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My ideal placement for paladins would be Sh/iro returning to Black and they can switch later BUT K/eith not being a paladin anymore but the leader of the Blade. VERY UNPOPULAR OPINION I know. What is your purrfect one? JUST FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES no meta needed

u said no meta needed but i can’t shut up… i have a lot of thoughts bout this… 

i’ve never thought of keith being the leader of the blade. in theory, i think that’d be pretty cool but his bond with red was focused on way too much in season 2 for it to just be tossed aside; he’ll be going back to her. he’s perfect for red, anyway. also, he…….. he doesn’t want to be the leader of anything. he has always shown resistance to leading. my ideal is there’s another lion—a white one (there are theories going around about this)—which shiro will take. lance goes to black and keith goes back to red. allura stays with blue, hunk and pidge stay with yellow and green. this way, no one would have to be without a lion.

lance’s goodbye to blue and the passing of his bayard to allura felt very final, there was closure. so, i do not think lance will be going back to blue. allura bonded with her and unlocked a whole new power, she connected with blue on an emotional level… so, her position on the team seems very locked in. but we don’t get anything like that with keith and black or with lance and red. with keith and red, there wasn’t even a goodbye scene—which is very odd considering how much focus they put on their bond in season 2—and we didn’t get a scene with keith handing over the red bayard to lance, either. we also didn’t see any important scene with keith and the black bayard. keith and lance both just… started using their new bayards and we were like OH…. well… okay then? 

there was absolutely no closure with keith and red and he also didn’t have any big bonding moment with black. the only notable one being when they find “shiro” (even that isn’t really a bonding moment between keith and black, but yeah), which i think is part of the reason why black chose keith in the first place… they both want to save shiro. like in episode 1 of season 2, black lets keith pilot her so they can save shiro. when black responds to keith, the scene is not happy. it does not feel like you’re watching a rightful leader take his place. the scene is sad and keith is sad. he is being forced into this position and he doesn’t want it, he never ever did. the only reason he is doing well at leading atm is because of lance… and in regards to lance, he hasn’t had any big bonding moment with red, either. the only notable moment is when red roars for lance, but this can also be taken as her wanting to go to keith’s aid because he was calling for lance to get out there. this fits because of the focus they put on keith’s bond with red in season 2. lance also just… he doesn’t fit what the red lion looks for in a paladin, whereas keith is literally perfect for red… heck, the sword is literally the right hand of voltron’s weapon—keith’s weapon. 

i think lance is fit to pilot red while keith is piloting black because he’s the one who can help guide keith the best and keep him from making bad decisions in the heat of battle. he is his voice of reason and he grounds him. lance is who keith is closest to after shiro, it makes sense that he’d be the only one fit to be his right hand. it’s been a point to show how well these two go together and balance each other out. they have been coined as two halves of a pair from the start. “neck and neck”…. where one is, the other isn’t far behind. fighter pilot keith? fighter pilot lance. red paladin keith? red paladin lance. black paladin keith? black paladin lance….? i think lance needed to pilot red and take that position in order to grow into himself more. when lance accepts keith as the new leader / black paladin, he starts really showcasing those leadership qualities of his, subtly so… he has a subtle through line and he has a show-spanning arc, that has been said. in season 3—namely episode 3—when he is holding the team together, reassuring his teammates / checking up on them and keeping them from falling apart… that is a leader. they would’ve crumbled without him. even just the first episode of season 3, with hunk and the BOM… he was in charge of that situation. one of the most important qualities a leader needs is the ability to communicate with their team and lance excels at that. he’s a people person and he’s good at dealing with all kinds of team dynamics. it seems like lance simply needed to make the choice between his “need for glory” and his team, then he slowly but surely started becoming the leader that voltron needs.

lance wanted so desperately to pilot the black lion but at that moment, he wanted to pilot her for the wrong reason—to prove himself. he was only viewing piloting her as “his moment” and that is not what a leader would do. lance was much too focused on his ego and his need for glory when he was trying to get her to respond… but that doesn’t mean he isn’t fit to be the leader, he actually fits what the black lion looks for in a paladin very well. he is similar to shiro, he’s just young and not as experienced. he’s also not taken seriously as a leader… by his teammates but also by us as viewers (at the start, at least). most people look at lance and do not see a leader—or someone with the potential to be the leader in the future—because he was pigeon-holed as the comedic relief character right off the bat. but like shiro, he is extremely well-rounded, which is what a leader should be. he’s adaptable and slots himself into whatever is tossed at him and makes the best of it. you don’t want a leader who is the best at one single thing, you want someone who is versatile and can make something happen no matter what situation they are thrown into. one who can communicate with their team well, take suggestions from their team when they don’t have any ideas themselves. a leader needs to be someone that everyone trusts to make the right decision, someone everyone feels comfortable following. a leader needs to be someone who puts their team before themselves and so on. in short, the perfect leader is a well-rounded one. 

