his voice when he is laughting his ass off
- he can boss Yoongi around, and scare the shit out of him
- Inside jokes with Namjoon
- His eye twitch
- Nose twitch also
- he can do popping with his toes
- i was akward since i was born
- he is helping economy by collecting marios
- Gayo track,.norabang.“ Southbond train”
- He is evil
- He is really evil guy
- But he also fluffball
- You cant trust him
- He wakes Kookie up by twisting his nipples
- Jinda
- i dont know what bad skin is, since i was born handsome
- food or bangtan? - Cant i choose both?
- what do you want? - money
- pink hoodie
- he ran to Namjoon, because he thought he was crying
- when Yoongi wants to watch a movie, he would watch it with him, but then Yoongi is always falls asleep
- when it comes to cleaning he acts like a grandma according to Kookie and Hope
- why cant you clean it today?
- that one time when he was a slave
- he tried to bake a bread, failed, and told everybody to go and buy bread from the store
- he cant dance, but he is trying really hard to keep up, and he doing it good
- like hell, he danced to Danger, shut the f up, he is perfect
- the most beautiful man in the universe
- he dont even need Naver filters
- snowbording
- he played with Taehyung so hard, he hurt his fingers
- he may be the oldest, but he doesnt act like one
- he is really annoying if he wants too
- father, thank you for my ability to cook this meat
- model walking on idol olimpic 2015
- but not all the time
- cant be mc, it doesnt stop him
- wait, why am I suddenly Yoongichi? - I am trying to be cute for you
- looks good wearing red dress
- will look good even in a trashbag
- naver car door search
- he raps like jay z. Period
- No, really he is such a drama queen
- it is my first time wearing a beanie, i am little worried
- mom, tell him! - you see, Namjoon, fire can be very dangerous
- he can put a lot in his mouth
- mom, my company ordered food for me
- Did i mention that he looks like a prince? Sounds like a prince?
- Goofball
- cant be cheesy to save his life, not really
- but he thinks he can

Mob mentality in the MCRmy

Okay, this fandom’s habit of trashing everything the Way brothers do has been getting old for a while now, but after last night’s hideous spectacle, I’m done pussyfooting around the issue. I know I’ll get hate and lose followers, but I don’t care, because frankly: it’s frightening.

It’s frightening that fans enjoy it when someone says that Mikey should be hit by a car. It’s frightening that some of the most popular fans on this website contribute nothing but hate and insults, and people admire them for it. It’s frightening that every time Mikey makes a move– even if it’s as simple as someone referring to him as “Mike”– this fandom falls over itself looking for ways to mock it; and if they can’t find anything wrong with it, they launch into the usual high school insults-and-death threats routine. It’s frightening that harassment, death threats, childish mocking, and vicious insults are all accepted and even encouraged in this fandom. It’s frightening that people think it’s okay to tell a man with severe depression that he’s “better off dead.” And what’s most frightening is that most of these people aren’t 12-year-olds, but teens or adults who somehow think this behavior is okay. And younger fans look up to them because they’re popular, and they imitate this behavior, and so on.

When did the goal of this fandom go from “being fans of MCR” to “trashing every move the Way brothers make until they quit music out of frustration”? Who decided that in order to be a “real fan,” you have to treat the Way brothers like scum, and if you don’t, you’re just a blind fangirl? When did these blatant double standards arise, where people praise Frank and Pete for the exact same things they harass the Way brothers for? (In Pete’s case, Meagan was 20 when they started dating, and yet you never hear anyone call him a “pervert” or a “pedophile.”) And most disturbing, why is this fandom so determined to torment and destroy another human being?

I don’t care if you dislike Gerard and Mikey, but this fandom is way over the line. The brothers aren’t faceless celebrities who never see any negative comments. They’re human beings. Imagine how Mikey would feel if he saw that post saying he should be hit by a car, or all the posts screaming about what a monster he is for daring to start a new band (the same thing Frank did months ago.) Or how Gerard would feel about the long rants about how horrible he is, and the widely-circulated posts that make fun of his appearance. And the funny thing is, half this hate isn’t even about them. It’s about the avalanche of faves and reblogs you receive, the surge of new followers, the comments like “ooh, zing” and “oh my god so funny,” and the admiration you get from people who think bullying is cute.

If you don’t believe me, think about it: would this fandom be so nasty toward the Way brothers if they didn’t receive praise and attention for it? If, instead of showering them with notes, other fans ignored their posts, unfollowed their blogs, and shook their heads in disapproval, would fans continue making posts about how Mikey is human garbage? Some still would, but I guarantee you that the number would be much lower. But because the quickest road to popularity in this fandom is being full of hate and spite, people can’t make/reblog nasty posts fast enough.

