a thousand flowers


Imagine how difficult it would be to one day wake up and not be able to see anything other than pure darkness. That exact terror happened to Mrs. Kuroki, who lost her eyesight due to diabetes. Non surprisingly, Mrs. Kurki fell into a deep depression as she found it difficult to adapt to life without her eyesight. Her husband, heartbroken by his wife’s despair, thought of an imaginative way to help her enjoy the beauty in life: knowing that human senses adjust and compensate when one is lost, Mr. Kuroki planted thousands of flowers on their property. This kind gesture has given Mrs. Kuroki a new lease on life. Before, she had been grief-stricken that she couldn’t take daily trips to the town to meet new people and to socialise; she worried she would become a recluse. However, with visitors travelling from all over the country to come and view the beautiful garden, she has made a number of new friends and welcomes everybody to visit the garden. It is said that couples are particularly fond of visiting the enchanting garden which speaks volumes about the atmosphere this loving husband has created for his wife. This is a true testament to the fact that even during complete despair, something beautiful can grow.

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!! other joonie hyung !! how much do ya know about space and flowers ??? can we teach you?? please please pleeeeaaaaaase ??? -- taetae and jiminnie

Haha~ I’d be honored if you two could teach me!!

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Victor making something small and sweet like a tissue flower and giving to to drunk Yuuri and he ends up crying over it because of how cute and sweet it is and how much he loves Victor

“It’s so beautiful,” Yuuri whispers, staring down at it with wide eyes, as though it’ll disappear if he looks away.

Victor glances at the tables to his right, which have white tablecloths draped over them and about a thousand more colorful tissue flowers scattered across them. Then, he glances at one of those many, many flowers that he’d given to Yuuri. “You like it?”

“Lovely like you, Vitya,” he whispers, and looks up slowly, meeting his eyes with a serious expression. “Just like you.”

Victor glances at Christophe, who is watching them with unconcealed amusement. “Thank you,” he says.

Yuuri hugs him, pressing his cheek to Victor’s chest. Apparently, he no longer cares about the flower, because it falls from his loose fingers to the floor. “I love you more than flowers love the sun.”

“Poetic,” Christophe comments, then walks away.

“You’re like the sun,” Yuuri is slurring now, turning his head so that his nose is buried in Victor’s shirt instead of his cheek. “Because you’re always there, Vitya.” A second later, Victor realizes that he’s sniffling. “You’re always there, just like the sun. And hot. Hot like the sun.”

“Interesting connection, Yuuri,” he answers, wrapping both arms around him.

“Not on fire, though,” Yuuri adds. “And I’m glad you’re not on fire. I don’t know what I’d do if you were on fire.”

He chuckles. “You’d get water, I hope.”

“You’re not supposed to… Not supposed to put water directly on a fire,” Yuuri advises. “That’d hurt you more, Vitya. Put the water on the edges. Like here.” He pokes his arm. Then, he pulls away, still in Victor’s grip, and looks up at him with his head tilted adorably to the side. “What were we talking about?”

“Nothing, solnyshko. Nothing at all.”

credence spoiling you would include’s // credence barebone

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request: Wtf really??? I just blushed so hard at those credence headcanons yall are the best. Could you make some more, like him trying to spoil his girl after being sad or fighting with him about something big? (by anon)


- after a big fight you would probably need some time to cool off, so you would spend the entire day just walking around new york and trying to calm yourself down

- credence would feel so guilty the second you walked out the door 

even if he did nothing wrong buT IT’S CREDENCE MY BBY

- he would immediately just go out and buy like five fucking thousand flowers and so much of your favourite food

- then he would go back to your shared apartment (because no way he’s still with that mary lou bitch nonO) and geT TO COOKINGG


- idk i think he would be really skilled in cooking since he was like one of the oldest in the mary lou barebitch orphanage ?? 

- so he would whip up this freaking bANQUET and when you got home he would just be sitting there on the couch with a glass of wine all hot and shirtless and sexy and smouldering be waiting patiently for you on the couch

- he would give you the biggest cuddle when you got home just to know that you weren’t mad at him anymore because you’re his everything and one of the few people who genuinely care about him and he would be just lost without you

- you two would be snuggling on the couch and feeding each other food and all that sappy bullcrap


- both of you would just be cuddling the entire night

- on some nights credence would REALLY want to spoil you and it normally takes place in the bedroom ;-)))

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when i started watching sense8 i thought Rajan’s family pharmaceutical company had something to do with BPO. i mean, Rajan looks a bit too sinister for me: when his father got attacked he was like ‘whatevs’, his insistence to marry Kala (they hadn’t even talked and he was already sending her a thousand flowers). Kala is super beautiful, clever, and everything… But he didn’t know her, you get what i’m saying? It’s too utopic him being a billionaire and such a kind and comprehensive person. 

