a tinkerbell maybe

“does vriska like dresses”, forum debate closed by the mods after 10,000 pages


ok so


i found just ONE fellow SWEN mentioning this and

i know the 2nd sneak peek is awesome

like… married level of awesome

but this



i mean, let’s rollback to glorious 405 breaking glass; we went from “i don’t tell you everything! we’re not partners!” to Regina opening up and BREAKING DOWN in front of Emma. Emma. EMMA WHO WAS HER WORST NIGHTMARE COME TRUE (someone who would break the curse and take Henry from her) SUDDENLY BECOMES HER CONFIDANTE. Her go-to girl.


(ok, so, no, not suddenly, it’s four seasons in the making, but i digress)

And you know what? Regina has never had a true friend (except maybe for tinkerbelle, debatable), someone who cares just because, without ulterior motives nor nefarious schemes, just because… it’s her. It’s them. They are a we now and that’s a bond that’s hard to break. Hell, even Emma bringing back Marian didn’t break them! She was in the doghouse for a while (and pining over Regina like the adorable lost puppy our precious savior is when her defenses are down), but then, literally, she only had to ask for them to make up. (And smile. And dimples. And confess what we’ve always known, from the i’m an idiot beginning to the very that’s a start (of-something-new.gif) end.

And you know what else? All those haters bringing the no-homo and gal pals and overall naysayingness… are actually right about something: our girls are becoming best friends, and we should thrive on it.

Because nothing is sweeter than falling for your best friend.

Small wish for S5

I really, really want Tinkerbell to come back for five, ten seconds, see Regina and Robin, and have her private little “I told you so” moment.