a thousand oaks

It’s been a long time since Chuck found himself here–outside the window of a Winchester. He’d peeked in last, when Dean was a baby, watching Mary place an angel over his cradle telling him they would watch over him while he slept.

It had been a warm, inviting picture, then, so different from what was left over after the fire burned it all.

Since then, he’d stayed away, out of the business of angels. Away from their weapons of war. Chuck squints through the window at two sets of small, ruddy cheeks, thinking how innocent those weapons look tonight. How fragile.

Dean shivers in his sleep, wrapping his arm protectively across Sam while the snow falls hard and unrelenting outside. Chuck could make it stop, but instead, he favors subtlety as he blows a warm breeze into the motel room, watching Dean relax.

Chuck tunes in to John, three-days drive away. On Christmas Eve. He blinks against the memory of Dean’s tiny prayers for Sam to have one good Christmas and wishes his mind didn’t draw parallels between himself and John. Perhaps John was never meant to be a father, he acknowledges. Perhaps I was never meant to be one, either.

But Chuck still finds himself yearning to do something small, just once. To be something more to the boys whose fate is to be ripped apart between the powers of heaven and hell.

He makes them out of a thousand-year-old oak tree with his bare hands, like a father would. He carves the wood  and whittles through the night. He paints the figures with moonlight, detailing it with the same care he used to paint the heavens.  

Finally, he sits back to admire his work–the two simple wooden figures for the two forgotten boys inside a forgotten motel room.

There is no tree, or ornaments to place them under. So, instead, he slots them each beneath the crook of the boys’ arms.

Under Sam, a dog. And, under Dean, a dark-haired angel in a trenchcoat.

He leans over Dean’s sleeping form and says softly: “I made your gift special. This is Castiel. Someday, you’ll know just how special he is. Someday, you’ll see the real angel I’ve created for you.”

Dean starts to stir in his sleep, unconsciously pulling the wooden angel close to his chest for comfort. Dean’s face relaxes as his fingers curl around the black, glossy wings.

It makes Chuck smile.

“Merry Christmas, Dean” Chuck whispers. “Angels are watching over you.”


(This prompt submission was from @belindarimbi13 to do a “Toy Story AU in which Cas is in Dean’s figure collection” (Sorry this took me so long. Also, the prompt got a little derailed with writers block so I took some liberties. Hope it still works ;))

Thanks, @caslikescoffeeandfreckles for the ideas on this one! ;)

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but the thought arrived inside her like a train: marya morevna, all in black, here and now, was a point at which all the women she had been met—the yaichkan and the leningrader and the chyerti maiden; the girl who saw the birds, and the girl who never did—the woman she was and the woman she might have been and the woman she would always be, forever intersecting and colliding, a thousand birds falling from a thousand oaks, over and over.


marya morevna, all in black, here and now, was a point at which all the women she had been met—the yaichkan and the leningrader and the chyerti maiden; the girl who saw the birds, and the girl who never did—the woman she was and the woman she might have been and the woman she would always be, forever intersecting and colliding, a thousand birds falling from a thousand oaks, over and over.


I keep rattling the handle, thinking the handle had to be stuck or something. 

But no. It isn’t stuck. It’s locked.

Me: Aries! ARIES!

I call for him, thinking there has to be a mistake. Why would he lock me in?

When there’s no response, I start pounding on the door. It’s an old heavy door made from the wood of probably a thousand and one oak trees, but I pound on it as hard as I can. Someone HAS to hear me, someone HAS to open.

Me: Hello!!!! Hello!!!! I’m locked in! LET me out! Hello!!!

Nothing. I walk away for a moment, trying to gather my composure, because I feel a cold panic sinking in. Then I go back and I hit the door even harder, pound on it until eventually my fists hurt.

Me: ARIES! LEO! Open this door! Let me out!

I’m shouting at the top of my lungs. I can even hear footsteps outside my door, so there are people about. They must hear me.

But no one opens.

