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Choosing the wrong priorities part 3

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Picture is not mine. Though I wish I would have ever gotten close enough to him to take it.

The prevailing silence of the lightless room was interrupted only by the soft sound of our breathing and the gentle tab from thousands of tiny raindrops quietly pattering against the window. My body had been covered with two thick blankets to protect myself against the cold, yet the main warmth was provided from the strong, male body laying behind me. Harry’s tattooed arms were both slung around my waist and he held me close while he pressed himself against my back. I couldn’t help but smile out of pure joy and relief as my eyes focused on our interlocked hands, resting just above my chest. It brought me more joy now than it had a few hours ago, when my hand had been clasped tightly in Harry’s and I had struggled to follow him as he’d led me down the stairs.

His fingers had still felt slightly sticky from wiping the last remaining tears off my cheeks, but he didn’t seem to have noticed. My heart had beat in a hammering rhythm and my knees had felt awfully weak. Yet Harry had walked straight to the living room with more confidence than I could ever have mustered, a living room that was packed with celebrities. He hadn’t let go of my hand.

“Harry,” I had urged and pulled at his arm. He’d stopped to turn to me and frowned when I attempted to free my hand again.  "You should let go now.“

At first, my words didn’t seem to have made much sense to him, but eventually the coin dropped and the cocky smile I secretly loved so much appeared on his lovely face.

"You’re staying right here by my side,” he’d decided. “And if anyone asks, you’re my girlfriend.”

“Harry,” I’d warned but all he’d done was wink and turn to pull me into the crowd. I had found it difficult to wrap my head around this new attitude of his. Months of us sneaking around and going to ridiculous lengths to keep our relationship a secret had forced me to almost become invisible next to him. A quiet and inconspicuous shadow.

Tonight however, Harry was having none of it. We had previously decided that a few quick goodbyes were appropriate before we’d leave and as always, the moment Harry had entered the room, all the attention seemed to shift onto him. It had felt as if everyone wanted a piece of him. I had decided stick to standing at his side and to keep my focus on our connected hands.

At first no one else had noticed, but after a few minutes of him talking to fellow musicians my eyes had caught a few glances drifting down to mine and Harry’s interlocked fingers. Mostly female glances. One woman in particular stared at us and when her eyes found mine she, to my great surprise,  smiled. The amount of confidence that simple gesture had given me almost seemed ridiculous. But my joy was short lived, because the next female I’d noticed practically staring at us was no one other than a tall, thin and dark haired woman, who’d had her mouth against Harry’s earlier that same night. Kendall Jenner. I’d instantly tensed and tried to avoid any eye contact with her. The pit of my stomach had oddly decided on a mixture of guilt and insecurity at the same time. The thought of Harry wanting me instead of her seemed even more ridiculous when she was present. What if she was now angry at me because she had believed that they would become a thing again? Harry had stayed clueless, while my heart had dropped when Kendall pushed herself forward and closer to us until she’d stood directly in front of me.

“You must be Y/N, am I right?” she asked in her melodic voice that somehow didn’t drown in the loud pop music playing from about five speakers at once. Unable to form a proper sentence I’d just nodded.

“Oh dear, I am so sorry!” she had exclaimed and placed one of her hands on my arm. “Jeff  told me about the deal being off literally just now!” She shook her head in exasperation.

“I would never want to interfere in your relationship to Harry. He’s really just a friend to me and I never meant to hurt you by making you think otherwise.”

She’d quickly continued before I could say something. “I know it doesn’t look like I did it for the cameras, but I was under the impression that we were meant to make out while dancing. So that it’d look realistic, you know. Guess I got that wrong too, I’m sorry.”

She’d sighed in relief of having gotten it all out and she stared at me with wide eyes and flushed cheeks. Knowing that she’d expected me to say something, all I could sincerely say once I’d found my voice again, was, “It’s okay, Kendall.”

Finally Harry had realized who I was talking to and he quickly apologized to Kendall for whatever it was he’d thought he had to apologize for. My heart had squeezed happily when he’d finished their short chat by saying: “I’m gonna head home with my girlfriend now.”

