a throw of the dice

Dice Divination

How To

Draw a circle 7 inches in diameter on a piece of paper/card. Gently blow onto three dice while you think of your question shake the dice and throw them into the circle. Add up all the numbers on the dice

Superstition says to never cast the dice more than three times on the same day, and to never cast them on a Monday


3 Sudden changes, but good ones
4 expect arguments or disagreements
5 What you now desire will happen. A wish come true
6 A possible financial loss
7 you may be presented with a difficult matter/problem to solve
8 not everyone will support you
9 A marriage or new partnership ahead
10 Birth of a baby or a new project
11 A parting with someone, but only temporary
12 An important message in he form of a letter, text, or email
13 Sorrow an loss, followed by success
14 Help from a good friend or family member
15 Wait before committing yourself to something
16 A good journey, holiday or trip
17 A quick change of plans is ahead for you
18 Good fortune is on the way

If any die fall outside of the circle

1 Difficulties or upset
2 Arguments or disagreements
3 luck or a wish come true
Any dice on the floor Problems, worry or annoyance very soon

Family Night With The Bakers

Jack: Alright. Tonight We’re playing Yatzee!

Lucas: *rolls eyes*

Jack: Oh boy I’m so ready*shakes dice throws them punches Lucas’s arms slightly* got a good one boy!

Marguerite: Good one jack*smiles rolls dice*

Zoe: *Plays as well*

*few minutes*

Jack: I’m winning! Lucas roll the dice

Lucas: *glares keeps texting*

Jack: Lucas.

Lucas: *ignores him*

Jack*screeches throws the table tackles Lucas* ROLL THE DAMN DICE ROLL IT ROLL IT!

Lucas: AHHHH YOU’RE CRAZY! *Struggles*

Jack: AHHHHHHHH! *Shake’s Lucas’s*

Marguerite: I love family nights*smiles petting a giant bug*

Zoe: *slowly backs out of the room*

MOGAI® idea board
  • guy 1: uhhh we need some new sexualities quick or the boss will KILL us
  • guy 2: hold on! uhhhh *rolls dice* having sexual attraction….*throws a dart* only to…….*picks a slip out of a bowl* people in your dreams? somnisexual?
  • guy 1:
  • guy 2:
  • guy 1: hit the ball right out of the park jim! hes gonna love it!

blizzard: here’s two characters with only a 2 year age gap with a strong backstory and several voice lines together and they have a good relationship and heres a new voice line where one of them reacts to the others death with great emotion also neither of them have been confirmed for any sexuality so far like there’s been 0 queer baiting
blizzard: oh and this one is a grown man and this one is a grown woman 

tumblr: this is fucking awful because uhm *spins wheel* gency is uhhh *tosses dice* problematic because theyre uh *throws dart* a heterosexual relationship and clearly those are made by satan *flips coin* only gays are allowed to be romantically involved okay i cant believe how problematic blizzard is 

Drabble list

so here’s the list of prompts you can send in, I might add more to the list at some point but for now this is all. Just sending a number and who from supernatural you want it to be paired with. Enjoy…these are not original I just put together some that I found.

1. “If you walk out right now, it’s over for us.”

2. “I need you to forgive me.”

3. “I love you for you, don’t you dare think otherwise!”

4. “Come on, let’s throw the dice, see what happens.”

5. “Is… is that even possible? Like, can we do this?”

6. “I just need you to do this one thing for me.”

7. “Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.”

8. “Stop! Please, don’t! Take me instead!”

9. “You should know that the side effects, well, they’re pretty intense.”

10. “Before I do this, I need you to know that I have always loved you.”

11. “What were you thinking?? Were you trying to get me killed?”

12. “Let’s face it- we’re cursed.”

13. “How about we put the gun down and let’s talk about this?”

14. “Why is it we’re always the unlucky ones?”

15. “You can’t leave me in the dark. You have to tell me these things.”

16. “Just pick a damn name, okay?”

17. “I don’t care what she said, it doesn’t mean jack squat.”

18. “This relationship used to be all about communication! What ever happened to that?”

19. “You walked away. Not me.”

20. “So because he said you should, you thought it would be okay to follow through with it?”

21. “Don’t force my hand, you won’t like what happens.”

22. We’ll finish it the same way we started it…together.“

23. “If you walk out that door, you’re no longer one of us. You’ll be one of them and that means I’ll treat you like one of them.”

24. “Game’s over you son of a bitch! Tell me where (s)he is!”

25. “Hold my hand dammit, we gotta make this look convincing!”