when lance was talking about his teammates to laika in season 2, the only thing he says about shiro is that he’s their “awesome leader”. he does not pinpoint one single thing about him that he excels at because shiro is well-rounded, just like lance (which he doesn’t realize the importance of because he oh so greatly values standing out and wants to have his own special thing. he thinks he needs to be the best at something). lance has the qualities necessary to be a leader but on top of not being taken seriously as someone who could lead due to his usual goofy nature and such… he has not grown into himself and still deals with insecurities / self worth issues; he doesn’t even think he has a concrete place on the team. he needs to mature, he needs to become secure in himself / his abilities before he is fit to lead. 

i mean, cmon!!! how compelling of a story would that be? we’re given shiro, a perfect leader, already well fit for the role…… and we’re also given lance, a boy who looks up to shiro (”that guy’s my hero!”) and has all the potential to lead, but still needs to grow into himself to reach it and realize it.

You sit alone upon your lonely throne
You’re so oblivious to your own frailty
The sky erupts, the ground has opened wide
An unhappy ending to the life you’ve glorified
To the life you’ve glorified

You feel so safe inside the walls you fortified
Supremacy implied, who dares to overthrow?
Arrogance justified, self-importance amplified
It’s down you go, we’ll all enjoy the show
Can’t wait to see you go when your walls fall like Jericho
- Jericho (Celldweller)

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Who's your favorite Hedwig?

To be completely transparent, I must admit that I have not watched all versions of hatai (I have only watched Andrew, NPH, and Daren Criss; I haven’t seen Michael C. Hall or Taye Diggs - I am planning on watching the movie version this Saturday, so as of right now, I have not seen John Cameron Mitchell but I will very soon).

But um - my favorite? It’s this boy:

For one, Andrew is just the best singer, in my opinion - like, his origin of love and midnight radio is like - !!! THE BEST. Like, NPH does very good with ramping up and maintaining the energy and entertainment of the show, but vocally, I just think Andrew is superior. 

I also love Andrew’s voice-work the best?? Like, the ones I’ve seen, they always over do the accents and voices, but Andrew’s is always very much controlled and noticeable without being overly cringey or weird or played for laughs. The others just kinda sound like caricatures, you know?

Also, I mean - he’s my first Hedwig. I’ve watched his HATAI four times while I’ve only watched the other two once.

Addtional point: look at my blog, ofc I’m picking Andrew Rannells any time that man is an option.

But yeah, NPH was really, really good, and I love the cast album (his Sugar Daddy is phenomenal). He is the best at the comic relief - like, his delivery of lines was always suuupppperrr on point. NPH is an amazing actor with an affinity for comedy, so he was really genius in those areas. However, I just preferred Andrew’s emotional scenes over NPH’s. Andrew’s vulnerability scenes really resonated with me more than the others.

I just genuinely love Andrew Rannells’ Hedwig the most because 1) I just think that - voice-wise - he’s the best singer, 2) his accents and dialect was always very on point and natural and surreal rather than entertaining or funny, and 3) I really love how Andrew played Hedwig’s vulnerability.

This is just my opinion anyways! 


Well damn! Seems like just yesterday I hit 50 followers. Thanks for following my decent into B.A.P madness, I hope you enjoy the ride.

*people normally tag their fav mutuals and blogs here right?*

I dont know, i love everyone who comes to this blog and sees my antics with my friends and decide to follow me. But im gonna get sappy and tell you how i got into B.A.P.

Rewind to late 2014 (the dark ages, srry)

I was in gym class with my friends and they were talking about kpop and me being the weeaboo that i was, wasnt interested but then they told me to look up B.A.P one shot mv because (death tw) the way Daehyun got shot in the music video was funny so i go home and look it up and i get a chuckle out of it nothing more and then I see No Mercy (jp) and im like ‘i fucks with this’, i learned the dance and that was it. I also watched some of their other mvs (warrior and never give up👈 this is where i first fell for zelo) A couple of weeks later I learned about the lawsuit and my exact words were 'damn, that sucks I’ll come back to this when they settle or go to a different agency’ (cause people were talking about the probablility they will change agencies) fast foreward through 2015 and 2016 (where μ’s and klab owned my soul) and March of 2017, I remembered on my birthday about B.A.P and decided to check up on them. They were back! But with the same company….👎. But they were having a comeback! But i knew nothing about them not names not faces but the first thing i watched was One Fine Day and it was hilarious. It took me two weeks for me to be able to identify them by face and name. Fast foreward a little more to late May, @daehdream was having a giveaway and im like 'i like free things! and free b.a.p things are even better!’ but the requirements were to have a 70% b.a.p blog so im like yeah im just gonna stuff my existing blog with b.a.p and maybe ill have a chance but then i decided to make a sideblog for it keep my kpop shenanigans separate from everything else and ultimately this blog was born.

I didnt win that giveaway but i got so much more from that, i got new friends.

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