Even escaping the paparazzi was different now. He hadn’t forced me to quickly walk ahead of him before anyone could snap a proper picture like he normally had. Now he had held my hand tightly and led the way to his car in a comfortable speed. It was as if he’d wanted them to take pictures of us. Once he’d told his driver where to go, Harry had wrapped one arm around my shoulder and pulled me into his side. Though I’d enjoyed it, this new behavior did freak me out a little. Once we’d reached the apartment building I was currently staying in I’d thought I’d try and asked Harry to stay the night what he’d accepted to my surprise. He normally never did. He’d gone from wanting to hide me to being comfortable with the whole world knowing about us in three days. How genuinely could that be?

“Babe, would you mind stop moving around all the time?” Harry murmured behind me. I jerked in surprise at his raspy voice and he gave me a reassuring squeeze.

“I thought you were asleep,” I whispered back.

“I was,” Harry chuckled softly, “but you nestling around woke me up, darling. Are you having trouble falling asleep?”

I shook my head and turned in his arms to look at him. He closed his eyes and sighed happily when I carefully moved my knuckles across his cheek. A smile graced his lips when my eyes locked with his sparkling green ones again.

“What’s on your mind,” he asked, his voice hoarse.

I shrugged, unsure of how to explain my confused emotions. I didn’t want to hurt him by voicing my doubt in him, but I knew I couldn’t lie either. He patiently waited and playfully squeezed my hips to get me to answer his question.

“I love you,” I whispered and watched with delight yet another big smile spread on his lips.

“Love you, too, darling,” he answered and turned his head to press a kiss on my hand that still rested against his cheek. “But that’s not what you were thinking about.”

“It was,” I murmured, “among with other things.”

He frowned and pulled my body closer against his as he turned to lay on his back. I sighed contently and wished he’d let it go so we could simply enjoy this moment together. I knew that he wouldn’t be too happy about my thoughts. If we’d both just close our eyes, maybe the fear would disappear.

“Tell me,” he demanded.

“I just worry a bit,” I admitted, “To the public, you’ve gone from kissing Kendall Jenner to introducing your non-famous friend as your girlfriend in mere minutes. Everyone is going to start asking questions and make a mess, Harry. I’m scared that you’ll change back to wanting to hide me away again. It’d certainly be easier. ”

I watched his forehead frown and his eyes sadden slightly. I knew that Harry wanted to make everyone around him feel save and loved, that other people’s happiness was all he cared about. That it was me out of all people who didn’t believe in his sincerity, pained him. I continued in a more hushed voice.

“You never used to stay for the night because you worried someone would snap a picture of you leaving in the same cloths as you came in. We had an argument about that remember? I was sick of always having to come to yours. But now all of a sudden you’re in my bed and staying. Which makes me very happy, don’t get me wrong, but what about tomorrow when the media have pictures and everyone is asking questions about me? About who I am? And you’ll have to explain yourself? What if you decide that a public relationship isn’t what you want after all?”

Harry’s eyes focused on mine and again silence stretched throughout the room. The rain had gotten heavier and goosebumps crawled up my skin when I heard the faint noise of thunder in the distance.

“I want you,” Harry chose to say. He reached forward and gently took my face in his hands. “I was a fool to ever believe I could go a day without you and it being a good day. As long as you’ll allow me, I’d like to be able to openly cherish and love you.”

My heart warmed and I smiled. I leaned up a bit to press a kiss to his soft lips. My hands traveled up to wound in his hair and he groaned when I scratched the back of his neck. Harry’s arms wrapped tighter around me and he pulled me up so I was now completely lying on top of him. I rested my chin on my folded hands and he smirked up at me.

“I understand your fear, Y/N. Because you’re right, you are my first honest and public girlfriend, who’s not famous and who’s house I leave in the same cloths I entered with,” he winked cheekily and laughed in relief that he wasn’t angry at me. I sighed when I felt his hands push under the shirt I was wearing to gently hold my hips in his and I fisted my hands against his naked skin.

Harry cleared his throat and continued more seriously. “That’s exactly what I want you to be. And because you’re my first in that sense, I can’t promise that I’m the perfect boyfriend. But you could teach me to be and I promise that I could make you insanely happy. Happier than you even knew was possible.”

“I’m sure you could,” I smirked and pressed a kiss to his chin and than added, “you did make me very happy in the last few months. I just want to go back to that.”

“I don’t,” he surprised me by saying. “Back then I didn’t appreciate you enough. The days I spent without you were the worst but they thought me. I will never do anything that could make you leave me again. And before you say it, I’m not forcing myself into anything. I want our relationship to be exactly this way. Public enough that everyone knows that I’m yours and that you’re mine.”

He squeezed me again and I moved to nip on his neck. He half moaned and I giggled breathlessly.