26. “Now you said you’d be here. Where are you?”

27. “We were supposed to be family.”

28. “How dare you.”

29. “You have no idea what I’ve done for you.”

30. “You need to leave. Right now.”

31. “Stop taking pictures! I’m f*cking stuck. Be useful and help me!!”

32. “Delete that immediately.”

33. “But the carnival is right down the street! Can we please, please go!?”

34. “Stop eating all these burritos. I’ll have to pay the consequences later on tonight!”

35. “It was him! He stepped on my foot.”

36. “Sorry, I thought I was alone..”

37. “Shopping? Do I have to go?”

38. “Is it supposed to look like that? Are you sure?”

39. “I swear it was like that when I found it!”

40. “Crocs? Who hurt you so much in this life?”

41. “Separate them right now or so help me God, I will kill you!”

42. “So there was an accident..”

43. “Give me 5 bucks, I’ll explain later.”

44. “Twins? We’re…we’re having twins?!”

45. “BOOM! That oughta how you not to mess with me!”

46. “Blood. Blood everywhere.”


48. “Asking for a friend.. Do you know how to get a foot out of the toilet?”

49. “She was crying, right there in the middle of the grocery store.”

50. “It spilled everywhere. And guess who had to clean it up. That’s right. ME!”

51. “What do you mean you’re sold out?”

52. “I’m addicted and I admit that I need help.”

53. “So? It’s not your problem so butt out.”

54. “My mom thinks you like me. Tell her she’s wrong.”

55. “I’m laughing because you’re angry. I swear I didn’t do it!”

56. “I want to come home.”

57. “This is… this is somewhere I never imagined I’d be.”

58. “I left everything for this, I left it all…for you!”

59. “Please don’t leave me.”

60. “You didn’t tell me it was karaoke night..”

  61. “(S)he never misses, (s)he never quits, and never loses. If you’re alive, it’s because (s)he wants you alive.”

62. Because even the sun can envy the stars.

63. Cold sunshine fell around him.

64. She really couldn’t stand his eyes on her.

65. “Amazing, isn’t it?”

66. The truth lodged bitter tasting in his mouth

67. “I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.”

 68. “(S)he’s missing, not dead.”

69. I ran in the direction of the scream.

 70. “Promise me you’ll stay.”

 71. They were looking at each other with the intensity usually reserved for bomb defusion.

 72. They couldn’t remember a time when they weren’t scared.

73. “I’m like 20% sure this plan will work. The other 80% means we could die horribly and violently, but honestly it’s a really solid plan.”

 74. “If my parents knew what I was doing, they’d kill me.”

 75. “I may despise you with the burning white hot intensity of a thousand suns, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”

 76. His capacity for forgiveness wasn’t infinite.

 77. “I’m sorry, but I can’t trust you anymore.”

 78. “All of those people are alive right now because of her.”

 79. “Stop talking about love for a minute and help me with this bullet wound.”

 80. “You were always the quiet one.”

 81. “You’ve only heard his point of view. You never asked mine.”

 82. “No! I’m tired of doing what you say!”

 83. He was terrified of small spaces and she knew.

84. It was the age of screaming.

 85. There were few things that truly weren’t meant to exist. One of them was…

 86. They came in a blur of shadows.

 87. “I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me.”

 88. There were only so many things you could hide from.

 89. Her voice could sink ships.

 90. “If you take her eyes, she will be blind. But if you take her heart, she will be empty.”

 91. She was broken in a lot of ways, but there was a brilliance in her that he wanted to know all about.

 92. “I saw you staring at each other, I just wasn’t sure if it was sexual tension or murderous rage.”

