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Well I did unplug, but got sucked back in when I saw that bot reblog my pic.

My week has been going really good! I’ve lived in my house 4 years(?) I think, and I never took the time to really organize it, atleast not the kitchen, so I did that. Also caught up on laundry and I’m signed up for a Spanish class that meets once a week 2 towns over. I’ve always wanted to learn but couldn’t take it in high school, so with R’s family mostly Spanish speaking I figure it’s the perfect time. Plus the girl will take it in fall so a jump start should help. Things are good with R, some big things have happened this week and it’s awesome. Hope you’re all having a good week. Bye again❤️

Tomitake: I finished opening the presents I received at my birthday celebration party~! I got this unstoppable excitement I used to have as a child🎁😆💭 thank you for all the deep presents and letters!!

editing my fic and i gotta stop writing 'heart skipped a beat' bc that's actually a medical emergency
  • Damen: *sees Laurent wearing a chiton* I think my heart just skipped a beat.
  • Jord: That sounds really serious, maybe you should see Paschal
  • Damen: You're right. He might have a salve for that.

anonymous asked:

Liminal space story!! Near my apartment there's a tiny forest at the back of this little neighborhood so you can kind of hear into people's backyards. I go on little walks with my dog there all the time and hearing kids laugh is not uncommon but a few days ago the forest felt particularly big and I kept thinking I saw something moving between the trees and hearing laughter and my dog clearly saw it too. It felt like we were in there for an hour but it was only 10 minutes.

That’s so cool. Thanks for sharing!

anyone else have the burning desire to deactivate all their social media accounts and book a flight somewhere and just disappear and live a totally anonymous existence where no one bothers you and you don’t bother anyone

Questions to Ask Yourself

When you’re writing a story, there’s obviously some things you need to know. Here’s a list of important questions to ask yourself as you write, divided into several sections: What, Who, When/Where, Why, and How.


The first question you should ask is What is my story? I recommend keeping this answer as short as possible–one sentence is all you should need.

Other What Questions:

-What is the protagonist’s goal?
-What is the antagonist’s goal?
-What is the purpose/moral of the story?
-What are the ultimate consequences?


You’ve heard it once, or maybe a million times: Character is key. Make sure you know all of your characters better than the back of your hand.

Who Questions:

-Who is the story about?
-Who affects the main character?
-Who is trying to stop the protagonist?
-Who is trying to stop the antagonist?
-Who are allies?
-Who are enemies?
-Who ‘wins’?


When doesn’t seem as important to plot, but the reality is, it changes everything. Make sure you know your whens just as well as you know everything else. I’ve combined this section with where as well.

When Questions:

-When does the story take place?
-Where does the story take place?
-Where is the character at in their life?
-When is the deadline?
-When is there a change?
-Where is there a change?


Why is the motivation behind each and every character. It is essential in a sorry worth reading. If your character has no motivation, then the story is shallow and unimportant. Take some risks!

Why Questions:

-Why is the antagonist 'evil’?
-Why is my protagonist against him?
-Why does anyone keep fighting?
-Why do they care?


How is the story itself. It’s the characters’ journey throughout, and without the how, you have nothing.

How Questions:

-How does the character get out of this situation?
-How did they get into this situation?
-How do they get from this point to this point?
-How do they change throughout the story?

There are many, many more questions you should ask yourself–these are merely the bare essentials. Asking questions is important in making a plot, so question everything!


Bktd Week Day 5: Hiking

A compilation of comics for a bakutodo hiking trip to Echo Mountain, an awesome hiking spot in California with a demolished (burnt down) hotel at the top