a to z of musicals


Super excited to announce my remix of Piccolo’s theme is now on JōZU Music!

url music meme

Got tagged by @holleyberry I picked songs that I actually have on my phone. I was afraid I didn’t have any Z songs, but I have three! :D

Rules: spell your blog url with songs (only using each artist once)

F - Faithfully, by Journey
U - Up On Cripple Creek, by The Band
Z - Zero To Hero, Hercules soundtrack (don’t laugh, I like Disney music!)
Z - Zeitgeist, by Black Sabbath
Y - Yer Blues, The Beatles
S - Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again, by Bod Dylan
P - Purple Haze, by Jimi Hendrix
O - One Little Victory, by Rush
R - Remedy, by The Black Crows
K - Kashmir, by Led Zeppelin