Rajan’s family thinks in a modern way, which is cool, they seem good people. But as Straczynski (One of the creators of Sense8) said “They [BPO] do that because any group which has access to your innermost thoughts, to whom secrets are easily penetrated, represents a massive threat to any government on the planet. We didn’t want to have a mustache-twirling bad-guy organization — these are people who believe they’re doing the right thing.” And remember how leaders all over the world are trying to do something about sensates? With the help of the top companies from each country…

What if season 2 gives us a huge plot twist regarding Kala’s storyline?

or maybe i just want Kala in a difficult situation so i can see more of her badassery while saving herself 

Oh, her face that’s worth a thousand flowers.
Her heart that’s worth a thousand springs.

I couldn’t contemplate how much I’ve longed for her.
The sad girl in which the blue moon sings.

Singing I love her, Singing I miss her—
What’s the point of living with my Icarus wings?

Where it is only in my dreams that I can worship the sun—
Freeing half of my soul on fire, and a thousand broken things.

Someday I will meet her in a place between love, sadness, and healing.
A blossoming field where I’ll give her a thousand golden rings.

—  Juansen Dizon // Lady Valentine
Our Undying Love

Pairing: Marichat, Adrienette

Theme: God AU

Word Count: 6,464

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“Ladybug!” Chat Noir watched as the goddess of creation stumbled back. Her hair, the dark locks highlighted as a shade of blue from the sun shining on them, covered her face like a wispy curtain. Her once white dress was now stained a deep red and waved majestically as the several layers of silk clung to the goddess’ body, showing every curve of her body and the excess fabric flowed above her. The armor she had conjured with her magic for the battle against Hawkmoth began to glow a pink before shattering into hundreds of ladybugs. Swarming around her torso, they slowed her descent, gently laying her on the blood soaked field. Next to the pools of blood -her blood- were thousands of wild flowers.

Even in this mangled state, she still managed to look beautiful to the god of destruction.

Chat took a shaky step forward, hesitant to move. He wanted to run to her, hug her and hold her tightly to his chest. But he couldn’t. Because if he did, that would mean he was accepting this reality. The reality that his loved one was gone, taken right before his eyes.

A weak arm moved towards Ladybug as a faint light began to shine through her milky skin and the silk dress she wore ever so beautifully. “No…” A hoarse whisper came from his throat, his legs whining in protest as he began to sprint towards her fading body. “No!”

He barely managed to reach her before she was fully gone, gingerly placing his trembling hand on her smooth skin. “Ladybug, no. Don’t go, please!” He willed for her to open her sparkly blue eyes that were always filled to the brim with happiness and hope.

But it never happened. Ladybug, his Ladybug, was dead now. The once dim light that cascaded from her body grew into a golden shine before flecks of shimmering gold spark rained down around him. Desperately, Chat reached for the light, it slipping through his fingers as she clutched at them. “Ladybug!”

He stared at the glittery sky above him, tears stinging his electric green eyes. It was beautiful, such as she was. But now matter how pretty it was, it still hurt Chat to no end. Misery and anger filled inside of him, threatening to boil over to the point of no return.

Chat snapped his head back at the akuma which had delivered Ladybug’s final blow. He was the last bastard in Hawkmoth’s army.

“You,” His voice shook in hatred, his hands clenched tightly into fists. The muscles in his biceps twitched as he felt his rage build up inside, blinding his vision with red.

The akuma didn’t stand a chance against Chat, not when the god’s specialty was close range combat. His powers of destruction came in handy as well. His left hand was bundled in the clothes the akuma was wearing as his other inched closer and closer to the akuma’s throat. His black magic swirled in and out of his fingers, a certain power overtaking his body.

“I won’t let you get away with this.”

It’s been 300 years since that incident, and the memory was still like a fresh wound to him. The image of her gracefully falling as she took her last breath were as raw and detailed as it was on that fateful day.

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In the garden I lay in the grass and breathed in the fragrance of a thousand flowers; my eye was intoxicated by the gleaming colours of blossoms flooded with sunlight, and I listened too for the silence in the air above, interrupted only by the mating call of a bird. I sensed the ferment of the fruitful, torrid earth, that mysterious sound of ever-creative life. I could then darkly feel the greatness and beauty of life. Then it seemed to me as if life belonged to me.
—  Georg Trakl, from “Dreamland,” Poems and Prose: A Bilingual Edition (Northwestern University Press, 2005)
i will wade out
                       till my thighs are steeped in burning flowers
I will take the sun in my mouth
and leap into the ripe air
                                                with closed eyes
to dash against darkness
                                      in the sleeping curves of my body
Shall enter fingers of smooth mastery
with chasteness of sea-girls
                                           Will i complete the mystery
                                           of my flesh
I will rise
              After a thousand years
            And set my teeth in the silver of the moon
—  e. e. cummings