a tiny drawing of a pig


Hey so about a week ago I was all “OK I’m gonna start drawing NSFW shit, I should make a real quick character to be my guinea pig” and with that, Hansem, the half elf half orc boy came to be.

I intended to essentially have him as a throwaway character but now I’m accidentally deeply invested in him and now he has two best friends, a tiny halfling girl and a giant bird boy. I have a friend writing up a script for Hansems story PURELY BECAUSE HE WANTED TO and have another friends own orc boy, Stainton, also joining the fray (as a CANOODLER of Hansem)


What a time to be alive.

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the first time frisk appears on fontgrumps (theyre a special guest bc who wouldn't invite frisk), they pass the control between the three. whenever frisk takes the controller there's a notable difference between sans' lazy but slightly adept playing and papyrus' clumsy (but he tries really hard) playing. frisk is better at all of their games - theyre the master. there's a brief moment where they show their faces and papyrus is on the ground, lamenting about his loss. cheerfully.

Frisk is the best gamer ever all u monsters are mere scrubssssss against their tiny human mlg pro skillz.

get rekt.

ALRIGHTY. so, it’s my bae jenna’s birthday today and she asked for: hazel, jason, and lots of tiny pigs. i realized very late that i can’t draw pigs :c but, here’s your present, piggy queen!! have a great birthday <3


Mako lives relatively nearby the Fawkes’ home and used to babysit Jamie when he was little. They’re unlikely friends now, and Jamie runs over to his place when he has trouble with his dad or just wants to hide for a little

Mako has a few chickens in his backyard, a tiny pond and a pet pig named Francis Bacon that Jamie bonded with when he was a little tater tot

He’s also pretty much Jamie’s only real life friend and even though he’s annoying, he loves the little shit. Jamie also helps out with the animals sometimes!

part of this au!

Doodled another much tinier Set. One fun thing about Set is that nobody is really quite sure what the fuck animal he’s supposed to be. People have guessed anything from a giraffe to an okapi to an extinct type of wild dog or even wild pig or aardvark but the reigning conclusion is that the “Set animal” (or “sha”) is a fanciful amalgam of several different creatures.

Despite Set’s reputation for being an exceedingly violent and dangerous individual, it also seems that he’s a vegetarian, and consumes mostly (only?) Lettuce. Here we have the chaotic figure in a rare moment of peace, eating shoots in a lettuce garden. This tiny little drawing is for sale but I’m too lazy to post it to Etsy at the moment so if you like it and have a spare twenty it’s yours.

Fast doodle of my Whimlet Riley~ She’s so cute I might die.

I know, I know. Shame AJ for staying up when she clearly needs rest.

But I just… had to use this moment to draw a teeny tiny bit while I still felt nice. I won’t feel this way for a while I think so I just wanted to use it a little bit longer. I just wish I could stay up and doodle all day and night.


Every couple of months, Cassie calls up the hell hound and feeds him pigs’ feet. Initially, she does it because she feels guilty about summoning him to draw the dark mages’ attacks.

After the second or third time, though, she sees some of the younger initiates peeking around the corner and goggling because hell hound.

By the sixth time, they’re hanging out right next to her and watching this bus-sized pooch chase down tiny pigs’ feet and stare with the most beseeching eyes when they run out.

By the eighth time, the braver girls are throwing a few each, and by the eleventh time, every girl lobs three or four each.

Cassie’s court earns a crazy reputation for demon summoning. She has that half-demon bodyguard, and demon lords regularly visit, and they have a hell hound for a pet. The whole court, they decide, is crazy. And those poor girls….

…enjoy those bimonthly visits more than most things they do. They’re planning on training him to let them ride him, some day.

Cassie listens to these plans and gives herself a pat on the back. I mean, she’d planned on integrating the species and getting over some of these damn miscommunications anyway. If it starts with a dog, some girls, and playtime, well, something should be easy for once, right?

The Signs as Drawings My 3 Year Old and I Drew


Puppy with a big big tail and big ears that sits and has stripes.


A zebra with stripes that cant walk on the lobster because its sharp.


This pig


This sharp lobster with eyes


Lizard with 6 tails and tiny tiny hands.


