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Good Day Nonsense Talk
Tally Hall

A year ago, @tally-hall-of-shame posted this snippet of the silly talking in Good Day, and with a little audio software trickery, I was able to figure out everything everyone says.

(Try to make out as many as you can before reading my transcription!)

Have you ever seen a sailor in the middle of the moon? I’ve never.
If you have two scissors and a computer, then you can become a sculptor.
Would you like to take some tea with me?
Now everyone just calm down, I’m here to stop a robbery!
I’ve solved the Rubik’s cube!
Always protect your earnings—a penny saved is a penny earned.
Don’t go to a wall party!
Did you guys ever see the episode where he goes to the store and he’s thinking, “Man…”
Good morning!
Hey guys, can you see if we can get another lightbulb for the bathroom? ’Cause I can’t really see in there.
I don’t wanna get bit by a spider.
Hey guys, who spilled the ketchup on my keyboard?

The Side Look of a Barcelonese #775 : Bank Holiday Weather © Timothy Grundy

The Side Look of a Barcelonese #775 : Bank Holiday Weather © Timothy Grundy

Oh Tim, you poor thing.

Timothy “Tim” Simonson (Which may or may not be his real name) is a teenaged spy who went through a horrific incident, lost his parents, and was able to be saved through the experimental “Spyborg” project. The process has allowed him to survive with many fun and interesting tools on his person.

While Tim presents an air of cool and complete unflappability, even he’s insecure about some things.


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The Jagged Edge of Loyalty: An NCIS fanfiction

Plot: According to the world at large, for all intents and purposes, Ziva David is dead. At least until a threat to a former friend’s life causes her to resurface. She had sworn an oath, and she intended to honor it, even if it meant an untimely and unwelcome resurrection. “You are not just any partner, McGee.” Set after season 13, with Tiva, McLilah, and Kibbs (the gang’s all here).

Read HERE and HERE

note: hey all, this is something new I was thinking of when I was on vacation. I’m not 100% sure where it’s going, but it’ll involve most of the ships we know and love. Enjoy!

It’s based on the one exchange from the third-to-last episode of Season 8, “Baltimore”

(McGee asks what Ziva would do if they lost contact and someone killed him)

Ziva: I would hunt him down and slit his throat. You are not just any partner, McGee.

Also their friendship is kinda underrated and I love them. 

(also I’m in love with Ziva David, can you tell?)

Borderlands Aesthetics: Timothy Lawrence

It’s like choosing between the ladies, or something. I don’t know. God, I hate this guy (x)

am-i-beast-or-beauty  asked:

Oh my goodness it's been 20 years since the original Timothy Zahn trilogy?? I read them as a child. I feel so old now. -_- lol

Yeah, and this edition came out in 2011!  O_0

The crazy part is lately I’ve been seeing people say they weren’t born yet when these books came out, and I’m like wait, what??  But… I wasn’t old enough to read at this level yet when they came out, myself, so… I guess I can’t talk.  xD 

But yeah, it’s crazy.  I can’t believe how long it’d been on my To Read list before I finally got around to it.  (Like… almost my entire life, lol.)