“But,” he tried to continue but had to pull me back down and against him before I let go of him, “with you not being a public figure, I can keep what matters private between us. And I like that very much.”

“You’ve done your fair amount of thinking,” I murmured.

“That I have.”

He smiled and raised his head slightly. I leaned down and pressed a heavy kiss to his mouth, one that he was eager to return. My arms wrapped tighter around his neck and he moved to settle me back down on the mattress, pressed against his side. We continued to kiss for what felt like hours, until neither of us had any air left in our lungs and until our lips were red and swollen. My heart beat rapidly but the aching feeling had finally gone and was replaced by warmth and joy. When Harry pulled away he reached up and caressed my cheek gently with the back of his hand.

“All will be good, Y/N. I promise you.”

“I believe you,” I whispered before my lips found his in another kiss.

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Do you wanna be my soulmate?

Hello, lovely people. Here is my entry to #choicescreates round 10! This is the second part of ‘Can I ask you a question?’, but it’s totally SFW, because I felt that I needed to make the moment count somehow and that there was more to Mike’s story. Maybe there’ll be a part III ;)

Again, the story is readable because of a lovely person that is @hollyashton! Also thanks to @lauraotaku2234 for hosting this!

Prompt: Do you believe in soulmates?

Word count: 1290

Pairing: Jake x M/C


M/C stopped suddenly in her tracks and turned to Jake, whose face was mysteriously lit by moonlight. They were walking along the beach, on the edge of the calm sea, after Jake dragged her out of the room at 2.30 in the morning, claiming that the question couldn’t wait another few hours. ‘Jake, what’s going on?’ She had never seen him so worked up, so tense. ‘What did you want to ask me?’

He turned to her now, and studied her face for a minute. ‘I couldn’t sleep and I was thinking … Do you believe in soulmates, Princess?’ His question caught her completely off guard and her mouth fell slightly agape. She composed herself after a few seconds of silence and gazed into his eyes that still held the same power over her as the first time she saw them. ‘I … Yes. Yes I do. Do you?’

She saw something in his eyes then, ancient pain and longing that floated to the surface like an unwelcomed memory and just as quickly as the emotions arose, hid behind a thoughtful mask. ‘For a long time I didn’t,’ Jake started and still holding her gaze, sat in the warm sand. She instinctively followed his lead and sat beside him, their knees touching, fingers still intertwined. ‘Then I met Mike … and you know the story.’ His voice broke, but she didn’t react, waiting for him to continue.

‘But there is more to it than I told you that night, Princess. When I held him in my arms … Even in his last moments he looked out for me. He made me promise to him that my life won’t be just lonely nights and a bottle of tequila by my side. I assured him repeatedly, that my life was fine the way I lived it then. Mission after mission and what little time remained in between … I spent it all in a blur of añejo and meaningless sex, but mostly I was alone. I kept reassuring him that the life suited me and for a while it did … but he saw right through me. He saw how the loneliness was eating me up and he knew how many nights I spent with my eyes wide open, waiting for something … or rather someone, that would bring something different in my life. Some light or meaning or whatever the hell it was that I was waiting for.’ Jake smiled sadly and absentmindedly drew little circles on her thigh with his thumb. She held her breath, thinking of Jake as he was then, barely any older than she was now, living a life of solitude and yearning. Her heart broke for him and she wanted nothing more than to hold him close and never let go. But she stayed still, for she sensed that the story wasn’t over.

‘I was a stupid kid back then,’ continued Jake with a small smile still lingering on his lips. ‘I didn’t listen to him when he was telling me that my lifestyle would draw me mad eventually. I was telling him that he was wrong about me. That I was tough and I was not responsible enough to actually commit to a relationship, that I liked my freedom. That both of us would wound up hurt. The truth is, Princess, I was scared to death. Everyone in my life up to this point let me down, one way or another, so I learned to be on my own. I had to be enough and even Mike had a hard time getting to me at first. But he was persistent, more than the others and he was there when I needed him so I let him in eventually. I claimed that I was bored of him always bugging me and that it was easier if I just told him what was I thinking or feeling instead of him interrogating me, but the truth is, it felt nice. For the first time in my life I had someone that I could count on, someone that had my back and I knew that if necessary, he would take a bullet for me. I felt like I had a family. And then he kinda did take a bullet for me and my world turned upside down. I held him in my arms when he …’