Triangle with Walkin Legs


Santa Claus with 2 handles and a wheel

Spider with dangerous legs


Shark with hurt mouth and tummy hurt.


A snake with lips on its tongue, in water with a pink neck.


Fish with 3 eyes and 2 tails and 6 people riding him.


Two tiny whales

“Uh, Cas?” Dean stares at the cage. “What the hell are those?”

Cas’ grin is wide and joyful. “Guinea pigs!”

Dean pinches the bridge of his nose. “And…why are they…on our table?”

The whole main room of the bunker smells like wood chips now, and not necessarily in a way Dean enjoys.

Cas smiles even wider. “Because they’re ours! Aren’t they cute?”

Dean watches as Cas reaches down into the cage to draw one out, cuddling it to his chest and stroking its head. The creature looks a tiny bit nervous at first, but then settles into the touch.

It’s definitely not cute. It’s a rodent. A smelly, twitchy little rodent that will get loose and run wild, chewing everything in sight and leaving “presents” behind.

But Dean looks at Cas’ shining eyes as he stares at the thing happily, cooing at it, and only heaves a sigh. He’s lost this fight already, and he knows it.

“Fine. But they stay out here. They are not coming into our room.”

Sam, who has been watching them with amusement, suddenly makes a petulant, irritated sound. “Fine?! He gets to keep them just because you’re together now? Then I’m getting a dog.”

Dean wearily shakes his head in defeat and heads for his critter-free bedroom.

One direction BSM #57 You get mobbed at the airport. Age 8-11

A/N: Did you know New Years Eve is probably one of the most demanding social activities in our generation?

Request: You get mobbed at the airport. Age 8-11

LIAM (age 8): “Liam?” you piped up, pulling on the sleeve of your brother’s stupidly expensive trenchcoat. “Yes love?” You sighed and raised a hand to point out the window of the fairly empty airport. “We have company.” Liam looked out and groaned as he spotted the fans and paparazzi blocking the exit. “I’ll send Paul and the rest ahead. See if they can make some space for us,” Liam said as he scratched his neck sheepishly. “I’m sorry,” he tagged on quietly. You shrugged and grabbed your backpack and managed to place it securely on your bag. Apparently, family trips were not a private affair anymore. Liam grabbed your hand and tightened the straps on your backpack, before tugging you towards the exit. The screams were deafening. And you had yet to even exit the building. A glass door was still separating you and Liam from the people milling around outside, and you really didn’t want to remove your barricade of safety. But you had no choice, and with a shake of your head, you braced yourself. “Ready?” You nodded, and Liam flung the door open dramatically, allowing the yelling and squealing to sneak in and wrap around you like a scarf wound too tight. Somehow Liam managed to drag you both through remotely unscathed, and as you sought safety in the car, you couldn’t help but laugh. “Don’t they ever get tired of you?” Liam scowled at you to the best of his ability while still focusing on the road. “You, of all people, should know I’m even more amazing than I look.”

HARRY (age 9): You nuzzled further into your brother’s neck and inhaled the familiar and home-y scent of his cologne. “You asleep bug?” Harry stage-whispered, running a soothing hand down the curve of your spine as he hitched your further up his hip. “Yes,” you rumbled and swirled a ringlet of brown, soft hair around your pointy finger. “Good. Stay like that. There are fans outside,” Harry admitted. You managed to raise your head off of his shoulder to stare ahead, only to find fans pressed up against the windows. “They look like pigs with their noses like that,” you giggled. “Oi, be nice to my fans,” Harry tried to say sternly, but a shit-eating grin was splitting his face in half. “But why?” you whined dragging out the ‘y’. “Because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t even have been in Italy.” You scoffed at that before letting your head fall back into it’s previous position. “Can’t you just, like, push them away or something?” Harry chuckled and let a quick kiss fall to your temple. “I know I’m strong, but I don’t think my impressing biceps can fight off a hundred fans.” You tugged on a strand of Harry’s hair and smiled at the hiss of pain it emitted. “Harry is we-eak,” you sing-songed quietly, laughing at your own joke and pinching Harry’s ear until he joined you. When there had finally been cleared a path for you, Harry hurried past the fans and paparazzi with you clutched tightly in his arms while he told you stupid jokes under his breath to divert your attention.