Some might say “I don’t do it for attention, I do it because I genuinely hate Gerard and Mikey!” (Greeeeat.) Even if that’s true, there’s no denying the blatant mob mentality in this fandom. Gerard even made a couple of tweets about it, and while he didn’t mention this fandom specifically, it’s painfully obvious what he’s talking about. Here’s a fun example: remember when no one liked Alicia? Remember when hardly anyone talked about her, much less sung her praises? But after it came out that Mikey supposedly “cheated” on her, everyone was gushing about how wonderful she is, making photosets and GIFsets of her, sobbing about how heartbroken they were that she and Mikey split, and proclaiming that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. But before that, no one would give her the time of day. (And funnily enough, I haven’t seen a post about her in months, so I guess this fandom went back to ignoring her.) I’m not saying that everyone who supported her was part of the mob, but as another fan put it: “She was easily the most disliked wife, and now she’s up there with Lyn-Z? Oh, please!”

Or how about Frank? There was a time when people were frustrated at Frank for blocking fans on Twitter and making rude tweets. I heard a few stories about him being rude to fans in real life, too. But you never hear anyone mention that now, because everyone decided that Frank should be worshipped unconditionally. It’s not that he’s a bad guy, but it’s funny how you never see anyone mention the old Frank drama– or make the faintest negative comment about Frank, period. Whereas fans have no problem scraping up old Gerard drama and plastering it all over Tumblr for all to see.

It’s fine if you don’t like the Way brothers, and it’s even fine to vocalize it, as long as you’re civil about it. God knows there are celebrities I don’t like, and I hate the saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!” Nothing wrong with civil criticism. But if you’re one of the people participating in the hate mob– posting or reblogging insults, picking apart everything they do, making fun of them, etc.– there’s a few things you need to ask yourself. First of all, if most fans were offended and disappointed by your behavior, instead of delighted and encouraging, would you still do it? If insulting Mikey or Gerard wasn’t a quick way to get notes, would you keep it up, or have you just been swept along with the mob?

Second, and I’ll be blunt: why are you so hateful? “Because I don’t like them, because they did this, because they did that,” etc. Well, there are celebrities I don’t like, but I don’t harass them on Twitter, mock their appearance, trash everything they do, threaten them with violence, tell them to kill themselves, laugh when they suffer, reblog hate posts, make their fans feel like shit, and follow news about them so I can squeeze in as many insults as possible. If you do any of that, you need to ask yourself why you think that behavior is acceptable– particularly when it comes to threatening the Way brothers, saying they deserve to be injured, mocking their weight/appearance, and telling them to end their lives. You think you’re revealing a lot about the Way brothers, but you’re revealing far more about yourself.

And third, is this really how you want to be known in this fandom? Yeah, I know, people think you’re cool now, but when these people actually grow up, they won’t remember you as a cool, sexy badass who valiantly put the Way brothers in their place. They’ll remember you as a bully who relentlessly mocked strangers behind a computer screen. I know for a fact that a lot of people already see you that way, but don’t say anything for fear of backlash. Do you really want to be someone who contributes nothing but negativity and insults to an already stressed fandom? Someone who encourages bullying? Someone who hurts the Way brothers– who, again, are real people, and are well aware of the hate? Is that going to be your legacy? “Oh yeah, I said Mikey Way should be thrown in a dumpster and got a bunch of reblogs. That was my awesome contribution to the MCRmy. Slap it high!”

Again, it’s not that you have to love the Way brothers, or even like them– but just once, I’d like to see something good happen to Gerard or Mikey without this fandom gleefully ruining it. Or something bad to happen without this fandom eagerly making it worse and kicking them while they’re down. I’ve watched this fandom sink lower and lower over the past several months, and I’m starting to worry about what’s going to happen to Gerard and Mikey when they complete their albums and start doing concerts and appearances. “Fans” have bought MCR and FOB concert tickets just to scream at the bands before. What are they going to do to the Way brothers, the lowest of the low in the fandom totem pole? The culture of hate surrounding them is frightening. It’s like they’re the fandom’s scapegoats: blamed for everything that goes wrong, attacked whenever possible, and the butt of countless childish jokes.

And are the Way brothers really that bad? I know that sounds silly, but seriously…are they really that bad? I don’t agree with everything they do either, but do they really deserve an Internet mob of thousands of raging fans, spewing out every violent threat and vicious insult you can think of, day after day after day? Or do you simply tell yourself that so you don’t have to question yourself when you reblog the latest hate post?

Well, here’s the facts: The Way brothers are people. Not your scapegoats, not your punching bags, not the monsters you imagine inside your head. It’s time this fandom started treating them like people again. Don’t post hate, don’t reblog hate, and by all means, stay away from the frothing mob. Don’t be swayed. You’re better than that, so act like it.

(Ugh, sorry for the rants on this blog lately. This isn’t a regular feature, I promise.)