Jake pulled his arms out of hers and put them in his pockets. She saw tears glistening in his eyes and gently wiped the one that escaped, leaving a faint trail on his cheek. She slowly pressed her lips to his, gently, and he drank the courage he needed to finish the story, from her, from her gentle and ever so caring touch. ‘I held him when he made me promise that I will find my soulmate, even if it meant traveling to the other side of the world. Not in these words exactly, but even in his death he couldn’t bear to see me lonely. To tell you the truth Princess, I made the promise only so he would die peacefully. I never had the intention on actually keeping it. I drank myself nearly to death when I finally escaped Lundgren and his companions. And I was livid. The only person in my life that meant something to me was dead and suddenly I was a wanted man and I couldn’t step on American soil?’ He threw back the hair that escaped to the front of his face and exhaled slowly. ‘Searching for some soulmate or whatever was the last thing on my mind. The only thing fuelling me was the thought of revenge that I would get some day. So days went by and I started flying again, mostly because I needed money, and a bonus was that my mind was occupied when I was in the sky. There’s no room for error when you’re flying someone else beside you and so I took every job that I could. It also kept me sober, at least when I was up in the air.  I’ve been flying to La Huerta for about a year before I met you.’ His gaze was now smoldering with memories and feelings, the past and the present spilling into a blur of pictures and emotions. He took the little box out of his pocket now, fiddling with it before popping it open. ‘Mike gave me this, before he died. He told me to give it to my soulmate, if you will, when I find them.’ Jake fell quiet once more, his brilliant blue gaze thousand miles away.

They both sat in silence, the only sound being the gentle swaying of the sea near them. Suddenly, he pulled her onto his lap, so she wrapped her arms around his waist, their torsos nearly touching, hearts beating in sync. ‘So, now that I told you everything there is to know about me and you’re still here, I believe I owe you a question, Princess.’ He smiled now, one of his rare full smiles and took her hand in his. ‘I vowed that I will never let anyone close to me again, but then you stepped on my plane … and you made me rethink a lot of things that I thought I was sure of. You shook me to my core. And if anyone is worth fighting for and risking the pain of a heartbreak again, it would be you. So, Princess,’ he whispered hoarsely, his voice thick with sudden emotions that washed over him, ‘do you think I’m worth fighting for? Will you stay with me to the end?’ He now slipped the ring on her finger and of course it fitted perfectly. ‘Will you marry me, Princess?’

Hope Breeds Eternal - Jungkook angst

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Genre: shitty angst

Word count: 1047

Description: Never had you thought someone would have this much of an impact on your life. Especially since they were out of your life. You had never stopped thinking about him, thinking he was doing the same. But see where that gets you.

A/N: This felt a little rushed so I’m sorry. I ended up changing the prompt 5 times but I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I have more summer work so when the Joshua smut will come out is not definite. But here is what I have, enjoy!

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Life went on. Time passed by. Thing were happening, people were going and evolving. Life was going on all around you, everywhere and everyday. Well life is a demanding little bitch.

Life needed you to carry on when you weren’t ready. You refused and internally begged life to give you more time. But that’s not how it worked and you knew it. The saying goes, ‘time doesn’t wait for anyone’ right? All you wanted was to latch on to something, to someone that wasn’t there anymore. Someone you haven’t seen, or even talked to. But you sure as hell thought about him. The reason as to why remained to be unseen. Fucking Jeon Jungkook.

You didn’t know why for the longest time, not even the slightest. There was always this feeling of regret in your gut, and wherever it came from, you couldn’t shake it off. You were the one that let him go. It took you months to realize that you possibly still loved him. Too bad it only took you losing your senses whenever he came into thought to figure it out. When it ended, the both of you thought everything was fine and that it’d be on good terms, or at least neutral. But after the last time you saw him, zip.

“Okay so I’ll just take my leave I guess” You said looking up at the figure in front of him that was you. He managed the 3 boxes you had left and was on your way before being stopped by the calling of your name.

“Jungkook wait” He grabbed your arm. You had tensed up under his touch so he let go sighing. “Can we leave on good terms?”

Your eyebrows furrow confused by the question, “I thought we were leaving on good terms”

“I mean can we still be good friends” You stifle a laugh but nods before leaving.