 93. His eyes drooped, his hands wavered, and then there was a scream of metal tearing.

 94. He watched, helpless, as the door closed behind her.

95. Under normal circumstances he would speak his mind, but, with a gun against his head…

 96. It was a compelling and convincing argument and for that reason she chose to ignore it.

 97. He was the picture of health. Which was amazing considering his lifestyle.

 98. It was as if she didn’t understand the concept of ‘shut up’.

 99. I believed that nothing could ever replace it. And that belief lasted for forty eight hours.

 100. The kiss tasted like tears.

ReBoot Season One Sentence Starters (Part One):
  • "Bet you can't guess where I just came from."
  • "Do I know you?"
  • "That was the raddest game!"
  • "I'm offline, shut down, end of file!"
  • "If only I could have another chance."
  • "You like what you see?"
  • "Seems I won't be needing you after all."
  • "That wasn't on the schedule."
  • "My name is for my friends."
  • "It's stuck, give me a hand."
  • "Can you teach me how to do that?"
  • "You saved my brain!"
  • "What do you mean 'oops'?"
  • "The future is not determined by a throw of the dice."
  • "See, it's not a bomb. Can I go now?"
  • "Dude, that might actually work."
  • "Finally, we made it!"
  • "I'm running out of steam!"
  • "Did you say removed? As in not erased?"
  • "I've spent so much time feeling sorry for myself, I forgot."
  • "It's your fault and I hate it."
  • "Don't bother to get up. I'm just passing through."
  • "Do you think he fell for it?"
  • "Don't be so rough on yourself."
  • "Now there's an unhappy camper."
  • "This is too weird."
  • "She doesn't have the mark!"
  • "This is an emergency. I need slow food to go—fast!"
  • "What are points?"
  • "How... did you get in here?"
  • "You know I don't do toast."
  • "Why bother? It's over. I lost."
  • "No one knows for sure, but I intend to find out.
  • "Help! Somebody help! Poor me!"

karkat is jordanian and very intensely stans fayrouz, the arab culture’s sinatra with a colorful (and ongoing!) discography of (VERY cheesy) romantic themes. the song he hums to dave here is this one. he roughly says “people ask me about you, my love, they write me letters and the wind carries them”. he also keeps a journal where he writes poetry and presses flowers.

dave thinks the journal is the sweetest thing (karkats translated to him some of the poetry hes written abt him). he doesnt get a lick of arabic but karkats got a nice voice and he falls asleep being serenaded because i’m a horrible and very soppy person

For Our Players: 

  • If you decide to participate in festival activities, please send a message to the main to let us know because we may throw something your way or ask you to roll some dice! 
  • Please LIKE this post if you wish to participate a competition. If you have more than one character you would like to throw into the fray, please leave a reply with what characters you’d also like to include. All competitions will be assigned randomly to assure evenness.
  • Don’t be afraid of low dice rolls! In fact, that might make things incredibly interesting or funny! If you roll low or you choose to fail a roll, you’ll earn 10 additional points! 

Festival Competitions

  • For these events, pick the higher of the two abilities listed and add it as a modifier when you roll.
  • Telvi Backhand - Sleight of Hand/Streetwise - A high-stakes card game developed in Telvi and made popular in the ports, Telvi Backhand is not for the casual player. This year’s competition has only the best players in the line-up. Sign-ups start at the beginning of the festival and take place at noon. Onlookers welcome, but cheaters will be disqualified on the spot.
  • Pie-Eating Contest - Resistance/Survival - All gullets of steel are welcome to test their skills at the pie-eating contest. Will you survive to the end or vomit in defeat?  The only way you will know is if you take part in this hair-raising competition. Sign-ups start at the beginning of the festival and take place at noon. Onlookers are welcome, only be advised that some competitors do get sick during the course of the events.
  • Talent Show - Performance/Athletics + Dexterity - Do you think that you have skills? Come see if you do when you perform in front of our celebrity* judges! *Might not actually be celebrities but celebrity impersonators. Sign-ups start at the beginning of the festival and take place at noon. Onlookers are welcome, though are encouraged to bring earplugs.
  • Test of Muscle - Strength/Combat - There’s nothing more invigorating than testing your limits in a good old-fashioned competition of pure skill. Go head to head in the ring to wrestle your opponents into humiliation. Test your worth in unarmed combat the way the Gods intended. Sign-ups start at the beginning of the festival and take place at noon. Onlookers are welcome, wear clothing that you don’t wish ruined.

