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an interesting thought on keith and lance and their relationship in the future:

i saw a lot of points somewhat addressing lance’s future character development and his relationship with keith,,,, and in terms of long term goals it would be interesting to explore lance’s insecurity as being keith’s replacement - he, for example, is only a fighter pilot because keith dropped out or potentially might pilot red because keith can’t so he has to - i think ultimately maybe this really is a sort of long term addressed relationship? granted, it’s possible that i’m reading too much into this and they won’t go in this direction at all, but this post brings up a long of interesting points on the dynamic as well!

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What I’ve always found funny is how many inclusionists say “What about pan and nb people1!!1” when exclusionists say the full acronym is LGBT.

Meanwhile, most of their popular ‘long’ acronyms (LGBTQIA or LGBTQQIAA for example) don’t even give pan and nb people their own letter? They’re forced to be stuck under 'q*eer’ even if they don’t want to. Meanwhile, the proposed full acronym exclusionists prefer (LGBTPN) does?

So stop using 'stop forcing pan/nb people under the bi/trans labels!1!1 not all like that!1!’ when most of you guys are forcing pan and nb people under the q*eer even if they don’t like it (or a +, which is really a cheap afterthought tbh. It’s like you’re amounting them to 'that guy’ you can never remember the name of)

Stop chasing people. If they block you, cut off contact, ignore you… Let them go. Let those who naturally gravitate to you enjoy your energy. We spend so much time begging for those who wouldn’t blink twice at the thought of you. Cherish those who are there by choice, and not there because you chased them every time they decided to escape.
—  Pleasure P on Facebook

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Can I ask a really dumb question? What would be the point you consider a game to be in a playable state? Like specifically when it comes to YNFGs? Not like finished or anything, just in an acceptable enough state to be called a beta or something.

That’s not a dumb question at all, buddy.  A lot of fangames are put out in different states, so yeah, not dumb at all.  (honestly I don’t consider a question dumb unless it’s a shitpost)

Truth be told, almost all fangames are in a perpetual beta.  Hell, the original Yume Nikki is still at version 0.1 (previous versions include 0.07 & 0.04), so a “playable beta” state for fangames is much different than most other games.

I’d say it’s in a playable state as long as there’s no bugs in it and  something to do.  From what I’ve seen, Yume Nikki fangames upon first release have at least around 3 main worlds with around 6 extra worlds they connect to, along with 4 effects and 4 events to find.   Games like that tend to be marked at 0.001/0.00 release (why they do the weird release number system is explained here), and tend to be more of a demo than a beta state. A lot of fangames just update periodically with new content rather than release everything all at once (like the original YN, as well as 2kki & .flow), so any release that has something to do or explore tends to be my definition as playable

If you want something close to the more traditional definition of beta version, I think it would be a game that has almost all of it’s content in, meaning it’s missing like an effect, a couple of events, and it’s endings.  It would also have some bugs and other errors not ironed out yet, and the developer would still be working on stuff.  It’s a game by game basis thing, so a beta of one game could have less content than another game.

If you want to get an idea of what could be a beta fangames like Someday, Device, Minus 1, Outotsu Nikki, & Nigella have some old builds you can look at to see what content they released with, and you can check out some recently released fangames like Dream Syndrome, Corallo, Yume Doodle, & Electron Handsome Boy to see what their current states look like as well.  Some games end at a v1.00, some end at v0.5, some at v0.1.  There’s a lot of games that the developers end up leaving in a perpetual beta state for whatever reason though. :p

Hope this answered your question, pardon the wall of text! c,:

going on the voltron tag and 

yea i’m dissappointed w/ how Hunk got treated too w/ him being just goofy comedy and fat guy jokes for the most part, but i also dsiagree w/ people saying he should show more enthusiasm (like Pidge) about the tech stuff ‘cause

like Hunk is smart, like good at engineering and probs is the only paladin even close to Pidge’s (otherwordly) level but imo what he’s good at intellectually doesn’t translate to me as being something he’s incredibly interested in. Pidge loves tech and math and all that and that’s why she’s so wholeheartedly invested in that stuff (esp as we see in season 2). 