One year later, nothing. Was he trying to lead you on to think something that wasn’t there? Somehow, you were leaving sleep over this. Jeon Jungkook, a goddamn boy you haven’t seen in a year, and still. What a joke. You thought you were stupid, loving someone that you let go. Either way, you didn’t know the mystery as to why you fell asleep to reading your old messages almost every night

It was another one of those nights, except you had company this time. You and your roommate had another one of those girl nights in where you pulled out the classic movies, the copious amounts of junk food you had stuffed in your kitchen, and the wine bottles you conveniently had at hand. It’s like the typical sleepover, playing a movie, talking into the midst of the night, spilling your guts, minus the fact that your mate lived only a door down. Except, normally both people would fall asleep or none of you get sleep at all. But tonight you stayed tossing and turning.

In the dark quiet room, you reached for your phone. You opened up messages, clicked on his name, and started scrolling.

/Y/N stop this, it’s toxic - stop, this can’t be healthy - Y/N seriously get some sleep/

Hours passed by of you laying in the dark with the light from your phone illuminating your face and the backboard of your head. You felt your eyes burn as the sunlight crept through your window. You rubbed your now bloodshot eyes as you checked the time.

7:23 am

You groaned burying your face in your pillow. There was a little bit of shuffling before you heard s voice.


You turned to see your roommate who was rubbing her eyes and clutching onto her pillow.

“How long you been up?”

“I don’t think I ever went to bed” She laughs before her eyes trail down to your phone, which she then groaned.

“Don’t tell me you were-”

“Yeah I was, so what”

She got up, folding the blankets before speaking. “Babe you need to move on, this is just too much for you’”

You sigh turning on your side to face her. There is a gap of silence, the birds chirping the only sound being made. You were tired of the silence and the hundreds of thoughts running through your head so you spoke up.

“Do you think that he still thinks about me, or that I’ve just deluded myself into thinking that he still does?” She laughs just shaking her head.

“Ask that to the thousands of calls and texts he leaves you”

“Ugh fuck off” You turn on your phone looking at his profile picture that remained for the past year. “Why hasn’t he though, I mean we never ended on bad terms-”

“Jesus if you’re so hung up on this text him yourself” (preach girl)

“What do I even say” You sit up clutching onto your phone. She just groans from your stubbornness and grabs your phone.

“This,” She starts typing a simple ‘hey’ despite your wishes for her to stop. She tosses your phone back and heads out to her bedroom. You let out a grunt but shrug it off as you head downstairs for some oatmeal.

To your surprise, when you were getting ready for the day, he responded. It was simple, but the fact that he acknowledged it made you stop in your tracks.

You: hey

Jungkook: hi

You start smiling slightly not knowing what to text back, but your fingers do the thinking and doing for you instead.

You: how are you, how’s life treating you?

Jungkook: good good

Jungkook: I’m sorry this is strange to ask but,

Your heart begins to flutter at the text thinking about all the questions he could’ve had. The hope of him asking you to reconnect made your heart pound. When your phone rang, you picked it up immediately.

Jungkook: I don’t mean to be rude but who is this? I must have lost your number possibly.

You felt your heart fall to the pit of your stomach, but you started laughing. A bitter laugh of realization. What an idiot you were. Thinking he’d remember, hoping he’d be in the same position as you, slowly crawling back to the other. But you know what they say about hope. It breeds eternal misery.

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Circus part 2

Joker P.O.V

“Mamma! Mamma!” I heard my princess’s voice scream. My senses came awake and I grabbed the handy dandy pistol I kept under my pistol. Willing to blast away whatever was hurting her. I rushed up the stairs into her room. My eyes connected with her little body. She was curled up on top of all the covers shaking and sobbing. Another nightmare I sighed to myself. Ever since the mess of a circus I wasn’t able to go near her without feeling a horrible stab of guilt. I walked towards her smoothly not entirely sure how t comfort her.. emotions. “Kitten you can’t keep waking Daddy up in the middle of the night” I sat on the end of the bed brushing her black hair aside. Just like hers something sunk inside of me but I pushed it away not having the time to get caught up in emotional nonsense.

 Mara began heaving and sobbing more heavily at my words. “Get out! I wont mommy! Not you!” She screamed her little sharp voice tearing through my chest. I stood up fuming in anger. “Well guess what honey? She’s dead about as dead as.. your old hamster.. remember him.. what was his name fluffy?” Se screamed clutching her gut. Something didn’t feel right and I knew I wasn’t handling the situation in a good way. “Listen-” I held out my hand but stopped myself knowing that I would only make the situation worst. She was gone. “Frost!” I growled leaving the room to let him handle the brat. 