My Professor 4

-Hanbin x Reader (Professor!Hanbin)

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-It was universally known that friend with benefit between best friends would be a chaotic ride from the start till the heartbreak of either one or both party. No one says anything about being in one with your dear professor…

-Rated M for language, mention of sex (secretly rated B for bullshit 😏)

-a/n: Did anyone catch Monsta X’s Wonho hair color in the last part? If you did, well now you know how long I’ve been holding onto these drafts. Here’s a longish one for ya’ll, seeing how I took so long to post it. Is the drama over yet? I don’t know … 😉 

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ON THE LEFT: Julian Foley, 16 years old.  1 month post op with Dr. Zol Kryger in Thousand Oaks, south California .
ON THE RIGHT:(me) Oliver Bishop, 16 years old.  11 months post op with Dr. Curtis Crane San Francisco, north California.

Good wood - I only need one image to show the epic beauty that is this staircase in the Aarhus Town Hall by Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller. The floors are lined in bog oak (oak from thousand year-old tress dug out of swamps and dried very slowly). This wood is nearly fossilised and extremely strong and heavy, featuring a deep chocolate colour that gives this interior it’s seductive, enduring quality. Stunning.


Snake Bite Update: Yesterday I transferred Malia to a local speciality vet in Thousand Oaks. She is able to walk a short distance and eat small amounts of food, but her swelling is getting worse and approaching highly dangerous levels.

For you sciency people out there, the cause of her edema is low levels of albumin in the blood as a result of the venom. She also has a low platelet and RBC count. For now the edema is external, but if it continues at this rate, it could begin spreading to her lungs, which is very dangerous. The vets have her on supportive care hoping that her body will begin to replace her albumin and platelets. If it cannot, and the levels drop much more, the only option would be a blood transfusion. We’re really hoping it doesn’t come to that.

If they can get her swelling and PCV levels under control, they can then focus on the leg. The leg has a good amount of necrotic tissue on it that will have to be come off, likely via surgery. It also has become infected. She has been receiving antibiotics, but they’re going to try a new variety to see if it has better results. They may need to do a culture to identify the exact species of bacteria present before finding an effective antibiotic.

And that’s her current state. At this point she’s still in critical condition and it’s just a waiting game. Vets at both facilities are surprised at how bad of a reaction she’s having. The first vet said it’s one of the worst cases he’s seen all year, but Malia is fighting it with everything she’s got

plot bunnies based off songs by the neighbourhood

how: muse a has lived in a conservative town their entire life. their father was a pastor of the town church. however, muse a has just turned 18 and decided they’re done trying to live by their families rules. so, the week after their eighteenth birthday, muse a decides to move off to new york city. they’re sitting in a nearby cafe one morning when they see a brawl going on outside. enter, muse b. muse a stops the fight and is instantly attracted to muse b. after a swapping of numbers, the two hit it off instantly. muse b shows muse a the wilder side of life. things aren’t as great as they seem though. there’s ridicule, drugs, sex, fights. it’s the most dysfunctional relationship either has ever been in. it’s dangerous and that’s what makes it great.

afraid: muse a is a rockstar on tour. they’ve got adoring fans, groupies, drugs, whatever they want. but there’s someone they see in the front row of every los angeles show, muse b. tonight, muse a’s band has a show at the roxy and there’s muse b, front row as usual. except after the show is over, muse a goes looking for muse b. they find them and the night unfolds into one of an absolute dream. now they’re afraid that it was just a fling and muse b is just another groupie. plus, with the media constantly hounding on them, how are they ever supposed to be a normal couple?

everybody’s watching me (uh oh): muse a is a famous rockstar/actor and they’re trying to get home one night when they’re bombarded by paparazzi. they’re trying to escape when they hear a voice above them. muse b is hanging out of a two story building, an amused smirk on their face. muse b pulls muse a into safety right as the paparazzi rounds the corner. it’s an abandonded building and muse b has only a few candles lit around the place. the night resolves between the sheets and the next day, muse a kisses muse b outside the building. but one of the paps was still lurking around. now muse b is in the spotlight. where can you go? everybody’s watching you.

