a title that i like

im unbearably sleepy cause i woke up at 3pm today instead of my usual 7pm. but making houseplans is relatively easy cause ive been doing it for So Long so i knocked this one out for The Writing Project 

atm it doesnt detail furnishing nor ‘room names’ since, as with all things up to this point, things are meant to be incredibly vague 

but yyeah w/e now im gonna drink some Tea to wake myself up so i can do some Writing

also!!! quick psa, i’ll be working on a series of smutty touken one-shots that i’ll be posting as soon as i can, so that’s another long fic added to the list that i’ll try to combine with YNM’s updates, please wait for it 🙏

Today in “I Really Think You Could Have Phrased That Better”:

The subtitle makes it a little better but not really:

I’m not sure what my favorite part is: the implication that god is a criminal, or that the crime was, you know, *the creation of the universe*.

  • Peter: [looking around] Where's Wade?
  • Tony: Somewhere disappointing Jesus.

tv aesthetic → the office

I’m not superstitious, but… I am a little stitious.

I feel like a subtitle to Captain America: Civil War could be Bucky and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.