Hunk … is not. He’s good at it, like no question, and we get to see that a little bit here and there (I wish it was more but y’know). But just ‘cause he’s good at something doesn’t mean he’s interested in it?? He knows the engineering stuff and he’s great at the mechanics side of things and that’s amazing! But honestly i don’t see that as a source of joy for him. He’s not elated (as far as I can tell & you can refute it if you’d like) to be fixing things, doesn’t jump at the chance the same way we’ve seen from pidge. All of what I can recall of his sciency/”intellectual” side is a very toned down, matter-of-fact, glad-to-be-helping-but-not-much-more attitude.

The place where we see hunk spending all his free time around tho? The kitchen. Like his passion is/seems to be cooking. idk how good at it he is because all we’ve seen is him struggling w/ Altean ingredients/dishes, but boy if he doesn’t love it. And yeah, he’s the fat guy in the group and his love of food is made a joke a lot but

I honestly just love that he loves cooking and it’s his go to task to clear his mind. and I just wish more people accepted that i guess?? He’s smart, but just because he is doesn’t mean his character can’t love something else instead (and yea his interest is food and that’s stereotypical, but it’s also not really a masculine thing??? Which I love?? Like tell me when you think of a kitchen and baking you don’t think of a girl/woman - at least at the level of Hunk’s skill and the very kinda domestic setting we’re presented in w/ the castle). 


Let Hunk love cooking pls

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I loved the new season sooo much, but I also feel like Hunk and Lance really got the short end of the sticks. Like, the majority of Hunk's dialogue was about food/being hungry/food analogies, and I feel like they spent way too much time emphasizing that one aspect of his character. Same with Lance and all of his flirting with every female character (episode 10 was wonderful though,). I loved Keith/Pidge/Shiro's character development, so I'm hoping Lance and Hunk get the same treatment in s3!

Yeah, I agree. I loved S2, but the complaints I do have are mostly about pacing, and not enough Lance and Hunk. I thought the food aspect for Hunk was overplayed, like even they were looking at a piece of technology and he was like, “It looks like a curly fry!” But I can reconcile it as Hunk being homesick, and everything reminds him of foods from Earth that he misses. And I really liked the way he just owned Vrepit Sal’s (the best diner name ever) in Episode 7.

And yes, Lance was kind of reduced to just a couple of character traits, too. I thought his flirting in Episode 2 was kind of cute and innocent, though. And Episode 10 was great. I really liked getting confirmation about his insecurities, and he was so cutely protective of that alien. And, of course, the sniper shot. That moment was absolutely gorgeous. 

I really REALLY liked the character development we got in season 2 for the other paladins (and Allura and Coran got some good moments, too), and I’m hoping for more Lance and Hunk in Season 3, I really am. 

prideling replied to your post “in your opinion, is solas a cat or a dog person? :)”

Yes! A cat would suit him very much <3 Also I think I remember reading somewhere that dogs don’t like the Dread Wolf? It may just be one more false myth (or something I’m remembering incorrectly) but eh… food for thought.

From what I can tell, the idea that dogs don’t like the Dread Wolf comes from the Dalish story “The Courser and the Hound”

You know what the Dalish say to their dogs? “Take the Dread Wolf by the ear if he comes.“

Long ago, a clan lived on the Silent Plains. It was a terrible, lonely place where the sun was forbidden to shine. Their Keeper had a coursing hound. They had run down deer and hares and wolves together when they were young. But they had grown old together, Keeper and hound, and now only dozed before the campfire, dreaming of hunts.

But then the Dread Wolf came, for the Keeper was wise and kind—the things Fen’Harel hates above all else. At night, he tried to steal into the Keeper’s dreams, to twist his mind and turn him against the People. But even in dreams, the courser guarded his master. He caught the Dread Wolf’s scent and gave chase across the Fade.

Fen’Harel tried to shake his pursuer, but the hound ran as coursers can only run in their dreams. Even the wind couldn’t have fled that hound. He ran the Dread Wolf down and grabbed him by the tail! Fen’Harel howled, so loud that the Veil shook and even the stars scattered in fear. But the hound wouldn’t let go.