sweater weather: muse a and b have fgrown up together in venice beach. they love the street life and that everything is always alive there. one night, they decide to have a bonfire and get a little too drunk and end up in each other’s bed. after that, they decide they work and start a friends with benefits deal. but as the seasons change, so do the feelings. it’s no longer summer and it’s no longer so easy. now one of them must approach the other with the fact that they might be falling for them.

let it go: muse a grew up in thousand oaks, a small town where everyone was loaded with money. muse b just recently moved there after their dad was promoted to a higher office job. they’re the ones that live in a house with only a one car garage, no pool, and two stories. muse b is on scholarship, something frowned upon in thousand oaks high. muse a is someone who doesn’t care about standards. they’re well respected and liked in the school, a popular kid, if you will. muse a is welcoming to muse b from the first day, something that’s a little overwhelming. but eventually, they start to hit it off. but when it all goes to muse b’s head and they start getting too big for their britches, what will come of the two?

alleyways: muse a and muse b have both just started college in a new town where neither of them know anybody. muse a has a lot of money but muse b is struggling and therefore, turns to prostitution. muse b is standing on a corner one evening when muse a pulls up and offers a lot more money than b is expecting. they accept of course and part their ways without so many words. until the next day, when they discover they have advanced physics together. cue a very stunned muse a and b. after talking it out, muse a could easily help muse b, with a little payment themselves. muse a’s father owns a porn company and tells muse b that with only 5 movies, they could pay a whole year of tuition. muse b agrees. what happens when muse a starts getting jealous?

w.d.y.w.f.m.: *trigger warning: abuse* muse a has spent the past year trying to make muse b happy. everything they did, was for their good. and yet, nothing works. muse b just gets angrier and angrier every single day. and yet, muse a stays with them. but it’s starting to get harder to conceal the bruises. especially when people start asking about them. and muse a is starting to blame themselves. they think they might die. but to die at the hand of muse b would be the perfect way to go, in their eyes.

flawless: sex. lots and lots of sex. muse a and muse b are both rockstars in the same band and somehow always end up in each other’s beds, despite their growing choice of others. there’s cigarette smoke constantly surrounding them and they practically live in their tour bus. tattoos and drugs and alcohol. it’s never boring with muse a and muse b. and everything is super angsty and dramaticized and grungey.

female robbery: modern day bonnie and clyde. muse a decided that it’s time they get what they feel they’ve deserved their entire life. muse a has always been a good kid in school; never got in trouble, never was even sent up to the principals office. so when they approach muse b, local badass, about the idea, they laugh in their face. until muse a shows them just how serious they are. so, with their first bank robbery successful, they decide to do some more. they’re consantly on the run from the law but with enough money to do whatever you’d want, there’s lots of fun to be had.

staying up: muse a suffers from insomnia. to deal with this, they sometimes go driving in the middle of the night. one night, they’re driving on a backroad, listening to their favorite record on repeat when a person runs in front of their car, muse b. muse a slams on their breaks and is– honestly– terrified for their life. muse b taps on the window and then muse a recognizes them. the homeless person from downtown. muse a, despite their conscious telling them no, lets muse b into the car. they learn that muse b is a good person and just down on their luck. now every night, muse a goes and picks up muse b and they go for a drive together, occasionally getting some donuts or some coffee. until muse b comes to muse a’s school one afternoon. they’re embarassed and tell them to leave. now they spend all night searching for muse b, wanting to apologize.

float: muse a is absolutely terrified of water. there’s nothing that scares them more. yet, they somehow find themselves at the beach with their giant group of friends. of course, they refuse to go into the water and instead sit on a big beach towel high up on shore. sometime during the day, the lifeguard, muse b, comes over to sit with them on their break. muse a isn’t expecting it but throws themself into the conversation nonetheless, admitting their fear of water. now, muse b is convinced to help muse a get over it. day by day, they venture deeper into the water until muse b decides to be funny and dunk muse a underwater. an act so childish sets muse a off and leaves them ignoring muse b. muse b is fighting for their friendship back, doing whatever they can to try and win them back.