I crawled back into the kings size bed. It was a vast waste land now that she wasn’t there to fill the void and warm the sheets. I growled punching the pillow. Why couldn’t she have been paying better attention. How dare she let them kill her, She wanted to go , to get away form me, How dare her How dare- I stopped my thoughts feeling the pressure on my brain increasing. A paralyzing headache iced over my brain. I growled tossing and turning hoping for sleep to end this,.. confusion. In the other room I could still hear Mara screaming Mamma, mamma over and over again. Frosts deep voice attempting to soothe away her hurt. Both of us knew there was only one person that was able to do that. I mocked her mouthing out mamma with her but only made myself feel worst. Something inside of me wanted to go over to her and cradle her whispering little promises into her ear. ‘daddy will never let them hurt you, you are safe with me, don’t cry don’t cry’ 

Her sobs stopped as if she heard my silent coos Frosts quiet footsteps following the silence. I stayed perfectly still listening to the house. Mara’s little breathe echoed through her room. I pictured it. It had velvet red walls with a matching bed set, black furniture and little toys and nick knacks she had collected throughout her pathetic life. Y/n had picked out the decorations happily thumbing through a home decorating store as Frost and the others held the worker s at gun point as we left with thousands of dollars of trash. She was happy so I let it slide. I was able to fall asleep to the sound of her singing voice in my head, soothing the madness for a seemingly short second. 


It was one o’ clock the next day I was having Frost take care of most of the business deals, they bored my anyway why should I have to sit through them? I was staring out of the kitchen window drinking a mix of black coffee and jack Daniels. Never had I thought of touching liquor but up until recently I fund it touching me often. I was letting the warm liquid flood down my throat when I heard her soft footsteps behind me. I turned around growing a big smile on my face. “Good morning my princess” I said bowing. She dropped her gaze from me and continued on into the kitchen. I felt confusion take over me. We used to be best friends now she won’t even look at me. I growled trying again. “Oh Mara?” I trailed behind her entering the dining area. annoyed that she had grown to good for me in a night. She was sitting at the cherry red dining table scarfing down cereal. “Is that anyway to great your father?” I waited for her reply but all she did was scoop up more cereal and shove it in her mouth. Amused I sat down silently tracing my fingers on the table. ‘What would Y/n do?’ I thought to myself a slight sting hit me and the mention of her name. I pictured the rare moments I would be at the house in the morning watching the two of them carry n their daily routines. ‘just like twins’ I amused the thought becoming sick by it. I couldn’t afford to think about her. I mulled around the memories only picturing them laughing in the dining room or sitting in the living room reading on the floor. My brain thought harder coming up with the answer. Y/n had loved walking around the house in the morning to view all the trees and flowers planted around it.. a very embarrassing set up but no one would expect the Clown prince of crime’s house to be decorated by flowers.. not even bats. “Princess be ready we are going for a walk” She slowly nodded her head seeming to perk up a little. 

Unsure I walked into the office room where Frost was busing himself on the computer. “I’m taking Mara for a… walk?” Frost looked up at me a sad look of amusement in his eyes. “Okay boss” he said I lingered momentarily in the office staring at all the books that lined the wall unsure if I was doing the correct thing. “Stop fooling around” I shouted before storming out of the room. Mara was waiting by the front door shoes and jacket on. It was her pink jacket with speckles of deep maroon blood. Something like sadness flooded through me. I cringed. “Why don’t daddy and you go pick out a new coat huh?” she scowled staring blankly into my eyes. “no thanks” I bent down hoping to change her mind. “But sweetie it’s covered in your mothers blood” Her little face twisted and little tears came streaming out. “Oh no no no” I breathed tempting to reach out to her but before my fingers could grasp her she was already down the hall crying loudly.

 I growled punching the window on the door. The little shards of glass finding a home in my pale knuckles. Frost came out of the room walking towards me. I waited silently watching his dress shoes tap on the black tile floor. “Boss why don’t you go out for the day? huh? to get your mind out of here” Normally I would have shot him for suggesting such a thing. To leave my girls alone in the house fat chance.. this time I stared into his eyes realizing he may be right.. this one time.. “I have things to.. finish anyway” I nodded walking out of the house. The wind way slightly blowing tossing my hair back. I hadn’t slicked back my hair in a few days, it had become dirty and lazy looking.. My eyes mapped out the horizon it had been raining, the ground was muddy and Gotham looked more… gloomy than usual. The sky was a dark grey clouds had decided to stick around in the sky. I growled the weather was making my mode droop… A pain in the ass. 