NIALL (age 10): Niall cussed under his breath as he pulled up to the airport. “You didn’t hear that!” You raised your hands in defeat as Niall almost kicked the door open and jumped out. You were going to Ireland to visit some relatives, and well, it seemed it was about to go off on a bad start. Fans and journalists, all seemingly desperate to catch a glimpse of the blonde boybander, heavily occupied the entrance to the airport. And while you were ready to do your best to ignore them and power through the crowd, Niall was less than pleased. “Can’t believe it,” he muttered as he re-entered the car. “Where are we going?” you questioned confusedly as you fastened your seatbelt once again. “To the back entrance,” he said tensely. “What’s wrong?” Niall sighed and racked a hand through his already disheveled hair. “I love the fans, I really do, but this was supposed to be us time you know? Before I leave for tour?” You let your tense shoulders fall back down. “That’s it? Nialler, as soon as we’re on the plane, it will be us time, okay?” Niall nodded stiffly as he put the car into park, but he wasn’t white-knuckling the steering wheel anymore, so you counted that as a win. When you got out of the car, Niall pulled out his phone and put on the ‘Mission Impossible’ track on as you snuck into the airport. You were laughing so hard he had to drag you the rest of the way, and the fans almost caught you.

LOUIS (age 11): “I don’t get it,” you told Louis as he handed you a scone. “Don’t get what?” he spluttered around a mouthful of food. “Pig,” you muttered with a grin before turning serious once again. “What’s so interesting about returning from a trip to France that could draw so many fans and paps in?” You took a bit bite of your little piece of Britain and pointedly avoided Louis’ gaze. “Well, I am extremely handsome. Everyone wants a bit of Tommo,” Louis smirked as he leaned back in his chair, half-eaten scone hanging out of the corner of his mouth. “Except, like, everyone.” Louis huffed and turned his back to you in the tiny chair, with an air of annoyance. “My bum is too big for this. Can I turn back around?” You laughed and smacked Louis upside the head as he sat properly in his seat. “Oh! There’s Paul. Ready to enter the void?” Louis waggled his eyebrows as he got up and stretched, and promptly shrunk again when you poked his stomach. “Oi! Be nice!” Louis dragged you out of your seat and threw an arm around your shoulder so he could lead you through the crowd of fans and others blocking the exit. No matter how chill Louis tried to come off as, you knew he was worried sick. He hated putting you in the limelight and within touching-distance of so many people he didn’t know and didn’t trust. Who even knew what those paps could do to such an innocent little girl. He knew he was overreacting, but really, how could he not. In the end, as presumed, you returned safely home, without a single scratch.

ZAYN (age 11): You took a deep shuddering breath and tried to get your heart under control before Zayn returned with your baggage. While Zayn had been gone, lost in the sea of people in the airport, a quite large amount of fans had gathered outside. The security in the airport had made sure they wouldn’t get to enter, but you knew, you knew, you had to go out there in the near future. And you were scared, to put it frankly, shitless. You didn’t want to tell Zayn. You knew he’d blame himself, and that wasn’t something you wanted, so you’d just have to suck it up and get a grip. “Hey princess. Are we ready?” Zayn interrupted your self-destructive train of thought with a little reserved smile. “Y-yeah,” you stammered, getting up from your seat on shaky legs. Okay, so maybe you weren’t that good at ‘sucking it up’. “What’s wrong?” Zayn asked immediately. “I’m scared,” you admitted in a whisper, hoping and praying hat Zayn wouldn’t hear. Of course he did. “Of the fans?” You nodded quickly and averted your eyes. “Hey, it’s okay. C’mere. I can give you a piggyback ride, eh? How ‘bout that?” You brightened up a bit at that, and hurriedly scrambled up Zayn’s back. You wound your arms tight around his neck and proceeded to bury your noise in his hair, earning nothing but a fond chuckle and a scratchy voice telling you pointless anecdotes to distract you, and if his, albeit depressing, love-story about the sun and the moon rising and setting for each other brought a tear to your eye, well, then no one knew.