Festival Activities

  • Fortune Teller Eldritch - Be amazed as the astounding Eldritch sees into the past, present, and future. Head of the Blasto Group, Eldritch the Magnificent knows all and has a wonderful head for business to boot. A must for all those who come to the Kidri Festival, just beware, as Eldritch’s predictions aren’t for the faint of heart.
  • Arts & Crafts Table - A great place for the whole family, feel free to bring the little ones. With finger painting and jewellery making, children are encouraged to get creative. Parents are welcome to join their children, but remember, this place is for them to explore their creativity. 
  • “The Lost Little Kitten” - A performance piece put on by the Cabbage Theatre Troupe, be prepared for a tear-jerking story about the trials and tribulations of a young cat that has gone astray. Truly, it’s a metaphor for modern existence. Shows play every two hours, so don’t miss it.
  • Acrobatics Extravaganza - You’ve never seen a show like this. From the Blasto Group, watch death-defying stunts as people leap through fire, juggle fire, swallow fire. There’s just a lot of fire. Watch and don’t blink.
  • Cheese and Wine Tasting - Run by the Swill & Drivel Pub, be prepared for an experience you won’t ever forget. A culture fest with over one-fifty wines and two hundred cheeses imported across the galaxy, everyone will be sure to be delighted.
  • Guess the Weight- Think that you can beat the master? Come have everything from your weight to your age guessed by Master Jeni herself. If you can stump her then you could win finely crafted stuffed toys that are certain to delight all ages. There isn’t a reason not to try.
  • Food Stands - Vendors from all over the system have gathered to bring the most exotic foods right to the port town of Kidri. Boasting a fine thoroughfare of stands, a selection quite like this won’t be around forever. Try everything, especially the handcrafted local swamp beer.
  • Game Alley - Test your skill, win extravagant prizes for yourself or the one you love. From the ladder climb to the shooting gallery, there’s a game with your name on it somewhere here. Everyone is a winner when you play at the Kidri Faire. (Can be used to trade in points to level up or gain skills)
  • Shopping Stalls - Anything and everything is at the Kidri Faire. Peruse the stalls to find that particular item that you’re looking for be it a finely crafted gun or that macramé duck to complete your collection. It’s sure to be here if you know where to look. (Can be used to trade in points to buy new equipment)
  • Photo Booth - Some moments need remembering, such as your time at the Kidri Faire. Sit for our photographer and have a picture taken of you or of you and a friend. You’ll never want to forget the memories that you shared, so invest in a photo today. (Can be used to trade in 100 points for a graphic from Sonya)
People who turn into bright suns after death.
People like a sea
throwing dice with bouquets of flowers.
People who are mild egg moons.
People who get into a train
as an Arabic 1
and get out
as a Roman I.
—  Hans Arp, “People”
The ONE boss fight I put in the game...

So I had a dungeon set up with primarily imps inside (and an imp disguised as a goat). And the ENTIRE dungeon everyone rolled so poorly. If I didnt get rid of the imps’ ability to deal poison, they all would have surely died. It took two sessions to get to the final battle of fighting a lava imp, rescue the druid, and get out.

Well, one of my players dice decided TODAY was the day they want to be little shits.

So the lava creature come out of its summoning portal, and my theif goes, “I wish to sneak behind it.” And he succeeds.
He then engages and backstabs the creature
Success, Nat 20.
Damage dealt: 8
Annnnnnd times 4 for backstab.
So we now he now has 16 times 4
My level 1 theif deals 64 point damage to a creature that has 30 health. Knocking it clean out.

I threatened to throw his dice down the conference hallway.

15 German verbs I've learned recently, #4

durchschlafen - to sleep through
schnappen - to snap/snatch at
knistern - to crackle
tauchen - to dive, submerge
zerteilen - to divide
herausdrehen - to unscrew
zerfallen - to disintegrate
bestreichen - to spread
würfeln - to dice, throw
verteilen - to distribute
herunterbrennen - to burn down
ausholen - to raise one’s arm
bestäuben - to dust, pollinate
vertilgen - to destroy, eradicate
fernhalten - to keep away

I think I may have found out about the only five in the photo thing everyone has been talking about? Hang with me here please, I think I may have got something. I put number over five on the image to make easier (for me really, I got lost while wrinting this a few times)

Anyways, it’s just that I was kind of bored and two character were kind of obvious for me. Number 3 is throwing something and it looks like the dice Moo Myung / Sun Woo. But number 4… I was reminded Minho’s character still, where Soo Ho had this feather thing (sorry that I dont know the name of the clothes) I decided to go get the characters stills and I think  it’s them from the back (or reversed so it looks like that)

So number 5 would be Ban Ryu (sword on the shoulder), 4 Soo Ho (feather thing and the shadow on the shoulder looks like the bow and arrows he’s holding. Number 3 is as I said before, the dice, so Moo Myung. Number 2, his position is the same as the King’s still. And number 1, another sword?  (well, it looks like  whatever Taehyung’s Han Sung has on his shoulder). The one missing then is Yeo Wool.

Now, what that means? I don’t know. Could be that, as everyone is saying, someone will die (I know that Taehyung said that, but he could have been a troll, and been talking about Mak Moon, since he plays a very important role in the characters history.). Or it could be that they only put the charcters that take somewhat one of the queens side on the still, with the two main (since Yeo Wool’s family is neutral apparently). Or they forgot to put one… who knows

I like to say that I made this post after seeing the first photo in @vinweiisbae tumblr, so I got the image from there!