a tiny gesture

if you’ve ever left me a message asking me if I’m okay, or liked a post in which I was ranting about my bad day, or liked a selfie, or just anything nice like that- just know that I remember you, I am grateful for you, and you made my day better with your tiny gesture.


hp quotes // #i love this little moment between these two #harry felt utterly lost, overwhelmed, angry and confused but hermione was such a solid support for him throughout the entire hunt for the horcruxes #her love and loyalty towards her friends is so touching #and this tiny gesture just warms my heart becAUSE I LOVE THIS FRIENDSHIP SO MUCH IT’S SO PURE AND GOOD  ಥ‿ಥ

Burr Knows ASL

As a kid, Aaron Burr had a friend who was deaf so he learned ASL (American Sign Languge) to communicate with him. People wonder why he doesn’t lose his temper or express his feelings because he’ll secretly do it in sign language. During cabinet meetings, he’ll silently be making tiny gestures to communicate his own feelings on the topic but vocally remain neutral. After he shoots Alexander, he refuses to talk and only uses ASL for the rest of his life.


“That one tiny gesture that might not have changed anything, but might have.”

Revisiting this poem in the present context. On one level, yes, it’s about men’s responsibility to take the fight against rape culture into spaces where it doesn’t already exist, which was important before the election and remains important now. But this is also a poem grappling with the concept of “allyship,” and how if that word is ever going to mean anything real, it needs to be critical, proactive, and preemptive. Thinking about how that applies, right now, to the fights against Islamophobia, anti-immigrant violence, anti-LGBTQ violence, and so much more too. (video via @buttonpoetry)

088; hybrid!jungkook

“I’ll see you later.” (088)

Mornings with Jungkook was always in your favor… but they weren’t possible to indulge in when you’re needed somewhere else. But it’s not like you wanted to or anything - you had to. The responsibilities that came with having a nine-to-five job that separated you both, Jungkook’s dissatisfaction comes in a form of a whine, the strapping of his arms around your torso and his tail finding purchase by your ankle when he buries his face in your lap, refusing to budge.

Sighing, you stroke through his hair, almost regretful that you had opted for a goodbye morning kiss especially when you know he’ll take advantage of you seated so close to him on the bed. Your fingertips brush against the back of his ear, to which he growls in delight and moulds himself onto you more, his tail lightly caressing your skin as he doesn’t let up, a tiny gesture of what he likes to do because he knows you have a soft spot for it.

“Jungkook… I need to go,” Your tone is sombre, the ache to stay longer voweled through your words, “The bus doesn’t wait for anyone,”

“…then don’t go,” He murmurs, scooting closer towards you as if he wasn’t in the first place, nuzzling his face towards your stomach, “Stay here with me…”

Heaving a breath, you dip down and press a kiss to the crown of his head, drawing back with a whisper of you know I can’t and Jungkook hates that voice because he knows you’re working hard to be responsible and, well, who is Jungkook to try to interfere with that? 

Reluctantly, he draws himself back and although he knows this is the best for you, it doesn’t mean his heart feels heavy. He only huffs, reaching up sloppily to cup your cheeks, lazily reaching for your lips to press one more kiss before he falls back onto the mattress and rolls over to keep himself away before he fails and drags you back with him.

Chuckling, you stand and stretch over to tap his bum, “I’ll see you later, Jungkook-ah,”

“Mmh,” He hums in reply, and although you can’t see it, he has his eyes closed as he drifts back to sleep, a stretched smile on his face, idly holding on as he keeps the sound of your voice floating in his ears, a sweet scent coaxing him back to heaven and there’s that.

Taylor, I can’t type into words how happy and how positive you’ve made my life. Finding your music changed my life for the better and I’ll never be able to repay you. The only way I can try is to continue buying albums, continue going to shows, continue putting your cds and magazines in front of others while shopping, continue wearing your merchandise, continue turning your music up when I’m in the car, etc. I know you are very fond of all of these tiny gestures and that’s why I will continue to support you and do them because in all 15 years of my life I’ve never felt more support from one person. @taylorswift Thank you.