Neither hound nor Wolf gave in. Finally, Fen’Harel bit off his own tail to escape, and away he fled. Ever since, the Dread Wolf thinks twice about playing his tricks when dogs are on guard.

Personally, this reads more to me like “a dog will go so far as to face off against a god in defense of his owner” as opposed to “dogs naturally hate the Dread Wolf”. Unlike stories of the Great Betrayal that at least have some small grains of truth in them (despite the fact that they completely mischaracterize Fen’Harel’s motives) - I suspect this tale doesn’t have much to do with Solas at all. To me, it reads much more like a story the Dalish tell themselves as reassurance - this horrible, monstrous god they believe walks freely across Thedas cannot harm them because their hounds will protect them. It also stands as a reminder to be vigilant and watch for the trickster who may strike at any moment.

Why they never talk about no magic home ec class in Hogwarts.

Clearly they have spells for it.

Molly Weasley has knitting needles going, and while house elves do the cooking at Hogwarts presumably they use some magic there to keep up with the giant work load, and iirc, Molly uses magic to cook. 

So, where the home ec class at.
Where the muggleborns with dread in their eyes thinking it’ll be a normal like, cooking class, [Harry all excited thinking he’s gonna ace this class or at least do alright, since he cooked for the Dursley’s], and then the first half the first class is a lesson about how you’ve got to earn the respect of your measuring spoons. Otherwise they’ll argue with you on how much has to go into a recipe.
Harry has a kind of tentative conversation with his and they work with him after he realized they were an older set used to students forcing them to work for them. Talks to them gently and asks if they think a little more or little less should go into a recipe, or if they think he should add an ingredient now and then because they’ve made the same thing over, and over.
Harry trying to make Molly a sweater in return for the one he got because he doesn’t know what to do with having gotten gifts, and only really managing a rather lengthy and oddly tensioned scarf made from the best yarn he could find out of a catalog he found on the shelf in the classroom. The professor was just delighted he’d decided to keep at knitting and crocheting [he may have… mixed the two] after they’d finished the unit, to make a gift.  

Where’s Hermione having a long drawn out conversation with the home ec professor about how it’s ridiculous to devote magic to knitting when you can do it by hand, and the professor countering about the time saved by simply using enchanted needles or a charm. The conversation takes up the entire period but a teacher actually takes Hermione seriously for once because effective division of effort/time is a very important skill to learn and it’s what they’re there to teach.
Wheres Ron answering all the questions like a fucking CHAMP because managing in his family has basically made his ass a pro at everything– budgeting a vault? On it. Spelling how many cauldrons to feed how many people with how much food? On lock like it’s fucking Azkaban. Best herbs and plants to grow for general– he has already finished the worksheet/in-class essay that was on the board and is fucking around with his quill. He gets called on, his string bean ass gonna have the answer while kinda being shocked at himself that he actually does, because– like many poor ass people– we manage resources really damn well when we know what we have. And we very rarely let it get away from us.

Where’s the rich-ass purebloods that know finances and shit because they’re taking over family blood-line affairs when their older and their parents drilled that into their heads, but can’t cook/sew/anything else to save their life till they learn.
Where was Oliver Wood trying to make Healthy Food Things for the quidditch team for Extra Energy and just making a mess.
The Twins making a totally harmless banana pudding and selling it in their store and NO ONE KNOWING WHAT IT DOES, everyone panicking because they’re SURE they did something.

We were robbed of so much is all i’m saying.


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I wouldn’t want to be in a world without any suffering, because then there would be no compassion and understanding either. If you haven’t suffered hunger, you can’t appreciate having something to eat. If you haven’t gone through a war, you don’t know the value of peace. That is why we should not try to run away from one unpleasant thing after another. Holding our suffering, looking deeply into it, and transforming it into compassion, we find a way to happiness.
With mindfulness, the feelings that have been painful and difficult transform into something beautiful: the wondrous, healing balm of understanding and compassion.
—  No Mud, No Lotus by Thich Nhat Hahn