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Good Day Nonsense Talk
Tally Hall

A year ago, @tally-hall-of-shame posted this snippet of the silly talking in Good Day, and with a little audio software trickery, I was able to figure out everything everyone says.

(Try to make out as many as you can before reading my transcription!)

Have you ever seen a sailor in the middle of the moon? I’ve never.
If you have two scissors and a computer, then you can become a sculptor.
Would you like to take some tea with me?
Now everyone just calm down, I’m here to stop a robbery!
I’ve solved the Rubik’s cube!
Always protect your earnings—a penny saved is a penny earned.
Don’t go to a wall party!
Did you guys ever see the episode where he goes to the store and he’s thinking, “Man…”
Good morning!
Hey guys, can you see if we can get another lightbulb for the bathroom? ’Cause I can’t really see in there.
I don’t wanna get bit by a spider.
Hey guys, who spilled the ketchup on my keyboard?

zlnkling submitted:

Do you see this squid right here? This is Timothy. He was an average Inkling like you and me, he loved playing turf war battles and having fun with his best friend Tina. Little Timothy was so excited to hear about the first ever Splatfest, he signed up for Team Dog straight away. However, little did he know what would happen after he joined that Splatfest. Modest young Timothy would become the hero spoken of in legends… SPLAT TIM…



see u in july hallow!!!  ヾ(☆▽☆)

on a side note, i’m going on hiatus for a while so i can focus on urgent things concerning my future bwaaah, until then, take care folk!


Borderlands Aesthetics: Timothy Lawrence

It’s like choosing between the ladies, or something. I don’t know. God, I hate this guy (x)

Faster Friend

ok as promised, its here, as always special thanks to my editor Tori who allows a dyslexic boy to post stories with no fear, and thanks to every single one of my readers you are lovely snowflakes who keep me going

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Rating: PG for cuddles and vague references to sex

Characters: Tim Drake, Bart Allen, and Miles (original character)

Timothy Drake leapt from the top of the high wall at two in the morning onto the grounds of Gotham Academy for the Extraordinarily Gifted. GAEG is the kind of school you only get into if you’re top of the class or your crazy rich. Luckily for Tim he’s both, and The Red Robin. Ducking from shadow to shadow with his cape around him, Tim made his way to the Wayne dorm. Sliding around the side, he shot a rope up to the fifth floor, before he hit a button on the grappling hook gun and zipped up to the window in the top left of the dorm.

Crouching on the window ledge, he slipped his fingers into the small crack and slid the window open, pushing his upper body through into his room. Tim stepped out onto his bed, his eyes landing on his roommate Miles in the other bed. Miles’ hair in the day time was a soft puffy afro around his head, but it was braided tightly into cornrows for the night. A single dorm room would have been better for crime fighting, but Tim needed this room. He’d hacked GAEG’s computers to get it. There were a number of reasons, but the en suite bathroom was a big one. After a long night of crime fighting, the last thing he needed was to try to explain the bruises or stitches to a bunch of guys in a communal shower.

Another reason was that on the top floor, no one really bothered with bed checks, while Miles helped with that too. Tim easily could have assigned the boy to a different dorm, but Miles was the only student in GAEG who was in a wheelchair, and this was the most modern, handicapped accessible room on campus. He wasn’t about to throw a kid out like that, plus Babs would murder him if she ever heard, so he’d tried to sneak around behind his roommate’s back. The problem was that Miles wasn’t one of the rich kids, he was one of the smart ones, and in a few years the Ivy League would have a bidding war over him. Add to that he didn’t get out of the room much for anything other than class, as he’d joke being black and crippled didn’t make you friends at prep school, and he was a total insomniac, Tim only lasted six months before he was caught red-handed. Miles cracked a eye open and looked at Tim as he stood on the floor between their beds pulling off his mask.

“Your boyfriend is here,” he said, his voice thick with sleep.

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