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A squeeze of the hand - enormous documentation - a tiny gesture within the palm, a knee which doesn’t move away, an arm extended, as if quite naturally, along the back of a sofa and against which the other’s head gradually comes to rest - this is the paradisiac realm of subtle and clandestine signs: a kind of festival not of the senses but of meaning.
—  Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments

anonymous asked:

The tattoos you guys got are so cute, my girlfriend and I were planning on getting matching tattoos as well. I love that you found love and I hope you guys get married and have as many mini yous as y'all desire. I've got a question though, my girlfriend has depression as well and things can get rough at times (kind of like right now) what's the toughest thing for you in a relationship with depression?

thank you!
I think the hardest thing for me, is definitely the way I tend to over analyze everything and project it onto my on partner and that gives me twice the anxiety doing so. I think you should do anything to make her laugh, small things, anything. send her songs that make you think of her, tiny gestures. they help me a whole lot when I’m having bad days. I hope that helps. I hope she feels better. I wish the same for you both.

I have the tiniest crush on a guy and it’s so sweet and lovely. I don’t know if our date will go well but it’s just so nice to be excited whenever he texts me.

I had a really bad day yesterday and said to him that I was struggling so he called just to cheer me up? Like honestly? We’ve not even met and that is a tiny but so thoughtful gesture from somebody who barely knows me aw I don’t know. 

It’s also always back and forth banter between us like he asked me on a date but said it in a sort of jokey way which is exaaaactly what I’m into. Everything else is going to shit so maybe I’m clinging to this one guy but idk he’s pretty nice.

G/t romantic feels got me goin’ crazy again ;-;

Giants kissing their partners ever so delicately, using all their immense strength and concentration on one tiny gesture, one minute moment that although might be so simple and fleeting to others, is the most important moment they know of.

Tinies snuggling up close to their partners, reassuring them that they’re not frightened or put off by their size, that they don’t see them as a monster.
They try their best to wipe away their giant partners tears and hold them close, deep down wondering if it’s enough, if they’re even big enough to make a difference- not knowing that every single time they touch, the world bursts into colour and love for their giant partner.

Giants hiding their tiny partners in pockets and the collars of their coats as they go for romantic dates, people think it’s strange seeing the giant seemingly chuckle to themselves or keep glancing at where the hidden tiny is….
Maybe they go see a movie and share popcorn, the giants not paying attention to the screen though- they’re too busy watching their partner adorably nibble away at a single kernel!

Tinies and giants watching a romantic movie at home together and falling asleep, the tiny kept safe in their partners hands as they rest on their chest- the tiny wakes up earlier than their giant partner but can’t bring themselves to wake them, they look so adorable and peaceful sleeping.

5OTPs Challenge

@sulair thank you for tagging me and I hope you enjoy.


I ship them because if you look at recordings and fan cams that are posted I can guarantee you that at some point if allowed any EXO member with another ship will sail - even if it’s just a tiny gesture IT STILL HAPPENED. Also being together makes them just that little bit more cute and extra than they are apart.

2. Merthur (Merlin/Arthur)

If you have never watched Merlin (TV series) you’ll have no idea who these people are but being British and born in Wales and addicted to mythology, I know to a good extent the Arthurian Legends. However, they are slightly messed around with here and Merlin is Arthur’s servant (and his best friend) instead of being a wise old man with impossible magical powers (basically Gandalf except more powerful).

3. Percabeth

I have seen this fictional couple go through to much and I with some of my friends agreed that Percabeth is a beautiful couple so… Yeah this is number 3.

4. Constagnan

The Musketeers was amazing - I’m pretty sure the third season was the last but through all of the seasons (and there episodes) there was always something that this couple had to fight through.

5. Amy and Rory (I don’t know their ship name oops)

The whole story of Amy and Rory was amazing and I know it ended years ago but they also were my favourite companions (Clara takes 2nd place) but Rory waited 2000 years for her and she basically killed herself so she could be with him - long story.

Wow this took me along time to decide…

We have a lot going on in the family at the moment. Yet only two people are aware of it. My mum is waiting to hear back about weather she has a tumor in her lung. As well as dealing with blood pressure so high we are worried about strokes. She already lost her husband (my dad) to lung cancer when I was a child. Has been through many other health problems. Supported me with mine, as well as my boyfriend with HIS testicular cancer.

She texted me today asking if i wanted to go for a walk on the beach. So I just surprised her and rocked up at her door with a huge bouquet of flowers and her favourite chocolates. It’s SUCH a tiny gesture, but my mum is the kind of person who this kind of thing means the absolute world to! She is o grateful for the smallest of things… I don’t know where I’m going with this, but I just feel the need to vent and let the world know what an incredible mother I have. I’m sitting here in tears just thinking about it. She is going through hell, yet her first thought is always “how is Danielle?”.

I love her so much and I just want to scream it to the universe.

How did I get so lucky?