I began to walk around the house towards the garage to retrieve the Lamborghini, a favorite toy of mine. Y/n and  I used to race around in it during the late nights in Gotham bats or some crude gangsters tight on our tails. She would be laughing out of uncontrollably, I would be doing the same cooing smooth things into her ear. The memory was sweet but sickening. At Arkam the doctors would shock ya and completely wipe your memory… for the benefit of the patient they would say… I had my doubts until now.. To the left of my I heard a slight snivel. I pulled out my gun to see two little sad blue eyes staring at me. “Well hello my princess” I said bowing down. 

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To be continued! Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel!

Stay tuned also for part 2 of my Heath Ledger Joker story!

Flight or flight

Characters: Esper, Lusa, Masi
WC: 2136
Rating: T
AU: Esper has wings
Category: hurt/comfort
Notes: the title is a double pun ;3
written for @requiem-for-the-strongest​, who wanted some wing angst + Lusa & Masi complimenting wings! proofread and illustrated by @dezimaton​ ( ❤️ ❤️ )

Esper stares at the mirror.

The mirror stares right back.

His pale face, unruly hair, magenta eyes, scar on mirrored left cheek. Everything would be okay — maybe except the returning circles under his eyes — if not for the background.

The things twitch when he brings his attention to them, the absolute nuisances. Two masses of black, with purple peeking here and there and magenta staring straight at him, with leathery sounds echoing with each movement. Absolutely disgusting. Repulsive. Repugnant.

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Lovers From The Past (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 15

Archived | Posted December 17, 2015

Here you have it! ^^ Hope you’ll like it and enjoy~

Summary: Ji Yong being away on tour was definitely hard, so thank the heavens for text messages and phone calls.

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misssophiachase  asked:

I would love a drabble based on the song "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS, if you can. Smut would obviously be welcomed : )

Of Phone Calls and Ever-afters

AN: I’ve never written a “song drabble” before and it ended up being…weird, I guess. I hope you still like it, Cristy <3 (smut is only implied, sorry).

As far from canon as possible, aka no magical babies but I did use some bits of canon.

General theme: Klaroline phone-calls, because, you know, Klaropocalypse 2.0.

“Two worlds collided
and they could never tear us apart”

Some memories, it seems, remain so engraved into the depths of one’s mind, there is no getting rid of them. No going back.

The raspy whisper against her skin.

Leaves and branches scrunching up her back as he thrusts into her, strong, frantic.


Their eyes meet and she finds she can’t gaze away.

She won’t.

“Caroline.” Caroline, his voice dances against her skin, accentuated melody, beautiful, loud, in harmony with their sweaty, tangled bodies.

“Klaus,” she sings along, muscles clenched, nails in his back, his blood on her fangs.

Bliss, such a bliss.

Two forces of nature, moving together, towards one end.

Is this the end, though?

Klaus. A whisper.

Caroline. A song.

In the end, she doesn’t know why she calls him.

Maybe it’s because she feels guilty? It can’t be, though.

Yes, she shredded the picture he had drawn for her at the Bitter Ball. Which did nothing to eviscerate him from her memories, if Caroline were to be honest with herself.

Her fingers dance on the screen, both impatient and indecisive, then it only takes a split second for her body to catch up with what her heart craves for, with her mind set on burying it in the darkest corners of her being.

One signal. Two.

He answers.

“Caroline. To what do I owe the pleasure?” It’s unexpected but he won’t question it. Why would he, if she’s there, willing to talk to him?

“I shredded it,” she lets out, exasperated. “It’s gone, Klaus.”

But it’s still burnt in my mind.

You’re still burnt in my mind.

She would never admit that, though.

“Tell me what happened, now,” he’s commandeering, harsh, but yet, oh-so-worried.

“Your drawing, I destroyed it.” It’s not an apology. Still, why does she feel the need to tell him that? Why does she feel this burning pit in her stomach? Spreading in her veins. Guilt. Caroline knows the feeling so well, this time, however, she’s surprised to find it.

It shouldn’t be there.

There’s a long charged silence stretching between them but from his long, drawn out breaths, she can tell Klaus is hurt by her admission, by this blunt attempt to erase him.

A sound of tongue sliding along his lips, those crimson, skillful lips that would bring her to the brink of insanity if she let them.

He inhales in. And out.

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