a timothy original

  • Good Day Nonsense Talk
  • Tally Hall

A year ago, @tally-hall-of-shame posted this snippet of the silly talking in Good Day, and with a little audio software trickery, I was able to figure out everything everyone says.

(Try to make out as many as you can before reading my transcription!)

Have you ever seen a sailor in the middle of the moon? I’ve never.
If you have two scissors and a computer, then you can become a sculptor.
Would you like to take some tea with me?
Now everyone just calm down, I’m here to stop a robbery!
I’ve solved the Rubik’s cube!
Always protect your earnings—a penny saved is a penny earned.
Don’t go to a wall party!
Did you guys ever see the episode where he goes to the store and he’s thinking, “Man…”
Good morning!
Hey guys, can you see if we can get another lightbulb for the bathroom? ’Cause I can’t really see in there.
I don’t wanna get bit by a spider.
Hey guys, who spilled the ketchup on my keyboard?


see u in july hallow!!!  ヾ(☆▽☆)

on a side note, i’m going on hiatus for a while so i can focus on urgent things concerning my future bwaaah, until then, take care folk!